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The devcom Podcast on spotify, Apple Podcasts and other common audio platforms features exclusive interviews with experts from the global games industry. Hosted by Lars Janssen.

The devcom Podcast on spotify, Apple Podcasts and other common audio platforms features exclusive interviews with experts from the global games industry. Hosted by Lars Janssen.




The devcom Podcast on spotify, Apple Podcasts and other common audio platforms features exclusive interviews with experts from the global games industry. Hosted by Lars Janssen.






Empowering Your Viewers - Chris Cataldi

In this episode of the devcom podcast, our host Lars speaks with Chris Cataldi, Co-Founder and COO at Genvid Technologies. Chris offers us a view into the techniques and development of interactive streaming. He also shares some insights into their massive interactive live event "Rival Peak" that just finished its first season on Facebook. So, let's dive into an interesting conversation about viewer participation and AI-driven games. 00:00:15 Welcome 00:00:50 Introduction Chris Cataldi...


Leadership and the role of a CEO - Matias Myllyrinne

In this episode of "devcom podcast", Lars talks to Matias Myllyrinne, CEO at Redhill Games. Matias originally started in the games industry with little experience at Remedy in 1999, moving on to Wargaming and then, in 2018, founded his own studio. He talks about his journey, why you would risk a safe job and move to video games, and how to lead through difficult situations like, for instance, a global pandemic.


Mental Health Awareness - Elle Osili-Wood, Samantha Ebelthite and Matt Murphy

Safe in our World is an organisation that creates and foster worldwide mental health awareness within the video game industry. About this important topic our host Lars Janssen speaks with Ellie Osili-Wood, a video games presenter and journalist, and has been named as one of the most influential women in gaming. She is one of the patrons. Patrons are vital to the charity, and help define our output and leverage support from within the industry. And Samantha Ebelthite, country manager for UK&I...


Decades of managing diverse communities - Felicia Prehn

Devcom podcast presents you a special episode with our host Lars Janssen. Today we welcome Felicia Prehn to talk about "decades of managing divers communities". With over 17 years of experience Felicia gives as a lot of insights into community management. Felicia is also the keynote speaker of the "call for change conferece". 00:00:15 - Welcome 00:01:11 - Introduction Felica Prehn 00:02:49 - Becoming as a non-estonian a estonian radio host 00:07:53 - What did you learned as beeing a...


A healthy company culture - Jens Begemann

Jens Begemann is the co-founder of Wooga. In this episode of "devcom podcast" he gives us an overview of the importance of a healthy company culture and creating a safe working environment for everyone.


Voice Acting - David Bateson and Mark Estdale

In todays episode of "devcom podcast" our hosts Lars and Nico speaks to David Bateson and Mark Estdale. Mark is a british sound engineer and voice director and David is the legendary voice of Agent47 from the Hitman Series. Both give us a deep overview in the voice and sound production for a videogame. With a longtime experience in the business they share some imporant informations for young developers. So listen carefully.


Publishing as an Indie - Odile Limpach

Todays guest Prof. Odile Limpach has over 25 years experience in this industry. She is co-founder of spielfrabrique and professor at the Cologne Game Lab for Economics and Entrepreneurship. With our host Lars she speaks about her move from a big studio to founding her own company and the possibilities to publish as and Indie-Studio.


Launch and market a game - Christian Pern

Your game is ready! So what´s next? The launch, but how? and how does anyone notice it? In this episode of "devcom podcast" our host Lars Janssen speaks with Christian Pern. He is the Chief Marketing Officer of InnoGames. He has a lot of experience in release and mareket a video game and shares some of his insights like shares and revenues.


Survive as an Indie-Team - Johanna Janiszewski

In this Episode of "devcom podcast" our host Lars Janssen speaks with Johanna Janiszewski. Together with her husband she founded in 2016 her studio Tiny Crocodile Studios in Berlin. Their debut game "Monkey Swag" received the "Best Kid Award" at the "Deutscher Computerspiel Preis" in 2018. Johanna talks about founding a Indie-Studio, creating games and offer other services like coaching to survive as a small studio.


F2P Market - Teut Weidemann

With Teut Weidemann we welcome a real veteran of the German games industry. He was part of one of the first German game studios, Rainbow Arts, and worked for companies like Microsoft and Ubisoft. For more than a decade he has been the expert in F2P Games. In this episode of "devcom podcast" he gives us some insights into the F2P Market.


