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Let the globalEDGE blog keep you up-to-date on international business trends, news, and resources.

Let the globalEDGE blog keep you up-to-date on international business trends, news, and resources.
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Let the globalEDGE blog keep you up-to-date on international business trends, news, and resources.




Major Shopping Days Around the World

With the holidays quickly approaching, shopping for holiday parties, friends, family, and even yourself will begin soon. Around the world, shopping for the holidays looks a bit different, but they all contribute to a country’s economic growth.


Overview of Streaming Services Industry

Cable television was the staple of entertainment for over 50 years until the arrival of streaming services was introduced at the start of the 21st century. The introduction of this concept revolutionized our accessibility to television, making ‘on-demand’ video readily available from any electronic device (phone, laptop, or T.V.). While cable television continues to diminish, with 19% of households already having "cut the cord," streaming methods continue to evolve with new companies...


Updated Economic Classifications Risk Assessments

The globalEDGE team has updated the risk assessments for each country within the website's Economic Classification section to reflect the most recent data available. Here, users can explore countries by their classification in either the emerging market, frontier market, or mature market. Within each of these markets, the risk comparator tab allows for the comparability of countries based on six risk factors: country, political, currency, sovereign, the banking sector, and the economic...


Ocean Cleanup is Becoming Profitable

The state of our environment has become a hot button topic as many companies are turning to environmental sustainability. Each year there are approximately 14 billion pounds of trash dumped into the ocean. While many small non-profit organizations are setting out to try and fix this problem, it does not seem to be getting substantially better. China has 6 rivers in the “Plastic Ocean Input top 20”, 3 of which are in the top 4. This means these rivers are the top polluted rivers due to the...


Updated International Business Knowledge Quiz on globalEDGE

The International Business Knowledge Quiz, located in the Tools and Data tab on the globalEDGE website, has been recently updated. Questions more accurately reflect the most up to date information and statistics, in addition to some minor grammatical fixes. The quiz is a great way to learn about numerous countries and global business partnerships. With a test bank of around 100 different questions, the quiz can be taken multiple times while still offering new information.


Updated Community College Conferences on globalEDGE

The Community College Conferences section was recently updated by the globalEDGE team. These conferences usually occur from March until May every year at locations worldwide. This is a valuable destination that guides community college educators who are looking to refine or develop new programs. In addition, it also provides people interested in international business the opportunity to learn and connect.


An Exploration of the Global Meat Industry

The global pork market is currently facing a major obstacle: African swine fever. This disease has severely cut China’s hog population, which is predicted to drop around 40 percent from the beginning of 2018 to 2020. This will consequently reduce global pork production by 10 percent in 2020 and is especially consequential because China is the world’s leader in pork sales, yielding a value of 118.2 billion dollars in 2018. The disease and its negative effect on the ability of the pork...


Global Growth—Who Will Rise to the Top?

With the rapid changes in our world, it can be difficult to predict how our economy will change in reaction to international and domestic events. Despite a multitude of negative factors and events in the world today, the global economy is set to grow by about 3% in the next few years.


How Boeing-Airbus Feud Impacts Trade Between U.S. and EU

On October 1st, the United States was authorized by the World Trade Organization (WTO) to impose $7.5 billion in tariffs on EU goods, primarily aircraft and agricultural items. The Trump administration’s justification for this measure is due to claims that countries within the EU were illegally subsidizing the European owned aircraft producer, Airbus. Since the aircraft industry is dominated by two companies—Boeing, a U.S. company, and Airbus—the move to impose tariffs was to protect the...


The Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is defined as the discovery, development, and manufacture of drugs and medications. It’s widespread, including research, chemicals, and the regulation and involvement of government agencies. However, the characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry differ by region. Today, we’ll look at the key aspects of this sprawling industry in Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the United States.


