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Let the globalEDGE blog keep you up-to-date on international business trends, news, and resources.

Let the globalEDGE blog keep you up-to-date on international business trends, news, and resources.
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Let the globalEDGE blog keep you up-to-date on international business trends, news, and resources.




The Implications of Daryl Morey’s Tweet on NBA Business in China

As mentioned in “Hong Kong Protests and their Potential Consequences” last month, the divide between Hong Kong and China over civil liberties remains fierce, with no resolution achieved as protests continue. Daryl Morey, one of the NBA’s most respected general managers as apart of the Houston Rockets, has come under fire for a recent tweet he made in support of the democratic protests in Hong Kong, in which he shared: “Fight for freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.”


The Strongest Industries Around the World

In an increasingly connected world, people and businesses are more likely to have contact with other countries. It is important to be educated on the status of industries around the world, and what makes up the economies of the countries that may be encountered through trade and business expansion. Today we’re going to look at some of the strongest industries in three areas of the world: Asia, Europe, and Australia.


How a New Phone Has Created the Ability to Further Connect the World

The iPhone 11 was recently released at another staggering retail price of between $699 and $1099. The iPhone 11 is claimed to be the most advanced phone that Apple has made, using their signature face-reading technology and increased camera power to draw in their customers. While there is still a strong demand for the newest phone by Apple, there is a new phone company that is making waves in the cell phone market.


Is it the End of the Tobacco Industry?

Tobacco has been a large industry ever since it was brought to Europe centuries ago. The American plant took off in popularity, becoming a commonly used product worldwide to be smoked and chewed. One of the primary factors causing tobacco consumption is the addictive nicotine found inside. Smoking continued to rise in popularity until its peak in 1963, where roughly 11 cigarettes were purchased per person per day in the United States. Other countries appeared to have a slightly later peak in...


Decline of the Postcards Industry

Postcards could be dated back to the Victorian era in the UK. It was the first time that brightly colored photos were sent and received to share the joy of special occasions, travel destinations, and precious memories. However, there has been a steady decline in the sales of postcards, predominately due to the rise of social media and portable technologies. These platforms have led to instant sharing and convenience for postcard consumers.


An Update on the Global Streetwear Market

Since writing a blog, “Worldwide Popularity of Streetwear Ascending,” in December of 2017, the global streetwear market and culture has continued to rise in popularity. Beginning as a niche market that originated mainly within skateboarding and inner-city communities, the streetwear brand and aesthetic has become a mainstream influence that reaches star athletes and world-famous actors. With appeal centered especially in Asia and the United States, streetwear captures two of the world’s...


Artificial Intelligence Chip Sparks Competition in the Global Technology Market

In the continuously growing global market, two key factors have led to new competition in the technology industry: trade war, and artificial intelligence (AI). The Hanguang 800, Alibaba's first AI chip, has the potential to affect the global market as it continues expanding the possibilities of what the world may become through AI. This extremely advanced AI processor was not expected to be produced in China for at least another year; however, the trade war between the U.S. and China forged...


Climate Strikes and the Annual Climate Action Summit Ensue, But What’s Next?

On Friday, September 20th, thousands of people poured through the streets of capitals and major cities all over the world to march for climate change. Over 150 counties held climate strikes organized by youth advocates and had participants of all ages. The climate strikes attracted the media and have caused numerous political and business leaders to promise change.


Saudi Arabia Oil Attack—What Does It Mean Going Forward?

On September 13th, Saudi Arabia fell victim to a drone attack on their state-owned oil processing facility, a resource they proudly consider to be their kingdom’s “crown jewel,” as oil accounts for 50% of Saudi Arabia’s GDP and 70% of their export earnings. The attack sent crude oil prices up 15% to about $69 a barrel, marking the highest price increase in over three decades. With such a heavy reliance placed on Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves, it is important for world leaders to keep in mind...


