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This is WRK & WIN podcast where top founders, entrepreneurs and people leaders share their inspiring stories of success.




[Basketball Series] Creating Inclusive and Empathetic Sports Venue Experiences With Antony Bonavita

Antony Bonavita is the Executive Vice President of Venue Operations for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, responsible for overseeing the venue's operations, guest experience, and project management. With over 27 years of experience in facility and event management, he played a key role in the renovation of Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse and manages operations for various Cavaliers organization venues, including the team's training center and esports team facility. Antony began his career at Stony Brook University, advancing from a marketing intern to Assistant Director of Athletics. A Certified Venue Executive, Antony is also an active member of the International Association of Venue Managers and supports Autism Awareness initiatives. In this episode… In an era where sports venues are becoming even more than places for events, how are leaders ensuring these spaces are inclusive and empathetic for all guests? Can a bustling sports venue truly cater to individuals from all walks of life, including those with unique needs? According to Antony Bonavita, a visionary in venue operations with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, fostering inclusivity and empathy is not just possible — it's imperative. He emphasizes that understanding and accommodating the diverse needs of all guests are at the core of creating a welcoming environment. By adopting a holistic approach to venue management that prioritizes these values, Antony has championed initiatives that ensure sports and entertainment experiences are accessible and enjoyable for everyone, setting a new standard for how venues can cater to their communities. In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien talks with Antony Bonavita about his commitment to empathy and inclusivity in the sports and entertainment industry. They discuss the importance of empathetic leadership, the challenges and rewards of innovating venue operations to be more inclusive, and Antony's vision for the future of sports entertainment that embraces all guests.


[Founder Series] Shaping the Future of Women's Basketball Footwear With Natalie White

Natalie White is the Founder and CEO of Moolah Kicks, a pioneering brand exclusively focused on creating basketball shoes for women. Originating from her observation of the lack of female-specific basketball sneakers during her senior year at Boston College, Natalie was propelled by the realization that existing footwear options did not address the unique biomechanical needs of female athletes, thus posing a higher risk of injury. Her vision for Moolah Kicks emerged from a desire to fill this gap, offering shoes designed with a higher arch, slimmer width, and narrower heel, tailored to the anatomical differences of women's feet. Launched in 2021, Moolah Kicks has swiftly grown, with its products being retailed online and across Dick’s Sporting Goods stores nationwide. Natalie's background as a lifelong basketball enthusiast and her role as a team manager at Boston College have deeply informed her mission to empower female athletes through specialized footwear, making her an innovator in the athletic apparel industry. In this episode… In a world where female athletes continually push boundaries, how often do we consider the gear that empowers their performance? Is the market meeting their unique needs? According to Natalie White, a trailblazer in women's basketball footwear, the market has historically overlooked the unique needs of female athletes, particularly in basketball footwear. She points out that the lack of shoes designed specifically for women has not only been a gap in the market, but also a barrier to performance and safety. Highlighting the importance of footwear that caters to the biomechanical differences of female athletes, Natalie emphasizes that the right shoe can significantly reduce injury risks and enhance on-court performance. This is why she started Moolah Kicks and made it her mission to contribute to the empowerment and success of women in basketball. In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien talks with Natalie White, Founder and CEO of Moolah Kicks, who shares her groundbreaking journey of starting a sports footwear brand. They cover the inspiration behind Moolah Kicks, the challenges faced in a predominantly male industry, and the transformative impact of Moolah Kicks on the women's basketball community.


