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Listen to new episodes of Young Hustlers Now on the Cardone Zone.

Listen to new episodes of Young Hustlers Now on the Cardone Zone.
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Listen to new episodes of Young Hustlers Now on the Cardone Zone.




209: Podcast Announcement

Young Hustlers podcast moved to Cardone Zone. All episodes in one place. Go to


208: How To Double Your Sales

The first step in a sales cycle is getting attention from a customer. Most are trying to sell without having attention. Whether you’re selling a product or a service you don’t even know if they are listening to you. It’s called control, how do you control the sale? You gotta control the attention. Emails - people are not unsubscribing from emails, they are deleting them. Delete is the new unsubscribe. Facebook shut downs and economic contraction can’t harm you if you’re big enough, if...


207: The Sales Cycle

If you want to 10X your business, you need to fix your broken business cycle by getting leads that give you money. How do you do that? The 7 Steps of a Correct Business Cycle: 1. Idea 2. Attention 3. Intention 4. Solution 5. Proposal 6. Close 7. Follow U


206: What's Your Plan?

What's Your Plan? To be successful, you need to know what your next step is. It should be a clearly defined process. It all comes down to your plan. It’s your Achilles heel. Success is created by making plans for the future, then acting on that plan every day. If you have clarity, then you can move faster. First, ask yourself what are your non-negotiables. What do you stand for? The actions you take on a daily and long-term basis should reflect what you value. It seems simple enough but...


205: How to Save Deals

Sales is not complicated. It’s a fluid cycle. Not a bunch of steps that you have to take. You have to ask yourself what you can do to save the deal. First, pick the people you know. Lean on them. I expect my family to buy from me. If your own family won’t buy from you, how are you going to close somebody else? Close the Proximity Between You and the Target!


204: Eliminate Procrastination

Are you procrastinating in anything in any area of life? Take action now. It doesn't matter if you do something wrong, you just need to do something. Move in any direction and hit a wall; the sooner you hit a wall the sooner you can move in a different direction. Most people don't need more time to think, and rarely will more time make you more confident. Real confidence comes from doing, so take action today!


203: How to Find the Right Career

Are you in the right job, industry, or position? How do you know? Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt show you how to find the right business in the right place. You need the right vehicle. There are only two reasons to take a job: to learn something or to make money—ideally both!


202: 4 Easy Steps to Never Quit on Your Goals

How many of you have ever quit on your goals. Right now the gyms are full. Diets are in full swing. But most people will quit or lower their target by the second week of February. What would happen if you never quit again? This episode discusses how you can use four steps to never quit on your goals.


201:New Year's Goals

What are your goals for 2018? Are you focused on the target or the work that it will take? Do you know how to connect the dots? Do you wake up every day to solve your problems or to go to work? Here’s what you need to do to reach your 2018 targets: 1. Get Crystal Clear on Your Goals You have to start breaking them down. Burn it in your mind. Have you done the math? It’s not always about money. It’s also about freedom of choice. Success allows you to have the freedom of choice. 2....


200: Get Around the Right People

Get Access to Important People. You don’t meet anyone at home! Get into high-level environments that improve your credibility. You’ll gain the respect of people that have powerful connections. Ask yourself, who don’t you know? Become part of that club. It’s a food chain just like in the ocean. Learn how to move up the scale in increments. Don’t spend money on watches or cars. Invest in opportunities that get you around the right people. You can never have enough connections. Remember,...


199: How to Close the Gap

Millennials are Screwed? No, all generations are screwed. Salaries are stagnant and costs are rising. The economy doesn't know anything about you—it doesn't care about your age, race, your location, or your beliefs. What are you going to do now? You have to close the gap between where you are and where you want to go. You have to find out: 1.What’s the target? Is there a conflict? 2.Who can get you there? Who’s the person that’s got the money or resources? 3.What’s the path? A phone...


