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Wise Women@ Work is a podcast devoted to showcasing successful women in business, law and finance; and to inspiring a new generation of female leaders. Hosted by Felicia Garland of Krietzberg Wealth Management.


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Wise Women@ Work is a podcast devoted to showcasing successful women in business, law and finance; and to inspiring a new generation of female leaders. Hosted by Felicia Garland of Krietzberg Wealth Management.






Kindness and Curiosity--- A Conversation with Tracy Fink Ep 53

Kindness and curiosity are the pillars of the Tortoise Institute, which offers a secular-based series of programs and services focused on developing emotional intelligence, decreasing stress, and increasing focus and resilience at work and in life. According to Tracy Fink, founder of the Tortoise Institute, these concepts, when practiced daily, can help you keep an open mind and challenge the assumptions and limiting beliefs that keep you on autopilot and hinder your success. Why the Tortoise Institute—what’s in the name? According to Tracy, “Wherever you go, there you are. We are all like tortoises—we carry our baggage on our backs. We take our stuff with us. I’ve learned in my personal and professional journey that living each moment fully can bring you back to yourself in a stillness that ultimately enriches your life.” Tracy continues, “I established the Tortoise Institute to teach people to work with their “stuff” by offering services steeped in self-awareness and resiliency.” We also chat about: “I want to show my clients how to become “unstuck” and flourish in their environments,” says Tracy. “While there are many interpretations of Aesop’s fable of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare,’ at the Tortoise Institute, we closely align with the version that focuses on perseverance. The term ‘slow and steady’ applies not only to the tortoise that beat the hare, but also to the practice of creating a new mindset. It is a deliberate process with no shortcuts. However, with an attitude of kindness and curiosity, as well as confidence in the outcome,” Tracy continues, “we can be like the tortoise and meet our challenges.” What stuff would you like to unpack? Find out more about Tracy and the Tortoise Institute at: www.TheTortoiseInstitute.com Here’s where you can reach Tracy: Tracy.Fink@thetortoiseinstitute.com


Less Stress Now! --- A Conversation with Jamie Sussel Turner Ep: 52

Jamie Sussel Turner’s life is one full of lessons learned: And the list goes on. Jamie now applies what she’s learned about coping with challenges and stress to help her clients live the best, less-stressed version of themselves. She is the Less Stress Coach. Jamie describes her life lessons in this episode and in her book, Less Stress Life—How I went from Crazed to Calm and You Can Too. She is also known for her work with corporate and business teams, facilitating innovative and engaging workshops. We also chat about: Even in the best of time, we all have stress in our lives. For some, the stress can feel overwhelming and hinder them from achieving success in their careers, or from enjoying deep and satisfying relationships with their partner or children. Now, in this time of the Covid-19, many more of us are subject to the stress and fears associated the pandemic. Listen as Jamie shares her tips about overcoming the fears, stress and anxiety they may be holding you back. Now, isn’t that a relief? www.LessStressCoach.com Jamie@LessStressCoach.com


Remembering Your Roots While Spreading Your Wings --- A Conversation with Carmen Rivera Ep: 51

There is little in Carmen Rivera’s background that would lead you to believe she would become a successful banker and a real estate entrepreneur. In fact, in many ways the cards were stacked against her. She was raised in Paterson, New Jersey by her single mother along with seven brothers and sisters and six half siblings. Her mother did not speak English, and Carmen vividly remembers trips to the local welfare office. Carmen had no role model in business or entrepreneurship. These concepts were far removed from her experiences while growing up. While she knew little was expected of her, she expected more from herself. A mutual friend described Carmen as “hardscrabble,” a term my friend used as a compliment. And Carmen’s life is a wonderful example of hard work, giving back and beating the odds. She began her career while raising her son, Sammy, and while attending the college—she was the first in her family to earn a college degree. “I knew what it was like to grow up poor, she said, and I love my mom. But I knew I wanted to break the cycle of poverty and do so much more with my life.” Specifically, we chat about: Carmen’s personal journey and professional success are nothing less than inspirational. Despite her humble beginnings and the challenges of raising a son as a single mom, she has enthusiastically sought out to expand her career while starting her own business. Others could look at her childhood and see only limitations. Instead, Carmen has chosen to rely on her close family and strong mentors to spread her wings and thrive. It’s not where you begin; but rather, where you end up. www.thehomerealestategroup.com riveratime@thehomerealestategroup.com 908-233-8502, Ext. 489