Why Not You? Emily Jaenson's Guide to Confidence and Courage in Professional Growth

Emily Jaenson is a professional speaker, podcast host, author, and consultant specializing in sports sponsorship. With 15 years of experience in the sports industry, she has served as the general manager and corporate partnerships manager of the Reno Aces. Emily's professional journey includes selling season and group tickets for the Chicago Bulls, leading fundraising efforts for the Muscular Dystrophy Association in Chicago, and running a small marketing agency before joining the Reno Aces, where she quickly ascended from sponsorship account executive to Vice President. Her career further diversified in Houston, where she volunteered for Super Bowl 51, worked as a Sales Director for the World Corporate Games and the Houston Sports Awards Show, and managed business development through sports partnerships for Houston Methodist, the top-ranked hospital in Texas. In this episode… Have you ever wondered why some individuals push beyond the conventional boundaries of their fields to achieve remarkable success? What ignites that spark of confidence and courage in them to pursue roles not typically envisioned for them? According to Emily Jaenson, a trailblazer in the sports industry and advocate for female leadership, the answer lies in the power of self-belief and the pivotal question, "Why not you?" She argues that embracing this mindset can shift the trajectory of one’s career, encouraging individuals to step into spaces where they might not otherwise see themselves. By challenging the status quo and daring to ask what might be possible, Emily illustrates how this simple yet profound question can unlock doors to new opportunities and catalyze growth in unexpected ways. In this episode of WRK & WIN, host Corinne Milien sits down with Emily Jaenson to discuss building confidence and navigating professional growth. They explore the critical role of self-questioning in overcoming doubt, the importance of mentorship and community support, and practical strategies for personal and professional development.


Transforming Talent Acquisition for Modern Workplaces With Corinne Milien

Corinne Milien is the Founder and CEO at WRK, a people-powered HR and staffing solutions to overcome workforce challenges in sports, media, and entertainment. As an unwavering advocate for diversity and inclusion, Corinne aims to eradicate bias and eliminate barriers that have historically marginalized certain groups from traditional hiring practices. Corinne’s roots in sports trace back to her time as a student assistant at Bemidji State University, later transitioning to working under Coach Pat Summit at the University of Tennessee. She later served as an Events Supervisor for ESPN, managing some of the company’s premier athletic events. Corinne’s unwavering dedication to her work led to her recognition by adidas, Impact Hub, and Blavity.org as a key social entrepreneur of color. A U.S. Air Force veteran, she completed her B.A. at Bemidji State University and her M.A. in Sports Management from the University of Tennessee. In this episode… Is the traditional experience-based model of talent acquisition still effective in today's diverse and dynamic job market? How can organizations transform their hiring practices to better suit the modern workplace? According to Corinne Milien, a seasoned expert in talent acquisition and diversity strategies, redefining recruitment is essential in the current workforce landscape. She advocates for a shift from conventional experience-based criteria to a more inclusive approach that emphasizes diversity, skills, and competencies. Corinne highlights the limitations of traditional hiring practices and the benefits of embracing a broader, more diverse talent pool. She suggests using internal resources like Employee Resource Groups and creating more inclusive job descriptions as practical strategies that organizations can use to attract and retain diverse talent effectively. In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien is interviewed by Chad Franzen of Rise25 about transforming talent acquisition in modern workplaces. They discuss the importance of diversity and skill-based recruitment, the reevaluation of traditional job descriptions, and strategies for attracting diverse talent. This episode provides valuable insights for both employers and job seekers on the journey toward a more inclusive and effective hiring process.


[Founder Series] Redefining Leadership Recruitment in Sports and Education With DeLaina Sarden

DeLaina Sarden is a Principal at Parker Executive Search, a leading global executive search firm known for its expertise in higher education and sports. With a background in college athletics, DeLaina previously worked at the University of Wisconsin and Michigan State University, focusing on student-athlete success. An accomplished former volleyball player at the University of Central Florida, she played a pivotal role in leading the team to significant achievements. In her role at Parker Executive Search, DeLaina specializes in full-cycle recruitment for leadership positions in higher education and collegiate athletics, leveraging her strong communication skills and passion for building authentic relationships. In this episode… Are traditional methods of leadership recruitment in sports and higher education truly tapping into the full spectrum of talent available? How can we redefine these practices to be more inclusive and effective? According to DeLaina Sarden, a dynamic leader with extensive experience in student-athlete success and executive search, rethinking recruitment practices is crucial for tapping into diverse talent pools. She emphasizes the need to move beyond brand-focused recruitment, advocating for a more inclusive approach that prioritizes talent and capability over institutional prestige. Drawing from her own journey in athletics and executive search, DeLaina underscores the importance of creating a more equitable and comprehensive talent search process. In this episode of WRK & WIN, host Corinne Milien engages in an insightful conversation with DeLaina Sarden, Principal at Parker Executive Search. They discuss DeLaina's innovative approach to leadership recruitment, her strong advocacy for inclusivity in sports and higher education, and her commitment to empowering future leaders. This episode provides insightful perspectives on breaking traditional norms in talent acquisition and fostering a more capable and diverse leadership landscape.


