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financial philosophy, principles, and tactics for Gen X & Millennials






XY$ Radio 004 | Matt Rogers on Shorting Covid-19

This is episode # 004 of XY$ Radio. I just interviewed my brother, Matt Rogers, a radiology resident, about his recent wild success in shorting the Chinese economy followed by the US stock market on the basis of Covid-19. In a matter of just over a month he took his brokerage account from $25 to $160,000…and then promptly ordered a Tesla as a reward to himself. Before we get into this I just want to state clearly that I am not recommending that you try something like this. If you are a...


XY$ Radio 003 | Initial CARES Act Overview

The CARES Act was signed in to law on 3/26/2020. That same day, Jeffrey Levine, CPA/PFS, CFP, MSA of Kitces.com delivered a comprehensive presentation named "CARES Act - New Rules, Planning Strategies & Opportunities". I reviewed this presentation several time and this episode will provide you with an overview of my initial understanding of the bill as of 3/27/2020.

XY$ Radio 002 | Identity Fraud: What to do before, during, and after



XY$ Radio 001 | Who am I and why should you listen to what I have to say?

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XY$Radio 002 | IDENTITY FRAUD: what to do before, during, and after

In my conversations with clients we talk about a wide variety of topics such as getting clear on financial goals, getting financially organized, building a budget and financial statements, insurance, estate planning, income taxes, retirement planning, college funding, investment management, and more. Whenever talking about risk management I made it a habit of making identity protection part of the conversation, but did not really know where to go with the conversation other than suggesting...


XY$Radio 001 | Who Am I? And Why Should You Listen to What I Have to Say?

This may be my debut podcast episode, but it certainly is not my first rodeo on when it comes to delivering financial planning advice to Gen X-ers and Millennials. Episode #1 of Gen X & Millennial Money Radio will be short and sweet, providing you with a little bit of information regarding myself, my background, and what is to come in future episodes.