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The iDigress Podcast simplifies go-to-market and sales enablement strategies to grow your business. The Webby-nominated podcast hosted by Troy Sandidge, aka the Strategy Hacker®, provides actionable takeaways, insights, and proven methodologies to help you build the systems you need to achieve sustainable and scalable success in under 30 minutes! Follow Troy on Twitter @FindTroy. Get in touch with Troy at iDigress is a part of the HubSpot Podcast Network.

The iDigress Podcast simplifies go-to-market and sales enablement strategies to grow your business. The Webby-nominated podcast hosted by Troy Sandidge, aka the Strategy Hacker®, provides actionable takeaways, insights, and proven methodologies to help you build the systems you need to achieve sustainable and scalable success in under 30 minutes! Follow Troy on Twitter @FindTroy. Get in touch with Troy at iDigress is a part of the HubSpot Podcast Network.


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The iDigress Podcast simplifies go-to-market and sales enablement strategies to grow your business. The Webby-nominated podcast hosted by Troy Sandidge, aka the Strategy Hacker®, provides actionable takeaways, insights, and proven methodologies to help you build the systems you need to achieve sustainable and scalable success in under 30 minutes! Follow Troy on Twitter @FindTroy. Get in touch with Troy at iDigress is a part of the HubSpot Podcast Network.




Ep 56. State Of The Business Marketplace: Are The Odds In Your Favor For You To Scale Or For Your Business To Fail? [A Masterclass On Achieving Sustainable Growth]

Do you want $500K, $5M, or $50M+ in sales? Are you making the right investments, performing the right marketing and sales initiatives, and embracing the right platforms with the right messaging to position yourself to reach those numbers and beyond? The reality is this marketplace is unlike any other we've experienced before. And the honest truth is many Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMBs, Agencies, Marketers, BDMs, SDRs, B2Bs, SaaS, Tech, etc are missing the mark entirely because they haven't...


Ep 55. Are You Focusing On The Wrong ICP To Increase Sales? When Should You Use Inbound & Outbound Marketing In Your Business & Are You Depending Too Much On Social Media?

Do you want to generate more growth for your business? Of course, you do. But the biggest thing holding companies back from achieving their desired growth comes down to perspective. How do you perceive your marketing, messaging, and marketplace? How does your ideal client profile (ICP) perceive your marketing, messaging, offering, and brand? Have you considered you've been focused on the wrong ICP, which is hindering you from achieving the growth, sales, and benchmarks you need? Are you...


Ep 54. The Blame Game: Marketing vs Sales, Which Is Really Responsible For Growth?

Who in your organization is genuinely responsible for growth? Is it marketing? Is it sales? Do you know? Is your organization even running and tracking things in an optimal way for you to know what's working and what's not? The reality is that many teams, departments, and groups can be doing their jobs but aren't making any progress because they are not doing their jobs as individuals that complement the strengths and negate weaknesses for the organization's greater good. I keep it raw...


Ep 53. You're Tracking The Wrong Data, Your MarTech Stack Is Probably Abysmal, & Your Business Could Use Some S.O.A.P. If You Want To Scale This Year!

On this episode, I will address something your business is probably doing wrong. You're either tracking the wrong data, haven't implemented or updated your martech stack, or you haven't applied S.O.A.P. to clean your business in a way to optimize it to scale to the level you want this year. Yes, I said what I said, so you should listen to this episode to get the depths of my words to assess your business and apply accordingly. P.S. You will also find some bonus content where I talk about...


Ep 52. iDigress Is Nominated For A Webby Award! Going Back To My Roots. 5 Critical Growth Strategies That Will Increase Any Business.

iDigress is nominated for a Webby award! In this episode, I share my live reaction to being nominated for the Webby's People Voice Award in the Creativity & Marketing Podcast Category, as well as take you back to my roots just dropping a ton of value with clear and concise actionable takeaways of five growth strategies you can implement starting today to increase the growth of your business. Vote For iDigress To Win The Webby For Best Creative Marketing Podcast: You can cast your vote for...


