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YSA 2.0 Episode 3 With Jim Estill

Jim Estill is an experienced CEO, a prolific investor, and a humanitarian. Currently CEO of Danby Appliances, Jim has built and served on boards of some of the most successful companies in history. Listen to him speak plainly and honestly about Flow, Creativity as well as managing our personal energy and the importance of making the world a better place.


YSA 2.0 BONUS Episode

Recorded during Apple's World Wide Developer Conference. Visit YOU TUBE for the video, Entitled WWDC The Developer Migration. Johnnie Munger and Isaac Naor speak from Apple Corporations' 2018 World Wide Developer Conference. Also known as "Dub Dub", the WWDC is an immersive, transformative experience that points people to the next iteration of Apple technology and Offerings. Isaac & Johnnie discuss Flow, Immersion, Creativity, and pursuing uncomfortable experiences. STEP INTO STREAM :...


YSA 2.0 Episode 1

Step into | STREAM |, and explore an inspiring conversation about Flow States, Higher - level performance, creativity and the true nature of doing our best work. John Klymshyn & Isaac Naor offer insight into how to get into a flow state, how to spark creativity, and how to achieve a high - performing life. Stream is a unique Audio Book, best consumed from start to finish the FIRST time you listen. Chapter titles point you to the Jumping Off Point at each phase of this deep and far-...


YSA 101 - STREAM Release

John Klymshyn, host & creator of the Your StartUp Advisors' Podcast, talks about his latest product. "STREAM : Hack Your Consciousness"is a collaborative effort between John and a very popular podcast guest: Isaac Naor. Listen and learn why you might want to search or or AUDIBLE.AU for "Stream: Hack Your Consciousness" available NOW!


YSA - 100 John Klymshyn Is Interviewed!

What can we say about rhe intrepid, erstwhile and hard-working host of Your StartUp Advisors? He is an author, a speaker and coach who serves brands large and small. T- Mobile, Bank of America, Dogtown Media, Four Seasons Hotels, Pinehurst, Colliers International, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, NYU, UCLA, USC... his client list is long and impressive. After nearly 20 Years as a Sales Trainer and 15 as an Executive Coach, Klymshyn talks about handling adversity, what it means to be creative,...


YSA 99 - Ian Blackburn on The Journey

Ian Blackburn loves wine. he loves how it connects people, where the creativity behind it takes its fans, and he loves to teach people. Listen as Ian, founder of Wine LA and walks us through his journey from being a waiter to Sommelier, from wine fan to the founder of an amazing experiential business...


YSA 98 - John Elston on The Remote Revolution

John Elston is a former hotelier, marketer, entrepreneur, tri -athlete and global traveller. He has succeeded multiple times in turning his DREAMS into REALITY. This interview is inspiring, informative and eye - opening, as John describes the history leading up to, as well as the content in his book: "The Remote Revolution - How The Location - Independent Workforce Changes The Way We Hire, Connect, and Succeed" A well - written, true- life account AND a prognostication of the future of...


YSA 96 - Richard Sexton on The Next Connection You make

Richard Sexton, CEO of The Mountbatten Institute has sold, led, negotiated and become part of the fabric of multiple countries. Born and raised in England, his philanthropic and Ex Pat support work has earned him the high honor of an MBE (meaning: He was named a Member of The British Empire) He and his family journeyed to Buckingham Palace for him to receive the honor. What is intriguing and endearing about Mr. Sexton is that he does what he does out of a heart for service, and an...


YSA 96 - Ann Windham - James on face to Face Marketing

Ann Windham - James likes to defy the odds. Starting her business at the "worst possible time", competing in a tight, competitive market - building something that would last - they all seem to come easy to this inspiring woman. Hear how she looks at the world through the lens of the importance of Face to face marketing.


YSA 95 - Tom Burden on Perseverance & Vision

StartUps compete in pitch competitions across the globe. In the US, there is a Pitch Competition like no other- the reality show / pitch competition phenomenon that is SHARK TANK. We were fortunate enough to reach out to a BIG winner, just at the right time. Tom Burden is an engineer, mechanic, inventor, dreamer and visionary. The inventor of GRYPMAT, and one of the best-prepared presenters in the history of the show, Tom's presentation caught my attention , and I decided to reach out to...


YSA 94 - John Thomas on The Power of Prep

An accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, mentor and coach, John Thomas shares his insight, wisdom and humor in a fascinating interview. We love when people know their stuff! We also love when they share ideas, information and advice that is... invaluable. As Franchise Trainer with Express Employment Professionals, John brings 35 years of business and Start Up expertise to a far-ranging and fast - moving interview.


YSA 93 - John Klymshyn on "Building A Mindful Start Up."

A solo podcast with content right from the mind of The StartUp Coach. Listen to our host John Klymshyn lay out ten practical actions.


YSA 92 - RJ Pahura on Conscious Expansion

We love hearing from (and interviewing!) Venture Capitalists. We also love connecting with folks that are innovators. When we find BOTH in the same person... we can't wait to have them on the podcast. RJ Pahura is a return guest. He is the founder of Venture Connects, and Fund Conference. He and his team run amazing conferences where early stage, in-revenue companies can meet with prequalified investors, and connect! Listen, learn... launch!


YSA 91 - Ryan Kole on The Mind of a VC

Ryan Kole, VP with VCapital of Chicago, returns with some insights that are worth listening to. He is an inventor, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist with a unique perspective on how to get rolling in today's market. His honesty and humor shone through this far - reaching discussion. Listen and be inspired!


YSA 90 - Joshua Perry on Leveraging Strengths

Joshua Perry has done this before. He has started and built successful business that cross borders, and as a result, he lives life without boundaries. A kind, humble, and generous man,. Joshua is a creative and inspiring interviewee. Listen to his thoughts and insights on what it takes to leverage strengths... and FORGET about weaknesses!


YSA 89 - Caitlin MacGregor on The Future of Work

Caitlin MacGregor is CEO & Co- Founder of a platform called PLUM. She is looking into the future of work, and aligns her unique tool to assist companies in their hiring. Plum matches people to the likelihood of their success in a particular job or role. Merging Industrial psychology and Machine Learning,. Plum is making a huge difference by making the hiring selection smarter!


YSA 88 - Lauren Klymshyn on Process

Critical building blocks for any organization certainly include systems, processes and procedures. Listen to Lauren Klymshyn discuss how she has impacted growth with Dogtown Media (One of Inc magazine's Fastest growing Companies) People, policy & procedure all lead to creating and delivery of exceptional products. Lauren shares some human insights about women in tech, and the importance of professional development for individuals, as they serve and contribute to the vision of Dogtown Media.


YSA 87 - The Chemistry Behind Entrepreneurship

In our travels, we have come across some REALLY smart, intuitive and creative people. Brian Schultz and Sean Depner are great examples of those attributes. As co-founders of DIMIEN (Directed Materials In Energy) these two chemists turned entrepreneurs have a very creative approach to clean tech. Listen to their story, their stance, and their approach to winning business!


YSA 86 - Andrea Michaels on The Wonder of Experiences

Andrea Michaels is an award - winner, traveller, entrepreneur, leader, innovator... and after 29 years in business, she is wildly curious. She makes her living by creating experiences like no other. Listen to someone with strength, humor, vision and common sense.


YSA 85 - Bonus - Inspiration by J Klymshyn

This is a very personal, very intimate podcast. It is by far the shortest in length, but the deepest in personal meaning for me. On my birthday, I chose to share some thoughts and views on inspiration. I hope it inspires YOU.