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Filmmaking - Ziggurcast #7 - Denis Plesca & Carl Mason

The seventh episode of the Ziggurcast podcast delves into the working lives of two local freelance filmmakers: Denis Plesca and Carl Mason. This episode covers everything from how Denis and Carl received their first paycheck to what fuels their love for the industry and why they went down the career paths they did. With online media constantly growing and dominating the media industry, a large majority of the work Carl and Denis produce is for use on social media platforms. In this episode,...


Northampton - Ziggurcast #6 - Josh Astrop, Zach Wiltermood & Kyle Dodson

This episode of the Ziggurcast concerns all things Northampton and is brought to you from a pub with a twist - The Garibaldi Hotel. We are joined by one half of the Garibaldi venture - Zach Wiltermood - creator of his very own podcast and owner of The Audio Works Josh Astrop, and new lad here at Ziggurat XYZ Kyle Dodson. We talked about how the people of Northampton are trying to improve this town's tarnished reputation. The Garibaldi is a pub that hosts regular events bringing the town...


Makers - Ziggurcast #5 - James Bruton & Ivan Miranda

This episode of the Ziggurcast is coming to you from upstate New York, or The North Pole, or the Amazon Rainforest, who knows! We're joined by James Bruton and Ivan Miranda, two YouTube makers that design, build and test crazy inventions and upload to their Patreons and YouTube channels. In this episode we discuss motivation to upload, crazy inventions such as washing machine coffee makers and what it actually means to be a "Maker" on YouTube. ----------------- ABOUT US Ziggurat XYZ is a...


Hustle - Ziggurcast #4 - Christianne Risman, Josh Astrop & Phil Cridge

The fourth episode of the Ziggurcast podcast, talking about what it means to hustle, creator job satisfaction and the gig economy. Joining host Charles Haynes this week is carpenter and woodworking Phil Cridge, podcaster and owner of Audio Works rehearsal studio Josh Astrop, and travel vlogger and YouTuber Christianne Risman. ----------------- ABOUT US Ziggurat XYZ is a digital talent agency, production company and content incubator. We specialise in supporting digital creators in developing...


Creator Skills - Ziggurcast #03 - Daniel Gruchy

In this episode of the Ziggurcast podcast, we talk with Daniel Gruchy​ from The Slow Mo Guys​ about his "very particular set of skills". Being a digital content creator can mean developing some unusual talents. Daniel excels at being able to do extraordinary things almost no-one has done before, absolutely perfectly on the first try. Like splitting a spray paint can with an axe, or cutting through bottles of water with a samurai sword. Dan and Charles also talk about a QR code gravestone...


Micro-Influencers - Ziggurcast #01 - Sean Byrne, Chanelle Bradshaw & Josh Astrop

In this inaugural episode, we share our thoughts on the best digital content and creators over the past few weeks. Special guests Josh Astrop, Chanelle Bradshaw and Sean Byrne are here to talk about being small or "micro-influencers" and what it means to them to be a digital content creator. It's all relative, right? Size doesn't matter. Josh Astrop YouTube: http://bit.do/thejoshastroppodcast-yo... Instagram: instagram.com/thejoshastroppodcast Facebook: facebook.com/thejoshastroppodcast...


Content Creation - Ziggurcast #02 - Steven Bridges & Jacob Austin-Lavelle

All about creating content, from finding inspiration, planning the project, getting it done, and collaborating. Streamed live from co-work engine Northampton http://coworkengine.co.uk. Thanks to Yellow Bourbon Coffee Roasters for the black stuff, order your beans online here https://yellowbourbon.net. Special guests Jacob Austin-Lavelle and Steven Bridges. Jacob is a local cinematographer and business owner in Northampton, and Steven is best known as a magician and YouTube creator Jacob...