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WCR Nation EP 61 It doesnt matter | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on Nation, we talk about how cleaning windows or even pressure washing just doesn't matter. Think about it. That may be WHAT you do, but running a small business is so much more. Its marketing, advertising, systems. its a whole lot more than the WHAT that you do. No one can make a window cleaner than someone else, or the siding even more algae free. BUT building the clientele to let you preform your service is whats key. Need supplies? Well I'm here for you! Shoot me a text at...


WCR Nation EP 60 F* the Haters | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on Nation, we say F the haters, and we do it in style with Steve-O. Everyone who has ever decided to start a business has had nothing but haters. Well That's the kind of thing that makes us want to be even better. The haters in our lives are the ones we have to prove wrong. Embrace the haters. The fuel your fire. If you need supplies for your window cleaning or pressure washing business shoot me a text or call me up! 862-312-2026


WCR Nation EP 59 Summer sucks | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on Nation, we are talking about the suck that is summer. Why does it suck might you ask? Well if you have to ask you haven't been in the industry long. Yeah there are vacation's, but who vacations when you are a small business owner? We have window cleaning and pressure washing companies to run. Let our customers go on vacation while we plan the massive marketing attack that is fall. I know you want window cleaning supplies! I know it, Pure water systems, maybe you even want to...


WCR Nation EP 58 Claim you area | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on Nation, we are talking all about how to pick your location. What makes a service area, and how do you choose. Have you ever thought of how far you are willing to go? What about trip charges? If you have a small business or especially a service business, you will want to know. Need window cleaning supplies? Shoot me a text! 862-312-2026


WCR NAtion EP 57 Destroying your business|The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on Nation we are going to talk about how to ruin your small business. We try super hard to keep our businesses a float. But there are things you can do to ruin your window cleaning business and not even know it. I am going to give 4 things to not do. the key of all al this is don't be stinky...just listen, you'll get it If you want supplies, give me a call or text me at 862-312-2026


WCR Nation EP 56 Software

This week on WCR Nation, we are talking about small business software, and the service software summit. We are talking with one of my favorite people, Curt Kempton. He is the owner of Responsibid, one of the most amazing pieces of small business software. He is also the Service Software Summit's founders. This event is piggy backed on The Huge Convention. The day before, at the same venue. If you want to get Responsibid, which I know you do, here is a link for a discount...


WCR EP 55 Window cleaning pricing | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on Nation we are going to talk about pricing. Have you ever thought of the "why". What makes up our prices. When you clean windows on a residential vs a commercial there is a difference in what you bid for. The per window price vs charging hourly. How about screen cleaning, track cleaning, anything? Well let's talk about it. Did you want to be one of the "ellite" on of the cool kids? Well order your supplies through me! text/call 862-312-2026


WCR Nation EP 54 Q&A time | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation, it's Q&A time. So for the past year I have been asked 1,000's of questions. Some dumb and some are pretty interesting. So here we are, lets talk shop. These are some of the more memorable questions. Like who do you use for general liability, and whats my favorite water fed pole. HEY, you want to give me a virtual high five, put your order's in through me, and I will love you forever...862-312-2026


WCR Nation EP 53 Regrets | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation, I talk with Chris Lambrinides about his regrets. Everyone has them. If you knew what you know now about business what would you change? I know there are quite a few that I could change and My company would have been 10x the size. Hindsight is 20/20. Some times in any small business you try things, and the only way you find out if they are good ideas or suck. Thanks for listening to Nation, and thanks to everyone who buys directly through me! you guys and gals are...


WCR Nation EP 52 Subcontracting | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation. We are talking all about subbing work. We all do it, or at least we want to. Subcontracting all comes down to networking and the relationships you build. Most window cleaning companies get work that may be out of their service area, but maybe someday you want to go into that area, well you don't have to give up the work if someone else is doing the work for now. If you know any maid services or janitorial companies they can be a gold mine for subcontracting work....


