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CES 2019: What Google, Amazon, & Other Tech Giants Showed Off

Ryan McQueeney recaps CES 2019 and highlights the hardware that industry bellwethers such as Google, Amazon, Intel, Nvidia, & Samsung flaunted at the world’s largest consumer electronics show. (0:20) - Overview of CES 2019 (1:50) - Google vs. Amazon: Virtual Assistance (4:35) - Chip Wars: Intel, AMD and Nvidia (7:45) - Apple Teams Up With Samsung (12:00) - Episode Roundup: Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy the show!


The Biggest Streaming Sports Storylines to Watch in 2019

Ben Rains dives into some of the latest streaming TV news from Roku, Hulu, and others before he breaks down some of the biggest streaming sports storylines to watch in 2019 and beyond. (0:30) - Sports Streaming: Roku On The Rise (5:45) - Hulu’s Continued Growth (9:15) - Disney’s Major Foothold In Streaming Content (15:20) - Chicago Cubs Network, Sports Betting And DAZN (24:10) - Episode Roundup:


Netflix, Roku, & Chipotle In Spotlight After Wall Street's Green Week

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson take on this week's top market headlines, including the renewed momentum of Netflix, Roku, and Chipotle as well as a batch of mixed holiday sales results from the retail sector. (1:10) - Netflix Wins Big At The Golden Globes (8:00) - Roku’s Preliminary Earnings Results (11:15) - Analysts Upgrade For Chipotle: New Lifestyle Bowls (18:10) - Under Performing Earnings Reports From Retail Industry (28:00) - Episode Roundup:


Square, Roku, & Twilio: The Return of Tech Growth Stocks

Ryan McQueeney discusses Twilio, Roku, Square, and the state of trendy tech growth stocks as markets continue to rebound from a brutal stretch of selling. (0:20) - Beaten Down Tech Stocks To Watch (2:00) - Twillio Stock Surges Higher (6:50) - Roku’s Extreme Growth In Streaming Hours (11:00) - Square Inc. Gaining Back Ground (18:45) - Episode Roundup:


NFL Recap: Why Climbing TV Ratings Matter & Football's Gambling Future

Ben Rains breaks down the newly released 2018 NFL TV ratings. Plus, he dives into the NFL’s first-ever sports gambling partnership and what it means for the league’s future.


Manufacturing, Apple, & Jobs: This Week’s Top Market Stories

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson discuss the ISM manufacturing index, the latest jobs report, Apple’s profit warning, and a major merger deal in the biotech industry. 1:15) - Overview of Macro Economic Reports (9:45) - Apple’s Earnings Report: Lowered Guidence Hurts Stock (17:20) - Bristol-Myers Squibb Looks To Aquire Celgene For $74 Billion (20:50) - Episode Roundup: Make sure to subscribe and leave the show a rating on Apple Podcasts!


The Top Retail Industry Headlines of 2018

On today’s episode of the Zacks Friday Finish Line, Associate Stock Strategist Ryan McQueeney and Editor Maddy Johnson discuss the week’s wild movements in the stock market and look back upon the retail industry’s top stories of 2018.


The Best Sports Retail Stocks to Buy in 2019

On this episode of the Full-Court Finance podcast, Associate Stock Strategist Ben Rains takes a look at some of the best sports retail stocks to buy in 2019, far beyond Nike (NKE) and other giants.


Women in Fintech: Leadership in the Next Big Growth Industry

Ryan McQueeney chats with Jessica Wooke of RobustWealth about representation in finance, technology, and how women are shaping the future of leadership in the fintech industry. Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy the show!


Buying Stocks Based on 13F Fillings & Fund Manager Trends

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson chat with Maz Jadallah, CEO of AlphaClone, about investing strategies based on the trends of hedge fund managers. (1:00) - Alpha Clone 13F Filings Batting Average Scores (2:30) - Are There Any Trends From The Recent 13F Filing? (5:10) - Do 13F Filings Show Us How To Invest Like A Billionaire? (8:20) - Does Luck Play A Role With Investing? (9:25) - Episode Roundup: Make sure to subscribe and leave the show a rating on Apple Podcasts!


Investing in the Robotics Powering Retail’s Record Holiday Sales

Ryan McQueeney chats with ROBO Global’s Bill Studebaker about how to invest in the robotics revolution powering retail logistics during this year’s record-breaking holiday shopping season. (3:00) - Where Are Robotics Being Applied In The Retail Industry? (5:45) - What Could Be The Impact On Employment Going Forward? (8:50) - Employee Pay Hikes vs. Robotic Investments (12:15) - Investment Opportunities In Robotics and Retail (15:00) - ROBO Global Robotics and Automations Index ETF...


