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Helping listeners find a path towards simplicity.

Helping listeners find a path towards simplicity.
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Helping listeners find a path towards simplicity.




0040 WWC Flow Academy - Fin Goulding & Haydn Shaughnessy

Flow in Business Agility is discussed with Fin Goulding and Haydn Shaughnessy of Flow Academy. The discussion is quite rich since Business Agility is based on key concepts from complex adaptive systems and complexity science and describes a frame of mind used when the rules fall apart or there simply are no rules. The discussion points are as follows: collective intelligence Again, their website is with Flow Academy and they can be reached on LinkedIn at Fin Goulding and Haydn...


0039 WWC Sales Copy That Works- Interview With Lee Rowley

In this podcast Interview Lee Rowley (http://leerowley.com/), copywriter, discusses how you can get clarity on growing your business by focusing on what it takes to generate good sales copy. Lee makes some excellent points as to do’s and don’t’s when it comes to copywriting: It’s the intersection of why you are ready to help with the client’s readiness to changeHe then moves into the “immersion part” which is where the work is done You can get ahold of Lee at...


0038 WWC Is My Business A Reflection Of Me?

In this podcast Gary Monti, Jeffrey Cochran, and John Riley with Center for Managing Change discuss how your business is a reflection of you and how you view and interact with the world. They also provide tips for what to do so that you can get focused, get on track, and get profitable growth. Points covered include: If you need help in gaining clarity when dealing with complex situations, you can download CMC’s free e-book MINDSET – 5 SIMPLE WAYS TO LOOK AT COMPLEX PROBLEMS and...


0036 WWC Agility vs Waterfall vs Product Management - Dan Roman Interview

In this second interview with Dan Roman (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dansroman/) and I (https://www.linkedin.com/in/garywmonti/) cover potential religious wars between various methodologies…Waterfall, Agility, Product Management, (and a new methodology not mentioned in this podcast, Business Agility, as exemplified in Flow), as well as whether or not there is value in gaining certification in the various methods. The podcast is sponsored by the Business Agility Conference Midwest being held...


0035 WWC Product Management - Part 2 - Politics - Brett Buchanan

In Product Management - Part 2 my interview with Brett Buchanan, Product Management Consultant continues. Essentially, the Product Manager and the team have work with complexity to solve a jig-saw puzzle where the pieces aren’t initially designed, their shape may change over time, and stakeholders are pushing on the development with their own agendas. First, though, Brett explained the foundations of Product Management starting with the movement from Business Analysis (BA) to Agility with...


0034 WWC Value Success and Joy_- Jeffrey Cochran and John_Riley

Today’s episode in a panel discussion on Value, Success, and Joy with John Riley, An Agile coach and consultant (https://www.readysetagile.com/), and Jeffrey Cochran, Human Resource consultant (https://www.hrperspectives.org/) in terms of self, family, business, and your customer. At the core the customer focus answers the question “Who’s the customer and what problem do they have that needs solved?” The importance of collaboration and negotiation are discussed along with the damaging...


0033 Agility vs Waterfall - Dan Roman Interview

Dan Roman, PMP, PMI-ACP, shares his thoughts on deciding how best to move an IT project forward. Rather than being wed to one methodology he uses a form-follows-function approach because of the realities that must be addressed with a project of any complexity. Topics covered include: Dan closes out with a reference to the seminal article by Takeuchi & Nonaka (https://hbr.org/1986/01/the-new-new-product-development-game) on product development with emphasis on the “limitations of agility”...


0031 WWC Business Agility Midwest Conference

In today’s episode I interview Bart Weaver, Charlie Kennedy, and Brian Link - founders of the Business Agility Midwest conference to be held in Columbus, Ohio, Nov 5 & 6, 2019. Below are the timestamps for the subjects covered as well as links to the conference web site and to the monthly Meetup in Columbus, OH. Access the conference web site directly for any comments or questions, https://businessagilitymidwest.com/, or you can contact me at https://www.ctrchg.com/contact/ timestamp...


0017 WWC Critical Business Thinking-The Five Types of Challenges

In this episode I want to talk about the five types of business challenges we all experience. A key component to running your business, a clear head, can be challenging to maintain. This is especially true when experiencing success. This may sound odd but it is the reality of the situation. Growth and profitability take us to the next set of challenges that must be addressed in order to sustain. Being able to focus is essential if problems are going to be solved and success achieved. This...


0022 WWC Estate Transition - A Panel Discussion

Business has a personal side, especially if it is privately held or family-owned. In line with that we have today’s topic - Estate Transition. We have a panel of experts who represent 3 important professions and who work as a team to help insure your life’s transitions lead to your desired goals. They work with clients to get through the personal challenges along with those associated with possessions, real estate, and financial planning. Our experts comprise: Dawn Lehman of DM Home...


0021 WWC Innovation - Urko Wood Interview

Our guest is Urko Wood, president and founder of Reveal Growth Consultants. He helps companies find and capitalize on the best opportunities for innovation and growth using the “jobs-to-be-done” (JTBD) innovation approach. His promises to increase new product success rates 2 – 5 times over industry averages to over 80%. As you will see, a key aspect of his success is redefining common terms for innovation. Urko states that if leadership teams want to drive innovation and growth as a...


0016 WWC Victimhood, David Wetmore Interview

Today we talk about victimhood with our returning expert David Wetmore, a life coach with years of experience. David has been a previous guest sharing his knowledge and experience with regards to Life Coaching and Stress Management. David starts by explaining the difference between being victimized and victimhood. One can be victimized once (the act, e.g., breaking a leg) while one can practice victimhood as many times as they like and stay in that state. The key is for the individual to...


0015 WWC Authenticity and Brand-Jeff Elder interview

In today's episode, Jeff Elder, an expert in inbound marketing, returns to talk about authenticity and the use of storytelling and brand development. He will also talk about considerations one must make when looking at the website itself. The first point Jeff makes is the importance of just being oneself, including both the positive and the negative. In other words, stop pretending to be perfect. For example, he inadvertently had deleted his website, and he ended up using that as a learning...


0014 WWC Inbound Marketing, Jeff Elder Interview

Today our guest expert is Jeff Elder who works in inbound marketing. Jeff will cover two topics today: • a general understanding of inbound marketing, as well as • his journey from programming to becoming a marketer via web design. Jeff describes his journey to his work as an inbound marketer from way back when. He formed a web design company with a close friend in 2008. Their goal? Commitment to being the best. Eventually during his web design journey, he realized that other factors were...