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Stress Management Tips From a Busy COO #51

Overview of Episode #51 --- suzie@pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.com/stressmanagementips Timing on Recording: @ 8:48 --- Topic 1: Welcome; What three things do you do regularly for your mind, your body, your spirit? Timing on Recording: @ 27:27 --- Topic 2: How does fitness, eating healthy, making connections that feel comfortable to you outside of work, how does this help you manage your stress? How do you find time to do these...


Evaluate Job Fit #50

Overview of Episode #50 --- suzie@pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.com/evaluatejobfit Timing on Recording: @ 10:02 --- Topic 1: Welcome; Three things hiring managers should do to make sure they have the right person in the job? During the interview, what are the things they need to focus on most? Timing on Recording: @ 16:51 --- Topic 2: What are some mistakes interviewers make? Timing on Recording: @ 20:48 --- Topic 3: Why is it so hard...


How to Grow Trust #49

Overview of Episode #49 --- suzie@pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.com/growtrust Timing on Recording: @ 7:04 --- Topic 1: Welcome; Why Does Growing Trust Matter? Timing on Recording: @ 13:12 --- Topic 2: This life is about love, especially if you want to lead, it's really about love. Timing on Recording: @ 20:18 --- Topic 3: Two things that will help you accomplish more than you ever have. Timing on Recording: @ 32:03 --- Topic 4: What...


You Are a Genius #48

Overview of Episode #48 --- suzie@pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.com/genius Timing on Recording: @ 4:25 --- Topic 1: Welcome; Definition of Greatness. Timing on Recording: @ 14:22 --- Topic 2: What Normal Really Is. THAT's what is normal. Timing on Recording: @ 18:43 --- Topic 3: Seven Things that Get in the Way of Greatness. Timing on Recording: @ 29:21 --- Topic 4: Three Actions You Can Take. Timing on Recording: @ 49:11 --- Topic...


Enter the Zone, Part 2 #47

Overview of Episode #47 --- suzie@pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.com/zone2 Timing on Recording: @ 12:10 --- Topic 1: Welcome; Getting to Know Dr. Tom Hanson. Timing on Recording: @ 20:42 --- Topic 2: What do you have players/executives do during visualization? Timing on Recording: @ 34:59 --- Topic 3: How do you guide executives, as well as athletes, around committing in a way that's helpful and helps them get in the flow/in the...


Enter the Zone, Part 1 #46

Overview of Episode #46 --- suzie@pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.com/zone Timing on Recording: @ 11:02 --- Topic 1: Welcome; Getting to Know Performance Coach Sarah Derrenbacher. Timing on Recording: @ 13:44 --- Topic 2: Share a situation where an athlete was struggling to meet their goal, of what was getting in the way to meet their goal of performance? How did you work through it with them so that they could get “back in the zone” or get...


Keeping New Hires #45

Overview of Episode #45 --- suzie@pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.com/newhire2 Timing on Recording: @ 8:49 --- Topic 1: Welcome; Getting to Know Judy Simmons. Timing on Recording: @ 13:52 --- Topic 2: Some of the biggest mistakes leaders make with their new hires. Timing on Recording: @ 19:00 --- Topic 3: Top tools and tips and tricks. Timing on Recording: @ 25:54 --- Topic 4: What are some things you have seen best leaders do around...


Keeping New Hires #44

Overview of Episode #44 --- suzie@pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.com/newhire Timing on Recording: @ 6:39 --- Topic 1: Welcome; Your First Day at Your New Job Timing on Recording: @ 17:00 --- Topic 2: Three reasons why getting new hires to stay is especially important today. Timing on Recording: @ 20:15 --- Topic 3: Three things to focus on when you're thinking about onboarding. Timing on Recording: @ 21:49 --- Topic 4: New Hire...


Anger at Work #43

Overview of Episode #43 - suzie@pricelessprofessional.com,www.pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.com/anger Timing on Recording: @ 9:55 --- Topic 1: Welcome; Getting to Know Best Selling Author, John Lee. Timing on Recording: @ 17:00 --- Topic 2: How did the topic of anger become a topic that you write about? Why does this topic matter to you and how did it become part of your specialty? Timing on Recording: @ 26:05 --- Topic 3: Triggers. Timing on Recording: @ 39:45...


Debrief TriMetrix #42

Overview of Episode #42: Overview of this episode: suzie@pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.com/debrief Timing on Recording: @ 5:45 --- Timing on Recording: @ 18:50 --- Timing on Recording: @ 24:20 --- Timing on Recording: @ 25:45 --- Timing on Recording: @ 28:36 ---


Executive Presence #41 - Part 4 Leaders Derailed

Overview of Episode #41: suzie@pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.com/derailed Timing on Recording: @ 7:50 --- Interview with Director of Research and Assessments for Bates Communications Michael Seitchik Topic 1: Getting to know Michael. Timing on Recording: @ 10:56 --- Topic 2: Leaders and derailment. Timing on Recording: @ 17:54 --- Topic 3: Warning signs of derailment. Timing on Recording: @ 22:00 --- Topic 4: How confidence can cause...


