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156 Jill Brennan - Get Smarter Marketing: The Small Business Owner's Guide to Building a Savvy Business.

Transcript: Thanks Allan, our special guest today is Jill Brennan, the author of a brand new book. If you're a small business, you need to step-up, turn up your earphones and grab a piece of paper and a pencil because this is going to be good stuff. The new book out is called Get Smarter Marketing: The Small Business Owner's Guide to Building a Savvy Business. And Jill Brennan is talking with us from beautiful down under, how are you this morning there and this afternoon in Colorado? Jill...


155 Kelli Cooper - Law of Attraction

Transcript: Thanks, Alan. Today our special guest is Kelli Cooper, LOA coach and digital nomad, which is, of course, welcome, Kelli. You can help us define LOA. Kelli Cooper: Well, hi, David. Thank you for having me. I'm always excited to talk about the teachings. David Brower: The life of a or is it the life of ... The Law of Attraction. That's what it is, huh? Kelli Cooper: Yes. We have the Law of Attraction. There's this idea that there's these universal laws that determine how reality...


154 Stacy Brookman - A Resilience and Life Storytelling Expert

Transcript: This is David Brower, and our special guest today from Phoenix, Arizona is Stacy Brookman. Stacy is a resilience and life story telling expert, and produces the Real Life Resilience podcast. Her mission is to tell stories of recovery from life's most difficult traumas and provide tools for resiliency for kids and adults. Tracy, welcome, glad to have you here. Stacy Brookman: Well I am so excited to be here David. David Brower: So tell me, I mean resilience, that takes me in a...


153 Linda Binns - Learn How to Create The You That You Have Always Wanted

Transcript: This is David Brower with your 20-Minute Podcast. Our special guest today from Gresham, Oregon, Linda Binns. Linda Binns is an introverted, intuitive, highly sensitive person who became a small business owner, author, international speaker, radio and television guest, consultant and coach. Her goal is to guide you to thrive in your own, personal and professional life. That's what we're all looking for, right Linda? Welcome to the show. Linda Binns: Thank you. That is what we're...


152 Judy Lair - A Leadership Development Strategist

Transcript: This is David Brower and our special guest today is Judy Lair, a leadership development strategist from the great state of Ohio and I'm prompted to say go Buckeyes, right? Judy Lair: Oh-io is the answer. David Brower: Seriously, I run into that at my church both my main pastor and the auxiliary pastor there are both from that area and they live, breath, sleep and dine Buckeyes. So it's- Judy Lair: Yeah. David Brower: It's obnoxious. Judy Lair: That would be true. David...


151 Kelly Fernandes - How To Love Yourself In Mind, Body, and Spirit

Transcript: This is David Brower with our special guest, Kelly Fernandes from Canada, and she is a fitness and nutrition expert, a certified fitness instructor, a certified personal trainer, and she's a head SelfLove junkie. I love that. What does that mean? Kelly Fernandes: It means I help you love yourself in body, mind, and spirit. David Brower: Oh my goodness. That's called balance, right? Kelly Fernandes: Yes it is. David Brower: What a concept. Kelly Fernandes: Yeah. David...


150 Dr. Ed Daube - The Emotions Doctor

Transcript: This is David Brower and our special guest today is Dr. Ed Daube. He is the emotions doctor and welcome doc, how are you today? Dr. Ed Daube: Great, David. Thank you for having me on, looking forward to it. David Brower: You are very welcome. He developed the "emotions as tools" metaphor to teach incarcerated young women, local law enforcement personnel, college students, and others what emotions are. Why we have them and how to master them as tools. David Brower: And you've...


149 Ben Brown - Author of Master the Art of Closing the Sale PART TWO

Transcript: David Brower: Now, here's part two of our interview with Ben Brown. Ben Brown: Yeah. You got nothing. David Brower: Nothing. Ben Brown: Yeah. David Brower: Wow. Ben Brown: That's why you don't see them out there every day. Damn it, if they were out there every day, they'd have a multi-million dollar house. David Brower: Absolutely right. Oh my goodness. Ben Brown: They don't need that much to live on. So $300 to $600 is good for them. David Brower: Well, yeah. They got no...


148 Ben Brown - Author of Master the Art of Closing the Sale PART ONE

Transcript: Thanks Allen, this is David Brower with your 20-Minute Podcast. Our special guest today is Ben Brown from South Carolina. Let's say it's right. The name of the town in South Carolina is ... Ben Brown: St. George. David Brower: I love it. We were just talking before the show started about St. George, Utah, and St. George, South Carolina. Obviously, those on the East came before the West. So really great to have you here, sir. I hope you're doing well. Ben Brown: Everything is...


147 Chalky White - Universally Known Ski Instructor and Motivational Speaker

Transcript: This is David Brower with Your 20 Minute podcast and our special guest is Chalky White. Bernard Chalky White to be more precisely, universally known as Chalky. He's an almost 40 year renowned and highly successful snow ski instructor and the number one best-selling author of his ski instruction book, The Seven Secrets of Skiing. He's someone that despises procrastination and is one who never stops wanting to help others, which is a major reason why he's now a motivational keynote...


