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Episode 17: Alexa Rogers #SocialLight

This week's guest is one of my dearest friends and someone that I am so honored to have in my corner. Alexa Rogers graduated with a degree in business management, a Spanish minor, and an international business certificate from Arizona State University. She later went on to be Miss Arizona 2014 where she championed her platform of fighting homelessness for at-risk youth. With over 8 years of marketing & graphic design experience, she started Social Light Design where she creates custom...


Episode 16: Kelli Davis #UntoldMiracles

This week's guest is someone that is so special to our host as a mentor and friend. Kelli Davis is the Director of Celebrity Relations for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals which means she is charge of getting the cause in front of celebrities, getting them on board to help market the cause, and she makes miracle moments happen for the kids of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals with their favorite celebrity heroes. Kelli is also the host of the Untold Miracles Podcast where she shares...


Episode 15: Suzy Whaley #OnTheGreen

It's Masters week! For all you non-golf fans, basically this is the Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl, and any other big sporting event you can think all wrapped into one tidy Azalea covered package. In the spirit of The Masters, what better than to share my interview with someone who is truly making strides in the game of golf? What We Do is pleased to welcome the one and only Suzy Whaley. Suzy is not only a golf professional in Connecticut, a former LPGA pro, and an entrepreneur, but she is the...


Episode 14: Maria Klawe #WomenInSTEM

Maria Klawe is a renowned computer scientist and mathematician who champions initiatives on getting more women and minorities into STEM fields. Among many positions, she previously served as the Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton University and she currently serves as the first ever female President of Harvey Mudd College. Beyond her significant contributions to her areas of study and love of teaching and lecturing, the accomplished artist's main passion...


Episode 13: True Life #Hustler

This week Kira is taking on another subject that she’s put a lot of thought into recently as it seems to define her lifestyle: the hustle. Many of you out there live a hustle lifestyle or at least have a side hustle. If you’re always working towards that next big thing, your goals aren’t confined by societies norms and expectations, and you sometimes get overwhelmed with it all, this episode is here to remind you that you are KILLING it at life. You just need to give yourself a little...


Episode 12: Ariel Zwang #ChildVictimsAct

This week’s guest has been someone that I’ve looked up to since 2013 when I first started as a volunteer for Safe Horizon. If you are at all interested in non-profit management or want to learn more about the issues surrounding domestic violence and the services available, this is the interview for you. Ariel Zwang has been the CEO of Safe Horizon since 2008\. Safe Horizon is the nation’s leading provider of services to victims of crime and abuse. Each year it provides support to hundreds of...


Episode 11: #PerceptionIsReality

This week, I’m doing something a little different and talking about the influencer culture, purchasing followers, and the negative connotation that can be associated with “Influencers”. After reading the investigative piece by the New York Times called: The Follower Factory-Everybody wants to be popular online. Some even pay for it. Inside social media’s black market, it really got my wheels turning and forced me to face some thoughts I’ve been having myself on the world of social media....


Episode 10: Alexandra Wilkis Wilson #HustleComeWhatMay

It's episode 10! Can you believe it?! This week's guest is absolutely perfect to mark the occasion. What We Do is thrilled to welcome Alexandra Wilkis Wilson to the show. Alexandra is the co-founder of Gilt, Glam Squad, and Fitz Co. She is currently the CEO of Fitz Co. and also SVP of Consumer Strategy and Innovation at Allergan. The Harvard and Harvard Business school alum is a best selling author, speaker, and fierce wife and mother of two. Alexandra's vast experience in entrepreneurship,...


Episode 9: Ashley Mayo #ItWouldNoLongerHurt

This week, What We Do welcomes Ashley Mayo to the show! Ashley is the Brand Editor at Golf Digest and oversees style coverage for the magazine. She currently lives in Manhattan, where she has miraculously managed to maintain a 3 handicap. Ashley played Golf for UVA and then found her way through making it at a publication in a time when they were going under by focusing on growing Golf Digest's social media presence. We discuss her love of writing, how to keep going in the face of haters,...


