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Ep 9, Will Bax - Dom talks to real estate expert Will Bax

On episode 9 we talk to Will Bax, a guy who got to the top of the London property world, and then gave it all up! We find out how he got there, and why he’s now decided to take a step back. We also talk about some seemingly trivial events in Will’s life that have shaped how he views success and failure. Will also tells us a heart-breaking story of how a skiing trip went tragically wrong when he saw his friends swept off a mountain by an avalanche, and how this fundamentally changed the way...


Ep 8, Nick Clark Windo - Dom talks to author of The Feed, Nick Clark Windo

On episode 8 we talk to Nick Clark Windo, author of The Feed, “a chilling dystopian page-turner with a twist that will make your head explode” that is being turned into a $40 million tv series. But Nick’s journey has been far from easy. After graduating from RADA, Nick landed the lead role in a multi-million dollar budget film and thought acting was his destiny. But as the roles and auditions dried up, Nick gave up on his dream career and found himself questioning what to do with his life....