146 Brian Bergford - From Competitive Swimmer to Expert Dog Trainer to a Highly In Demand Coach For High Level Executives PART TWO

TRANSCRIPT: David Brower: Here's part two with our interview with Brian Bergford. Well, it has to be, I would think, a couple of things. One, it has to be organic, and number two, they have to shake a bit of fear just to raise their hand. All of a sudden, "Uh-oh, I raised my hand, I've got skin in the game. Now what am I going to do?" Brian Bergford: Precisely. And it really does. I think for ... I'm going to obviously generalize here, but for guys in particular as a group, not every...


145 Brian Bergford - Competitive Swimmer, Expert Dog Trainer and a High In Demand Coach For High Level Executives PART ONE

Transcript: Thanks, Allan. This is David Brower with our special guest today, Brian Bergford of just down the road from me in Thornton, Colorado. Brian is a peak performance coach at Bergford Performance, specializing in helping motivated athletic business owners gain the tools to take their businesses and their lives further. He's focused on creating powerful psychology and mindsets, which is colored by a depth of experience across a number of disciplines. Brian, welcome to the show. I'm...


144 Melody Spencer - A Digital Marketing and Facebook Strategist

TRANSCRIPT: Thanks, Allan. This is David Brower with Your 20-Minute Podcast. Our special guest today is Melody Spencer from Wilmington, North Carolina. She's a digital marketing and Facebook Ads strategist for High Vibe Biz Babes. Wow, that's a mouthful. Hey, Melody. Welcome to the show. Melody Spencer: Hey. Thank you so much for having me. I know it's a mouthful. Sorry. I should probably shorten it. David Brower: Oh, no, it's ... I love the way you write. I was looking at your bio and...


143 Pamela Naidoo - How To Make Friends With The Opposite Sex

Transcript: David Brower: Thanks, this is David Brower with your 20-minute podcast, and our special guest today Pamela Naidoo from the UK, London to be more specific. How are you? I guess this afternoon your time? Pamela Naidoo: I'm doing very well. Thank you very much, David for asking. It's 5 pm in UK time and yeah everything is going really well. David Brower: Good, good. Pamela Naidoo is a friendship expert consultant. She resides in London, born and raised in South Africa where she's...


142 Mary Shores - Imagine Being The Happiest Most Fulfilled Version of Yourself

Transcript: David Brower: This is David Brower with Your 20-Minute Podcast, and our special guest today is Mary Shores from the beautiful city and state of Champaign, Illinois. How are you today? Mary Shores: I am great, David. How are you? David Brower: I'm fabulous. Thank you so much. You're the owner and founder of Midstate Collection Solutions, Inc., and we are not talking about collections today, right? Mary Shores: That's right. David Brower: You have some really cool stuff on your...


141 Naresh Vissa - 50 Shades of Marketing - A Best Seller - PART TWO

Transcript: David Brower: I'm a baby boomer and we have exactly the same experience, so this is fascinating to me in that when I quit my corporate job in April 30th of '08 and I took a leap of faith on May 1st of '08 to be an entrepreneurial, an entrepreneurial guy and run my own voiceover business and those kinds of things. That went along great for a while and then I missed the corporate thing so I did that part-time. Then last fall I'm going, "What in the hell are you doing?" You know?...


140 Naresh Vissa - An Amazing Millennial Entrepreneur - PART ONE

TRANSCRIPT: David Brower: Welcome back to Your 20 Minute Podcast with David Brower. Our special guest today is Naresh Vissa from Tampa Bay, Florida. He's the founder and CEO of Krish Media & Marketing. You are, my friend, the first millennial entrepreneur I've ever interviewed, so I'm excited to talk to you. Naresh Vissa: Well that's an honor, David, I'm glad. Hopefully we can bridge some of that generational gap in this interview today. David Brower: I know, right? You're a millennial,...


139 Lee Caraher - Author of The Boomerang Principle: Inspire Lifetime Loyalty from Your Employees.

Transcript: David Brower with your 20 Minute Podcast and welcome to our special guest, Lee Caraher, currently in New York, but travels back and forth both between both coasts is the author of "The Boomerang Principal: Inspire Lifetime Loyalty from Your Employees." She's an entrepreneur and a CEO with over 20 years experience, building positive high performing work teams. Man, isn't that what every business is looking for today? Lee Caraher: I hope so. David Brower: Right. Lee Caraher: in...


138 Larry Forletta - An Amazing Insight Into School Shootings

Transcript: David Brower: Thanks Allan. This is David Brower with Your 20 Minute Podcast. Our special guest today is Larry Forletta, investigative security consultant. Larry's comprised a team of experts with over 100 years of combined investigative experience and many of their team members have been trained entire law enforcement agencies, government officials, members of the U.S. military, on and on and on. Quite an operation you have there sir. How are you Larry? Larry Forletta: Thanks...


137 Holly Brown - An Amazingly Insightful Marriage Family Therapist

Transcript: David Brower: Welcome back to your 20 Minute Podcast with David Brower. Our guest is Holly Brown. Holly lives with her husband and daughter in the San Francisco bay area where she's a practicing marriage and family therapist. She's got a blog called Bonding Time, and it's featured on, a mental health website with one and a half million visitors per month. So hello Holly, and welcome to Colorado I guess this morning. Holly Brown: Yes, hi. Thank you. David...