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It's Gonna Be Like Levi's!

On a trip back home to Nigeria, Lola took $1,000 and produced as many outfits as she could. She brought them back with her to the US and began selling them at a weekend flea market. Her clothing not only is a thriving business, but brings a sense of identity to her African-American customers – in a small way, helping combat a legacy of slavery. She's super charming, and her fun selfie videos have given a big boost to her social media channel, and her business. Her goal? Ankara fabric will be...


Persistence and the Music Business

The Seshen is a major band in the making. They've licensed their songs to BET and the Syfy channel ... and have played major festivals around the US. They're fresh off a European tour and sit down to talk about what it takes to make it in the music business... something they are still working on every day


Baby Rocky

On a baby break! Listen in for the *sweet* murmers of infanthood and the secrets of soothing a screaming being (spoiler alert: yoga 'ohms' are involved) Be back soon with a new featured business!


Ep 14 - Beating the Debt Spiral of Merchant Cash Advances (with Yummy Gluten-Free Chicken n Waffles)

Grease Box is likely the ONLY greasy-spoon diner in the world... that is totally Gluten-Free. Owner-chef Lizzy Boelter has Celiac Disease which inspired her to create, objectively, the best tasting gluten-free sourdough bread in the world. But not without facing some challenges along the way. They've opened up to us about how Merchant Cash Advance companies lured them in with promises of quick cash loans, then put their cash flow in a headlock – taking up to 25% of their sales. And how...


Ep 13 - Immigrant Labor Shortages and the Wine We Love

By the end of this show, you will never look at the wine shelves in your supermarket the same way again. Big brands own most of the labels on those shelves (yes even those fancy ones) ... and our guest is a second-generation farmer of the grapes that go into them. We discuss recent labor shortages. Most people are aware that immigrants from south of the border provide most of the field work. But many people are not aware just how rapidly this issue is changing. But our story begins with a...


09 - GoFundMe Saves A Restaurant – $300k Debt on $1m Sales

Minimum wage is set to rise to $15 an hour next year – which really means $20 an hour for employers after you consider payroll tax and unemployment insurance. So restaurants like Cassava are hurting. An already tiny profit margin gets wiped out by skyrocketing wages and debt. This week we hear from Yuka Ioroi, co-owner of Cassava - a trendy dining establishment in Richmond district of SF – how she and her husband Kris almost fell off the debt cliff ... before launching a cry for help...


All Money Ain’t Good Money – Opening a Top-Rated Restaurant

Have you ever thought about raising money for a business? It took Adrian Henderson and Nigel Jones over $300,000 to open the doors to Kingston 11 - a booming three year old Jamaican restaurant in Uptown Oakland with a Michelin Recommendation. But as they found out the hard way – all money ain’t good money. This show dives into the nitty gritty of opening a restaurant business, and the joy of cooking and providing a beautiful space for the community to get together.


Ep 05 - A Crooked Woman on a Cider Mission

Dana’s uncles were buddies with Al Capone, selling moonshine in the Midwest during prohibition. Now – she may not technically be Crooked but her Cider sure is. She is building on the family legend – and taking on an industry. When Dana was let go from her job a few years ago she made up her mind that she was going to start a successful Cider business and she hasn’t looked back. That being said she is up against a stiff fight. When people think of craft brew, they think beer. She brews hard...


Ep 04 - How to Start a Non Profit

In the short span of two years Johnny Irwin of City Surf Project has built an organization with over 300 volunteers, taking inner city youth ... to the beach! He teaches them surfing and life skills. Successful fundraising parties, featured spots on local TV news, and a GoPro sponsorship are just some of the ways they've been able to achieve this growth. How did this former high school teacher get the courage to take the plunge? Listen in to find out! And you can find more about their...


Ep 02 - Tiffany's Staffing Nightmares

This episode is more than just an interview with a State Farm Insurance Agent in SF - it is a journey into motivation, frustration, personal sacrifice and the tough lessons learned in the first two years of starting a successful business. What has Tiffany learned about hiring, marketing ... and don't miss her emotional story of inspiration by her late father. Working Sunday is a radio show from Oakland CA about small businesses and the people who run them. We learn about their life, their...


Ep 01 - Generations of Top Rated Italian Chefs

Family businesses are hard. But these folks make it look easy. This episode features the Giusti family - who have owned and operated Firenze by Night - the 5 star Italian Restaurant in North Beach, San Francisco, for over 30 years. Specifically we focus on the (sometimes difficult) leadership and culinary hand-off from father to son, growing up in Italy, and how to manage all of the costs of running a restaurant while still turning a profit. Working Sunday is a radio show from Oakland CA...