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Let the globalEDGE blog keep you up-to-date on international business trends, news, and resources.

Let the globalEDGE blog keep you up-to-date on international business trends, news, and resources.
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Let the globalEDGE blog keep you up-to-date on international business trends, news, and resources.




The Chinese and American Trade War: What to Know and What is Happening Now

The United States and China have been in a trade war since July of 2018 when U.S. President, Donald Trump, imposed large taxes on imported Chinese products. President Trump declared a 15% tax on many American goods, and Beijing has fought back with 5-25% taxes on American goods. These taxes have created tension between the two country's markets, making it harder for businesses to sell in either country. But due to new agreements, this trade war may be coming to an end.


What Happens Next with the Iran and United States Conflict?

The United States has a long and controversial history within the Middle East. The U.S. maintains a large military presence in the region that has persisted for decades. The most recent conflict began early into the new year with the killing of the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani on Friday, January 3rd, an attack that was ordered by the United States military and Commander in Chief, Donald Trump. The U.S. Department of Defense stated that the general was part of a “Foreign Terrorist...


Athleisure Trend Around the World

A health-and-wellness storm has been sweeping through countries around the world. It has affected and shaped numerous industries, from food to technology. Of course, the ever-changing fashion industry is hopping on the bandwagon as well. This time, it has partnered with the sports industry to create apparel that can be worn not only during workouts. Athleisure wear gave exercise attire a stylish twist in addition to innovative fabrics that are designed for people to have a laid-back, yet...


Impacts of Blockchain Technology on International Business

As Britain continues with the process of exiting the EU, it appears that globalism has slowed into a more stagnant condition; however, there is one area where globalism continues to expand rapidly: the flow of digital data and information. With blockchain acquiring most of its fame from being the back-end technology that powered cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it is now blossoming across multiple industries. The potential of this up-and-coming technology is full of surprising possibilities...


The World of eSports

Just a few years ago, video games were no more than mindless games children and teens played to pass time. Parents would gripe about how their children spent too much time on their phones or gaming systems and, instead, they should focus more on schoolwork that would better prepare them for their future. But what if playing video games could make someone more money than going to college, earning a degree, and working a typical job could? Well, the world of eSports is doing just that.


Sustainable Travel Around the World

Throughout the world, sustainability is a growing trend. Consumers are beginning to recognize their contribution to climate change and habitat destruction, and a sense of social responsibility is growing. The tourism industry is no exception. Tourism is responsible for about eight percent of global carbon emissions. A single person flying from New York City to Paris generates 1,812.5 pounds of carbon dioxide according to Sustainable Travel International. So, let’s look at how people are...


The globalEDGE Team Returns for the Spring Semester

After a brief hiatus for our winter break, the globalEDGE team is back on campus and will return to our regular blog schedule. This semester, you can again expect to read insightful and informative posts Monday through Thursday of each week. We look forward to reconnecting with our audience and are excited for the next 16 weeks.


Thank You for a Great Semester

As the academic semester comes to an end for the globalEDGE team, we would like to thank our users for your continued support. From technology to international relations, we hope that our blogs were able to provide readers with exciting perspectives on current international business topics. The globalEDGE team will be taking a break from posting on our blog section over the coming winter break but will be back in action at the start of the next semester on January 6th. We hope everyone has a...


Is Commercial Space Travel the Next Big Business?

Commercial Space Travel has been a dream for years. Most science fiction media would tell you that it’s all aliens and fantasy—but it has become the dream of many humans to walk on the moon. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), while usually in the spotlight when talking about space travel, is not the top organization researching private flight.


Unrest in Chile Affects International Trade and Global Climate Change Initiatives

Since the subway protests began in Chile on October 18th, 2019, the country has stayed in a state of unrest, with some cities in a state of danger. The protests that initially started from a proposed increase in subways fairs are now a range of grievances over education, health services, economic equality, and improved social services overall. These protests are said to be interfering with president Sebastian Piñera’s vision of the country being a prosperous and peaceful nation to foreign...


How Advertising Changed Christmas

With the happiest time of the year just around the corner, people around the globe are beginning to prepare for their holiday traditions. Some plan trips to see family, while others are out shopping for gifts. Decorations are springing up, and joyous Christmas songs echo across the radio. Throughout many countries, people are beginning to prepare for Christmas and other holidays with dinners and meals. This might be through reservations at restaurants or orchestrating intricate meal plans.


The Global Rise of Technology

Technology has always been a common interest for many people across the globe. It crosses physical and cultural barriers to create common interests or goals among individuals and groups. Technology is always changing and will only continue to evolve in the future. The constant evolution of technology has created some impressive economic effects in recent years. S&P 500 technology sector has seen a 41% gain for the year, and this number is only expected to grow in the future. Despite the...


Global Debt Reaches New High - What It Means for World Economy

According to a report released by the Institute of International Finance on November 14th, global debt reached a staggering high of $250 trillion, rising $7.5 trillion in the first half of 2019. The expectation is that global debt will reach $255 trillion by the end of 2019. The primary contributors to this statistic are the U.S. and China, who account for 60% of the increase.


Forbes 2000 Corporations Update

The Forbes Corporations update has been completed on the globalEDGE website. The site now has the most recent Corporations from Forbes World’s Largest Public Companies List. The new information is located in the Corporations tab in the sidebar of each country. Countries can be located by selecting "By Country" from the "Global Insights" drop-down menu. The Corporations are separated into sections by country. For example, the United States corporations are located here. The Corporations tab...


How Chinese Censorship Influences Hollywood

Movies are a universally loved medium. Since the early creation of the moving image, crowds have gathered to watch immersive stories unfold upon the screen. With technological advancements, the accessibility of movies has drastically expanded. What formerly had to be seen at theaters can be viewed at home through DVDs and streaming platforms. It has never been easier to view a large variety of films, both from native and foreign countries. For those in China, however, the selection and...


Authenticity of Food and Globalization

As cultures collide, people are becoming more tolerable of changes and foreign ideas. During the past few decades, the variety in every aspect of life has been increasing, especially in the food industry. People are becoming more adventurous and willing to try different tastes and spices. However, some of these so-called "authentic" restaurants are not as authentic as they may seem.


Updated Country and State Trade Statistics

The Country and State Trade Statistics sections of the globalEDGE website was recently updated to reflect the most recent 2018 data. This data includes global exporter and importer rankings, total trade statistics, rankings of top trade partners, and the leading goods imported and exported from an area. Be sure to check out these pages at the links below to learn more about how trade is played out around the world.


Big Tech Breakup?

In the culmination of technology’s expansion, four companies have been placed above the rest as a result of their substantial growth: Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Due to each companies’ vast role throughout our world’s markets, the four businesses have been labeled as Big Tech when referenced to. Although the expansion of these companies may seem positive for the global economy, their industry dominance is perceived by many as the exact opposite. By becoming market leaders...


Major Shopping Days Around the World

With the holidays quickly approaching, shopping for holiday parties, friends, family, and even yourself will begin soon. Around the world, shopping for the holidays looks a bit different, but they all contribute to a country’s economic growth.


Overview of Streaming Services Industry

Cable television was the staple of entertainment for over 50 years until the arrival of streaming services was introduced at the start of the 21st century. The introduction of this concept revolutionized our accessibility to television, making ‘on-demand’ video readily available from any electronic device (phone, laptop, or T.V.). While cable television continues to diminish, with 19% of households already having "cut the cord," streaming methods continue to evolve with new companies...