[Entrepreneur Series] Embracing Unconventional Paths to Success in Branding With Will Baggett

Will Baggett is the Co-founder and brand strategist at Monetize Your Message, a premier platform for speakers aiming to enhance their impact and audience reach. A former operations coordinator for the College Football Playoff, Will has built a reputation as an award-winning major events professional. His experience includes producing high-profile events like the Super Bowl, Final Four, and various college football bowl games. As a former strength coach, he contributed to the development of 26 NFL draft picks, including two first-round selections. In 2020, Will was recognized by the White House for his outstanding communications and service. His 2017 book The Blueprint for a Successful Career has been incorporated into the curriculum of six universities. Known for his dynamic speaking style, Will has delivered over 250 keynotes since 2017, engaging over 50,000 people across various sectors. In this episode… Have you ever wondered how an unconventional career path can lead to success in personal branding? How do experiences outside the norm shape a unique professional identity? According to Will Baggett, a trailblazing brand strategist and dynamic speaker, embracing diverse experiences has been key to his success. His journey from teaching and cleaning conveyor belts during the pandemic to becoming a respected name in personal branding and nonverbal communication underscores the richness that atypical experiences can bring. Will emphasizes the significance of adaptability, resilience, and willingness to embrace the unexpected. His story highlights how diverse professional experiences can sharpen one’s skills in personal branding, offering a broader perspective and deeper empathy in understanding various audience segments. In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Will Baggett, Co-founder and brand strategist at Monetize Your Message, exploring his unique journey to success. They discuss the importance of embracing diverse career experiences, the role of adaptability in personal growth, and the impact of genuine human interactions in professional life. This episode is a masterclass in leveraging unconventional paths for extraordinary achievements in personal branding.


Staying a Mile Wide and a Foot Deep: Ena Patel’s Strategies for Olympic Success

Ena Patel is the Director of Games Planning & Integration at LA28, the Los Angeles Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2028. She plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth delivery of the games, focusing on cross-functional planning and maintaining integration across various departments to prevent siloed operations. Ena's career in sports has been marked by a dedication to strategy, organizational development, and operations. Her work at LA28 involves supporting the Chief Business Officer and Chief Operating Officer, contributing to the overall success of the event. Ena's passion for sports extends beyond her professional sphere, as she is known for her love of building relationships and solving puzzles in the industry. In this episode… In the dynamic world of sports management, especially when planning an event as big as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, how does one ensure seamless integration and coordination across diverse departments? The answer might lie in a unique strategy of balancing depth with breadth. Ena Patel, a trailblazer in the sports industry, offers a fresh perspective on this challenge. Her philosophy of being "a foot deep and a mile wide" summarizes her approach to overseeing a myriad of departments, ensuring fluid coordination while avoiding the pitfalls of siloed operations. From handling logistics and venue management to dealing with ticketing and hospitality, Ena's method showcases the art of juggling multiple aspects without losing sight of the overarching goals. In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien speaks with Ena Patel, Director of Games Planning & Integration at LA28, about her strategic approach to overseeing valuable elements of Olympic and Paralympic Games. They discuss Ena's philosophy of balancing a wide-ranging understanding with focused management, her innovative solutions to the challenges of organizing large-scale events, and the importance of building a diverse, multi-generational workforce.


