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Meet the unconventionally successful and those bold enough to turn their vision into reality. Uncover the stories and mindset of individuals who dared to follow their passion and go against the grain. Learn how to embrace change and what it means to pursue a vision. Discover how to live a life designed. It’s time to walk the talk.

Meet the unconventionally successful and those bold enough to turn their vision into reality. Uncover the stories and mindset of individuals who dared to follow their passion and go against the grain. Learn how to embrace change and what it means to pursue a vision. Discover how to live a life designed. It’s time to walk the talk.
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Meet the unconventionally successful and those bold enough to turn their vision into reality. Uncover the stories and mindset of individuals who dared to follow their passion and go against the grain. Learn how to embrace change and what it means to pursue a vision. Discover how to live a life designed. It’s time to walk the talk.




Age Is But A Number.

Who is the Guest? Louise Aronson, MD MFA, is a geriatrician, writer, and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. The author of Elderhood and A History of the Present Illness, she is a regular contributor to the New York Times and the New England Journal of Medicine among other publications. Recognition of Louise’s work includes a MacDowell fellowship, four Pushcart nominations, the American Geriatrics Society Clinician-Teacher of the Year award, and a Gold...


More Than A Buzz Word?

Who is the Guest?: Jill Paider is an award-winning photographer and creative director. She has worked in more than 100 countries on assignment specializing in visual stories of architecture, design, travel and gastronomy. She holds a Master's in world politics from the London School of Economics and a diploma in photography from the University of the Arts London, where she graduated with distinction. In 2014, she was the first architectural photographer to be awarded the Fulbright...


After Success

Who is the Guest?: Darleen Santore, known to many as “Coach Dar,” is a Board Certified Occupational Therapist, business executive, author and speaker. Recently named Senior Fellow of PathNorth - an organization comprised of world leaders and CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, her powerful message continues to reach a global audience. As a mental and conditioning coach, she blends a knowledge of science, psychology and achievement with her personal passion for life. Cool Links & Tools: The...


Put Yourself Out There

Who is the Guest?: Ken Panton is a former pilot turned Wall Street Investor turned Entrepreneur. He is the founder Unnamed Project and owner of an online "all things style" media group. Ken and his team keep people in the know on all things cool. But more important than that, Ken is hugely inspirational and successful in the most unconventional of ways. One of Ken’s strengths is his uncanny ability to connect immediately with anyone and turn a random encounter into a trusting relationship....


A Talk With Kevin Bethune

Who is the Guest?: Kevin Bethune is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of dreams • design + life, a “think tank” that delivers design & innovation services using a human-centered approach. Kevin’s background spans engineering, business and design in equal proportion over his 20 year career, positioning him to help brands deliver meaningful innovations to enrich people’s lives. Kevin started dd•l in the Spring of 2018. Kevin has given keynote talks at TED, AIGA, DMI (Design Management...


Get To The Point.

Who is the Guest?: Catherine Clifford is the senior entrepreneurship writer at CNBC. She was formerly a senior writer at Entrepreneur.com, the small business reporter at CNNMoney and an assistant in the New York bureau for CNN. Clifford attended Columbia University where she earned a bachelor's degree. She lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., and is an avid yogi. Cool Links & Tools: Twitter: https://twitter.com/CatClifford LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/catclifford/


A Pain(less) Conversation

Who is the Guest?: Dr. Glaser is a double board certified pain management physician specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders which cause pain. Dr. Glaser specializes in spine related issues, but is extremely well versed in nearly all forms of pain complications. And what would walk the talk be without some unconventionality?! In addition to being one of the top pain doctors in the country, he has single handedly boot strapped his southern california clinic, The Glaser Pain...


How Awake Are You?

Who is the Guest?: Dr. Shelley Reciniello has spent close to 40 years as a psychologist determined “to give psychology away,” by demystifying psychological and psychoanalytic principles, and providing people and organizations with thoughtful, practical information and methods to change their lives. Dr. Reciniello was one of the first women in the EAP field, and her business, SRA, was one of the few woman-owned EAP/Consultancy businesses. Psychoanalytically trained, she is presently an...


Speak Your Mind or Shut Up!?

Who is the Guest?: Debra Mark is the Afternoon-Drive News Anchor on The John and Ken Show on KFI am 640 in Los Angeles. More than just a regular news anchor, Debra has also been a voiceover actor for nearly ten years. She does radio and television commercials, e-learning voiceovers, industrial voiceovers, real estate tour voiceovers, television and radio informercials, voicemail greetings and so much more. She has also played the role of news anchors and reporters for television shows and...


Get Hit. Get Up. Repeat.