Mission Possible—A Conversation with Tracy Otsuka Ep: 50

Tracy Otsuka is one Smart A** Women. She should be; she’s the host of the podcast, ADHD for Smart Ass Women. She is also the creator of Coretography, her patent-pending brand-spankin’ new breed of self-development that organizes your brain and helps you discover who you are and what you’re meant to be doing with your life. Because for Tracy, “When you align who you are with what you do, life just automatically gets easier.” Tracy was diagnosed with ADHD later in life, eight months after her then twelve-year-old son, Markus, was diagnosed with it. Not liking the negativity and limiting stereotypes that typically follow such a diagnosis, Tracy set out to learn all she could about ADHD, and especially it’s impact on women. According to Tracy, for brilliant, driven ADHD women, the symptoms are much more a positive than a negative. Now, she’s on a mission to change the conversation on ADHD, and to help every woman quickly identify her unique key to a fulfilling career and life. Specifically, we chat about: On her journey to help her son and herself thrive with ADHD, Tracy discovered a way to help everyone find their best selves. Turns out, the principles are universal. According to Tracy, “You are the best expert in you. When you try to go outside yourself, it isn’t necessarily good for you. Learning to trust yourself and your intuition will help you make the best decisions.” Your mission? Go out and kick some A** www.TracyOtsuka.com 707-318-9847


THINK LIKE A MAN, WORK LIKE A DOG & ACT LIKE A LADY—A Conversation with Susan Ascher Ep: 49

Susan Ascher is a Futurist. She also happens to be the Founder of The Ascher Group, her executive and business coaching firm. But mostly, she’s a one-women think tank. She’s been thinking about the nature of work, careers and living a more fulfilling life for as long as she can remember. In this episode Susan shares her Five Ps for thriving in the “Next Normal,” as she calls it, when we finally emerge from our Covid-19 lockdown. Specifically, we chat about: NEWHOWWHEN Corporations, executives and career-minded individuals rely on Susan for thoughtful advice and the frequent reality check. The best business advice she ever received: “Think like a man, work like a dog, and act like a lady.” “It may sound old-fashioned, Susan muses, but the advice still rings true.” For Susan, the future is NOW. Go out and grab it! Www.SusanAscher.com Susan@SusanAscher.com 973-919-8180


MOVING PEOPLE’S LIVES—A Conversation with Cindy Myer Ep: 48

Cindy Myer, CEO and President of Ridgewood Moving, is keenly aware that death, divorce and moving are the three biggest stressors a person can face. That’s why, after taking the helm of Ridgewood Moving upon the death of her husband, Rob, she developed the concept of building a “posse” to pull together the resources her clients need for a successful move. For Cindy, giving back has become a cornerstone of her business philosophy. Listen as she describes the importance of philanthropy within your community and why creating a culture of giving leads to personal and business fulfillment. In this podcast we discuss the challenges she faced when taking over an established business, how she has since molded that business to her vision and the lessons she learned along the way. We also chat about: Cindy is by no means the only women business owner who has learned to thrive in a male-dominated industry. And as with many other female business owners, she found she could rely on the support and assistance from a wide array of friends, colleagues and competitors. “It’s about having a community about you that helps you succeed,” according to Cindy. But success alone is not enough. “It is so important to create a culture of giving within your business and the community to feel you have truly arrived at your destination.” Moving words, indeed. www.RidgewoodMoving.com



Marie Raser, P.E., LSRP, is Senior Project Manager with Matrix New World Engineering, a women-owned, national environmental engineering firm headquartered in New Jersey. In this episode Marie shares her experiences working in the male-dominated field of engineering, the challenges she faced as a woman working in the Middle East, and the perspectives—both personal and professional-- she has gained as a certified scuba diver. We also chat about: Marie’s work has taken her around the world; her hobbies take her under the sea. She seeks out and continues to thrive in challenging environments. To every woman seeking to succeed in business, Marie offers the following advice: “Fight for your place at the table. Take on additional responsibilities when available. Sometimes it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and volunteer for a challenging project---or voice an unpopular opinion.” Often times the best man for the job is a woman. www.Matrixneworld.com Mraser@Matrixneworld.com


LET YOUR PASSION BE YOUR GUIDE—A Conversation with Samantha Myer Ep: 46

Samantha Myer is a New York-based stylist and designer who specializes in personal, editorial and red-carpet styling. She has styled celebrities, including Alicia Keys, and Budweiser ad campaigns. In this podcast we discuss Sam’s work as a stylist and designer, and how she’s made it all happen on her own terms. We also chat about: LISTEN NOW Sam continues to expand her jewelry collection and develop new lines of clothing. Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on her business, and the fashion industry as a whole, Sam’s persistence and optimism shine throughout this interview. “You just have to take one day at a time,” she says, “and let your creativity and passion be your guides.” Sam really knows how to dress for success. www.SamanthaMyer.com Samantha@SamanthaMyer.com @sammyer


