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Holiday Shopping Preview & Top Retail Stocks to Buy Now

On today’s episode of the Zacks Friday Finish Line, Associate Stock Strategist Ryan McQueeney and Editor Maddy Johnson preview the holiday shopping season by looking at the latest consumer spending projections, discussing new in-store and online customer experiences, and selecting retail stocks to buy now. (0:30) - Navigating The Holiday Shopping Season (2:10) - Amazon To Have 2 New Headquarters (4:00) - 2018 Holiday Shopping Predictions (6:55) - Facebook Pop Up Shops and Amazon’s Toy...


Activision Earnings & The Fallout from Its Diablo Mobile Fiasco

Ryan McQueeney discusses the drama surrounding Activision Blizzard’s new mobile game, Diablo Immortal, and recaps the latest estimates heading into the video game giant’s earnings announcement. (0:20) - Activision Stock Price Plummets (2:10) - Diablo Immortal Controversy (7:00) - EA Star Wars Battlefront 2: Pay To Win (12:30) - Upcoming Activision Q3 Earnings Report (16:00) - Episode Roundup: Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy...


What’s Next For Under Armour After Q3 Earnings?

Ben Rains breaks down Under Armour’s recent Q3 financial results before he looks ahead to the sports apparel firm’s future amid a shifting retail environment. (0:30) - In Depth Look At Under Armour: Bullish or Bearish? (3:05) - Under Armour's Q3 Earnings Report (9:40) - Positive Takeaways on Q3 (13:10) - What Does The Future Have In Store For Under Armour? (21:20) - Under Armour's Social Media Presence (23:30) - Episode Roundup:


Will Apple Stall Market Rebound? & News from IBM, FB, SBUX

Ryan McQueeney and Editor Maddy Johnson discuss IBM’s historic acquisition of Red Hat and recap earnings news from Facebook, General Electric, Starbucks, and Apple. (0:25) - Has WallStreet Found The Bottom To The Correction? (2:10) - IBM Acquires Red Hat For $34 Billion (8:50) - Facebook’s Earnings Report Overview (14:25) - Another Negative GE Earnings Report (18:50) - Apples Earnings Report Overview (22:45) - Starbucks Earnings Report (28:30) - Episode Roundup:...


IBM’s Red Hat Acquisition & The Future of Cloud Computing

Ryan McQueeney explores the details of IBM’s historic bid to buy open source software giant Red Hat and speculates about what it could mean for the future of the cloud computing industry. (0:20) - IBM Acquires Red Hat For $34 Billion (1:50) - Who Is Red Hat and Why Is It Worth $190 Per Stock? (5:30) - Red Hat To Expand IBM’s Hybrid Cloud (10:10) - Are We On The Verge Of A Cloud Consolidation? (14:20) - Big Takeaways On The Aquisition Remember to subscribe and leave...


Twitter, Amazon, ESPN+ & Niche Streaming Sports

Ben Rains dives into Twitter, Amazon, ESPN+, and the future of streaming sports as the industry continues to offer more unique options on a small scale. (0:30) - The Evolution Of Sports Streaming (2:55) - ESPN+ Hits 1 Million Subscribers (5:20) - Twitters Earnings Report Overview (10:30) - Twitters Growth In Sports Streaming (16:15) - Turner Broadcasting's Expansion into Sports Streaming (19:00) - NBC’s Snow Pass and Premier Lacrosse League (23:10) - Episode Roundup:


Stock Market Volatility Is Back, Despite Tech Earnings Growth

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson discuss why stocks erased their year-to-date gains on Wednesday and debate whether earnings from Microsoft, Tesla, Amazon, or Alphabet could save investors from more volatility. (0:30) - Market Volatility Continues (3:00) - Microsoft Positive Earnings Report (5:50) - Tesla Posts a Profit In A Historic Q3 (11:45) - Amazon’s Mixed Earnings Report (15:30) - Alphabet Earnings Report Overview (19:40) - Episode Roundup: Make sure to...


FAANG Stocks In The Spotlight As Earnings Season Trudges Along

Ryan McQueeney discusses the state of the FAANG stocks as Q3 earnings season continues to heat up. Notably, the host provides previews for two FAANG members—Amazon and Alphabet—due to report earnings this week. (0:30) - Will FANNG Earnings Continue To Lead The Bull Market?(3:20) - Review of Netflix Post Earnings (6:30) - A Look Ahead At Amazon's Earnings Report (10:10) - Upcoming Earnings For Alphabet Inc. (13:00) - Next Weeks Earnings For Apple and Facebook (18:25) - Episode Roundup:...


A Deep Dive into the Business of the NBA

Ben Rains breaks down the booming, international business of the NBA. (0:30) - NFL and NBA Ratings On The Rise (3:45) - TV Deals and Sponsorship Breakdown (12:10) - Player Apparel Deals (17:00) - NBA’s Expansion of Streaming (22:50) - Sports Betting, NBA G League and International Appeal (27:15) - NBA’s Social Media Dominance (29:10) - Episode Roundup:


What to Know Before Investing in Augmented & Virtual Reality

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson are joined by Bryce Tillery of Eve Capital, the sponsor of the Tactile Analytics ETF (ARVR), to discuss investing in augmented and virtual reality. (1:00) - What Is The Difference Between Augmented and Virtual Reality? (3:20) - What Industries Have Been Impacted? (12:10) - The Future Of AR and VR (16:30) - Benefits Of Investing With An ETF: ARVR Make sure to subscribe and leave the show a rating on Apple Podcasts!