The Sports Retailers Disrupting the Industry Heading into 2019

Ben Rains breaks down what Farfetch’s acquisition of sneaker startup Stadium Goods means for sports retail. The episode also dives into how giants like Nike have adapted with the times to becomes even more powerful. (1:00) - Farfetch Acquires Stadium Goods: Breaking Down The Deal (8:50) - What Does This Acquisition Mean For The Retail Industry (14:40) - Companies Shaking Up Traditional Retail (19:50) - Episode Roundup:


UAA Sputters, Hemp Stocks Jump, & Robinhood Takes on Big Banks

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson discuss the latest trade war news, Under Armour's investor day, hemp legalization, and Robinhood's checking and savings accounts. Make sure to subscribe and leave the show a rating on Apple Podcasts!


Tech Giants Face Trade War Tinged Legal Battles

Ryan McQueeney discusses the latest twist in the U.S-China trade war: legal battles involving some of the world’s biggest technology companies. (0:30) - U.S. and China Trade War Concerns Continue (3:00) - Huawei CFO Arrested In Canada (6:45) - Breaking Down Charges Against Meng Wanzhou (11:00) - China Bans Older iPhone Sales: Apple vs. Qualcomm (16:50) - Episode Roundup: Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy the show!


What’s Next for Lululemon (LULU) Stock?

Ben Rains breaks down Lululemon’s recent Q3 financial results and dives into the athleisure firm’s future as it expands its offerings amid competition from sportswear giants. (0:40) - Lululemon Earnings Overview (7:00) - Expansion Plans (13:15) - Q4 and 2019 Forward Outlook (18:45) - Episode Roundup:


Stocks Struggle for Direction Amid Mixed Trade War & Earnings News

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson recap the hectic week of headlines related to the U.S-China trade war. Later, the pair discuss a handful of key retail earnings reports. (0:30) - Volatility Continues With Trade War Concerns (4:00) - The Positives and Negatives Of The G-20 Summit (16:40) - Kroger’s Earnings Report (19:50) - Mixed Earnings From Dollar General (23:30) - Positive Earnings From Lululemon (27:25) - Ulta Beauty’s Earnings Report (30:15) - Episode Roundup:...


Esports Business Grows on Merchandise Deals, Olympic Consideration

Ryan McQueeney discusses the growing business of esports and the new ways video game companies are looking to cash in on professional gaming competitions. (0:45) - E-Sports Rapid Growth and Investing Opportunities (4:30) - Activision Blizzard's Merchandise Deal With Fanatics (9:00) - League of Legends Partnership With We Are Nations (14:50) - Is The International Olympic Committee Considering E-Sports? Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts if you...


Pro Leagues Embrace Sports Betting & the Basketball Shoe Market Expands

Ben Rains dives into the latest sports betting news as MLB joins the fun. He then breaks down another well-known company’s jump into the business of basketball. (1:00) - Sports Betting Update (7:45) - MLB Signs Multiyear Partnership With MGM Resorts (14:30) - New Balance’s Push Into Basketball (19:00) - Converse Signs Kelly Oubre Jr. On Apparel Deal (24:10) - Episode Roundup:


The Fed, G20 Talks Create Blueprint for Stock Market Rebound

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson discuss the Fed’s dovish turn, historic Cyber Monday sales, earnings from Salesforce and Dick’s Sporting Goods, and what to expect from the G20 summit. (1:00) - Jerome Powell Speech Helps Boosts Wall Street (4:35) - The Turkey Five Historic Sales (10:30) - Earnings Report Overviews: Salesforce and Dicks Sporting Goods (20:15) - What To Watch For During G-20 Summit (26:30) - Episode Roundup: Make sure to subscribe and leave the show a...


Why Amazon is Ready to Spend Billions on Live Sports in the Streaming Age

Ben Rains breaks down why Amazon looks ready to make its biggest acquisition in company history on Fox’s regional sports networks. Plus, we dive into a major streaming sports snafu. (0:45) - Amazon Bids For Disney's Regional Sports Networks (7:00) - The Downside To Amazon Owning Sports Networks (13:45) - Cable vs. Streaming and Amazon Advertising and Prime Growth (16:50) - NFL TV Ratings and Thursday Night Streaming Ratings (21:25) - Is Live Streaming Still In BETA? (23:30) - Episode...