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At WEB ROI our goal is to guide your business to the finish line and help you win the race online. Our podcasts and audiobooks will provide tips and insights into the best things you can do for your business for a first-place finish on the podium. Contact us today at or give us a call at 1-877-7WEB ROI and visit our website to learn more and get your digital marketing off the starting line!




At WEB ROI our goal is to guide your business to the finish line and help you win the race online. Our podcasts and audiobooks will provide tips and insights into the best things you can do for your business for a first-place finish on the podium. Contact us today at or give us a call at 1-877-7WEB ROI and visit our website to learn more and get your digital marketing off the starting line!






Google Business Profile

Did you know Google My Business (GMB) is changing its name to Google Business Profile (GBP)? Regardless of the name change, this still remains an important step to set up your business profile on Google and start achieving local SEO results. Denise Bowen and Caleb Sawh explore the new Google Business Profile and why it is important to set it up to help you achieve great local SEO results. Interested in learning more about Google Business Profiles and how using one can help your local SEO...


Conversion Rate Optimization: What Is It?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) principles are all the things that, when someone lands on your website, will attract their attention, differentiate your services from your competitors, educate and influence your audience to engage with you. What is a conversion rate optimized website? How do you create a conversion rate optimized website? These questions and more are answered in our latest podcast. Listen now for more information! Read our blog for more information about conversion rate...


The ROI (Return On Investment) Pyramid

At WEB ROI we created the Website ROI Pyramid, which illustrates where you should focus your marketing resources first, to get the best Return On Investment from your online presence. This week's podcast takes you through the Website ROI Pyramid and gives you more insight into digital marketing and how you can use this structure to accelerate your business online. Learn more about the Website ROI Pyramid in our blog. For more information about how WEB ROI can help you with your digital...


2022 Website Accessibility Guide

Different people have different abilities. Approximately one billion people experience some form of disability. That’s 15% of the world’s population! Web accessibility is the concept of ensuring that everybody who wishes to navigate the web can do so, regardless of their abilities. Accessibility in web design is the act of designing websites so that regardless of the disability, everyone can still interact with the web without experiencing difficulty. Listen to learn what the four...


3 Essential Social Platforms for Home Improvement Companies and How to Use Them

Landscaping and home improvement companies need to capitalize on the benefits that social media can grant them as a component of their overall internet marketing strategy. People already want to share and talk about your products and services online, so you don’t have to be as creative as some businesses to get consumers to engage with you. Having a strong social media presence can lead to better search engine rankings, an increase in referrals, and will help you to establish a reputation as...


4 Benefits Of Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

Savvy business owners can handle the basics of marketing. But to build a successful business that excels and leaves the competition in the dust, bringing in digital marketing professionals is critical! Accelerate your small business by investing in an excellent digital marketing agency, so you don’t waste time or energy spinning your wheels without getting anywhere! Doing so can help to ensure that the virtual side of your business is on track. Listen now for the 4 benefits of hiring a...


The Beginners Guide To Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a valuable tool for any business owner in Canada with an online presence – that is, any business owner looking to succeed in the modern business world. Google analytics helps give you more information about the performance of your website and digital marketing. To speed past the competition, it’s essential to understand all aspects of your website so that you know what to continue doing versus what to change. That’s where Google Analytics comes in – a free website...


The History of Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is the bulk of marketing practices today. Since the move to the web 1.0, the world of marketing has changed drastically. From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing to content marketing and social media marketing, the online world has shaped a new frontier for marketing. We will explore what has shaped digital marketing, and how the digital world has shaped us, your website and marketing as a whole. Read our blog on the History of Digital...


4 Tips to Improve Your Home Services Website’s Conversion Rate

A conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors to your website that complete a desired goal out of the total number of visitors. A high conversion rate indicates successful website design and strong marketing; it means that people are interested in what you’re offering! Listen now to learn some tips and tricks to build a high conversion rate for your home services website and kick your business into the next gear! For more tips and tricks to improve your conversion rate, read our...


4 Proven Ways to Make the Most Out of Your High Traffic Blogs

If you’re like most businesses, you have a handful of blogs that receive significantly more traffic than others. These are your elite drivers; the articles that out-perform and exceed your expectations. How do you ensure that you’re making the most out of these high-traffic blogs? We have some ideas you can use to turn more of your blog traffic into sales while still accomplishing your other content goals, like expanding your blog audience. Listen now to learn how to leverage your...