From Layoff to Job Landing Ep: 45

Lisa started this business in 2009 after a career of recruiting. She found herself laid off, and the sole provider for her family. She began writing resumes as a way to gain some immediate income, which was the birth of what exists now. She helps job seekers from resume, to application, all the way through the salary negotiation portion of their job search. Corporate Recruiting While Linda and her company are happy to help professional and entry-level individuals, their bread and butter is the senior-level job seekers in the corporate world. She and her team all have experience in the corporate recruiting world and specialize in this field. Coronavirus Crisis In a time where people are being laid off, there are also people being hired. Listen as Lisa explains the difference between this time versus the 2009 market crash. The lack of ability to network is very frustrating during this time of self-quarantine. However, she addresses the other side as well. With the social media and online tools we have today, we can still be successful in our businesses. What About the Older Workers? Lisa shares the sentiment that we all need to embrace that everything is going to be different in this setting. While younger people are great at social media, they may not be able to do so in a business setting. The older generation understands the business importance, but may not be able to use the social media tools before them The key, Lisa expresses, is the idea of both generations teaching each other and sharing their gifts. Job Search During COVID-19 Now that you’re stuck at home, Lisa encourages those who are job searching to keep at it. People are still hiring, and her company has successfully assisted clients who have received accepted offers. Lisa urges job searchers to look on the bright side. People are still hiring, and it is not impossible to find a career. Thirsty for Connection Lisa shares different ways to get connected via new methods of social media. There’s no harm to connect virtually. You never know what will come of an “e-vite.” Create your own networking events. It can be as simple as getting on a Zoom call and creating your own opportunities. Ray of Sunshine Lisa expresses the importance of positivity. Keeping a positive mindset and disposition is a skill set within itself. Even if a company is not hiring right now, you can leave them with a lasting impression that will lead them back to you when society gets back to normal. Be of Service Look at ways you can be of service, whether it is within your organization or beyond. Linda expresses that this can be viewed as being a leader. Any time you get ready to complain, as yourself, “Is there a way I can make this better?” There is ethical opportunity in chaos, and companies will look for those who step up to the plate and push through times of adversity. Virtual Meetings Lisa encourages everyone to utilize tools like Zoom to connect with others electronically. Since everyone is now stuck at home and travel isn’t an option, social media is a great way to connect. While Lisa understands that we’re all going through a dark time, she still has a mindset of “how can we make this happen.” If you can make something out of nothing, Lisa believes that there will always be a place for you. About Lisa: Lisa is the founder and managing director of Chameleon Resumes LLC, the premier executive resume writing and job landing consulting firm named Forbes Top 100 Career Website. She’s a graduate of Cornell University. She’s also a certified professional resume writer, a job-landing consultant, and a paid moderator for LinkedIn’s premier career group, which has over 1.6 million members. Lisa also has 13 years experience as a recruiter. Chameleon Resumes reviews the goals of senior-level job seekers to ensure their career documents serve those goals, while meeting the needs of prospective employers. Lisa has been featured on way too many media outlets to mention,...


Your Business is Your Baby —A Conversation with Holly Hurd Ep: 44

Holly Hurd founded VentureMom.com to help moms from around the country start their own businesses. Do you have a product to sell? Do you provide a service? Do you need a web presence and shopping cart (and want it all in 2 days?). Then you are a VentureMom. Holly created VentureMom.com to provide mom entrepreneurs with a web presence, promotion, and distribution and marketing of their products in the VentureMom e-commerce marketplace. That marketplace currently attracts the affluent, often female shopper. In its mission to inspire new mom entrepreneurs, VentureMom.com is also a site devoted to spotlighting what other moms have done. “Many of the moms we showcase became entrepreneurs with little or no capital, no formal business plan and often no babysitter,” says Holly. Each week she profiles a different mom to demonstrate to others that they too can find a venture that will add to their family’s income and their personal fulfillment. In this podcast we discuss Holly’s own business background—she has always been at the forefront of entrepreneurship--her goals in starting VentureMom, and some of the successful VentureMoms she has helped inspire. We also chat about: Her book—Venture Mom: From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks The importance of women supporting women LISTEN NOW Holly is passionate about helping women find economic freedom through entrepreneurship, and the power of online marketing to create your future. “In the current age of the Internet,” says Holly, “I can show you how to start a business with one email.” Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained! www.VentureMom.com info@venturemom.com https://www.venturemom.com


