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What She Said is a podcast all about interesting women in blogging hosted by me, Lucy: a freelance journalist, blogger & podcaster based in Brighton. If you want to know the story behind your favourite blogger's success, What She Said is the show for you!

What She Said is a podcast all about interesting women in blogging hosted by me, Lucy: a freelance journalist, blogger & podcaster based in Brighton. If you want to know the story behind your favourite blogger's success, What She Said is the show for you!
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What She Said is a podcast all about interesting women in blogging hosted by me, Lucy: a freelance journalist, blogger & podcaster based in Brighton. If you want to know the story behind your favourite blogger's success, What She Said is the show for you!








S4E11 How I Juggle Work Motherhood

Hey hey! This has been a little hair-raising....I just recorded Monday's episode and it is FRIDAY. Eeek. I'm usually way more organised than this! Anyway this week is all about how I juggle work and motherhood, which, lemme tell you is an oxymoron because I definitely don't do it well! If you liked, nay, LOVED this episode and the podcast in general, please think about doing one of the following things….leaving a rating or a review on iTunes. It’s a faff but it’s free and makes a big...


S4E10 Intuitive Eating Diet Culture with Rose White

Read full show notes at https://lucylucraft.com/s4e10 I chat with nutrition and lifestyle coach Rose White all about diet culture myths, thin privilege and what she thinks about veganism. TRIGGER WARNING > We discuss various eating disorders from a personal POV. If you liked this episode please rate/review on Apple Podcasts or support me on Patreon! You could leave a $1 tip in the tip jar or sign up for a monthly contribution in exchange for various bonuses. Hope you enjoy the episode! L...


S4E9: How I Make Money Blogging

Read full show notes at lucylucraft.com/s4e9 In this week's episode I share exactly how I earn money (and how much) from my tiny blog. It's very no BS and I'm completely transparent so.....enjoy! 5* REVIEWS THIS WEEK BIG thanks to HumRose, AnnaBee6, MyCustardPie and Bekahloveslula who all left 5* reviews this week :) Leaving a review makes a big difference to whether What She Said is buried in the iTunes ether or not so THANKS :) Support me and get exclusive content, early access to...


S4E8: Using Patreon for your Business with Aja Barber

Read full show notes at lucylucraft.com/s4e8 This week on What She Said I chat with Aja Barber about using Patreon for your business. Aja is a badass in the sustainable fashion world and I’m very lucky to call her a friend too. We chatted about Patreon, where Aja creates a whole heap of valuable content for her audience and makes the bulk of her income. We touched on HEAPS of topics including ethics, and what it's like to be an influencer who doesn't work with brands. L x


S4E7: Having Conflicting Values

Full show notes at lucylucraft.com/s4e7 In this solo episode I chat about some of the conflicts that have come up for me when it comes to my many, many values! It's a topic I’m kinda in the midst of working through so forgive any nonsense that comes out of my mouth. BUT keep me accountable - if I say something offensive, tell me. Listen on the player below or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or anywhere you usually get your podcasts. See you next week! L x


S4E6 Instagram & Intersectional Feminism with Bronte Huskinson

Full show notes at lucylucraft.com/s4e6 In today's episode I chat about Instagram growth with award winning Instagrammer Brontë Huskinson aka From Bee With Love. Brontë started out primarily in the #bookstagram community and quickly grew her Instagram and blog from 7k to over 35k followers. She then took a pivot as she grew and evolved from her previous moniker, A Bookish Bronte, to where she is now with From Bee With Love. A self-confessed feminist in training, she embraces the...


S4E5 Five Things I've Learned About Podcasting

For full show notes, head to lucylucraft.com/s4e5 In this solo episode I chat about the five things I've learned about starting a podcast! It's a rambly, non-exhaustive list of the things I think matter and what I've learned really, really doesn't. It's 100% my own experience and please know I HATE RULES so....yep, don't do anything you disagree with just because it worked/didn't work for me. L x PS - my podcast course is OPEN! Early bird rates expire in a couple of days so head...


S4E4 Blogging ethics with Kristabel Plummer

For full show notes head to lucylucraft.com/s4e4 I chat with Kristabel Plummer who writes the travel & lifestyle blog I Want You to Know. She’s an OG blogger who isn’t afraid to be herself and stick her head above the parapet. She’s honest, approachable and self deprecating and we chatted all about her blogging journey, why ethics are so important and how blogging success comes in different forms. Thanks to this weeks sponsor: WriteNOW cards. WSS listeners get a special discount (quote...


S4 E3: Why You Should Be Using Pinterest!