In the “Slow Season"?: 4 Ways You Should Still Be Marketing

The slow season hit's all businesses differently. If you are in landscaping, it may be the winter, the shoulder seasons if you are in HVAC, or maybe this whole pandemic has been your slow season... So you don’t really feel the need to work on your digital marketing initiatives, because the seasonality and cyclical nature of your business will drive traffic to your web presence. Are people looking for your products and services during your quiet seasons? Probably not... Should you still...


8 SEO Essentials to Speed Off to Sales

Do you have a robust website, but you just can’t seem to gain the traffic you need? You’re likely running into roadblocks with your search engine optimization (SEO) approach. SEO rankings seem daunting at first, which is why we’ve compiled some simple tricks and tips to help you accelerate your online business and avoid spinning your wheels. This short and informative manual will share the eight essential tips needed to expertly manipulate search engine rankings and funnel more traffic...


5 B2B Marketing Strategies That Accelerate Sales

New to the world of B2B marketing, or just looking for resources that will help you? Not all marketing strategies are created equal. You’ll veer off course if your B2B puts too much weight on B2C marketing tactics. Instead, with these five B2B digital marketing strategies, WEB ROI will help you succinctly market your business to other businesses. Access these five strategies now and learn why they work for B2Bs. With the right tools in place, you’ll be able to navigate more smoothly...


What is Adaptive SEO?

As a business owner, you know how important an online presence is. Digital marketing isn't necessarily a simple undertaking, especially considering how quickly things change in the online world. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of optimizing your website or online efforts to achieve the goal of having your online content showing higher up on search engine results pages. The higher up you are in a Google search, the more likely someone will click on your content and turn into a...


5 Lead Generation Tips for Home Improvement Businesses

Worried about whether you’ll have enough calls this month? Home service companies often struggle to have consistent leads when they need them and then convert those leads into sales. At WEB ROI, we’ve used these five strategies to help home improvement companies attract more qualified prospects and turn those prospects into long-term customers who keep coming back. The best part is that many of these strategies can be optimized to save you time and reduce staff costs. This comprehensive...


10 PPC Landing Page Tips to Accelerate Your Revenue

Your PPC landing page is where your visitors first arrive after following a pay-per-click advertisement. This standalone web page is used as part of your ad campaign. You've spent money on ads to bring potential customers to this page, so make it count by ensuring it's optimized to convert those leads into customers. Follow these 10 tips to make sure your PPC landing pages work in overdrive to captivate your audience and accelerate your business! Download the FREE ebook here for...


5 Things You Need to Remove from Your Website NOW (and Why)!

As a business owner or manager, you know how important a website is to your business these days. If you don’t have a website it’s time to get one. If you do have a website, did you know that there are many things that might be on your website that can be hurting your online efforts, losing you sales, or making your life harder at work? That sounds awful! Use this audiobook to learn about 5 things your website must have, and 5 things to remove from your website right away! Caleb will guide...


5 Ecommerce Roadblocks to Overcome and Speed Off to Sales

Worried your competitors will leave you in the dust because they have an ecommerce store, and you do not? There are many benefits of setting up ecommerce for your business, but only if you do it properly. With these best practices, you can stay ahead of the competition, expand your demographic and geographical reach, reduce costs, and provide a better customer experience. Avoid getting derailed by roadblocks and move forward at full speed towards a winning ecommerce site with this quick,...


A Guide to Brand Building Through Social Media

As a business owner or manager, you recognize that is it time to start marketing on social media. Social media may pose some pain points for you; not enough time, not enough knowledge, don't know where to start. That is totally normal. We have compiled a list of the top things to do when considering and starting social media. Use this guide to plan out your social media marketing strategy and win the race online! Visit our website to learn more about social media. Read the blog. Contact...


How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

If you are a small- or medium-sized business, you may recognize that now is the time to invest in your digital marketing. If you are not an expert in digital marketing, hiring a digital marketing agency may be a good investment for your business! This podcast will go over the top things to consider when looking for a digital marketing agency, and even the hard-hitting questions to ask your potential agency to ensure they have your best interests at heart. If you are ready to start looking...