Your Workplace Should Be Beautiful Ep 43

Do you feel inspired in your workplace? Supported? I don’t mean in your physical location (although that’s an important space given Covid-19 and the recent closing down of business sites), but by your manager and company employer? Alyson DeMaso, founder of Raising Beauty LLC, is on a mission to help business leaders and managers turn their organizations into beautiful places where employees thrive. By coincidence, Alyson is a former human resources and leadership-training executive at The Estee Lauder Companies. It was in this capacity that she discovered how ramping up employee engagement can lead to a healthier bottom line. “It’s all about return on investment,” Alyson says. “I can demonstrate that inspired employees are more productive, and that’s good for any company.” In this podcast we discuss Alyson’s personal growth and development within the big-company environment. You could sum it up by the following: Find a need and fill it! We also chat about:


Episode Redo_Lisa Marie Latino

AH, TO BE IN THE KNOW! Do you wanna know what’s hip and happening in and around the Garden State? Lisa Marie Latino knows. As the executive producer and host of the lifestyle program, Hip New Jersey, Lisa Marie keeps her audience up to date on the latest trends, what’s hot and what’s not. And yes, Virginia, New Jersey has a hip side! From early in her career, Lisa Marie saw the potential of digital media. She took the leap to produce her own content and formed Long Shot Productions over 10 years ago, at the ripe old age of 25. In this podcast we talk about the continued success of Long Shot Productions, her experiences in front of, as well as behind the camera, and what it takes to succeed in the fast-paced world of media production. We also chat about: · The challenges of producing fresh and exciting content while simultaneously running a business · What it takes to promote yourself and your ideas in an authentic way · How and why she created Hip New Jersey, and her plans for its future · Her philosophy that a problem is always fixable, and how this mindset has aided in her success · Her latest venture as a published author, and the impetus behind her debut novel, Ten Years Later · How to put clients at ease – even when they are in front of the camera · Great advice to anyone considering a career in media Lisa Marie’s love of New Jersey and enthusiasm for what makes it unique is infectious and inspiring. What’s next for her? More projects, spoiler alert! another book and more Jersey-based stories. “You have to dream big,” she says. “And sometimes you have to fight for everything you want.” Are you ready for your close up now?


Diane Simovich Shares the Origins of BW NICE EP: 41

Diane Simovich established BW NICE (Business Women Networking Involving Charity & Education) in 2009, with initial chapters in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Through its growing number of chapters, BW NICE gathers together business women and female professionals who seek to support each other, and to give back---in this case, to raise money for, and awareness of, domestic violence and sexual assault. In this episode, Diane speaks candidly about the abuse she personally experienced, first as a child, and then in an abusive marriage. She shares how what she learned from her own experience helped shape the work of BW NICE, and provided the inspiration for her to design an organization to address the needs of other women who have also suffered at the hands of an abuser. HARNESSING THE STRENGTH OF WOMEN It was during her stint as a successful health insurance executive that she first tapped into the strength of women. Diane saw a need for a way to business network that was different from the way male executives built their connections. The women she knew just weren’t thriving in the male-dominated charity golf circuit. “There was a hunger among women,” she says, “to give back and to develop relationships with other women in business.” “The golf cart just wasn’t the right setting.” Diane started out with a women’s business initiative at her Fortune 100 employer. Today, women’s initiatives are all the rage. But, when Diane kicked off her initiative, she was ahead of the curve. Her events drew an enthusiastic response. “I knew I had struck a chord with women,” said Diane. You’ll want to hear more about what she learned from this networking strategy. NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF RE-INVENTION Many women have found the need or desire to reinvent themselves. They all have their personal reasons. In this episode Diane describes the confluence of events that caused her to re-assess her life and journey: her father’s passing, her brother’s passing, divorce from an abusive marriage, and the need to care for her adopted son. She describes her work as a consultant after she resigned from her high-powered corporate position. “I needed and wanted to spend time with my then-newly-adopted son, Nick,” she says. Listen as she describes her own strong network of family and friends, and why she believes you must have love and support from such a network in your life. It was her strong network that gave her the support and encouragement to share her story with others and turn it into her mission. BW NICE exists because of this support. HOW TO GROW A CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION BW NICE grew out of that first women’s initiative and her own journey. “Women are deeply motivated to give back, and they love to educate and be educated,” she says. Listen in to how the stars aligned behind BW NICE. BW NICE continues to add new chapters, and Diane explains the process. “Women attend a meeting, and they tell a friend,” she says. “And then they tell a friend, and on it goes.” But she can’t do it alone. As is the case with many an entrepreneur, she says she frequently serves as “chief cook and bottle washer.” She shares her particular experience and how and when she utilizes independent contractors to help lighten the load. Diane also shares the practical business aspects of running a charitable organization. While Diane might make it look easy, things are never as easy as they might appear. ABOUT DIANE: Diane Simovich is the founder and CEO of BW NICE – Business Women Networking Involving Charity and Education. Diane established BW NICE in 2009, with chapters throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It’s patterned off a successful model she co-founded, launched and nurtured in California. Diane and her team continue to build new chapters, with BW NICE on its way to becoming a national organization. Diane is a native of New Jersey, had a successful career in the health insurance industry in California and moved back to the...