Ep 51. Want To Skyrocket Your Business? Ask Yourself: Are You In The Right Space? How To Attract Your Ideal Customer In An Oversaturated Market.

Many of you are making noise but not saying what your ideal audience wants to hear. You may think you sound like a well-tuned symphony with your messaging, but in actuality, you might sound like nails to a chalkboard to the very people you are trying to do business with. In most cases, an increase in content creation, content distribution, content mediums, or content ad spend will never be the solution to content that was doomed to fail from its conception. You need to ask two questions...


Ep 50. The Big 5-0! My Reflection On The iDigress Podcast & How To Create Space In Order To Reach Your Future Success!

We made it to Episode 50! In celebration of making it to this milestone, I reflect back on building the iDigress Podcast, lessons learned along the way, and what to expect moving forward. I also talk about how necessary it is to create optimal space before you embark on a journey of growth and transformation in your business and for your own self-development. This episode is more of a motivational rant combined with examples from my own personal stories on how to chase after a vision and...


Ep 49. Ask The Strategy Hacker: How To Decode The Right Sales Tactics To Generate Consistent Content, Conversations, & Conversions

Sales extraordinaire Phil Gerbyshak gets to play the game of Ask The Strategy Hacker in which we discussed how to leverage content to establish your brand, position your business, elevate your authority, create more conversations, dominate your market, increase the effectiveness of content distribution to drive more sales and revenue for your business in 2022. On this episode, I redefine the quality vs quantity debate forever. I showcase how livestreaming or direct-to-consumer content of...


Ep 48. Four Lessons To Reach A Billion Dollars In ARR And How To Create The Catalyst For Business Sustainability & Growth Scalability!

Let's be honest, scaling a business is not for the faint of heart. It's incredibly challenging and involves a lot of risk, sacrifice, patience, poise, and persistence. In order for your business to scale effectively, you must have a clear path on what you need to do to make that leap in growth. On this episode, I cover the four lessons Kieran Flanagan, SVP of Marketing at HubSpot, reflects on that attributed to HubSpot reaching one billion ARR. I also talk about the business, marketing,...


Ep 47. Real Money Moves Requires You To Position Your Business With A Growth Mindset Using The Right Language, Relationship Marketing, & Psychology To Get Those Money Bags!

Who wants to make some money? A sustainable, scalable, successful business simply requires consistently being able to do one thing: make money. Now money is definitely not everything to building and maintaining a business, but without it, nothing can build from it. This episode is a fast pace, worldwide of information, passion, and various conversations featuring me on different mediums expressing and echoing a singular message: the right mindset + the right marketing will lead you to the...


Ep 46. How To Become A Better Ally For Black Businesses, Professionals, Creators, All Black Everything!

There are 3 As to becoming a better ally for black businesses, professionals, creators, leaders, all black everything. The three things are awareness, accountability, and action. This episode is all about education, enlightenment, and empowerment to articulate in a very candid way why learning how to be a better ally to black employees, coworkers, leaders, businesses, professionals, creators, audiences, customers, clients, listeners, viewers, etc will make a significant impact to your...


Ep 45. Business Is A Mind Game Pt 2. How To Apply Behavioral Science To Eliminate Friction Costs & Optimize Mode Of Payment To Persuade The Customer To Say Yes And Trust You.

This is Part II of the Business Is A Mind Game series tackling how to incorporate behavioral science and integrate it within your marketing, sales, UX/UI, lead pipeline, messaging, branding, and communication with your ideal customer base. I will show you how understanding mental accounting, friction costs, and mode of payment from a behavioral science perspective is critical in optimizing your approach in maintaining and gaining new business in this ever-changing digital world we live in...


Ep 44. Business Is A Mind Game Pt 1. How To Apply Behavioral Science To Head E.A.S.T. In The Minds Of Your Customers To Increase Your Profit Margins.

