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3 Cool Applications of Virtual Reality Emerging Right Now

Ryan McQueeney discusses recent progress made in real-world applications of virtual reality, from Macy’s adding the tech to its furniture shopping experience to Alaska Airlines bringing it on board flights and Mozilla developing VR internet browsers. (0:45) - Virtual Reality Goes Beyond Gaming (3:50) - Macy’s VR Experience: Furniture Retail (7:00) - VR Comfort On Alaska Airlines (9:25) - The Virtual Internet Browser: Firefox Reality (12:15) - Episode Roundup:...


A Comprehensive Nike Q1 Earnings Preview, Plus Some Under Armour & Gap News

Ben Rains breaks down what to expect from Nike’s (NKE) Q1 financial results Tuesday, before he assesses the latest news from Gap (GPS) and Under Armour (UAA). (1:00) - Nike's 2018 Performance (6:10) - Forward Outlook On Nike’s Earnings Report (11:50) - Gap Launches Hill City: Athletic Apparel Brand (14:00) - Expectations For Lululemon and Under Armor Cuts Jobs (18:15) - Episode Roundup:


Wall Street’s Reefer Madness, Micron Earnings, & More Stock News

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson discuss the performance of Netflix and other streaming services at the Emmys. The team also chat about the alleged criminal probe facing Elon Musk and Tesla. Later, they discuss marijuana stocks and recap Micron’s latest earnings report. (1:00) - Was Netflix King Of The 2018 Emmy Awards? (7:10) - Criminal Probe Into Musk Tweets (11:20) - Reefer Madness On The Stock Market (15:30) - Micron Earnings Report (19:20) - Episode Roundup:...


Tech Disruption Will Lead the Marijuana Industry Too

Ryan McQueeney discusses the intersection of disruptive technology and the budding marijuana industry, ultimately concluding that investors should remember what they’ve learned about investing in other forms of new tech as it becomes a bigger factor in the cannabis business. (0:30) - Tech and Cannabis Intersect (3:30) - Shopify Becomes A Weed Stock Play (7:00) - Is There An Amazon of Marijuana? (13:45) - Episode Roundup: Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on ...


Apple’s Health & Fitness Push, Plus Nike’s Latest Global Move

Ben Rains dives into Apple’s (AAPL) newest health and fitness-focused wearable. The episode then shifts to Nike’s (NKE) latest move to boost its presence around the globe. (0:45) - Apple Product Reveal Event (4:40) - Health and Fitness Expansions For The Apple Watch (17:10) - Players Tribune Teams Up With Snapchat (20:00) - Jordan Brand Soccer Team (22:00) - Episode Roundup:


Apple's New iPhones & an Early Holiday Shopping Preview

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson recap Apple's latest iPhone reveal event and preview the holiday shopping season by looking at seasonal hiring trends and upcoming video games. Later, the hosts discuss AMD's crazy momentum. (0:15) - Retail Stocks On The Rebound (1:30) - Ollie's Bargain Outlet (6:40) - Burlington Stores (9:10) - Lululemon’s Success and Expansion (16:45) - ULTA’s Continued Growth (23:35) - DSW Surpasses Expectations (29:00) - Episode Roundup: OLLI, BURL, LULU, ULTA,...


The Apple Story No One Is Talking About This Week

Ryan McQueeney recaps Apple’s busy week—including its war of words with President Donald Trump and the upcoming iPhone event—and suggests that investors might be overlooking a key headline related to the company’s original video content and streaming initiatives. (0:30) - Trumps Twitter Rant On Apple (2:35) - iPhone Reveal Event (4:40) - Apple’s Multimedia Expansion (8:05) - Episode Roundup: Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy the...


Nike (NKE) Takes Heat Off the NFL & Apple (AAPL) Partners With the NBA

On this episode of the Full-Court Finance podcast, Associate Stock Strategist Ben Rains assesses Nike (NKE) stock amid all of the Colin Kaepernick backlash. The episode then dives into Apple’s (AAPL) deal with the NBA and takes a look at the potential impact of the NFL’s next possible massive revenue stream.


Amazon’s Historic Week, Tech Volatility, & Emerging Markets Chatter

On today’s episode of the Zacks Friday Finish Line, Associate Stock Strategist Ryan McQueeney and Editor Maddy Johnson recap Amazon’s busy and historic week, discuss what caused semiconductor volatility, and highlight the ongoing emerging markets currency crisis.


Amazon Launches Hindi Website, Tops $1 Trillion

Ryan McQueeney recaps a historic day for Amazon (AMZN) which saw the e-commerce behemoth reach the $1 trillion market cap threshold and launch Hindi language support in India. (0:15) - Amazon Breaks Into $1 Trillion Market Cap (2:30) - Amazon Adds Hindi Language Option (8:15) - Competition and Growth Opportunities (10:50) - Episode Roundup: Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy the show!


TV Ratings Are Down, But Is the NFL Really In Trouble?