Speak to any women with a successful career and the conversation will frequently become a discussion about “Work/Life Balance.” We’re either striving to find it, or if we already have it, are asked to advise others about how to achieve it. Sandra Fava, Esq., family-law partner at Fox Rothschild, appears to have found the magic formula. For Sandra, family law has provided an opportunity to help men and women through a most stressful and challenging time in their lives. In this podcast we talk about life as a family law attorney, how she manages her career and the rewards that come from practicing this challenging area of law. We also chat about: Peoples’ CourtAlly McBeal why it pays to keep an open mind you never know what happens behind closed doors why NO is the new YES From what I have seen from my own “career path,” loving what you do is the most important factor in achieving professional and personal success. According to Sandra, “To experience success in life and career, you have to be committed to what you do.” “You can only commit when you love it.” Are you committed?


Business Growth Strategies with Jennifer Glass EP: 39

YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT TO SEE IT Jennifer Glass is a business coach on a mission. To Jennifer, success in business usually begin with a shift in mindset. She coaches her clients to first imagine and then feel their business success, and to hold that vision and emotion in their subconscious. “Believe you have already achieved it,” she says, “and you’re halfway there.” When first working with a client, Jennifer takes them through a visioning exercise. “See yourself at age 65; at 75; at 85,” she begins. “What have you accomplished?” And not just in business. “Tell me who you are,” she explains. “You want to create new pathways in your brain, and your brain will start to move you in that direction.” THE IMPORTANCE OF EXPOSURE AND COMMITMENT Although work on your inner mind game is vital, you must continue to do the basic blocking and tackling to make your business succeed, Jennifer advises. Let’s take networking and committed involvement. Jennifer explains why those activities are so important. She is a long-time member of her local Chamber of Commerce, and its Vice President for the last eight years. In this episode she explains the benefits of being actively engaged with an organization or organizations such as the Chamber, and the benefits of showing up on a regular basis. Would you like some actual guidance on how to maximize the benefits of your networking and make worthwhile connections? Then you’ll want to listen to Jennifer’s step-by-step process for getting the most out of your time and effort. WHAT WORKED THEN, MIGHT NOT WORK NOW Jennifer believes that if you are not moving, you are not growing. “My clients want to grow their revenue,” she says. “But frequently they get stuck in their old ways of doing business.” In this episode she shares how she helps her clients to think outside the box, and why this is so important. Need a new strategy to find more prospects? Jennifer shares one that has worked for many of her clients. It’s so simple, but so few do it. SO, YOU WANT TO START A BUSINESS Whether you are a Millennial or reinventing yourself mid-career, Jennifer’s advice is the same: “You have to love what you do,” she says. “Don’t just take an opportunity because it fell in your lap.” Let’s say you are offered a position in sales where sincerity is so important. “If you don’t love it and believe in what you are offering,” Jennifer advises, “it will come through, and you won’t be able to build trust with your prospects and clients.” “You won’t succeed.” What else should you consider? “Consider your buyer,” Jennifer explains. “Is there a real market for what you are offering?” This is where some thoughtful research and pre-planning can save a lot of time and angst. ABOUT JENNIFER Jennifer Glass is the founder and president of Business Growth Strategies International, or BGSI. She is passionate about helping small businesses grow and thrive. She frequently speaks on business-growth related topics, including, “3 Secrets to Getting More Customers,” “The 9-Point Sales Process to Getting More Revenue,” and her keynote address, “Does Success Equate to Happiness.” JENNIFER’S OFFER TO YOU If you would like to chat with Jennifer about your business and how she might be able to help you, find her at www.bgsicoaching.com. If you would like 30 days of free access to Jennifer’s BGSI Academy, and all the business tools and templates available there, go to www.bgsiacademy.com to sign up. Just enter the code: FELICIA for your free 30-day trial. Be sure to move quickly; Jennifer’s offer expires March 31, 2020.