If you are trying to market and sell something, you are in the behavioral science business. Unless a business influences behavior, it will not succeed. A business needs people to buy and use its products and services to generate revenue. It needs people to make and deliver those products and services. And it needs to do those things better than its competitors to survive and grow. If there is one thing to learn from behavioral science, it is this: what people do is often not the same as...


Ep 43. Do You Know Your Number? Hold Yourself Accountable To Achieve Your Business Goals In 2022!

There's only one question you need to have the answer to in order to create a roadmap to make 2022 your best year yet in your business: 'What's the number?' Understand that number also represent everything you want your business to do for you. And when you have clarity about the cost that comes with the success you want, you then can reverse engineer it into actionable tasks you must achieve daily to get it. Beyond The Episode Gems: Free tool to give your website a professional audit and...


Ep 42. Hourly Rates vs Project Pricing: Charge For Value For Results Instead For Time. How To Position Your Price For Exponential Growth Next Year.

Do you charge by the hour or by the project? Is the sales process the one you chose to implement or is it what everyone else told you that your business had to do? Honestly, are you making the money, getting the business, generating the leads and opportunities you want? If you hesitated or your answer is no, it might be time to sincerely change some things. In this episode, I'm going to challenge you on your pricing infrastructure and how you view the value and worth of your business....


Ep 41. Create A R.O.W.E. To Victory! How To Approach Your Sales Journey Like Olympians To Win Gold In Business.

The odds of becoming an Olympian is roughly 1 in 500,000. In other words, there's a better chance of finding 50 four-leaf clovers than competing for your country at the highest level. But hey, the odds are in your favor to go for gold in business. It's time to apply the Olympic mindset approach in your sales and marketing within your business to win! This episode will take previous iDigress episodes regarding how to sell and incorporate lessons and methodologies we can learn from Olympians...


Ep 40. The 7 Stages To Unlimited Growth By Applying The C.L.O.V.E.R. Business Framework™ To Unlock Your Growth Mindset To The Next Level

Do you believe you can achieve a level of growth you've never seen? To unlock unlimited growth, you must believe there are no limits. The limits do not exist in your mind. But you have to elevate your growth mindset in order to reach that higher level of growth and success. This episode will walk you through my seven stages to achieving sustainable growth and show you how to apply my C.L.O.V.E.R. Business Framework™ to obtain it within your business process and infrastructure...


Ep 39. Quality vs Quantity. Content Creation vs Content Distribution. Value vs Volume. Which Combination Will Get You The Best Results For Your Business?

Quantity vs Quality. Content Creation vs Content Distribution. Value vs Volume. Which combination would you focus on for your business? Social media marketing? Will work for your audience? It's time to tackle one of the greatest debates in marketing, which is more important: quality or quantity? This episode is jam-packed with gems, various points of view, and is intended to dig deep into how do we quantify quality, how much volume do you need to do to have effective quantity, and is...


Ep 38. Jack Of All Trades vs Master Of One: What Really Drives Business Performance Forward?

I'm sure you've heard this phrase before, "A jack of all trades is a master of none" right? Which one would you consider yourself? Jack of many trades or master of one? But my real question to you is, have you heard the full quote? In this episode, we'll debunk the truth of this quote and talk about which one is better for business productivity, performance, and sustainable profitability. ##### • Rate & Review iDigress: • Get Strategy Solutions & Services:...


Ep 37. How To Build Trust Currency: A Masterclass On Increasing Brand Equity To Maximize Your Business Growth Potential

Everyone wants to talk about Brand Identity: Who am I? What am I? What's my niche? Who is my target audience? Where's my community? You know, the usual stuff. But what businesses don't do enough, is put the time in to understand their level of Brand Equity: How much value do you have in the bank today? How many people are buying into your brand right now? Are you getting enough value back? What is your brand perception and experience among those who engage with your brand? Are you...