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Giving Tuesday Special: Ending The Water Crisis with Scott Harrison

On today’s show we’re re-playing my interview from last year with Scott Harrison, CEO and Founder of Charity: Water. We’re doing this in honor of Giving Tuesday and because the work of Charity: Water is so important and powerful. There are over 600 million people on the planet who don't have access to clean drinking water; this is a solvable problem since the technology and resources are available and it has been Scott’s and his team’s mission for the past 13 years. Scott’s story is...


Presence, Connection, and Purpose with Anese Cavanaugh

On today’s show, Anese Cavanaugh joins me for the second time. She’s an author and speaker, who shares her knowledge around the country about leadership, culture, being positively contagious, nurturing our relationships and creating impact. Anese and I chatted about some of the concepts included in her latest book Contagious You: Unlock Your Power to Influence, Lead, and Create the Impact You Want during our conversation. We talked about intentional energetic presence (IEP),...


Lessons from the Diamond, the Broadcast Booth, and Business with Kyle Peterson

My good friend and Stanford teammate Kyle Peterson joins me today. He was an All-American at Stanford and a first round draft pick of the Milwaukee Brewers in 1997. Kyle made his Major League debut with the Brewers in 1999, but injuries to his pitching arm ended his playing career in 2003. He then pursued a career in broadcasting and was hired by ESPN, where he has been the lead college baseball analyst for the past 16 years. In addition to his successful career in broadcasting, Kyle is...


Well-Being Drives Success with Megan McNealy

I’m so pleased to have Megan McNealy joining me this episode. She’s a wealth management advisor for one of the top financial firms in the world who specializes in working with senior corporate executives. In addition to her work in finance, Megan started her own company called Well-Being Drives Success. She just released her first book, Reinvent The Wheel: How Top Leaders Leverage Well-Being for Success, where she shares her own story of healing from some significant health...


Appreciate the Small Things

This week we explore the importance of appreciating the small things. How many things do we take for granted? The simplest things, such as having power or being able to take a hot shower are usually underappreciated. Our schedules tend to be packed with obligations and chores that can be urgent, but they can get in the way for us to be able to connect to what is most important and valuable. The confusion between urgency and emergency often prevents us from being truly present and connected...


It’s The Relationships That Make a Team Great with Dean Stotz

I’m very excited to welcome my friend, mentor, and former coach at Stanford, Dean Stotz, to the show this week. He was the Associate Head Baseball Coach at Stanford University for 37 years, retiring in 2014. Dean has been an incredibly important person in my life since he first started recruiting me back in 1991. He has had a huge impact on me by exemplifying what it means to be a great coach, husband, father, leader, and human being. He and his family are like family to me and my...


Taking Care of Our Mental and Emotional Health

I was inspired by World Mental Health Day on October 10th to share some of my own story and to encourage us to address mental health challenges openly, without shame and stigma. Today on the show, we talk about why we need to be mindful of this, how we can proactively focus on our mental and emotional health and support others, and why more companies are realizing that well-being (both physical and mental) is a fundamental component of productivity and success at work. Key...


Transforming Our Fear

Fear is a natural, normal, and essential human emotion and experience, especially when we’re growing, changing, and taking risks. Today, I’ll share my own experience of how fear can creep up along with these times of expansion and ways we can rewrite the story we tell ourselves to embrace change, and the fear that often comes with it. We talk about acknowledging fear, viewing it as excitement, and reframing the way we experience it. Key Takeaways [5:28] Going off on your own and...


Finding Common Ground In These Politically Divisive Times

With the impeachment inquiry heating up, our already crazy political environment here in the United States seems to be getting even crazier. Many of us have strong opinions and beliefs about what’s happening right now and about politics in general. Our differences on these fronts can lead to us feeling isolated and at odds with the people we work with, live with, and interact with in life. Today on the show, we talk about why it’s important for us to get out of our bubble, listen to...


The Importance of Acknowledging Bias and Privilege

Today we’re talking about bias and privilege, two topics that can be thorny and difficult to talk about, but extremely important for so many reasons, especially in today’s world. I talk about what bias and privilege are, why it’s essential for us to be aware of them, and some examples of each. We also talk about creating a team culture that acknowledges bias and privilege, and at the same time creates an environment of belonging and trust. Key Takeaways [3:39] There are two types of...