The Art of Giving with Diana Polack EP: 38

Diana Polack is the Founder and Chief Change Officer of ArtWare for Good, the organization she started over 25 years ago to fulfill a need for fundraisers to support art departments in public schools. (If you have children, you may remember the mugs, T-shirts and note cards that proudly carried your child’s artwork and helped fund arts education in the school. I still cherish my kids’ mugs!!) ArtWare has grown into a unique assembly of art-based initiatives that tap into the creativity of children and adults alike, building pride and self-esteem, while accomplishing important goals. ArtWare works primarily with corporations to engage employees in corporate team building and philanthropy; and with non-profits to raise funds, create awareness and thank donors. Diana continues to expand ArtWare’s scope into an organization that supports both domestic and international efforts to improve the lives of women and child through the universal language of art. “ArtWare gathers people together to get creative and do social good,” she says. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME Diana started ArtWare around her kitchen table as a father/daughter project for a community organization. “We made personalized T-shirts for the organizations’ members----very novel 25+ years ago.” “I saw the girls’ faces light up when they saw their shirts,” she says. “And I knew then that I was on to something.” “Every important initiative in my life began with a feeling in my gut,” she shares. “It was, ‘Oh my god,’ I have to do that.” As with many start-ups, in order to save money to invest in other business needs, Diana turned her home into a management and production operation, employing over eight people at one time. “One room was devoted to management and administration,” she says, “and the kitchen was production.” After a while though, the local building department took a dim view of her neighborhood business and put the kybosh on it. Diana initially rented space locally to stay close to her children and her home. Listen as she shares why this was so important to her as a female entrepreneur INVEST IN YOUR BUSINESS Diana is a firm believer that in business, “You need to spend money to make money.” Find out why she thinks small business owners need to invest in their businesses, and what those investments must be. She faced financial challenges when launching ArtWare and shares what she had to do to overcome them. Marketing is one of the most important things a small business needs to do, Diana believes. “Keep that marketing going all the time,” she says to the small business owner. “It’s all about outflow and inflow,” she teases. Curious? Diana explains all in this episode. “IT’S NOT HOW MUCH WE GIVE BUT HOW MUCH LOVE WE PUT IN GIVING” For Diana, this quote from Mother Teresa sums up ArtWare’s mission and Diana’s personal philosophy around the work she does. “If you feel passionately about what you are doing, and can combine this with skills and enthusiasm,” she says encouragingly, “your energy will be infectious.” MAKING A DIFFERENCE WHILE MAKING MONEY -- WORDS OF WISDOM FOR IMPACT ENTREPRENEURS Can you make a difference and earn a good living? For Diana, you can do good and earn well. “It’s OK to make money, to charge for your services,” says Diana. She believes that the more money you make, the more you can create change in the world. “The bigger you get,” she says, “the greater impact you can have – so keep putting it out there.” To learn more about ArtWare for Good and Diana: Website Twitter


Empowering Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs with Linda Albright EP: 37

EMPOWERING HEART-CENTERED ENTREPRNEURS “What’s a heart-centered entrepreneur?” you ask. Well, Linda Albright knows. And she says, “You know if you are one.” She wants them to make good money with their natural gifts and talents. She believes that when female entrepreneurs become financially and spiritually empowered, the world become a better place. CHIM-CHIM CHIMNEY A lifetime entrepreneur, Linda has a passion for starting things—like businesses. She has helped build successful companies in several different markets, including corporate software, a chimney sweep business (yes, chimney sweep) with offices in three states, and a venture-capital funded dotcom company. Since then, she’s gone on to build her own successful business in personal and group coaching and mentoring. BEEN THERE, DONE WITH THAT How does a woman know when it’s time to make a career change or start her own business? Linda shares her thoughts and observations about the warning signs. “I know what it’s like to be married to my career,” she shares. In her dotcom days she recalls working 100-hour workweeks. “I loved what I was doing, but I had absolutely no life,” she says. “And at one point, I even hid the fact that I was five months pregnant to the investors who ultimately gave us several million dollars to get our dotcom off the ground.” “It was after going back to work only eight days after the birth of my first child, I knew there had to be a way for smart female professionals to launch their dreams without losing their minds,” she says. So, she resigned from her high-powered, well-paying position to begin the journey to find the solution to help women entrepreneurs do what they are called to do but enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life as well. You’ll want to apply the secrets she so generously shares on this episode. HAVE YOU SEEN MY PASSION? Linda has made it her mission to guide women on a hunt to find their passion, or as she likes to say, “What lights them up.” It sounds so simple. And for Linda it is, as she explains in our conversation. Drawing frequently on both eastern and western religious traditions, Linda guides her clients to connect to their sense of purpose in the world as they navigate the never-ending needs of work, family and community. Listen as she explains her work with Human Design and Gene Keys, two spiritual tools to help you understand and draw upon your unique energetic blueprint. “I know my methods can be a bit ‘woo-woo’ at first,” she admits. But she’s seen the positive impact her work can have on the lives and livelihoods of her clients. “My wish for all the brilliant and passionate women of the world,” she says, “is that they live empowered lives and manifest those dreams that they’ve been carrying around for a long time.” Amen. Here’s more about Linda: Linda Albright is a licensed spiritual counselor, the founder of the Connecticut chapter of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, an Advisory Board Member of the national networking group Over 40 Females, and a Founding Board Member of the Copper Beech Institute, a preeminent center for meditation and mindfulness in Connecticut. Linda and her partner, Michael, split their time between a home in Connecticut and their business incubator/farm in New Hampshire. Find Linda at www.WomensWealthRevolution.com



