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A podcast devoted to the different ways in which inspiring and successful people build routine, ritual, and consistency in their lives.

A podcast devoted to the different ways in which inspiring and successful people build routine, ritual, and consistency in their lives.


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A podcast devoted to the different ways in which inspiring and successful people build routine, ritual, and consistency in their lives.






Montana Globerman

The entrepreneurial spirit is amazing when let loose to achieve and grow in the passion of doing what you love. Montana Globerman of the Montana Method has changed the game and transformed many lives of women in the South Florida area. Her dedication to fitness, dance, movement and overall enthusiastic energy is contagious and it all started in her very own garage in Delray Beach Florida. She transformed her garage into a small fitness studio catering to mainly women and created a cult...


Brittany Rose Simon- Dental Ninja

I met Brittany several years ago when I was in need of a special surgery for my teeth. I was referred to Spodak Dental in Delray Beach Florida. The Spodak dental compound houses some amazing people with a crazy attention to detail, customer care and overall awesomeness. My new hygienist was Britany and she took care of anything and everything upon my arrival there to assist in creating a customer for life. Over the years I watched her grow her position at Spodak and take on new endeavors...


Jared Flash Gordon

Awesome to sit down with Jared Gordon and his coach to speak about his upcoming professional UFC fight. We get the chance to learn about his early beginnings in the fight world, the routine he created and the restart of everything after getting his life together. A fighter through and through, Jared has overcome some serious struggle personally and professionally to get to this point in his life. He is preparing to crush this year and make it to the top of his class. An awesome journey of...


Danny Valencia

Major leaguer, Olympian, father, husband and friend are a few words to describe Danny Valencia. A hometown hero of south Florida and one who made It to the top of his sport. With the combination of an incredible focus, hours of practice, killer instincts and unrelenting grind, Danny made It 10 years in major league baseball. His dream came true as he played alongside some of his child hood heroes. We break down what It takes to become a professional athlete, the years of sacrifice, the...


Dr. Ashley Dwyer

I met Ashley several years ago at a local fitness event. We shared mutual friends and through social media have stayed in touch. I’ve witnessed her leave a high paying and lucrative career in the pharmaceutical industry to pursue health coaching. She has transformed the lives of many through her in depth approach to eating and routine. Her belief is to stop restricting and start eating by fueling yourself properly. Don’t know how? Well then she and her team are here to help. We sat down and...


Timothy Hegarty

I’ve known Tim since we rode the school bus together to elementary school. We grew up in the same small town across from each other on the public golf course. While playing golf was a fun activity for us growing up, it became Tim’s number one focus as he got older. It is one of the hardest sports to excel at, has a limited number of spots at the professional level and to get there is a grind. Tim has spent years honing his craft, practicing, competing and developing a work ethic which...


Dr. Patrick Tyrance

Dr. Tyrance is an absolute force of nature who has an incredible story of overcoming early educational and sports challenges, playing college football to achieving top honors as a Harvard educated, respected and renowned orthopedic surgeon. He has a daily routine that involves taking care of himself physically, mentally and spiritually. It sets the tone in how he approaches life and working with his clients and how he handles business. I met Patrick several years ago when he started...


Stephanie Pitts

Artist, Creator, Superwoman, Mom, Teacher are just a few words to describe my friend Stephanie Pitts. An incredible journey from a chance idea to reality, Stephanie created Artnest Studios for a place that caters to all kids with many different talents. Her passion for art, creativity and fostering the sometimes hidden untapped talent has flourished into two separate locations in East Delray and West Boca. Stephanie has found the time to balance her evolving routine with her family and...


Leslie Glickman

Leslie Glickman has been inspiring and teaching health and wellness for years. Owner and operator of Yoga Journey in Central Boca is a haven for all levels of yogis and those seeking to learn how to teach as well. A natural born teacher and health enthusiast, Leslie has opened so many people to the benefits of yoga, meditation and a healthy mindset. While enjoying her practice and sharing her passion she took it to the next level with The Something Big event which transformed Mizner Park...