Ben Rains dives into the big business behind the NFL to see if the situation is really as bad as the league's declining TV ratings might suggest. (1:00) - NFL Countdown: New Rules and National Anthem Controversy (6:00) - Broadcasting Rights and TV Ratings (13:30) - Ad Revenue On The Decline (17:20) - The Future of the NFL: Streaming Deals (27:00) - Episode Roundup:


TSLA Stays Public, AMZN Hits $2,000, ULTA & LULU Earnings

Maddy Johnson is joined by Ben Rains to take on Tesla (TSLA) staying a publicly traded company, Amazon (AMZN) hitting $2,000 per share, and earnings from two retail giants: Lululemon (LULU) and Ulta (ULTA). (0:30) - Mexico & US Trade Deal and Tesla Stays Public (4:15) - Amazon Raised Price Target: Break Through $2000 (7:45) - Lululemon Earnings Report (12:00) - Ulta Earnings Report (14:50) - Episode Roundup:


How 3 New iPhones Fit Perfectly in Apple’s Booming Ecosystem

Ryan McQueeney recaps the recent rumors surrounding Apple’s next iPhone announcement and explains why three new flagship smartphones might fit perfectly in the technology behemoth’s modern ecosystem. (0:30) - First Look At New Apple iPhones (4:00) - The Focal Point To The Apple Ecosystem (7:15) - Apple Services Growth and $1 Trillion Market Cap (10:45) - Takeaways on Apple: Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy the show!


Sports Retail Roundup: Foot Locker, Dick’s & Lululemon

Ben Rains breaks down Foot Locker’s (FL) second-quarter performance before he takes a look at what investors should expect from Dick’s Sporting Goods (DKS) and Lululemon (LULU) later this week (1:00) - Foot Locker Earnings Report Overview (5:10) - Expectations For Dick's Sporting Goods Upcoming Earnings Report (9:30) - A Look Ahead At Lululemon's Earnings Report (15:15) - Episode Roundup:


Robinhood’s New Competitor and Earnings from BABA, TGT, & URBN

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson discuss this week’s political drama and highlight JPMorgan’s new competitor to free trading app Robinhood. Later, the hosts recap earnings results from Urban Outfitters, Target, and Alibaba. (0:25) - Verdict on Paul Manafort & Record Bull Market (2:00) - JPMorgan Chase Launches Free Trading App (5:45) - Urban Outfitters Earnings Report (11:35) - Target Earnings Report (16:50) - Alibaba Earnings Report (20:00) - Episode Roundup: Make...


What We Learned From Nvidia’s Gamescom 2018 Event

Ryan McQueeney recaps Nvidia’s kick-off event at Gamescom, where the gaming graphics powerhouse unveiled a new line of GPUs which promise to deliver one of the world’s most immersive interactive visual experiences. (0:45) - Gamescon 2018: Nvidia Product Announcements (4:45) - What Exactly Is Ray Tracing? (10:00) - Takeaways On Investing In Nvidia Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy the show!


BodyArmor, Amazon Prime, & the Future of Sports

Ben Rains dives into everything investors need to know about future Gatorade rival BodyArmor after Coca-Cola (KO) bought a significant stake in the company. Plus, we take a look at the future of live streaming sports, where Amazon (AMZN) looks ready to take on all challengers (1:30) - Who Is Body Armor? (7:00) - Breaking Down The Coke and Body Armor Partnership (14:15) - Amazon and Twitter Live Streaming Sports (17:50) - How Can Amazon Win Sports Streaming?" (25:00) - Episode Roundup:...


Nvidia Posts Sluggish Guidance, Retail Sector Sees Mixed Results

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson recap this week’s global macroeconomic headlines and highlight the latest earnings results from Nvidia (NVDA), Walmart (WMT), and the U.S. department store giants. (0:25) - Weekly Earnings Overview (2:00) - Nvidia Earnings Report (5:45) - Walmart Earnings Report (9:30) - Department Stores Earnings: Macys, JCPenny's and Nordstrom’s (18:15) - Episode Roundup: Make sure to subscribe and leave the show a rating on Apple Podcasts!


So, What the Heck Is Happening at Tesla?

Ryan McQueeney attempts to recap a busy last week of news for electric car giant Tesla (TSLA), providing a full timeline and some forward-looking speculation on Elon Musk’s shocking proposal to take the company private. (0:25) - Is Tesla Going Private? (4:45) - Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund's Growing Stake In Tesla (9:00) - Takeaways on Tesla Going Private Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy the show!


What’s Next For Disney’s (DIS) ESPN?

Ben Rains dives into everything investors need to know about Disney’s (DIS) ESPN, from its cord-cutting problems to its streaming future.” (0:45) - Disney's Acquisition of 21st Century Fox (5:00) - Disney's Earnings Report (8:10) - Breaking Down ESPN Broadcasting and Pricing (11:30) - ESPN Downfalls (15:15) - The Future For ESPN (22:30) - ESports and Cord Cutting (26:15) - Episode Roundup: