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Mailbag - Roth Vs. Traditional, Robo Advisors, And Tech Stocks

Leo answers a whole variety of listener-submitted questions this week. Find out his preference on Roth vs. traditional IRA accounts, what you should know about robo-advisors, and what you might do if you're heavily invested in tech stocks with a short time horizon on your investments.


In The News: School Debt and High Taxes

This week, we'll tackle some recent news events. Find out Leo's thoughts on the looming student loan debt crisis, as well as what we should be considering as more democrats vie for the presidency and discussion swirls around increasing taxes.


Episode #22: Behind The Dinner Seminar Curtain & Answering An "Arrogant" Question

Have you ever received one of those invitations in the mail to attend a steak dinner and learn about annuities or social security or taxes? Chances are, if you're near retirement, you have. Leo will explore the motivations behind the folks who put on these dinner seminars and tell you why he used to them and also why he stopped. Plus we'll answer an "arrogant" question from a listener. Don't miss this episode if you consider yourself a bit of a DIYer.


Episode #21: Staring Down 90% Tax Rates & Is It Possible To Be Too Informed?

There's been a lot of talk in the news lately about the possibility of moving toward 70, 80 or even 90% tax rates in the future. What should we learn from these discussions? Leo will tackle that question on today's show and also explore the idea if it's possible to be over-informed when it comes to making financial decisions. And who should you trust when it comes to gathering financial information?


Episode #20: The Challenge Of Living A Longer Life

It's great that people are living longer and longer, but how can you be sure that your retirement plan is built to last as long as you do? Let's discuss the financial impact of a longer life expectancy.


Episode #19: In The News And Mailbag

This week, we'll dive into a whole range of topics from recent headlines and listener-submitted questions. Leo will offer up his perspectives on a recent IRS announcement and the implications of federal spending. And later, he'll tackle questions about inherited stocks, preparing for a long down period in the market, and more.


Episode #18: Taxes And The Political Window Of Opportunity - Part 2

In this second episode of our two-part series, Leo delves into three possible strategies that you might use to take full advantage of this unique window of opportunity with the tax code.


Episode #17: Taxes And The Political Window Of Opportunity - Part 1

Regardless of your political leanings, it's likely that changes in our tax code through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 can offer you some significant opportunities to save money as you plan for retirement. In this first episode of a two-part series, Leo will discuss what some of those opportunities are, and why you should be taking advantage of them as soon as possible.


Episode #16: Mailbag - Early Retirement, Gifting Millions & Trading Stocks For Fun

It's a mailbag edition of the show where we answer your questions about an early retirement due to a medical issue, the status of the stock market, gifting millions of dollars, and whether it's a good idea to dabble in stock-picking in retirement.


Episode #15: 10-Year Anniversary Of The 2008 Financial Crisis - Lessons Learned

The 2008 financial crisis was an important moment in a lot of our lives. As we mark the 10-year anniversary of the crisis on this episode, Leo will share his memories of that time and detail how it impacted him personally and professionally. It left a lasting impact with how he interacts with clients to this day.


Episode #14: 5 Hidden Expenses You Need To Know

Just because you can’t plainly see all the expenses you’ll incur during the retirement planning process doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Let’s cover 5 important areas where you’ll want to watch for hidden expenses.


Episode #13: When Does The National Debt Become A Problem? And Lots Of IRA & 401k Questions...

The national debt has surpassed $21.5 trillion. When does it realistically become a tangible problem for us? Can it keep going up with no consequences? We'll ask Leo those questions and also dig into the mailbag to answer several of your questions about 401ks and IRAs. While you listen, click here to visit the US Debt Clock site.


Episode #12: Using a 401k Loan To Buy Your Dream Home. Bad Idea?

Nate in Tampa has found his dream home. The only problem is that it's a little on the expensive side. He's considering tapping into his 401k funds to help with the down payment. Is that a bad idea? Leo talks it out for us on this week's podcast.


In The News: Is Amazon Too Big & Are We Set Up For Another Dot Com Crash?

There have been lots of headlines in the news lately about the big tech companies that are integral to our daily lives. Is one of them, Amazon, getting too big to handle? And with these tech companies really driving the stock market forward, are we setting ourselves up for another Dot Com crash?


Mailbag: How Long Does a Plan Take to Create? Do I Need A CPA? Market Crash Soon?

We're answering some fantastic questions this week from listeners like you. Is the market about to crash? Do you need a CPA if you have an advisor? And how long does it take to actually put a financial plan in place?


Are You A Victim of Doing Fuzzy Math?

A lot of investors (and quite frankly a lot of advisors) fall victim to fuzzy math when it comes to their retirement planning. Let’s explore some of the areas where someone might be employing fuzzy math. For Leo's Tax-Free Retirement Toolkit, go to: http://wealthrescue.net/shock/


Storytime: Delivering Tough News

We'll ask Leo to tell us about a time when he had to deliver tough news to a client or potential client. Sometimes we need to be told what we need to hear instead of what we want to hear. For Leo's Tax-Free Retirement Toolkit, go to: http://wealthrescue.net/shock/


What Demographics Can Tell Us

Statistics can sometimes make your head spin. But sometimes they give us some helpful insight into how others approach financial and retirement planning. Let’s look at some intriguing demographics and see what they tell us about retirement these days. For Leo's Tax-Free Retirement Toolkit, go to: http://wealthrescue.net/shock/


Risky, But Popular, Investments

It’s probably common sense when you think about human nature, but some of the riskiest investments are also the most popular. At least the risky ones generate a lot of interest, even if most folks don’t end up actually making an investment. Let’s look at some of these popular and risky investments. For Leo's Tax-Free Retirement Toolkit, go to: http://wealthrescue.net/shock/


Making Bad Financial Assumptions

Be careful of making assumptions about certain areas of retirement planning before you really know the facts. Some of these assumptions could be correct, but they could just as likely be wrong… For Leo's Tax-Free Retirement Toolkit, go to: http://wealthrescue.net/shock/