The Story Behind Insights and Analytics: It’s More Than Just Data With Christine Lawrence

Christine Lawrence is the former Senior Director of Insights and Analytics at World Wrestling Entertainment and has nearly two decades of experience in research and insights. Her expertise has informed some of the world’s largest sports and entertainment providers, including Viacom. She’s currently the Senior AVP at EXL, an analytics and digital operations company helping clients improve business outcomes. Christine excels at increasing understanding through data democratization, improving decision-making, and elevating deliverables through data-driven storytelling. Christine regards data as an enabler of lifelong learning opportunities across all verticals, empowering change and offering solutions. In this episode… Data storytelling involves data analysis, statistics, visualization, and presentation to create a compelling, easy-to-understand, and persuasive storyline. So, how can this narrative also influence business decisions and actions? As a leading research and analytics veteran, Christine Lawrence understands how data storytelling clarifies complex issues, making them more accessible to decision-makers. Analytics departments cover all content-consuming media such as TV, streaming channels, and social media platforms. These teams must understand what drives viewership, as this information helps them determine how specific information is distributed. Data storytelling can also identify trends and patterns that affect commercial placements and company sponsorships. While data storytelling is not a panacea, it is imperative to critically evaluate data stories and consider the potential for bias before making data-based decisions. In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien speaks with Christine Lawrence, former Senior Director of Insights and Analytics at World Wrestling Entertainment, about data storytelling. Christine shares what attracted her to data-driven storytelling, why analytics is essential for content consumption and distribution, and how her leadership style inspires team productivity.


Setting the Pace for Success: Jennifer Davis’ Guide to the First 90 Days in Leadership

Jennifer Davis is the Chief Marketing Officer and President of Central States Manufacturing, a 100% employee-owned nationwide manufacturer of metal roofing, siding, and building components. She is the first to hold the CMO position at the company, overseeing marketing, strategy, and innovation, while also leading Central Storage Works. With a career that includes leadership roles at companies like LEARFIELD, Amazon Web Services, Honeywell, Planar, and Intel, Jennifer brings extensive experience in executive marketing, operations, and general management. She is also the author of Well Made Decisions, a book on organizational decision-making and strategy. Jennifer holds a bachelor's degree from Warner Pacific University and a MBA from Pepperdine University. In this episode… Have you ever wondered what it takes to effectively navigate the crucial first 90 days in a new leadership role? What strategies can transform these initial days from a period of adjustment to a launching pad for long-term success? Could there be a blueprint for setting the pace for triumphant leadership from the onset? With her wealth of experience in numerous industries, Jennifer Davis asserts that the key to thriving in the initial 90 days of leadership lies in a nuanced approach. It involves understanding the unique environment of the new role, setting concrete yet adaptable goals, and swiftly identifying and capitalizing on early victories. Her methodology goes beyond conventional onboarding, blending deep organizational insights with a proactive stance toward challenges and opportunities. In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien sits down with Jennifer Davis, Chief Market Officer and President of Central States Manufacturing, to explore the essentials of successful leadership transitions. They discuss Jennifer's effective strategies for the first 90 days, discussing the critical role of pre-boarding, effective goal setting, and the motivational power of early wins. This insightful conversation offers practical tips for both emerging and seasoned leaders to excel from day one.


Championing Authentic DE&I Transformation in Sports and Beyond With Nona Lee

Nona Lee is the Founder and CEO of Truth DEI, a consulting firm assisting organizations in identifying and implementing growth strategies in diversity, equity, and inclusion. With a rich background in the sports industry including a tenure as Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer for the Arizona Diamondbacks, she combines her legal expertise with a deep-seated commitment to DE&I. Nona's experience extends to managing legal departments, crafting and overseeing agreements in the professional sports sector, and guiding DE&I strategies and training. Her educational credentials include a law degree from Oklahoma City School of Law, participation in the Harvard Law School's Executive Education program for corporate counsel, and a Diversity and Inclusion Certification from Cornell University. In this episode… How can the sports industry and corporate organizations effectively embrace and champion authentic diversity, equity, and inclusion transformation? What are the strategies and insights needed for impactful change in these high-stakes fields? According to Nona Lee, a visionary leader and DE&I advocate, the answer lies in a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and the courage to initiate genuine transformations. She emphasizes that true inclusivity goes beyond surface-level diversity — it requires reshaping the very fabric of organizational culture. Leadership must be fully supportive in championing these changes in order to create environments where diverse talents thrive. In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien speaks with Nona Lee, Founder and CEO of Truth DEI, to explore the depths of DE&I in sports and beyond. They cover Nona's journey from athlete to legal expert to DE&I champion, the critical role of organizational culture, strategies for fostering lasting change, and the transformative impact of leadership commitment in DE&I efforts.


