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Episode 018: Skill Mapper - Exploring Your Organization's Hidden Talents

Wondering what the future of workforce planning looks like? Interested in exploring the full scope of your organization's skills? Host Matt DeSantis catches up with the folks behind hiQ Labs' latest workforce planning product, Skill Mapper, in an in-depth look at a tool that is helping to answer these questions. First, Amelia Barker, hiQ's Director of Customer Success joins the podcast to chat about her experience as an HR practitioner/consultant and the way that talent acquisition and...


Episode 017: Michael Housman: A conversation with Podcast Host & Data Scientist in Residence

hiQ's Workforce Scientist in Residence and the host of this podcast - Michael Housman - has spent countless hours interviewing other leaders in the space but we decided to turn the tables and interview him in anticipation of his departure from the podcast. Michael shares about how he landed in people analytics, how his training as an Economist colors the way that he approaches problems, his personal reflections about hosting the People Analytics Podcast, and what he's up to next. We're sad...


Episode 016: Ian O'Keefe - A conversation with JPMorgan Chase’s Managing Director, People Analytics

Ian O'Keefe has been involved in people analytic for 15 years across a wide array of organizations. He led people analytics at Sears, joined Google to work on Laszlo Bock's team, and now heads up talent analytics at JP Morgan Chase where he's responsible for 63,000 employees. As such, he's had a unique vantage point from which to observe how different organizations leverage data to understand their people and has a wide array of experiences to draw from when talking about what works and...


Episode 015: The Future of Work

Artificial intelligence is the hot topic that everyone's talking about these days but the term itself is very broad and it touches on predictive analytics, cognitive computing, and even robotics. Regardless of how it's defined, one thing is certain - it's making its way into the workplace through hundreds of different applications, tools, and technologies that people analytics teams can use to leverage the power of data science. For the 2016 Elevate conference in Santa Clara, hiQ put...


Episode 014: Susan Biancani - A conversation with Airbnb's data scientist & people analytics leader

Susan Biancani is a Harvard and Stanford graduate, PhD data scientist, and leader of Airbnb's people analytics initiative. Not only is she an incredibly thoughtful and knowledgeable people analytics practitioner but her efforts were profiled by TechCrunch for having doubled the ratio of female members of the data science team. Speaking to Michael Housman from the 2016 Elevation awards, she talks more about Airbnb's inclusion and diversity efforts, their strong focus on transparency when...


Episode 013: 2016 hiQ Elevate - Elevation Awards, Intel’s Alexis Fink, and Q&A w/ the PA Community

hiQ Elevate along with the first-ever Elevation awards were held on October 26th at co-host, Intel’s campus in Santa Clara, CA as the third of hiQ Labs’ 2016 Elevate series. The event recognized some of the most remarkable achievements in people analytics and brought together a wide range of professionals and practitioners to share best practices and learn from each other. In this Elevate-focused podcast, we hear from Intel's General Manager, Talent Intelligence & Analytics, Alexis Fink,...


Episode 012: Beverly Tarulli - A Conversation with Vice President, Human Capital Strategy & Workforce Analytics at PepsiCo

PepsiCo, Inc. is a lot more than a soft drink company. It's a multi-national company producing a variety of drinks, snacks, and foods with over 260K employees spanning multiple geographies, languages, and cultures. As such, it poses some unique challenges in terms of people analytics and Beverly Tarulli is the person who heads that effort. She comes on the podcast and shares some of the challenges that she's encountered, their biggest achievements, and her own philosophy towards her work....


Episode 011: Paul Edelman - A conversation with the Founder of Edelman and Associates

Paul Edelman is the managing director and founder of Edelman and Associates - a boutique recruiting company that focuses on people analytics teams - but he's far from your ordinary recruiter. He has an undergraduate degree in Physics from MIT, a PhD in Psychology from Harvard, and over 25 years experience in the space. He joins us on the podcast to talk about his work, trends he sees in the field, and the conversation even veers a bit towards some interesting ideas in cognitive psychology....


Episode 010: Chris Gagnon - Upping the HR Game (hiQ Elevate NYC 2016 Keynote)

In his keynote address for the May 2016 Elevate conference in NYC, Chris Gagnon (Solution Partner, McKinsey & Company) provides a bit of historical context around where the HR department sits within the organization and how they can elevate their own standing. He points out that the CFO wasn't always regarded as a critical strategic partner until some changes forced them to "up their game". Likewise, he sees this same transformation occurring to HR but points out that it must be...