An Update on Brexit

On October 14, 2019, the United Kingdom’s Parliament was reinstated after a 5-week suspension. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is persistent in wanting the UK to secede from the European Union. During the Parliament disbandment, the Prime Minister was able to secure a deal, The Withdrawl Agreement Bill, with the European Union. Prime Minister Johnson wanted to put it through Parliament quickly and finally go through with Brexit. Parliament voted and approved the Bill, securing Brexit to go...


Will the Amazon Rainforest Fire Burn Down the Economy?

The preservation of natural environments and resources is immensely important in the most universal of ways. Preservation helps to stabilize and ensure the habitability of different regions, while also protecting the rest of the earth from rapid changes in the climate. While this is reason enough to advocate protection of the wilderness, destruction of natural areas can negatively impact the economy by disrupting supply systems and resource production. For these reasons, it is crucially...


How Do Public Policies Affect Global Supply Chains?

As globalization continues, companies around the world are diversifying their supply chains and exploring outsourcing options. Expectations for supply chains are steadily increasing. The goal is for consumers to receive goods at lower prices and higher qualities in a timely manner. However, these are all contingent upon the political atmosphere. A company's supply chain in a particular country depends heavily on the restrictions on market access, transport and logistic services...


An Overview of the 2019 Global Competitiveness Report

The World Economic Forum has released the latest version of their annual publication, The Global Competitiveness Report, which turned 40 years old this year. The 2019 report highlights the cycle of low levels of productivity growth in the world economy despite the injection of over 10 trillion dollars by central banks. Although the overall tone of the report is negative, it emphasizes the ability of countries pursuing a holistic approach to socio-economic challenges to set themselves ahead...


Economies Struggle Throughout the World—Could There be a Global Recession?

Expert analysts predict tough times ahead for the world’s global economy. Although only predictions, there are many factors throughout the world that support these anticipations of the future; undoubtedly, the most significant is the number of nations at risk of entering a recession. If the predictions were to end up being correct, factors like this would be the prime cause of what experts are calling a “global recession.”


Is Hosting the Olympics Worth the Cost for Tokyo?

The Olympic Games have become a cherished tradition for millions of people all over the world. There is something special about a country uniting over one common goal: winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games. As incredible as the Olympic Games may seem to the viewers at home, the host countries often have an unpleasant experience with Olympic preparations. A country will work for over a decade to prepare for the games, and at the end of the Olympics, most host countries are stuck in...


The Implications of Daryl Morey’s Tweet on NBA Business in China

As mentioned in “Hong Kong Protests and their Potential Consequences” last month, the divide between Hong Kong and China over civil liberties remains fierce, with no resolution achieved as protests continue. Daryl Morey, one of the NBA’s most respected general managers as apart of the Houston Rockets, has come under fire for a recent tweet he made in support of the democratic protests in Hong Kong, in which he shared: “Fight for freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.”


The Strongest Industries Around the World

In an increasingly connected world, people and businesses are more likely to have contact with other countries. It is important to be educated on the status of industries around the world, and what makes up the economies of the countries that may be encountered through trade and business expansion. Today we’re going to look at some of the strongest industries in three areas of the world: Asia, Europe, and Australia.


How a New Phone Has Created the Ability to Further Connect the World

The iPhone 11 was recently released at another staggering retail price of between $699 and $1099. The iPhone 11 is claimed to be the most advanced phone that Apple has made, using their signature face-reading technology and increased camera power to draw in their customers. While there is still a strong demand for the newest phone by Apple, there is a new phone company that is making waves in the cell phone market.


Is it the End of the Tobacco Industry?

Tobacco has been a large industry ever since it was brought to Europe centuries ago. The American plant took off in popularity, becoming a commonly used product worldwide to be smoked and chewed. One of the primary factors causing tobacco consumption is the addictive nicotine found inside. Smoking continued to rise in popularity until its peak in 1963, where roughly 11 cigarettes were purchased per person per day in the United States. Other countries appeared to have a slightly later peak in...