You are not alone my worried parent. According to Beth Hendler-Grunt, President of Next Great Step, “Forty-three percent of recent college graduates are underemployed in their first job out of college.” “Of those, two-thirds are still underemployed after five years, and just over half remain so after 10 years,” she adds. BUT THERE IS HOPE To hear Beth tell it, “Navigating the post-college job world is all about developing and implementing the right strategies.” Next Great Step is her firm focused on guiding college students and recent grads to help them achieve career success. “Turns out,” Beth assures us, “there is hope to get your kid off the ‘family payroll’.” STAND OUT AND LAND THAT JOB Hendler-Grunt is a sought-after career coach and former consultant to Fortune 500 companies. She is also a respected expert and frequently speaks about landing that first job. Over the course of her career Beth has discovered that working with college students and recent graduates is a bit like working with mega-company CEOs. Oh, really? Beth leverages techniques honed on her executive clients to guide your college grad to land that great job. You’ll want to listen in as she shares some of the methods she developed from her work in the corporate world. NETWORK YOUR WAY TO CAREER SUCCESS Sometimes your college student or recent grad is stymied. How important is “who you know” when looking for a job? Do you need to know someone in your field of interest? And oh my, what if you don’t know anyone? Beth has the answers to these and other questions. And you’ll hear her share them in this interview. SECRETS TO GETTING HIRED Are there really secrets to getting hired? Secrets? Maybe. But also, some good, old-fashioned practical advice. Listen as Beth shares some of each. How do you look at getting hired from the employer’s point of view? What are companies really looking for? She describes what employers expect and what a parent can and cannot do to help their college student or recent graduate stand out from the crowd. ABOUT BETH Beth Hendler-Grunt, is the founder of Next Great Step, and is a dynamic leader, advisor and facilitator who has extensive experience consulting to start ups, Fortune 500 firms, universities and individuals. The sole focus of Next Great Step is to get college students and recent grads ready for the real world and land that first great gig. Beth has enabled hundreds of clients to achieve the success they desire. Her clients have landed jobs at Amazon, Yelp, JP Morgan, and Major-League Baseball to name a few. To reach Beth: info@nextgreatstep.com Or by telephone: 973-577-6161


Living Full Out with Nancy Solari Ep: 35

What does it really mean? Nancy advises that “Living Full Out” is looking at your life and making sure you have balance, synergy, and are living your truth. Think of life as a pie – each piece is a slice of your life, and we want them to be balanced. You’re in it to Play it Nancy speaks about life as a game. There are challenges and areas of excitement. The whole goal in life, she shares, is to keep moving forward and making progress. Hear as Nancy shares her story and how her condition that caused her to lose her sight taught her to be resilient through her multiple careers and life challenges. “You have the ability to be the hero in your own life.” Nancy believes that we can all be resilient and overcome life’s challenges. I Know I Can Do More Nancy experienced great success in multiple careers. And it was around the time when she was a real estate agent, struggling with her blindness, and dating a boyfriend struggling with depression that she asked herself, “Can I do more?” Now, that doesn’t mean you have to go out and start your own company. Nancy asks how you can do more for family, friends, at work, by donating, or volunteering. Life is Meant to Unfold “It’s not like you grab a book and you read the last page first, right? You have to keep turning the page.” Moving forward, taking risks, and taking action are all part of life. Nancy shares that life keeps happening and progressing. We don’t have all the answers at first. Through domestic violence and family health issues during Nancy’s childhood, she learned that everyone experiences adversity. And she believes that who we are when we’re younger gives us some insight into who we are as adults. She’s always been a coach and counselor, and plans to be one the rest of her life. Three Blind Mice Nancy and all of her sisters have retinitis pigmentosa. And this struggle really brought them together. They have worked through many life traumas, illnesses, etc. together. Don’t worry, Nancy’s not perfect. She still has a pity party every now and then. But, she limits her pity party to 5 minutes. When she struggles to read a piece of paper or computer screen, she realizes she can’t drive somewhere, etc. she feels real frustration. And Nancy doesn’t expect us to be 100% positive all the time. She believes we should feel our feelings, cry, get angry. But at the end of the day, she wants us to look in the mirror and say, “I am not going to let you down. It’s going to be okay.” Affirmations are powerful, and the words we share with ourselves truly resonate. Glowing, Smiling, and Perky Nancy can’t see her own face, or anyone else’s. Her blindness allows her to see people based on their energy, their words, and their demeanor. Embrace the blindness – Try not to look at someone when you shake their hand. Instead, embrace their energy. Experiment with that in your daily life and see what it brings. The Lopsided Pie When Nancy begins coaching someone, she ends up peeling back the layers of their circumstance and often helps them with their personal lives. Her goal is to help people balance their lives. When someone asks you to go somewhere or do something, always say, “Yes!” When you say yes, that’s when you are really living. When you say “no” you are looking for the better offer, or prioritizing something other than living your life. Golden Nuggets, Mountain Dew, and Chocolate Chip Cookies Think about your goals and interests. What have you always wanted to do? Have you been taking things too seriously? Life should be fun and exciting. Nancy tries to be a jolt of Mountain Dew, motivating people. She counsels them by letting them get out their feelings, thoughts, and frustrations. Then she helps them anchor themselves and find a path to success. Standing Beside Them As a public speaker, Nancy likes to stand beside people – not in front of them or behind them. And although she can’t see the looks on their faces, she can sense their energy. She allows people to...