Read the full show notes at lucylucraft.com/s4e3 This week I chat ALL ABOUT PINTEREST and why you should be as obsessed with it as me. Sign up for the free email challenge Buy the Pinterest For Bloggers Course! Sign up for Tailwind now. But remember my number one rule? Don't do anything anyone tells you so if you hate it then move on :) Like, subscribe and review the podcast and come find me on Instagram > @lucylucraft. L x


S4 E2: Plus-sized travel blogging with Kirsty Leanne

FULL EPISODE NOTES ARE HERE > lucylucraft.com/s4e2 Hey you, Hope you had an EXCELLENT weekend. I did, thanks for asking (I'll go ahead and presume you did...) Welcome to episode two, where I chat with plus sized travel blogger Kirsty Leanne, who is L-to the OVELY. She talked to me about her journey, from starting out as a beauty blogging before transitioning into travel. In particular, we talked all about the inequality and fattism in travel blogging and how Kirsty calls out brands...


S4 E1: On new stuff and what's to come

Hey hey! Welcome back to the podcast! It's season four and over two years since I started it, can you believe it? I can't. Here's a little update and preview of what's to come. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @lucylucraft or on my blog: lucylucraft.com Support me via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lucylucraft Buy my Pinterest course here: https://lucylucraft.com/courses/pinterest-for-bloggers-course/


S3 finale & what's next for What She Said!

A little update on season three of the podcast and what's to look forward to in season four, launching May 1st. Support the podcast FOR FREE by leaving me a lovely rating and a review, as well as telling every person you have ever met how great the show is ;) MUCH LOVE! L xxx Support my work via Patreon right here >> https://www.patreon.com/lucylucraft Your First Byline closes for enrolment on the 28th Feb; secure your spot right here >>...


S3 E20: On Grief with Flora Baker // Flora the Explorer

In this week’s episode, I chat with Flora Baker (aka Flora the Explorer) about our individual experiences of grief, the surprising benefits it offered, and how to support someone who is grieving. We talked about: Why Flora doesn’t “write for SEO” - and the pros and cons of this approach for her Transitioning from writing about travel to writing about mental health when her dad died Griefcast The benefits of being more open in talking about mental health and therapy What it’s been...


S3 E20: On Press Trips with Vicky Flip Flop

In this week’s episode, I chat with Vicky Flip Flop about the nitty gritty of going on press trips - what it’s really like, how to get invited on them, and how to provide value to brands. We talked about: Vicky’s journey as a festival blogger and how it’s opened her up to some “cheeky” collaborations Whether it was easier for us starting out in blogging before everyone had slick websites with all the bells and whistles (check out Vicky’s blog post on this topic) How Vicky knew it was...


S3 E19: On Creating Video Content with Emily Sharp

In this week’s episode, I chat with Emily Sharpwho is a video content producer for Whalar - in addition to having her own amazing Instagram account. We had a great conversation about the evolution of influencer marketing and how to create great video content for social media. We talked about: The evolution influencer marketing and, from an agency’s perspective, how they determine who they want to work with How the importance of “riding the algorithm wave” on Instagram has become even...


S3 E18: On Creating Online Courses with Kate McKibbin

In this week’s episode, I chat with Kate McKibbinabout the ups and downs and ins and outs of creating and selling online courses. We talked about: Kate’s blogging journey and how she was ahead of the curve when it came to online shopping Creating her first course, Secret Bloggers Business Why you shouldn’t put everything you know into an online course Why the information that people want to gain from courses has changed Figuring out the price of your online course The ethics of...


S3 E17: On Finding Your Why with Lola Hoad // One Girl Band

In this week’s episode, I chat with Lola Hoad, a creative business coach and founder of One Girl Band. We focus on the importance of finding your way when it comes to creating a business and creative work that you love. We talked about: Lola’s experience of being made redundant and starting her own business Her experience of going back to work into retail and how it gave her the nudge she needed to take her business seriously The problem with the term “side hustle" Lola’s Busy...


S3 E16: On Breaking the Instagram Rules with Barbora Kurcova // Her Internest

In this week’s episode, I chat with Barbora about her journey to massive Instagram success, the struggles that came along with that massive growth, and how it led her to break the rules in order to regain her creativity. We talked about: How the creativity of Instagram and blogging helped Barbora come back from a really dark time. The struggle that came with her Instagram account growing so quickly and how it led her to break the “rules" The privilege of being able to take a break and...



A rambly chat about how I'm merging new and old traditions to form one MEGA Christmas this year. See you next year for #PODMAS 2019! xxx



Today is a bit chunkier because the topic required it. I'm chatting about how I encourage diversity in my messy, imperfect way! Thanks SO much to everyone listening, taking part and encouraging #PODMAS this year. It has been SO much fun! L x Buy my SEO course for £65 before it closes forever: https://lucylucraft.com/courses/simple-seo-success-2/