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Succeeding in business and life with Terry Beard - Season 6 Episode 64

Terry Beard Terry Beard is an entrepreneur with many years of experience building and leading successful ventures in retail, manufacturing, brick and mortar, and internet enterprises. Synopsis of his new Book: Squelched: Succeeding in Business and Life by Finding Your Voice Too many of us live with our inner voices reinforcing the feeling that we are "not good enough." Squelched is living testimony that we need not succumb to the negative messages life may serve up to thwart our...

Season 6 - Accelerating Revenue and Business with Lenora Edwards - Episode 63

Lenora Edwards is a business development consultant for entrepreneurs & executives. Her clients hire her to help them design, develop, and build their businesses--on their own terms. Her value-add is acceleration of the revenue-generating process. She is known for helping those of us with especially unique value propositions and many regard her as their “ad hoc business partner who never tries to take equity.” Her expertise spans retail, manufacturing, and professional services in both...

Season 6 - Spirit in Motion with Cycling Champion Maureen Manley - Episode 62

Maureen’s exceptionalism first came to international attention as a world class cyclist. She had no preconceived limits on what she could accomplish as a member of the US Cycling Team. She won a National Championship, set a national record, earned a silver and bronze medals at the national level. She won a silver medal in the World Championships and had her eye on the 1992 Olympics. At the height of her cycling career, her dreams came to an abrupt halt with the sudden onset of a colossal...

Season 6 - First Impressions and People Packaging with Sylvie Di Giusto - Episode 61

“People Packaging is what I do" says Sylvie di Giusto who helps individuals and organizations to explore how people make up their minds very quickly about them, their leadership potential, or their company, and either open the door or slam it shut. Twenty years of corporate experience and her ability to empower people to influence the success of own career has led to her launching Executive Image Consulting, based in New York City. It’s where she uses her extensive corporate expertise as a...

Season 6 - Gender effects on Communication, Success and Branding with Nick McArthur - Episode 60

Nick McArthur is a dude with a wife, five kids, and an online business. He also happens to have spent much of his life living as a woman...even though deep down he always knew he was a man. When he embraced his identity and came out as transgender, he realized just how much gender affects the way we think, talk, and function. He now speaks from his experience on both sides of the gender coin, empowering both men and women to live authentically and powerfully no matter what their gender...

Season 6 - Redesigning your Inner Space with Paul Sokolski - Episode 59

Paul Sokolski, founder of Redesign Your Inner Space, is a visionary leader, and has a passion to truly help change the way the world sees what's possible. Paul speaks worldwide and focuses on helping people live with total abundance. Paul brings a unique approach to his performance catalyst company, and how he coaches individuals from a background of over 25 years in business and a personal journey that fuses authenticity, love and forgiveness, to create a space of peace for the...


Season 6 - A story about commitment and retiring young with Galina Lipina - Episode 58

Galina Lipina, is a coach at "Turning Point"and she specializes in supporting successful professionals who want more in life, who are ready to uplevel. She has been though a few transitions in life (moved to US all by herself at the age of 24 , transitioned from a job to being a consultant to then retiring at the age of 33) She supports her clients with: Clarity. FulfillmentFreedomUnique lifestyle and goal designGetting unstuckStrategyActionShow Notes: Galina Lipina's Retirement Story...


Season 6 - Transform yourself, your relationships, and your world with Ryel Kestano- Episode 57

Ryel is the lead designer of ART's curriculum, and runs operations. Prior to co-founding ART International, Ryel oversaw all training operations at the Integral Center in Boulder, a world-renowned leader in transformational workshops. He has been a course leader, course supervisor, facilitator and coach since his own transformation several years ago. Ryel is also the co-founder and visionary behind Virtuance, one of the largest providers of real estate photography in the world, and the...


Season 6 - Hacking the Gap with Greg Voisen - Episode 56

Greg Voisen, creator and host of Inside Personal Growth, is an author, creative consultant and thought leader in the human potential movement. Inside Personal Growth was born out of Greg’s passion for personal growth and mastery. He continually strives to improve his own life – spiritually, emotionally and physically – as he learns from the hundreds of authors interviewed on this website. Greg’s professional journey began with a career in insurance sales and financial planning, during...


Season 6 - Wisdom of Friends Intro

“You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet, still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.” - Franz Kafka Dear Friends, I am Kal Aras and I want to welcome you to the Season 6 of Wisdom of Friends Some of you may wonder - What is Wisdom of Friends? Well - Wisdom of Friends- is a talk show distributed as a podcast where I...

Season 5 - From communication chaos to profit, performance and productivity - Episode 54

Lisa, founder of Lisa Copeland Communications, is a communication specialist with 25+ years of corporate speaking experience. While maintaining her corporate position, she also leads business teams with radically different perspectives to synergy via customized communication and enhanced understanding of the workplace dynamics. As a business consultant, workshop facilitator, corporate coach / educator and highly skilled dental hygienist, Lisa’s dynamic presentation style motivates her...


Season 4 - The Philosophy of Leadership with Toastmasters International President Balraj Arunasalam, DTM - Episode 43

Balraj Arunasalam, DTM, of Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka, is chairman/managing director of Gemtrans Engineering Company, a maker of industrial belts. Active in his community, he serves as President of the Iyyappan Temple management board, as Vice President of the Aarunadu Velalar Society of Sri Lanka, and is a member of both the local Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club. In 2011, Arunasalam helped establish an English course for Rural Voices Unlimited, a project designed to educate...


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