What Renewable Energy Looks Like Around the World

Renewable energy is growing in popularity across the globe, and with good reason—the benefits of renewable energy sources are widespread. Finding alternative energy sources that don’t require the use of fossil fuels can lower energy costs for consumers, create more stable and reliable energy prices, and make electricity more available throughout the world. Furthermore, climate change is proving to be a very expensive ordeal—costing $240 billion in economic losses in the United States...


Updated Community College Course Syllabi on globalEDGE

The Community College Course Syllabi section was recently updated by the globalEDGE team. This section contains a list of International Business focused syllabi from different community colleges in the United States. Including a wide range of disciplines, make sure to check out and utilize the Community College Course Syllabi resources to develop or enhance international business courses, as well as to gain knowledge as an educator.


How a “No Deal” Brexit will affect Europe's Economy

This year Halloween doesn’t just have everyone scared from horror movies and ghosts, but also the newest Brexit deadline. The United Kingdom is projected to leave the European Union in just over a month, and they still have no planned deal for a quiet exit. With Boris Johnson suspending Parliament, the question stands of how a “No Deal Brexit” will hurt other countries and Globalization.


The Move Towards Pop-up Stores and Small-Formats

Recently, big retail giants have been approaching their brick-and-mortar stores differently. Instead of following their traditional footsteps, companies have been looking into alternative ways to stay competitive in the digital economy and to attract a wider consumer base. This trend has just recently surfaced in the U.S., but for other countries, this has already been in practice for many years. In areas with dense population and expensive rents, it is very typical for retailers to...


In a Growing World, How Much Food is Needed?

The world population continues to grow at a rapid rate, currently sitting at over 7.5 billion people. With each individual comes the necessity for resources that foster survival and growth—mainly, humans need food and water. As society continues to expand to an astounding size, how much food is really needed to meet our growing needs?


Airfare and Cell Phone Plan Prices Increase in the U.S.—Does France Have the Solution?

Thomas Philippon, French native, moved to the United States in 1999 to pursue a graduate’s degree. While in the U.S., he noticed that cell phone plans and airfare were much more expensive in comparison to the prices in France. Twenty years later, he discovered that these prices were not only lower in France, but in Europe and Asia as well.


Economic and Security Effects of Hurricane Season

The month of September began with a sudden evacuation for many residents of the Bahamas and southeastern parts of the United States. The slow-moving Hurricane Dorian began its course of destruction with severe flooding and winds the first week of September. In the Bahamas alone, authorities predict it will take billions of dollars to repair the damages created by the hurricane. A country can prepare all they can for a hurricane—whether that means boarding up houses and stores, packing up...


Automation and Its Growing Impact on the Fast Food Industry

A CNBC report in late August reported the looming challenges that currently face the fast-food industry: high turnover rates. At Panera Bread, the employee turnover rate has reached 100%, a figure that is surprisingly low in comparison to industry estimates, which top 150%. A 2013 study by Cornell’s Rosemary Batt, a Professor in Human Resource Studies and International and Comparative Labor, estimated that businesses incur losses of approximately $1,600 per employee due to turnover. The...


A New Type of Global Advertising: Social Media Influencers

Advertising is – and always has been – an ever-changing and evolving way to market goods and services. As new types of media have developed over time, advertisers have had to make the leap from newspapers to television to websites as marketing platforms. Yet, there is a new type of advertising that is proving extremely useful to companies: social media influencers.


Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough: How Does It Compare to Other Companies?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems have been skyrocketing over the last ten years. With the emergence of Google’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and other informational AI's, companies continue to try and advance their offerings to be compatible with these tech assistants. The newest breakthrough in AI technology occurred just this week.


How will Asian Tech Giant Affect Tech Markets Across the Globe

Everyone has heard off Apple, but there is a new tech giant sweeping the world. Huawei, a Chinese based company has surpassed Apple as the world’s top cellular-equipment maker, and they are only continuing to grow. Huawei is not a popular name because it currently is illegal in multiple countries due to spying and cyber theft accusations, but around the globe, it continues to grow. The problem with Huawei for the U.S. is that no matter what the U.S. does, it will continue to grow.