Earnings Season Is Here: 3 Tech Stocks to Watch This Week

Ryan McQueeney discusses the start of earnings season and Q3 expectations for the technology sector. He also previews reports from three tech companies—Netflix, IBM, and PayPal—coming out this week. (1:00) - Earnings Season Kicks Off (5:30) - Upcoming Netflix Earnings Report (10:20) - Will IBM Continue The Positive Earnings? (13:45) - A Look Ahead At PayPal’s Earnings Report (16:10) - Episode Roundup: Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts if...


Why The NFL’s TV Ratings Are Up & A Unicorn Footwear Startup

Ben Rains discusses what’s behind the NFL’s improving TV ratings and dives into the Silicon Valley footwear startup taking on Nike (NKE) and Lululemon (LULU). (1:00) - Why The NFL Ratings Are On The Rise (8:45) - New Silicon Valley Unicorn: Allbirds (16:30) - Episode Roundup:


Why Stocks Fell This Week & the Death of American Icon

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson recap a volatile week in global markets. The hosts chat about the stock selloff, inflation concerns, global economic growth, and bond yields. Later, they discuss the slow-bleeding fall of Sears. (0:45) - Market Sell Off: What Was Driving The Volatility (5:30) - Political Tensions and Tough Week For Chinese Stock Market (8:45) - Italy Goes Against The EU (12:30) - Sears To File Bankruptcy (23:50) - Episode Roundup: Make sure to...


Facebook’s Portal Speaker Cam: Good Idea at the Wrong Time?

Ryan McQueeney discusses Facebook’s new Portal device, a fresh entrant to the growing pool of home assistants and smart speakers. As Ryan points out, the timing of this video-chat gadget has already raised questions amid data privacy concerns and intense competition. (1:00) - AI Enhanced Messenger: Facebook Debuts Portal and Portal+ (7:45) - Was This A Poorly Timed Release? (11:30) - The Big Takeaways on Portal and Portal+ Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on...


The Best Sports Apparel Stocks to Buy Right Now

Ben Rains dives into some of the best sports and athletic apparel-based companies to invest in right now as consumer confidence soars and holiday shopping looks poised to surge. (0:25) - Exploring Zack Rank Buys (2:10) - Lululemon’s Continued Growth and Expansion (8:55) - Callaway’s Continued Success: Is It The Tiger Effect? (15:30) - Columbia Sportswear: Will The Run Continue? (21:20) - Episode Roundup:


Trade Deals, Chip Hacks, & Pay Raises: What Investors Should Know

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson discuss the stock market's top stories of the week, including the USMCA trade deal, a reported hardware hack affecting Apple and Amazon, and major hourly pay raises coming to the retail sector. (0:45) - Down Day For The DOW and USMCA Trade Deal (6:10) - Amazon Raises Minimum Wage Rate (12:40) - Chinese Spy Chips Discovered? (21:45) - Episode Roundup: Make sure to subscribe and leave the show a rating on Apple Podcasts!


Why Everyone Is Talking About Net Neutrality Again

Ryan McQueeney discusses the return of the net neutrality debate as California and the Trump administration appear ready to battle over the state’s right to pass its own version of the now-repealed, Obama-era protections. (0:20) - Net Neutrality Comes Back To Light (5:15) - The Start Of The Repeal Process (9:10) - California’s Net Neutrality Law Get Blocked (14:20) - The Big Takeaways On Net Neutrality: Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts if...


Amazon, ESPN+, Micropayments & the Future of Streaming Sports

Ben Rains breaks down Amazon’s Thursday Night Football innovations before he looks at the latest news from ESPN, Turner, the NBA, and more as the streaming sports market heats up. (0:45) - Amazon's NFL Streams Kick Off (7:20) - New Streaming Features For Amazon (13:30) - The Many Ways To Stream The NFL (19:10) - Micropayments & Sports Betting Changing The Way You Watch (24:00) - Disney ESPN+ Reaches 1 Million Subscribers (27:30) - Episode Roundup:


Merger Monday & Musk Mania: Recapping Wall Street’s Crazy Week

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson tackle the top headlines from a wild week for Wall Street, including the Kavanaugh hearing, the Fed meeting, Elon Musk’s legal trouble, big media mergers, and more. (0:30) - Congressional Hearing Sweeps The Nation (4:00) - Instagram Founders Step Down (7:15) - Amazon Launches Another Physical Store: 4 Star (13:20) - SEC Is Suing Elon Musk (18:45) - Merger Madness: Comcast To Acquire Sky (25:00) - Episode Roundup: Make sure to...


3 Cool Applications of Virtual Reality Emerging Right Now

Ryan McQueeney discusses recent progress made in real-world applications of virtual reality, from Macy’s adding the tech to its furniture shopping experience to Alaska Airlines bringing it on board flights and Mozilla developing VR internet browsers. (0:45) - Virtual Reality Goes Beyond Gaming (3:50) - Macy’s VR Experience: Furniture Retail (7:00) - VR Comfort On Alaska Airlines (9:25) - The Virtual Internet Browser: Firefox Reality (12:15) - Episode Roundup:...