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In this podcast, we feature stories from highly successful leaders and experts who have built impressive influence and business success by leading with WorkProud® principles. For a recurring conversation on workplace culture, employee experience, and people development, subscribe to the WorkProud Podcast.


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In this podcast, we feature stories from highly successful leaders and experts who have built impressive influence and business success by leading with WorkProud® principles. For a recurring conversation on workplace culture, employee experience, and people development, subscribe to the WorkProud Podcast.






014. The Link Between Mental Health and Employee Engagement, With Katie Urtnowski

Studies have shown that a majority of today's employees would feel more motivated at work as well as proud to recommend their companies if their employers took more of an active role in supporting Mental Wellbeing. In this episode, we meet Katie Urtnowski, Vice President of People and Culture at the CNY Group, who is passionate about the important link between mental health and employee engagement. The best way to connect with Katie Urtnowski online is: LinkedIn:...


012: Understanding Employee Experience From A CEO's Perspective, With Jim Smith

Ready to take the gloves off of the Employee Experience conversation at your organization? Well, according to Human Capital thought-leader Jim Smith, "there are two types of Employee Engagement / Employee Experience (EE/EX) initiatives: the ones HR and the experts lead that make no difference whatsoever, and the ones CEOs lead that positively impacts both employees and investors." In this episode, we deliver on the promise of some tough-love words from Jim Smith, a true warrior in the...


013: Turning Employees Into Customer Magnets, With Jill Raff

According to Customer/Employee Experience expert, Jill Raff: "There’s a simple mistake most companies make that leads to lost customers and lost profits. Most companies have one MAJOR misconception that leads to lower customer satisfaction, poor ratings, and ultimately going out of business. They think that a good customer experience starts with the customer...In reality, it starts with your employees!" In this episode, we meet Jill Raff who is the Authority on EX2CX™, Employee...


011: Engaging Employees Through Strategic Communication, With Jon Stemmle and Mark Dollins

Not capital, not innovation, not even products or services. Perhaps the single most important business lever any organization has, is engaged employees. Without them, nothing works. In this episode, we meet Jon Stemmle and Mark Dollins, co-authors of the book: 'Engaging Employees Through Strategic Communication.' My Favorite Quotes from Jon and Mark in this episode, (paraphrased): “Employee Engagement is NOT a boring academic topic!” “Engaged employees are CRITICAL for business...


009. Rewarding And Recognizing Employees, With Dr. Bob Nelson

In today's volatile business climate, it has become increasingly difficult to attract, retain, and engage valuable employees. As leaders scramble for solutions to improve company performance, they usually end up considering the thorny question of how to build an inspired workplace culture. Thankfully, there are several answers for inspiring and engaging employees, and perhaps the most powerfully supported by research is the use of employee rewards and recognition. However, new research...


010: Linking The Customer And Employee Experience, With Dr. Rick Garlick

Arguably, it has become clear that in today's business landscape, the average company's 'customer experience' could use some improvement. Similarly, within companies, it can be argued that the 'employee experience' could also use some improvement. The common thread here lies in the word 'experience'. How do companies make customers and employees 'feel' as they interact with them over their business relationship lifecycles? And more importantly, what can they do to improve these experiences...


008: The Future-Ready Leader, With Jacob Morgan

Let's do a quick thought experiment. Call three of your colleagues and ask them for a definition of leadership. Here's my guess: you'll get more than three different answers back! This points to an interesting paradox. So many of us may have different ways of describing leadership, and yet, very few organizations have done the hard work of defining, identifying, and training the ranks of their employees to understand that 'leadership' is more than a title; it is something you do, and it...


007: Getting UNSTUCK At Work, With Lia Garvin

After all that we've learned at work about technical skills, ability, intelligence, and even talent, it turns out that getting ahead still boils down to how well we can deal with PEOPLE ... doesn't it? Well, within the 'people' context—especially in today's 'new normal'—workplaces are experiencing significant change and transition. The key question many of us have is this: how do we set ourselves up for 'people' success in these trying times? In this episode, we meet Lia Garvin, executive...


001: WorkProud® CEO, Michael Levy, Interviews Lisa Hutcherson of First Federal Bank of Florida

Join WorkProud’s CEO, Michael Levy, and Lisa Hutcherson, SVP Director of Human Capital Strategies at First Federal Bank of Florida, as they discuss how recognition can translate into showing your employees that you genuinely care for their wellbeing, and how it can also be a meaningful connection to the mission and vision of your organization.


002: WorkProud® CEO, Michael Levy, Interviews Bob Nelson, Ph.D.

WorkProud’s CEO, Michael Levy, chats with Dr. Bob Nelson, best selling author and expert on effective and meaningful employee engagement and recognition. Key Takeaways:


004: WorkProud® CEO, Michael Levy, Interviews Philip Altschuler of Gables Residential

Join WorkProud’s CEO, Michael Levy in a discussion with Philip Altschuler, Senior Vice President of HR, Gables Residential. In this interview, Philip Altschuler describes the importance of appreciating and recognizing employees consistently over time. He discusses the role of the pandemic and remote/flexible work arrangements in bringing more urgency to digital recognition and rewards systems. He also emphasizes the need to consistently recognize employees “doing things right,” versus...


006. Optimizing The Employee Experience, With Josephine Monberg

Do today’s Millenium and Generation ‘Z’ employees care only about getting a paycheck? Or do they require something more intangible to be fully motivated to achieve their very best? In this episode, we were delighted to have this question addressed in excellent detail by Josephine Monberg, Head of Culture and Communication, Global Industry and Value Advisory at SAP, one of the world’s largest enterprise software companies. My Favorite Quotes from Josephine in this episode,...


005. Interview with Christi Gilhoi - Senior Manager of Employee Engagement, Qualcomm

Join WorkProud and Christi Gilhoi, Senior Manager of Employee Engagement at Qualcomm, as she discusses how Qualcomm swapped their outdated and ineffective employee recognition program for a more refined program that is data-driven, intentional, and meaningful in building a culture of recognition.


003: WorkProud® CEO, Michael Levy, Interviews Mary Cataudella of Jersey City Medical Center

As the world slowly but surely exits the worst parts of COVID-19, is employee recognition going to be more important in the healthcare industry? Join WorkProud’s CEO, Michael Levy, and Mary Cataudella, Chief HR Officer at Jersey City Medical Center, as they discuss the importance of both monetary and non-monetary recognition in an increasingly post-COVID world.