Episode 8: Sarah Wallace #TheresAlwaysAStory #JustListen

We are so excited to welcome award-winning veteran journalist Sarah Wallace to What We Do! Sarah is a member of NBC 4 New York’s investigative unit, the I-Team. Sarah cemented her reputation as one of the city’s best reporters by securing exclusive interviews, including a one-on-one prison interview with child killer Joel Steinberg and an interview with Julio Acevedo, the Brooklyn man now convicted in the hit-and-run death of a couple in Williamsburg. Through an intermediary, she helped...


Episode 7: Megan LaMothe #ItsAllForay

What We Do is excited to welcome Megan LaMothe, CEO of Foray Golf to the show! As a former Victoria's Secret Executive and an avid golfer, Megan discovered a major hole in the market for women's wear in golf. She decided to jump off the proverbial cliff and create her own brand which grounds itself in the fit of a woman's body and limited release collections. But it wasn't easy to get there! Tune in to Megan's incredible story of perseverance, navigating the corporate world, business school,...


Episode 6: Sage Steele #OwnYourFailures

This week, Kira is joined by Sage Steele. You can see Sage Monday-Thursday mornings as the lead anchor of SportsCenter on ESPN. Sage shares her story of coming up in the sportscasting business, managing a family life with the challenges of working in entertainment, some of her fondest memories through the years and some of her biggest challenges. She gives her advice to anyone who dreams of following in her footsteps and talks accepting failure and celebrating success. Thank you so much to...


Episode 5: Emily Loftiss #EverydayGlam

This week, Kira is joined by television host, style and beauty expert, former Radio City Rockette, and all around force for good, Emily Loftiss! Tune in to hear Emily's, raw, real, relatable, and HILARIOUS musings on life, beauty tips, and being fabulous. We discuss changing your dreams, love, loss, leopard print, putting out positive thoughts into the universe, how you can be a little more glam and confident in your every day life and much more! You can follow Emily @emilyloftiss on all...


Episode 4: What We Do...for the Holidays! #AllTheEggnog

This week, Kira wishes everyone a Happy Holiday season, shares her thoughts on the end of 2017, and teases what you can look forward to from the podcast in 2018! Edited and mixed by ResonateRecordings.com


Episode 3: Jenni Pulos #RunningYourOwnRace

In Episode 3 of the What We Do Podcast, Kira sits down with Jenni Pulos of "Flipping Out" on Bravo. Actress, comedian, rapper, wife and mother of two, Jenni shares her thoughts on failing your way to the successes of your life, trusting life's journey, bullying, IVF, sexual assault in Hollywood, mentorship, religion, and much more! Edited and mixed by ResonateRecordings.com


Episode 2: Megan Alexander #FaithInTheSpotlight

Episode 2 of the What We Do Podcast features our very first guest! We are thrilled to welcome Megan Alexander. Megan is a national news correspondent, author, speaker and actress. She can be seen every evening as a correspondent on the longest-running, top rated syndicated national news magazine television show INSIDE EDITION. You can find her book, Faith in the Spotlight, on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1501143069/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_YMIjAbPYR25ZG On today’s episode, Megan and Kira...


Episode 1: Kira Kazantsev #YASSKWEEN

In Episode 1 of the What We Do Podcast, host Kira Kazantsev welcomes you to What We Do, gives you some insight into her life before, during, and after being Miss America, the road to launching the podcast, what you can look forward to from What We Do and much more. Edited and mixed by ResonateRecordings.com


Introducing What We Do

"It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but WHAT WE DO". -Jane Austen The What We Do podcast is all about sharing stories of strong female leaders from entrepreneurs to agents of social change to tv personalities to hometown heroes making a difference in their community and beyond. Just like Jane says, it's what we do. So let's inspire women to be more, dream more, and DO more, together. Coming Tuesday, November 28th!


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