WCR Nation EP 51 Focus | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation we talk about Focusing on your small business. How can you improve your service company and how can you increase 1 part of it. focusing on a certain add on or service ou offer can really help strengthen that part. The problem is, that sometimes people loose sight on the other parts of their company when focusing on another piece. Learn the why's, how's, and What's of honing in your focus. Thanks to everyone in the window cleaning world that listens to WCR Nation. It...


WCR Nation EP 50 Firing a customer | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation we talk about firing one of your customers. Every service business has ONE of THOSE customers. You know the ones. mean, difficult, or just someone who will never be happy. With our window cleaning companies, we have enough headaches with out the problem customer. Letting go of one of your customers needs to be tone in a good way. There is a nice, easy way to let them go. Thanks to everyone who buys there supplies from me! It really means the world to me! And if you...


WCR Nation EP 49 Make more money |The window cleaning podcast

This week on WCR Nation we're going to talk about how you can make more money in your window washing business, pressure washing business, or roof cleaning. There are ways to get more, with out just landing more jobs. Cutting cost's, charging more per hour, and becoming more efficient are all awesome ways to make more moola. Running a business can be hard, but we want to help. If you have any questions on window cleaning ANYTHING let me know. And even better, if you want to buy your...


WCR Nation EP 48 Window Cleaning tools|The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation we talk all about window cleaning tools. If you are looking to start a window cleaning business maybe you don't know what is good, or what is a novelty. Well we are going to talk about that. In every small business there are those handfull of tools that are a great idea but suck as a contractor. Window washing has our fair share, but there are some that make your job easier. We talk about the Ledger, Excelerator, Even the water fed pole. Thanks for checking us out!...


WCR Nation EP 47 Hustle | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation, we talk about the Hustle. People always ask when starting a business, if they have IT. Will they succeed at owning a small business. Well that always depends on what you have inside you. Anyone can do what we do. Its the amount of success you achieve that is determined by what you have inside. If your passion burns bright, you will no problems!


WCR Nation EP 46 Collect that money | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation, we are talking about getting the money. We all have a few bucks that is owed from our customers. How do you go about prying it from their cold hands? Well Jersey has a few idea's. You don't run a small business with out coming up with a few tricks to get paid. Window cleaning, or pressure washing companies need the capital to survive. There are different options for residential, commercial or route work. You want to tailer a plan for each. Some are easier than...


WCR Nation EP 45 Re-invest | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation, we chat about re-investing in your company. Putting money back into your business helps build a stranger and better company in the future. There are a lot of things you can spend your money at to make your window cleaning business grow. Running a small business is always an uphill climb. Be epic...


WCR Nation EP 44 Live another day | The Window Cleaning Podcast

this week on WCR Nation we are talking about how not to die. There are a lot of hazards in window cleaning, and how are you training for them? How can you address a hazard on a jobsite? AND best of all how can you use safety to close more jobs? Let's talk about it. Thanks for checking us out. WCR Nation is a window cleaning business minded show. If you have a service company, maid service, janitorial company or even a pressure washing company I know you can get some sweet info out of this...


WCR Nation EP 43 How Facebook works with Dave Carroll | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation, we are talking to Dave Carroll of Atype Data, all about marketing in a digital age. What is different about marketing your service company digitally VS print advertising. It pretty cool to hear how for the past 100 plus years its really the same way to collect the data you will use for your marketing. Running a business, in general, is an ever changing frontier. With all the hats you wear, marketing is a big one. Marketing will allow your company to grow. After...


WCR Nation EP 42 Selling : Buying A Business | The Window Cleaning Podcast

This week on WCR Nation, we talk with Peter Artusa about buying a window cleaning or pressure washing company. He has sold AND bought service companies. And he has it down to a science. We have all heard of the guy who went out of business in our area right? What happened to his customer? How about his equipment? Did someone buy his business? Well we talk all about how to go about buying or even selling your service business. Whats involved in the buying process? What should you look at...