Build up a studio - Astrid Mie Refstrup

With Astrid Mie Refstrup we speak to the co-founder of Triple Topping Games studio Astrid shares with us her stories about building up a small studio and finding the perfect team, providing everyone with a safe working environment. We also take a closer look at Kowloon Nights, a worldwide video game fund for developers.


Alignment and Remote - Christopher Schmitz

Christopher Schmitz has a long time experience in the video games industry. Starting in the Demoscene his history looks like the who is who of the business like Blue Byte, Quantic Dream, IO Interactive, EA Ghost Games and now Remedy. As a COO (Chief Operating Officer) his last project was the well received title Control. In our newest epsiode of "devcom podcast" our host Lars Janssen speaks with Christopher about alignment of teams and also how to change from office work to remote. Not only...


Diversity and inclusion - Reneé Gittins

We proudly welcome Reneé Gittins. Reneé is the Executive Director of the IGDA (the International Game Developers Association) and CEO of Stumbling Cat, creator of “Potions: A Curious Tale”. Our host, Lars Janssen, chats with Reneé about the importance of diversity and inclusion. She shares her experience in what companies can do to create a safe environment for everyone, and also how to handle difficult situations.


Game development behind the iron curtain - Szilárd Matusik

Moleman 4 is a documentary about game developement in hungary right within the cold war. An unknown fact is that many ames for the Commodore 64 were developed by Novatrade in Hungary. Szilárd Matusik made a documentary about this time and revealed some interesting facts. In this episode of ""devcom podcast" our host Lars Janssen talks about the documentary and how it was to develop a game behind the iron curtain.


Culturalization - Kate Edwards

In our newest episode of "devcom podcast" our host Lars Janssen welcomes Kate Edwards (Executive Director of the Global Game Jam). With Kate we speak about her career and how to start as a geographer for Microsoft Encarta and becoming an expert for culturalization, cartography and cultural sensitivities in video games. Also we get some special insights about the different markets and how to success in an unkown territory.


Developing for multiple plattforms - Mikka Luotio

In this new episode of our "devcom podcast" our host Lars Janssen speaks to Mikka Luotio. Mikka has over 15 years exeperience in building and leading teams in Business development, Game production, Marketing, Product management & Partnership relations and is now Senior Business Development Manager at Xsolla in Berlin. Mika talks about the challenges and opportunities of developing games for different platforms. 00:00:00 Welcome 00:01:22 Introduction Mikka Luotio 00:05:05 How does the...


Power of community management - Philomena Schwab

In our latest episode of "devcom podcast" our host Lars Janssen welcomes Philomena Schwab. Philomena is a Swiss game developer, co-founder of Stray Fawn game studio and a board member of the Swiss Game Developers Association. She tells us about her experiences in founding a small studio in Switzerland as well as the power of good community management. You can take a closer look at the studio in their dev diary.


Music Composing - Gareth Coker

Right from the outset, music has been a vital part of video games. From chiptunes to the first orchestral recording, music has always enhanced the entire feel of games. A soundtrack can make the difference between a good game and an epic experience. In this episode of "devcom podcast", our hosts Lars Janssen and Nico Balletta welcome composer Gareth Coker. He is well known for his scores for Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Gareth gives us some insights into the...


Intellivision - With Tommy Tallarico, David Perry, J Allard and Hans Ippisch

This is the rerelease of the first episode of "devcom podcast". Our host Lars Janssen welcomes the top management tier of Intellivision Entertainment: legendary videogames composer and CEO, Tommy Tallarico; renowned game developer and board member David Perry; Xbox veteran and the company’s global MD, J Allard, and their President of European Operations, Hans Ippisch. They talk about how they pooled their experience to release the new family home video game console Amico (Italian for...


Gaming behind the Iron Curtain - with Andrada Fiscutean and Jarsolav Svelch

Growing up in the 80s was almost fantastic in western europe. Access to new electronic devices and growing up with computers and consoles. But behind the iron curtain that is a different story. Lars speaks with Andrada Fiscutean and Jaroslav Švelch how it was to design games and get access to computers in eastern europe. They speak about building computer clones and creating games against the regime. 00:00:15 Welcome 00:01:28 Introduction Andrada Fiscutean 00:03:11 Introduction Jaroslav...