198: How to Find Opportunity

Opportunity is something you find, not something that you stumble across. You’ll miss an opportunity if… 1. You’re not awake . If you’re not looking, just wishing, you’ll miss your chance. 2. You think you want more but you don’t. This is proved when you’re not willing to do the work necessary to change. 3. You don’t know what to look for. This requires evaluation, and not everybody is willing to do this. 4. You’re not willing to invest the time. Grabbing opportunity takes action!


197: How to find mentor

3 tips to find your mentor today: 1. Commitment—you need time and money. If you’re not willing to invest time and money, you’re not committed. This is why I charge for my mentoring program. 2. Who? He or she needs to be a big thinker. Pick your person. They must have done what you want to do. 3. What? Be specific. Give him/her a list, what do you want to handle? What are the issues? Everybody needs someone to push them! When Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was younger, he learned from...


196: 3 Ways to Hit Your End of Year Target

How can you finish this year strong? Cram 3 months of production into 45 days. Urgency is key. You can dominate the holidays this year. When people pull back, the people that lean in and put in the extra work exponentially grab market share. Here are 3 ways to hit your 2017 targets: 1. Call anybody that got a written proposal earlier this year but didn’t convert. Call anybody you demoed earlier this year, but didn’t give a proposal. Call anybody that was a lead earlier this year that...


195: Why You're Not Closing

What is the #1 reason you aren’t closing your customers? You don’t close deals because you don’t ask. You don’t set it up and you don’t ask. #1. Tell them your intention. Your intention is to close, so let them know it! This is about setting the mood. #2. Tell them there are only 2 reasons you won’t do this. You want to tell them their objections before they even say them. #1 you don’t think it will work, or #2 you aren’t the decision maker. People who don’t have the money aren’t the...


194: Dominate Your Weakness

How do you get closer to the things you want in life? How can you make your life easier? You need to pinpoint your weaknesses and dominate them. How do you confront your weaknesses? You view your weaknesses as a loss. You must first understand what your weaknesses are. Your weaknesses are opportunities. Make the switch and decide that you’re going to improve on your weaknesses. 1) Keep your eyes open and take inventory of what you’re not good at. Come up with a list. 2) Pick one weakness...


193: How To Make 7-Figures in Sales

How can you get a 7-figure income? You need strategies and tactics. Here are some secrets to help get you there: 1) Going Small Takes Just as Much Effort as Big: It takes just as much work to make $100,000 as it is to make $1,000,000. The difference is the payoff. So make your goals higher! 2) Know that Sales is King: You need the right vehicle that sells the right product with the right volume and the right margin. You can find something with big margin, but you never sell it—or you find...


192: Biggest Mistakes in Sales

I hear people say, “you are a natural salesman.” Wrong. I am the most unnatural sales person you would ever meet and hated sales the first eight years I was in it. At the age of 17 on my first sales job in a clothing store my card said, “sales associate” and I hated it. I hated talking to strangers, “is there something I can help you with?” I was awkward, often tongue-tied, scared to approach people, hated rejection and my results relied purely on luck. My results relied on whether I met the...


191: How to Be Confident in Any Situation

No matter the situation, you can be confident. If you lack confidence, it’s because you haven’t decided to be confident, you have the wrong knowledge, you never practice, and have no consistency. Are you a master salesperson? Here’s how to get confident: 1. Decide to be confident: It’s a decision. You don’t have to be shy. 2. Knowledge: The more you know on any subject the better you will feel about it. 3. Practice: Reinforce your knowledge, practice makes perfect. 4. Repetition: You...


190: How to Prepare for the Unexpected

Are you prepared for things that happen to you? I’m not just talking about natural disasters, I’m talking about economic collapse. Being prepared for what comes tomorrow means you have to prepare today. What are you doing to put yourself in a position to make it through whatever comes your way? When you’re in a bad position you start thinking unethical. People start stealing things because you start worrying about survival! Here are 3 ways to prepare for the unexpected in life and get ahead...