Who is the Guest?: Roger Wilson is a former professional rugby union player with over 350 professional games throughout his 15-year career. Having played for Ulster, the Northampton Saints, and Ireland, he was called to represent both the prestigious Barbarian and World XV teams in 2014, before retiring from professional sports in 2017 as Ulster’s player with the highest number of appearances ever. Aside from sports, Roger has traveled to more than 30 countries around the world and holds...


Learning How To Learn

Who is the Guest?: Candice Lapin is an educator, lawyer, writer, and entrepreneur. She is also the founder of a hugely successful and innovative new school tutoring program called The Ladder Method, where her team of academic professionals not only teach students classroom material, but actually teach the process of learning. From helping young people achieve better in school to working with adults on advanced education, the principles of Candice’s Ladder Method for learning are the same....


Imposter Syndrome

Who is the Guest?: Dr. Vaughan offers couples' and individual therapy to adults and specializes in relational concerns, anxiety and depressive disorders, and problems pertaining to self-image. Her theoretical approach is an eclectic one, deriving from several psychoanalytic schools of thought as well as cognitive-behavioral theory. The psychoanalytic component of Dr. Vaughan's work helps clients become aware of previously unconscious aspects of themselves, including problematic ones, like...


Millennials & Work

Who is the Guest?: As the Founder and Chief Purpose Officer of The Unconventionalists®, Mark Leruste is on a mission to eradicate career misery in the workplace by empowering leaders and founders to build purpose-driven organizations and positive work cultures for people to bring their full selves to work. Mark previously served as Country Manager of the Movember Foundation, where he helped raise €2.8million for men’s health, winning multiple awards along the way. Since then, his videos...


Fears + Fierce = FEARCE

Who is the Guest?: Over the last two decades, Janey Brown has performed in front of thousands of people, worked with Grammy award winning producers and developed artists in various musical genres. She has also taught movement and mindset to athletes in the NHL, Olympics, NASCAR and MLS, as well as to hundreds of aspiring coaches across North America. It's no secret to the public that Janey struggled with anxiety for over half of both her careers. Ultimately though, her darkness became her...


Outside-In Transformations

Who is the Guest?: Dr. Soleiman is a board certified MD who sub-specialized as a cosmetic physician, and one of the very best when it comes to cosmetic injections. She is also the founder of one of Los Angeles’ most popular clinics, called the Cosmetic Injectables Clinic. Whether we choose to get in shape, undergo surgery, or just get a new haircut, changing our appearance goes a long way to boosting our confidence and self-esteem. Learn why Dr. Soleiman very much believes in the...


The 2 Week Tryout

Who is the Guest?: Lauren Consul is a former lawyer turned coach, entrepreneur, writer and therapist. Her matter of fact approach working with clients is a reflection of her legal background, and one which is both refreshing, unique, and most importantly, effective! Success is not about not having a big title, paycheck, or office. It's about defining success for ourselves and living on our own terms. The first step to accomplishing this is to build ourselves a soild, clearly formed...


Applied Empathy

Who is the Guest?: Michael Ventura is Founder & CEO of Sub Rosa and author of, Applied Empathy. By helping organizations and individuals find deeper understanding to their actions, interactions, and sense of purpose, Michael’s methodology prompts people to adopt diverse perspectives of themselves and others. To start, and ultimately instill, long lasting, meaningful change, knowing how to apply empathy is key. Cool Links & Tools: Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Facebook


Deviate from the Norm!

Who is the Guest?: Tenny Avanesian is the founder & COO of Lemonette Dressings, the first line of exclusively lemon-based salad dressings and marinades. But more fascinating than that, Tenny has zero background in the culinary world! Trained as a lawyer and a "career academic", Tenny's decision to start a salad dressing company represents a huge deviation from her formal training and a serious detour on her life journey. Yet, despite this change in direction, it's also been this choice in...


Contributing Beyond Yourself

Who is the Guest?: Tim Cooper is an author, speaker and a specialist in life recovery coaching. In his book “The Art of Unlearning”, Tim teaches that no matter what kind of whole you are in, no matter how bleak the future looks, you can get out and find a life worth living. Over 60,000 people see his posts on Instagram every week. He has been hailed as “one of the most authentic, genuine and relatable coaches in the market today, transforming the lives of thousands of people and has been...


Beyond Healthy Body Image

Who is the Guest?: Kirsty Dunne is a celebrity fitness expert, wellness performance leader and brand ambassador for Adidas. Her expertise, holistic brand presence and depth of knowledge have helped make her a respected Wellness ambassador for a variety of well-known brands. Dunne has dedicated her life to impacting thousands of people through coaching, creating wellness programs and hosting numerous wellness events for premium brands and Fortune 500 companies. Through it all, her wellness...