[Golf Series] From Politics to Golf: Marsha Oliver’s Unconventional Path

Marsha Oliver is the Senior Vice President of Community and Public Engagement for the PGA TOUR, the premier organization in professional golf renowned for organizing professional tours in North America. In this role, Marsha focuses on enhancing the PGA TOUR's engagement and impact within diverse communities. She joined the TOUR in April 2019, bringing a wealth of over 25 years of experience in public affairs, community relations, marketing, and crisis management across corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors. Prior to the PGA TOUR, Marsha served as the Director of Public Affairs for the City of Jacksonville under Mayor Lenny Curry and as Assistant Superintendent of Communications for Duval County Public Schools. Her distinguished career includes numerous industry awards and recognition as one of the nation’s top education public relations professionals by the Council of Great City Schools. In this episode… Numerous industries are breaking new ground in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. How does one leader’s journey from politics to the traditionally-exclusive sport of golf reflect broader changes in society? Marsha Oliver, a key influencer in promoting diversity in sports, believes the key to transforming the sporting world lies in intentional inclusivity and community engagement. She emphasizes the importance of reaching out to underrepresented communities, ensuring that the world of golf better mirrors the diversity of our society. Marsha ensures her work goes beyond mere representation, creating a substantial impact and fostering inclusive spaces wherever her career takes her. In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien speaks with Marsha Oliver, Senior Vice President of Community and Public Engagement for the PGA TOUR, about her groundbreaking work. They explore the importance of inclusive leadership and how Marsha's non-traditional background enriches her role. Their conversation highlights the significant strides being made toward a more equitable sporting world.


[Basketball Series] Creating a Legacy of Success and Inclusion in Athletics With Kathy Delaney-Smith

Kathy Delaney-Smith is an iconic figure in collegiate sports, famous for having the most wins in the Ivy League for both men's and women's teams. She spent 41 years as the Head Coach of Harvard University's Women's Basketball team, leading them to 11 Ivy League titles and 15 appearances in the NCAA postseason tournament. Kathy is not just a successful coach but also a dedicated advocate for gender equality in sports, playing a significant role in Title IX advocacy. Her guiding principle, the "Act As If" philosophy, has motivated and empowered many young women, both on the basketball court and in their roles as leaders. In this episode… Navigating the challenges of leadership and inclusivity in competitive fields like athletics is no small feat. What can we learn from a coach who has not only set records but also pioneered new paths in sports equality? According to Kathy Delaney-Smith, a trailblazing figure in college basketball, the answer lies in building strong relationships, embracing non-traditional paths, and advocating for equity in sports. Kathy believes her unconventional approach to coaching and leadership led to her becoming the winningest coach in Ivy League history. Her philosophy extends beyond basketball strategies, focusing on empowering young women, championing gender equity, and nurturing resilience and inclusivity both on and off the court. In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien speaks with Kathy Delaney-Smith, the legendary Harvard Women's Basketball Coach, discussing her impactful career and advocacy in athletics. They talk about Kathy’s unconventional coaching journey, her effective team-building strategies, the role of sports in fostering leadership and inclusivity, and her ongoing commitment to championing women in sports.