Executive Presence #40 - Part 3 Looking the Part

Overview of Episode #40 - suzie@pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.com/style Timing on Recording: @ 5:57 --- Topic 1: The six factors related to style in the Executive Presence Index survey Timing on Recording: @ 13:44 --- Topic 2: The "Blue Jeans" of the business world Timing on Recording: @ 19:00 --- Topic 3: The power of nonverbal communication Timing on Recording: @ 22:45 --- Topic 4: Mark's advice for established, successful...


Executive Presence #39 - Part 2 Style and Execution

Overview of Episode #39 - suzie@pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.com/execution Timing on Recording: @ 4:30 --- Topic 1: Introduction "When you’re looking in the mirror, you’re looking at the problem. But you’re also looking at the solution"Episode #38 Timing on Recording: @ 6:40 --- Topic 2: 360 Feedback Timing on Recording: @ 12:45 --- Topic 3: Think of Senior Leaders and Executives You Have Worked With in the Past Timing on...


Executive Presence #38 – Part 1 What Is It and How to Get it!

Overview of Episode #38 - suzie@pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.comwww.pricelessprofessional.com/executivepresence Welcome; Getting to Know Scott Weighart 8:20 What is Executive Presence? 18:57 How did this become your and Bates Communication’s focus? Why should leaders care about Executive Presence? Why does it matter? 21:30 How does one get better at this? What are the skills related to Executive Presence and how can a leader build those skills? 24:40 What gets in...


Just Listen #37

Contact Suzie Price at suzie@pricelessprofessional.com or 770-578-6976 Timing on Recording: @ 11:55 --- Topic 1: Welcome; Getting to Know Dr. Mark Goulston. Timing on Recording: @ 15:15 --- Topic 2: How Did Just Listen Become Your Focus? Why Does this Matter to You? Timing on Recording: @ 24:45 --- Topic 3: What Gets in the Way of Getting at This? Timing on Recording: @ 35:40 --- Topic 4: Can You Talk About the Brain Science Related to Listening in Layman Terms? Timing on Recording:...


Architecting Culture #36

Overview of Episode #36 -Suzie interviews Jeff Gray CTO/VP of Novologic; Teachable Moment; Culture Host; Force Multiplier & Thoughtmosphere; 3 Love Languages Contact Suzie Price, suzie@pricelessprofessional.com 770-578-6976 Timing on Recording: @ 5:45 --- Topic 1: Welcome; Getting to Know Jeff Gray. “Chicken Jeff” the breakdancing, clogging chicken“Life is too short not to create memories and have fun! Laughter is a wonderful and therapeutic thing.” Timing on Recording: @ 13:15...


Handle Conflict #35

How to Handle Conflict Like a Pro, Episode #35 - by Suzie Price, 770-578-6976 - Overview: Planning Worksheet P.R.E.P. Memory Jogger Cardwww.audibletrial.com/wakeupeagerworkforceContact Suzie Subscribe via iTunes or Leave a Review Timing on Recording: @ 3:30 ---Topic 1: Reflecting on Conflict Quote from Max Lucado "Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.” Timing on Recording: @ 20:05--- Topic 2: The Four How to Handle Conflict Like a Pro Steps Timing on Recording: @ 21:07---Topic...


Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For... #34

Overview: Contact Suzie Subscribe via iTunes or Leave a Review Timing on Recording: @ 4:50 --- Topic 1: Welcome, Bill's Background, Audible.com “Flip your script – Understand that if you want to have success in leadership it is less about me, and more about we and your team."www.williamgentryleads.comBrave Leaders Inc.How to Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For: A Guide for New Leaders Timing on Recording: @ --- Topic 2: Getting to Know Bill Gentry, Ph.D.: Brave Leaders Inc. Timing...


Manage Your Spirit #33

Episode #33; "Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose."Tennessee Williams3:00- What's been going on at PPD. The thing that helps us manage stress and stay out of overwhelm when things are busy...Suzie's Book: 120 Stress Management Strategies and Daily Tips for Professionals; Wake Up Eager Habit - Re-Calibrate Daily. What it is and why is matters;Free Quiz Around the Re-Calibrate Daily Habit7:30Symptoms that you might need to manage this area...


Manage Your Body #32

Episode 32– Get my top tips for Managing Your Body - all the latest stuff I am doing to manage stress and feel good related to fitness and health. This is Part 2 of a three-part series about top Stress Management Strategies for Leaders for you Mind, Body and Spirit. "The perfect man of old looked after himself before looking after others." Chuang Tzu3:00 120 Stress Management Strategies and Daily Tips for Professionals; Free Quiz Around the Re-Calibrate Daily Habit5:00Watch Video Here8:25...