Everything is Figureoutable

I’m inspired by Marie Forleo’s fantastic new book, Everything is Figureoutable, and I listened to a great podcast episode featuring Marie and her best friend Kris Carr last week when the book came out. It got me thinking about how we can figure things out and adopt a healthy approach to life and business that sets us up for success. On today’s show, we discuss the difference between a fixed mindset and growth mindset and why it matters, as well as what it takes to challenge ourselves to...


The Importance of Embracing Anger (and all of our emotions)

This week, we talk about healthy ways of feeling and expressing our anger (and all of our emotions), both at work and at home. I share my own personal experience of staying with anger to get to the root of the issue and why we tend to suppress our emotions in the first place. I also provide some of my personal favorite ways to get in touch with our emotions and express them in ways that are positive and give us our power. Key Takeaways [2:28] When you lean into discomfort and have the...


Revolutionizing Leadership with Brian Cunningham

Brian Cunningham, CEO of Wahiawa General Hospital and author of The Leadership Revolution, joins the show this week. Brian shares the story of his fascinating background from working as a parking lot attendant at a hospital, to gaining a position in leadership, all with the mission to serve as many people as possible. Brian talks about what life is like in Hawaii, how he works to create a culture where everyone in the organization is clear on values, and how the quality of service is...


How to Embrace the Discomfort of Creating What Matters To Us

In this week’s solo episode, I share some takeaways I’ve encountered while working on the manuscript for my next book, We’re All In This Together. Many of these things may be relevant to you while engaging in a creative project or anything important you’re currently working on (or wanting to). I talk about embracing deadlines, accepting help from others, and staying in the discomfort of that messy middle part, among other important things. Key Takeaways [6:17] Deadlines are important....


Authentic Leadership with Aimée Lapic

I’m joined on the show today by Aimée Lapic, the Chief Marketing Officer at Pandora. She’s a passionate, authentic, and high performing leader who cares deeply about her team. Aimée and I discuss ways to be authentic and caring as a leader, how to manage your personal and professional life without feeling guilty, and the key elements that make a great team. Key Takeaways [3:25] Aimée shares a little bit about her background and where she grew up. [9:50] Back in the mid-’90s the...


How to Create an Inclusive Culture with Holly Dowling

My friend Holly Dowling joins the show today. She’s a thought leader and a fantastic inspirational keynote speaker. Holly is passionate about creating inclusive environments within companies so that teams can thrive and organizations can retain talented people. She and I talk in-depth about how to create a culture where everyone feels a true sense of respect and belonging. Key Takeaways [4:25] What’s new in the world of inclusive leadership? [6:35] Why are more men showing up to...


Brave Leadership with Kimberly Davis

Kimberly Davis, author of Brave Leadership and expert in authentic leadership, joins the show this week. Kimberly shares how her experience as a trained actor set the stage for a career in leadership and coaching, the relationship between bravery and fear, and how we can live, lead, and work with courage. Kimberly helps people and leaders connect to their real and powerful selves, which in turn creates a team culture where others feel at ease to do the same. Key Takeaways [5:30] One of...


Why Taking Breaks is So Important

In today’s busy world with a never-ending “to-do” list of obligations, responsibilities, and commitments, it’s hard to take a break. In today’s episode, I share my own experience of taking a break in the midst of the daily grind and why it’s important to get off the grid every now and then for your own well-being and creativity. Wherever you are in your career, and whether you love almost every minute of what you do or you need to get better aligned, you can purposefully and deliberately...


How to Know When It’s Time to Pivot, with Jenny Blake

Author, entrepreneur, coach, and speaker Jenny Blake has a passion for helping people move beyond burnout and create the kind of work and life that truly inspires them. Jenny joins the show today to discuss her work at startups and at Google, which then led to her own big pivot and starting her own business. She talks about what inspired her to write her first book, Life After College, while still working at Google. Jenny also shares her journey of going out on her own, the methodology...


Culture is Not One Thing, It’s a Bunch of Little Things with Chris Barbin

Chris Barbin is a serial entrepreneur and investor with more than 25 years of experience across a number of startups, companies, and enterprises. Chris joins the show today to talk with us about his work as a Venture Partner at GGV Capital, how he co-founded Appirio and stayed on as Chief Culture Officer when it was acquired from Wipro. Chris is an expert on company culture, team building and what it takes to scale a business. He also gives advice on building strong relationships when people...