Leading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives in Sports and Media With Ian Moses

Ian Moses is the Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at LEARFIELD, a leading media, data, and technology services company with a significant presence in college sports and live events. Ian not only enhances LEARFIELD’s internal culture, but also ensures its values are reflected in their engagements with partners, properties, and the broad communities they serve. He fosters high-performance teams that are inclusive and representative of the diverse communities in which LEARFIELD operates. In this episode… How do we create an inclusive and equitable environment in the dynamic world of sports and media? What strategies and insights are needed to lead successful diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in these industries? According to Ian Moses, a seasoned leader in cultivating inclusive cultures, the key lies in genuine empathy, strategic data utilization, and creating real access opportunities for underrepresented groups. Ian emphasizes the importance of vulnerability in leadership and the pivotal roles of data and clear communication in shaping effective DEI strategies. His approach not only fosters inclusive workplace environments but also contributes to personal growth, impacting how leaders and teams operate and interact. In this episode of WRK & WIN, host Corinne Milien speaks with Ian Moses, Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at LEARFIELD, exploring the intricacies of leading DEI initiatives in sports and media. They discuss Ian's career journey, his focus on vulnerability in leadership, the strategic use of data in DEI initiatives, and creating access and opportunities for underrepresented groups in sports and media.


Shaping the Future of Talent in Sports: Recruitment and Training Strategies With Bill Guertin

Bill Guertin is the Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at ISBI 360, a company that offers innovative solutions for the sports and entertainment industry primarily through personnel growth, enhanced sales, and talent recruitment. Sometimes known as The 800-Pound Gorilla, Bill is a sales and peak performance expert who brings value to audiences worldwide as a professional keynote speaker, sales trainer, skilled facilitator and Master of Ceremonies. Additionally, Bill is a community builder within the sports industry and the Co-founder and Chief Executive of the Legacy Leaders Inner Circle, a platform for high-level executives in sports and entertainment to explore deeper meanings in their lives and careers. In this episode… In the dynamic world of sports and entertainment, talent recruitment and training are pivotal for success. How does one innovate in these areas while ensuring a team's growth and efficiency? Can the right strategies in talent management truly revolutionize the industry? According to Bill Guertin, a respected authority in sports sales and training, innovative strategies in talent recruitment and training are not only possible, but essential for the future of sports and entertainment. He emphasizes the need to understand individual motivations and leverage empathy in leadership roles, coupled with a commitment to personal and professional growth. In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien speaks with Bill Guertin, Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer of ISBI 360, about reshaping the landscape of talent management in sports. They delve into the nuances of innovative recruitment methods, the significance of mentorship and personal development, and strategies for fostering effective leadership in the high-stakes world of sports sales.


[Entrepreneur Series] Building an Innovative Venture With Passion and Perseverance With RaShaun Brown

RaShaun Brown is the Co-founder and CEO of Screen Skinz, a company revolutionizing the traditional screen protection market by producing officially-licensed and personalized screen protectors. He has a versatile academic background with undergraduate degrees in sports management, business administration, and marketing and a master's degree in sports administration, all from the Ohio University. Starting his career in sports, RaShaun gained experience with Russell Athletics, the BIG EAST Conference, and the 12th Man Foundation, where he focused on fundraising for Texas A&M Athletics. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for business innovation led him to establish RMBrown Ventures, a pioneering venture focusing on unique solutions within major brand licensing. In this episode… Ever wondered how unwavering passion and steadfast perseverance can catalyze the building of an innovative venture? According to RaShaun Brown, a seasoned entrepreneur and innovator, the fusion of passion and perseverance serves as the cornerstone of building a successful innovative venture. His transformative journey demonstrates that entrepreneurship extends beyond business — it's about harnessing your passion, persisting through challenges, and continuously striving for innovation. In this episode of the WRK & WIN, host Corinne Milien sits down with RaShaun Brown, Co-founder and CEO of Screen Skinz. They delve into his transformation from sports enthusiast to industry innovator and discuss how his relentless drive has enabled him to overcome challenges and thrive in the business world. RaShaun shares insights on securing licensing rights with major brands, handling inventory management strategies, and fostering a nurturing and diverse work environment.


