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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe




Always look on the bright side

The Chancellor Jeremy Hunt calls for optimism over the UK economy, whilst the boss of TransPennine Expresses apologises and insists he has a plan to fix the service.


Electric dreams

Sean speaks to the boss of the SMMT who says that the UK infrastructure isn't ready to cope with the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road.


Grim Up North?

Sean hears from investors in Silicon Valley on Microsoft's $10 billion investment in OpenAI, the group behind Chat GPT, as the tech giant announces its slowest sales growth in six years. If Northern England were a country, it would be second only to Greece for the lowest levels of investment in OECD countries - we'll unpick the report that makes that claim. Plus, the first ever Amazon strike in the UK is taking place with hundreds of Amazon workers walking out because of a dispute over pay,...


Food prices fallout

Wake Up To Money looks at how we can ensure fairness when it comes to who sets the price of our food. Sean Farrington speaks to Lynsey Harley from Modern Standard Coffee roastery based in Fife who supplies to supermarkets, and to Christine Tacon, a former Groceries Code Adjudicator - they’re the regulator set up by the Government to make sure retailers are treating suppliers fairly. Our colleague Leanna Byrne on Business Daily has been looking into childcare costs in America - she tells Sean...


The Blame Game

Sean Farrington speaks to Minette Batters from the National Farmer’s Union about her reaction to comments from the chairman of Tesco, John Allan, that some food firms may be using inflation as an excuse to hike prices further than necessary. Sean also speaks to David Fox, founder and chief executive of Tampopo restaurants, for his thoughts on the first major speech in 2023 by the CBI director general, Tony Danker, about the economic challenges being faced by business in the year ahead. And...


Can Netflix chill?

As Netflix posts better-than-expected fourth quarter results, and co-founder Reed Hastings hands over the reins, Fliss looks at whether the streaming giant's fortunes have changed after a rocky year. Iconic shoemaker Dr Martens issued a profit warning after warm weather dented sales - so what's the outlook? Also, the Bank of England governor says there may be signs of inflation is turning a corner - but the head of Europe's Central Bank says policymakers must stay the course of higher...


Closing time

Sean Farrington speaks to business owners who've decided to close their doors, as figures show the number of insolvencies in December was a third higher than the year before. A North Sea oil and gas giant says its "reassessing its future activity" in the UK because of the government's windfall tax, with possible job cuts on the way. Plus, new stats show 11 of the top 20 richest football clubs are in England - but what makes the Premier League such a moneymaker?


Jam tomorrow?

As part of the BBC's 'Cost of Living: Tackling It Together' drive, Sean Farrington goes to Hawes, North Yorkshire, where businesses tell him how they're surviving the squeeze. From a jam factory, to a building society, to local shop owners and a wedding venue, Sean gets the story of the Yorkshire Dales town.


It's Not Easy Being Green

Following his interview with boss of Norwegian oil and gas giant Equinor, Sean Farrington finds out what campaigners have to say about Anders Opedal's claim a greener future means bills staying where they are. Meanwhile, the world awaits China's GDP results, and we hear from a small business owner still affected by the cyber attack on Royal Mail. Plus: how could the new owners of value retailer Matalan turn around its fortunes?


Bills, bills, bills

The boss of one of Europe's biggest energy suppliers, the Norwegian gas giant Equinor, tells Sean Farrington that he doesn't expect gas and electricity bills to return to levels they were before Covid. A leading debt charity says Christmas borrowing could take years to repay, and support for households in Northern Ireland with their energy bills is finally on the way.


All the Time in the World

Felicity Hannah looks back on a big week of company results, and does unlimited leave for workers have a negative impact on the companies that allow it?


Supermarket Sweep

There's been a big boost in sales at the supermarkets over the Christmas period but can it last into the new year? And Royal Mail has been hit by 'cyber incident' affecting post heading overseas. And Prince Harry's, 'Spare' has been hitting the headlines, but it's improving the bottom line of the publishing industry. Sean Farrington gets the latest from Waterstones.


What are you waiting for?

Parcel courier Evri says sorry over delivery delays following complaints and the government introduces a strike bill that would bring in minimum service levels during walkouts.


Energy support slashed

The next phase of energy support for businesses has revealed by the government and 'Cosmic Girl' blasts off in UK rocket launch first.


Power Cut

The government is set to lower energy bill support for businesses but could a deal be made to end NHS worker walkouts? And have you booked a holiday this year? The 7th of January is dubbed 'Sunshine Saturday' in the travel industry as people typically book getaways - Sean Farrington will be finding out if this years expected boom has materialised.


Starmer's Big Speech

The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has set out his vision for the country in his New Year's speech - Felicity Hannah and guests discuss what was in there for businesses and the economy. Also, we hear what's going on in the future of business and tech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and will the four-day week ever catch on? Plus, as the biggest day for holiday bookings approaches on Saturday, a top travel company tells us what's expected this year.


Sunak's Resolutions

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made five pledges for his government, including three on the economy. Felicity Hannah is joined by guests to discuss how hard (or easy) they might be to keep to. The Chancellor has met with British business groups to discuss the future of the energy support scheme - we speak to someone who was in the room. Plus, a construction giant tells us how big the UK's housing retrofit challenge is, and we speak to a former Channel 4 boss about the prospect of the...


The Food Shop Shock

Felicity Hannah shares new inflation figures and what they mean for your weekly shop. Plus, how vinyl music sales are hitting new highs.


No ticket to ride?

As a new year begins, January seems to promise more of the same, as transport workers, Border Force and more go to the picket line. We speak to the head of the London Chamber of Commerce about the potential impacts. We also have a look at where markets are now and what could be the big trends in 2023. Plus, while the total number of shops closing on UK high street has risen on 2021, we hear from an English high street that's thriving.


Turning the page on 2022

Felicity Hannah reviews the share market turmoil of 2022, why pub owners won't be cheering in 2023 and the state of UK booksellers.