Epsiode 009: Zev Eigen and Ryan Hammond: A Discussion of Big Data and Inclusionary Practices

Zev Eigen, Littler Mendelson's Global Director of Data Analytics, has an unusual background in that he is both an employment attorney and also a data scientist. As such, he's in a unique position to talk about some of the opportunities and the risks posed by some of the cutting edge data science techniques that are increasingly being applied to the workforce. He joins us on the podcast along with hiQ's very own Head of People Analytics - Ryan Hammond - to have a fun discussion about...


Episode 008: Eddie Ahmed - A conversation with MassMutual's Chief Human Resources Officer

Eddie Ahmed has a fairly unusual perspective as the CHRO of Mass Mutual because he was trained as a computer scientist. So he naturally thinks very analytically in terms of "if-else statements and infinite loops". What that perspective lends to his current role is the ability to ask probing questions and seek out the answers in unusual places. Eddie joins the podcast to talk about the stock ticker-like people analytics readout that he aspires to create, the one trait he thinks is most...


Episode 007: David Green - A conversation with IBM's Global Director, People Analytics Solutions

For this week's episode, we take a trip across the pond with David Green who is a people analytics leader, speaker, and award-winning writer. David has organized dozens of conferences for UK and Europe based people analytics practitioners so he has a unique perspective about how the space has developed overseas and what differences there seem to be with companies engaging in people analytics within the US. In fact, European companies have unique perspectives on privacy and security so...


Episode 006: Josh Bersin - The People Analytics Imperative (Part 2)

Josh Bersin is one of the foremost authorities on the ways in which HR is being transformed by technology. This episode is the second half of Josh’s keynote hiQ Elevate NYC in May 2016 where he talked about the place that people analytics will occupy within forward-looking companies, where he expects the space to be within 5 years, and even some of the cutting-edge research going that maps employees within the broader social networks that exist at work. It's an illuminating talk that sets...

Epsiode 005: Peter Cappelli - A conversation with The Wharton School’s George W. Taylor Professor of Management

Peter Cappelli is the George W. Taylor Professor of Management at The Wharton School and has been studying labor and personnel economics for well over three decades. He is regarded as one of the most influential scholars on the topic and was named by HR Magazine as one of the top 5 most influential thinkers in management. Dr. Cappelli joins us on the podcast to talk about how the interesting topics in HR research have evolved over the year, the emergence of people analytics, and the fact...

Episode 004: Geetanjali Gamel - A discussion with MasterCard’s Global People Analytics Leader

As an economist and Mastercard's people analytics leader, Geetanjali Gamel has a somewhat unique approach to people analytics. She knows that all the data science firepower in the world won't get you closer to your goal unless you ask the right questions in the first place. Geetanjali shares her thoughts about asking the right questions, which is especially relevant when you're the first people analytics hire and charged with building out the team. Have a listen since she shares a lot of...

Episode 003: Ernest Ng - A conversation with Salesforce.com's Senior Director of Employee Success

SalesForce is the quintessential San Francisco SaaS platform, has a market cap of $55 billion, and an employee population of 19,000 employees. A workforce of this size and diversity poses some challenges in terms of people analytics but their rockstar Senior Director of Employee Success - Ernest Ng - comes on the podcast to share some of his insight around how they prioritize different initiatives and where they focus their attention in order to help get their sales team up the learning...

Episode 002: Josh Bersin - The People Analytics Imperative (Part 1)

In this episode of the People Analytics Podcast, we were lucky enough to have Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte, share his thoughts on the state of HR technology and people analytics. He delivered this keynote at hiQ Elevate in New York in May 2016 and talked about how data was completely disrupting the way we think about organizational culture, diversity, employee engagement, and performance reviews. According to Josh, companies are struggling to keep up with all the...

Episode 01: Is Software Better at Managing People Than You Are?

Fortune magazine published an article in March 2016 entitled: "Is Software Better at Managing People Than You Are?" The title is meant to be provocative but it does force us to wonder what role data and algorithms has in developing and managing talent. At the May 2016 Elevate conference in New York City, moderator Michael Housman had the pleasure of hosting a panel with three people analytics leaders - Ryan Hammond (hiQ Labs), James Gallman (GE), and Emilie Thomas (Hersheys) - two of...