[Golf Series] Leading the Charge in Events and Impact with Allison Fillmore

Allison Fillmore is the Vice President of Business Development at the PGA TOUR, the premier organization in professional golf renowned for organizing professional golf tours in North America. Before joining the PGA TOUR, she held positions at the Atlanta Falcons, NASCAR, and the Atlanta Dream. In her current role, she's focused on growing the business, improving fan experiences, and building strong partnerships. She is also committed to promoting diversity, leadership, and community involvement in the sports industry. With over 20 years in sports marketing and sales, Allison has a knack for working with partners to create and implement innovative solutions that meet their goals, improve the fan experience, and boost the PGA TOUR brand. In this episode… Ever wondered how the sports world, particularly golf, shapes memorable experiences and community development? What does it take to blend these aspects seamlessly? Allison Fillmore, an influential authority in the world of golf, believes the key lies in building strong relationships and constantly creating unforgettable experiences. By leveraging her extensive knowledge of the sports industry and passion for charity, she emphasizes the interconnectedness of sports, community outreach, and personal growth of young athletes. In this episode of WRK & WIN, host Corinne Milien speaks with Allison Fillmore, Vice President of Business Development at the PGA TOUR, to discuss her extensive work in the golf world. They discuss Allison's new focus on official marketing partnerships with the PGA TOUR where she emphasized the importance of relationships, a positive mindset, and a good culture in achieving success. The conversation also touched on the role of mentors in career development and her vision for empowering young athletes through academics, athletics, and charity.


Balancing Business and Social Change with Romola Ratnam

Romola Ratnam is the Senior Vice President and Head of Impact, Inclusion, and Advocacy at Endeavor, a global sports and entertainment company known for fostering some of the most dynamic storytellers, brands, and live events. At Endeavor, Romola is responsible for all corporate social responsibility initiatives, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, and leveraging the company's vast network to drive social change. This includes the development of Endeavor Impact, the company's social impact brand, and the realignment of the Endeavor Foundation to support industry inclusion. Before her role at Endeavor, Romola served as the Director of Corporate and Sports Partnership at UNICEF USA, and as a Co-executive Director of the SEED Project, a sports and education nonprofit based in Senegal. She started her career at the National Basketball Association in Global Business Development, concentrating on their philanthropic arm, NBA Cares. In this episode… In the corporate world, creating an environment that champions diversity and inclusion while maintaining a strong brand image and business growth is a challenge. Is it possible to achieve that balance without compromising one for the other? According to Romola Ratnam, an accomplished executive in the global talent space, the balance is not only achievable but deeply beneficial. She asserts that businesses that champion diversity and inclusion can effectively enhance their competitiveness while contributing positively to society. In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien speaks with Romola Ratnam, SVP and Head of Impact, Inclusion, and Advocacy at Endeavor, to discuss how diversity and inclusion can harmoniously coexist with business goals. They talk about Romola's belief in the power of businesses to drive positive change, the twists and turns of her career journey, and her future aspirations for leaving a lasting legacy.


Breaking Barriers for Underrepresented Creative Talents With Justin Riley

Justin Riley is the Senior Vice President of Operations at Hillman Grad, a full-service media and production company focusing on empowering underrepresented artists and amplifying the stories of diverse, historically marginalized communities across all industries. He is an experienced professional with a unique background, bringing a blend of skills from various fields. Justin holds an undergraduate degree in television and broadcast journalism and a master's degree in leadership development from Chapman University. He previously worked at Fox Sports, Open Gym Premier and Westbrook. Justin previously served as an executive director of the Hillman Grad Foundation, working on the launch and development of two inclusivity-focused initiatives — the Hillman Grad Mentorship Lab and Rising Voices. Justin's work in these roles earned him recognition as one of the New Leaders of Hollywood by Variety and a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility Leader by the Los Angeles Times in 2022. In this episode… Ever feel a personal connection to a story on screen? Or perhaps a sense of disconnect due to the lack of representation? While the entertainment industry is vast, stories from underrepresented groups are still barely heard or recognized. Justin Riley, a pioneer in implementing diversity initiatives, is dedicated to changing this narrative. He firmly believes the industry needs fresh perspectives to evolve, and that comes from giving access and opportunities to voices that have been historically silenced and marginalized. In this episode of WRK & WIN, host Corinne Milien sits down with Justin Riley, Senior Vice President of Operations at Hillman Grad, to talk about his work in amplifying diverse voices in Hollywood. They discuss Justin's approach to balancing personal growth and professional development, his vision for a more inclusive and accessible future of entertainment, and the transformative impact of fostering opportunities for underrepresented creatives.