F. Tim Foley

Childhood friend, little big brother and all around one of my favorite people on planet Earth is F. Timothy Foley. We have known each other since The Little School days which was pre-kindergarten in Westchester New York. One of the most challenging things in long term friendship is watching the other person self destruct in from of your very eyes. Tim watched as I lost everything through the 2000's until I sought help. I brought my wife Chelsea back to my hometown for the 2016 marathon and...


Rudy Arcara

Harrison New York's favorite son, Rudy was an all star athlete, hometown hero and all around good guy. He played many sports and excelled well into higher education. It all went downhill after he got into a construction accident when finishing college. That accident propelled him into a reliance on drugs and alcohol which continued into his young adult years until he landed in South Florida. He left his family and friends up north to come down to Florida and get treatment and change his life...


Zach Cohen

The stories were that of legend when I first was told about Zach from meeting his mother through several friends. He was a guitar playing, song writing machine that lived in LA and had immersed himself in one of the hardest businesses to break into at such a young age. That success and lifestyle led him down a challenging and difficult path where he came to the realization that he wanted to be better, live and get sober. After getting sober, Zach launched himself into what he loves most:...


Rayna Rose Exelbierd

I met Rayna several years ago when she walked into one of my classes at a local fitness studio. Her energy, passion and attitude were contagious as she crushed the workout and smiled the whole way through. We remained in contact and over time and I watched her selfless giving, teaching, coaching and passion for life unfold. Rayna has an innate ability to speak with anyone, anywhere and it goes beyond being friendly, she genuinely cares and you can feel it when with her. With all the change...


Paul 'PCizzle' Christopher

Paul Christopher is a man of the world who has enjoyed a very active lifestyle, traveling around the world mixing it up with world class athletes, playing competitive beach volleyball and landed in South Florida as his current destination. He has worked in the fitness industry for many years and co- created G+O (gravity and oxygen) several years ago in east Boca Raton Florida. He has experienced the challenges of being a business owner in 2020 with the hit of a pandemic that closed most...


Troy Ganter

The restaurant business isn't for everyone! For Troy Ganter, he was born into it and learned from a young age what it was like to be in the front of the house to the underbelly of everything involved in with restaurants. His love for his family, friends, community and philanthropy was and is strong to this day. Several years ago that took a turn down a dark path where Troy had to make a decision and change how he approached life. He sought help for his struggles and hasn't looked back. There...


Dave Niknafs

Dave Niknafs came from a large family, got lost in the shuffle and ended up taking care of himself at an early age. He has faced some serious health challenges which led him to approach life and do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. It led him down a dark path of drug addiction, repeated failure after failure and landing in South Florida seeking to be an actor. After a chance encounter with a friend, he became involved in the treatment industry and sought out to build an incredible...


Robert Rosinsky

Taking fitness and training to another level, Rob started from a small facility in downtown Delray and grew to two amazing group training facilities in a short time. Group fitness redefined in Central Boca and the newest facility in Boynton Beach. Hear about the struggle of setback after setback, struggling through personal and medical issues to following through with an opening of a facility during a global pandemic. Passion, purpose, routine, action and consistency are the watchwords that...


Jeremy Plummer

From a small town in the midwest, Jeremy excelled at sports early on which allowed him to do anything he wanted without any consequences. After several challenging attempts to get his life together, he found himself in South Florida starting over. He was reintroduced to sobriety, fitness, health, wellness and accountability from some awesome people living a better life. His passion for helping others soon exploded as he began to compete in Crossfit, workout events and other community based...


Chelsea Williams

So grateful to have my wife Chelsea Williams on the show. She was born in NY and raised in South Florida, right here in Boca Raton. She followed her passion for teaching and helping families with their young children. Knowing several families, she found herself working for one in a business setting. From there she was able to learn, grow, find solutions and understand the inner workings of a successful business. When FROPRO was growing she saw her chance to step in and take it to the next...


Jordan Meyers

Fresh from the beat laboratory in East Boca where he makes music and spends some personal time banging away on the drums, Jordan and I discuss his routines with work, fatherhood, sobriety, weight loss and fitness and what it takes to move forward in an uncertain time. Jordan works in the treatment industry and helps as many people he can on a daily basis, on his off time he really enjoys his mornings and evenings with his son and being a present father figure in his life. When he is not...