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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe


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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe




Another Succession Finale

Felicity Hannah has the latest as Rupert Murdoch steps down as Chairman of Fox and News Corp. Plus, reaction to the week's business news which saw inflation unexpectedly fall.


Wake Up to Money: Another Succession Finale

Felicity Hannah has the latest as Rupert Murdoch steps down from Fox and News Corp.


Net zero targets delayed

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has delayed the UK’s chance of achieving net zero by 2050. Felicity Hannah will be finding out what this means for businesses. Will the Bank of England raise the UK's interest rate for a 15th time, or will it hold steady after the surprising inflation fall? And are you one of those people giving your homes a facelift instead of facing the cost of moving?


Wake Up to Money: Net zero targets delayed

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has delayed some of the government's net zero targets.


Is Net Zero Possible?

The Government is rumoured to be watering down some of their net zero policies. Felicity Hannah will be getting the latest reaction from businesses. The world’s richest man Elon Musk says he might start charging people to use his social media platform - will the plan work? We get the insights from a former Twitter boss. And are online retailers cracking the code on returns? H&M are the latest store to start charging customers for sending their items back.


Wake Up to Money: Is Net Zero Possible?

The Government is rumoured to be watering down some of their net zero policies.


First strike for everything

NHS consultants will begin a 48-hour walkout on Tuesday, followed by a 72-hour walkout from junior doctors on Wednesday. This is all part of an ongoing dispute over pay. Felicity Hannah finds out just how much they are asking for. Oil prices are on track to reach $100 a barrel this month for the first time in 2023 due to Russia and Saudi Arabia cutting production cuts. As we head into winter and demand becomes tighter, how will our economy cope? And Britain’s public service broadcasters are developing a new free TV service that will deliver live TV over broadband. We find out if this new service will rival the likes of Disney+ and Netflix.


Wake Up to Money: First strike for everything

NHS consultants and junior doctors strike together for the first time.


Rents rising at record rate

As the UK rented sector remains stuck in a period of low supply and high demand. Felicity Hannah finds out how fast rent is rising in London and Scotland and what this will mean for renters and landlords across the UK. Fashion brand Missguided could be sold to Chinese fashion retailer Shein as the owner is in talks to sell the online clothing label. Are these talks a strategic move into the British fashion market? And a Japanese company is piloting a holiday clothes rental service which they say will cause less stress and reduce carbon emission. Could waiting for your suitcase at arrivals be a thing of the past?


Wake Up to Money: Rents rising at record rate

Scotland overtakes London with the steepest hikes in rental inflation.


Are supermarket loyalty deals all they're cracked up to be?

News and insight from the business world. Download the podcast via the BBC Sounds app.


Costing an Arm

As the Cambridge-based semiconductor designer and British tech success story, Arm, goes up for sale on the Nasdaq - Felicity Hannah finds out why it's set to be the biggest IPO of the year, and if it will live up to the hype. The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is upgrading two of its UK sites to run on biomethane - is this the green boost medicine needs? And Manchester City Women will be the first women's football club to have their own dedicated stadium - could this be the start of a sponsorship boom?


BP CEO Resigns

The head of oil giant BP has resigned as chief executive amid a review of his personal relationships with colleagues. After starting as chief executive in 2020 with a plan to transition the company to a low-carbon future, Rahul Tandon asks where that leaves BP now. After new data shows the number of mortgages in arrears has climbed to the highest level since 2016, a broker tells us what he's seeing on the ground. And could Everton F.C. become the latest football club to become American-owned?


Wilko Will Go

The Wilko is to disappear from UK high streets after a rescue deal for the chain fell through, costing some 12,500 staff their jobs - Rahul Tandon looks at what went wrong. With the latest official UK jobs and wages data due, we take a closer look at how the recruitment sector is faring. And could a campaign to ban re-selling event tickets for profit get its hearing?


State of the Nation

With data on the UK's jobs, wages and GDP all due this week, Rahul Tandon speaks to a panel of business owners across various industries to get an idea of what's affecting them right now. After the Trades Union Congress kicks off by reporting the UK government to the United Nations' watchdog over a new strike law, what else could come out of this week's event? Plus, the world's biggest maritime conference of its kind, London International Shipping Week, gets under way - and insiders are saying they're optimistic for the industry.


All Sold Out

Felicity Hannah digs into the Covid trend that's killing spontaneous days out. And we'll cross to Asia to examine the latest wobbles in the Chinese economy. Plus it's nearly time for kick-off at the Rugby World Cup in France, could it boost the fortunes of club rugby back here in the UK?


It's Raining Debts and Dogs

Felicity Hannah dives into the cost of taking pets to the vet as the CMA launches a review. And, the UK's first car manufacturing plant making only electric vehicles opens up. PLUS, a music mega-deal which means bigger payouts for music artists when it comes to streaming.


Back to Work

Will Bain has the latest as the government wants more disabled people back in work. And the UK's largest local authority, Birmingham City Council, goes bust. Plus a Danish pharmaceuticals giant has become Europe's most valuable firm - we find out why.


Drop the Drip?

Will Bain looks into drip pricing as a review is launched into sneaky extra fees. We get the latest on the fate of Wilko and how things are looking on Britain's high street. Plus, a race of the banks - Santander leads the way in offering the best savings rates for easy-access accounts.


Crumbly Concrete Concerns

Will Bain hears more as the Chancellor pledges to make schools safe from the RAAC concrete. And we speak to one airline boss following the NATS air traffic control meltdown. Plus, 25 years of search.... Google celebrates a quarter of a century!