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A podcast devoted to routine, preparation, consistency and action by those who have inspired me throughout my journey of life.

A podcast devoted to routine, preparation, consistency and action by those who have inspired me throughout my journey of life.
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A podcast devoted to routine, preparation, consistency and action by those who have inspired me throughout my journey of life.






Nicole Biscuiti

Nicole is the founder and creator of the Chestee, a patented sports bra designed for women who work out with barbell. Nicole’s “aha!" moment came to her when she was competing at Wadapalooza in 2012. As one of two women competing, she was grouped with a men's heat. She was competing in a 20-minute AMRAP and all the barbells were baking in the sun. After feeling how hot and uncomfortable the bare bar was on her chest, she reracked her bar and stuffed her tank top underneath her sports bra....


Jordan Karlick

Jordan Karlick is the owner and operator of Mojo Media, a digital marketing agency in Delray Beach. He and his partner founded Mojo Media five years ago out of Jordan's townhouse and have grown it into the full-service marketing agency that it is today. Throughout their conversation, Jordan and Matt discuss the role that their 12-Step Fellowship Program has played in both of their lives. As Matt's sponsor in this program, Jordan shares about his sobriety and how fellowship has influenced...


Sean LeFloch

Sean LeFloch is the owner and operator of CrossFit Delray Beach. As a former athlete and lacrosse coach, Sean has been coaching for 13 years and specializing in CrossFit for the last seven. Throughout our conversation, Sean shared some of the ways in which his mentors have inspired him and how their codes of ethics have shaped his own. One of the most critical practices in Sean's day-to-day life is meditation. He goes deep on how his relationship with meditation has shifted his perspective,...


Brandon Brennan

After graduating from college and entering Physician Assistant school, Brandon Brennan needed a change. He decided he still wanted to help people become healthier, but he wanted to do it in a different way. Rather than treat patients in a hospital setting, he wanted to help his clients avoid the hospital altogether. Brandon went through his weight struggles in college. At 30 lbs overweight, he got mad at himself and decided to take action. He chose to make changes in his life, get out of...


Vaughan Dugan

Vaughan is a restaurateur and entrepreneur who has experience working with a variety of businesses. He’s also family man who is energized by spending time with his wife and son. Although these two aspects of his life could come in conflict, Vaughan is a better, more thoughtful person because of that balance of work and family. Throughout the interview, he talks about how his routines have shifted and changed because spending time with his family has become an essential priority in his life....


Hannah Ray

Hannah is a highly motivated personal trainer and bikini competitor. After reaching what she felt was a plateau in her own cross fit training, Hannah decided to take on a new challenge and an entirely new type of training to accompany it: bikini modeling. Pushed to new physical limits, Hannah had to develop an entirely new routine to ensure that she would be ready for competition. During our conversation, Hannah explains what her day-to-day looked like during competition season, and some...


Rob Thomas

Rob is a dynamic and energizing coach and entrepreneur. He is the owner and co-founder CrossFit HYPE, an innovative CrossFit gym in Boca Raton, Florida. Before CrossFit, Rob pursued a career as a professional golfer. He quickly realized, however, that he was more passionate about coaching and training others than he was about competing as a professional golfer. Since discovering CrossFit in 2011, he has committed himself to becoming the best coach that he is capable of being. He designs...


Michelle Bazargan

Michelle Bazargan is an extraordinary woman from an extraordinary background. After escaping revolutionary war in Iran, Michelle continued to face significant challenges growing up: being a first-generation American, overcome adversity and bullying, and physical abuse. Despite these challenges, she has become a highly respected woman in the tech and automotive industry. Throughout her career, she has consulted with some of the industry’s top leaders and executives, been featured on TEDtalks,...


Matthew Williams

Welcome to The Wake Up the Sun Show. When I first conceived of this podcast, I wanted it to be a positive and productive place where successful people could share ideas about some of the most important and significant decisions that they make in their day-to-day lives. In this first podcast, I introduce myself and share a little bit about where I come from and how my experiences have informed the way I see and interact with the world and people around me. Thank you for joining along. It's...


The Sunday Strategy. Take action, be awesome!

In the WAKE UP THE SUN season premier I sit down with Michelle Barzagan who is someone I have admired, trained with and learned a great deal from. She and her family escaped a revolutionary war in Iran, moved to America with one bag, $500 dollars and a dream to improve their life. She faced incredible challenges growing up by being different, overcoming adversity, bullying and physical abuse to being one of the most respected and youngest females in the tech & automotive industry. She has...