[Entrepreneur Series] - Breaking Boundaries in Sports Mental Health With Dr. T.M. Robinson-Mosley

Dr. T.M. Robinson-Mosley is the Principal and Managing Partner at Mosley & Associates Consulting, a firm specializing in offering comprehensive counseling and psychological services, sports performance consulting, inclusion training, belonging initiatives, and leadership development with a culturally-responsive lens. Currently serving as a Consulting Psychologist for the Big 4+ professional sports leagues, Dr. Mosley’s influence and innovative approaches to mental health are recognized across the NBA, WNBA, NWSL, NFL, MLB, NHL, and within athletic departments throughout the NCAA membership. She is also the Founder and CEO of The Sports Mental Health & Wellness Playbook, an award-winning startup that pioneers in providing measurable wellness and performance solutions, often likened to a "mental health Fitbit" for sports organizations. In this episode… We cheer for our favorite athletes, marvel at their feats, but how much do we know about the mental struggles they might be facing behind the scenes? Dr. T.M. Robinson-Mosley, a seasoned professional in sports psychology, sheds light on the often-overlooked mental health challenges in the sports world, highlighting that the mental well-being of athletes is just as crucial as their physical condition. She emphasizes that mental health is not just a personal matter but a crucial piece in the puzzle of athletic performance and career longevity. In this episode of WRK & WIN, host Corinne Milien talks with Dr. T.M. Robinson-Mosley, Principal and Managing Partner at Mosley & Associates Consulting, to discuss the interplay between sports, mental health, and business. They explore the making and impact of The Sports Mental Health & Wellness Playbook, the significance of addressing mental health in sports, and the business acumen required to balance subject matter expertise and running a black woman-led for-profit organization.


Driving Revenue and Impact: The Art of Sports Event Management With Laila Brock

Laila Brock is the Senior Vice President for Community Impact and Strategic Partnerships at Atlanta Dream, a 2023 WNBA playoff team. She joined the Dream in December 2022, aligning the organization’s mission with its business development objectives and emphasizing the team's core values. With over 20 years as a sports executive, Laila's expertise spans several significant roles. Before her current position, she was the Vice President of Business Development for JMI Sports, where she was instrumental in increasing revenue through strategic initiatives. Her experience also includes pivotal roles at the College Football Playoff and the Orange Bowl Committee. Laila holds both a bachelor of arts and a master’s degree from Penn State University and was a captain of the women’s track and field team during her collegiate years. In this episode… Sports have always been more than just a game, influencing cultures, economies, and leaving lasting impressions on our collective memory. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to make each event not just a sporting spectacle, but also a driver of impactful revenue? Laila Brock provides a fresh perspective on achieving a balanced trifecta in the world of sports: building a robust team, forging a strong community with lasting impact, and ensuring sustainable revenue generation. While immediate gains are important, it's the harmony between these elements that propels an event to legendary status, guaranteeing both community and financial rewards. In this episode of WRK & WIN, host Corinne Milien sits down with Laila Brock, Senior Vice President for Community Impact and Strategic Partnerships at Atlanta Dream, to delve deep into the nuances of sports event management. They discuss the art of crafting unforgettable experiences, the vital role of stakeholder collaboration, and the synergy between passion, purpose, and profit in the sports industry. Join them to discover how sports events can leave a lasting mark both in the arena and in the community.