Leaving Corporate with Serial Entrepreneur Emily King EP: 34

“I HAD TO GET OUT OF THE CORPORATE BOX” Emily King began working in insurance and financial services right out of college. “It seemed most important at the time to have a stable job and a paycheck,” she says. Although she was successful in the large-company environment---rising to the executive ranks---in the long run, she admits, it wasn’t for her. “I had to get out of the corporate box, she says.” “I needed to create my own success.” In this interview she discusses the frustration she felt as a woman in corporate America. Perhaps you will relate to her story. FROM CAR WASH TO UPS STORE TO INTERIOR DESIGN Some might call her a serial entrepreneur. At one point she owned a car wash; at another she owned a UPS franchise. She “fell into” the franchise, she says, due to some unfortunate circumstances. But she had the bug---as she describes it in this episode. Her biggest motivation came, however, when she got divorced and found herself with responsibility for two young children. While your circumstances might be different, many women find they need to make a career shift more out of necessity than anything else. Sometimes it takes a kick in the rear to make a change, and Emily opens up about what motivated her to take that “leap of faith,” as she calls it. She also describes pursuing her passion. For her it was interior design. “If I was going to have to leave my kids every morning,” she says, “it was going to have to be for something that excited me.” “At least I wouldn’t be going to a cubicle.” HER MINDSET: YOU GOT THIS Emily shares her experiences and describes how to know when it’s time to move from one venture to another. When working in your own business, Emily believes, you always become more confident and braver, even it your business doesn’t succeed. That way you’ll be able to make the necessary changes. You’ve got to have the right attitude and mindset about change, she advises, then opportunities will open up to you. What’s Emily’s mindset? Well, listen in to find out! RAISING THE BAR (Method) As if running your own design firm and renovating houses with you husband isn’t enough, Emily is also co-owner of a very busy Bar Method studio in suburban New Jersey. She currently employs 22 people. “I managed employees in my other businesses, but I’ve had to learn an entirely new language,” she admits.” But she is learning. “It’s been a new set of first days,” she says. At first, if the studio was open, either she or her business partner had to be there. They were each putting in 60-70-hour weeks. “The business is your baby,” says Emily. “Between the two of us, it was ‘Who’s got the baby?’” “You can’t put the baby down.” What’s your baby? Can you relate to Emily’s experience? The studio has been open over five years now, and things have settled down for Emily and her partner. “It helps to have great employees,” she says. And she added, “We hired and trained well.” “You have to have trust and learn to delegate.” Find out what else Emily has learned her business. INSIGHTS FOR BUDDING ENTREPRENEURS Among some of Emily’s words of wisdom to young female entrepreneurs: “Don’t think with your wallet,” she says. Don’t walk into a new venture thinking you’ll make a million dollars. “Because even if you did, you still need to be driven by a passion to do the business.” “You can’t be driven by money alone.” You’ll need to tune in to the hear the rest! ABOUT EMILY: Emily King is the owner of Wilkat Designs, a decorating and interior design firm in Summit, New Jersey. She is also co-owner of the Bar Method studio in Westfield, New Jersey. Her prior businesses included ownership of a UPS franchise and a car wash. Before embarking on her path as an entrepreneur, Emily worked in corporate financial services. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She also studied interior design at Parsons New School of Design. Emily is a member of the Board of Directors for...