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Insurance Journal TV - Property and causualty insurance news and features.

Insurance Journal TV - Property and causualty insurance news and features.
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Insurance Journal TV - Property and causualty insurance news and features.




“Power” Your Way to a Strong Brand & Culture (part 2)

Why should your organization seek to be “a human brand?” And how do you even make that happen? Listen as Tony Wessling, co-author of The Powers: Ten Factors for Building an Exponentially More Powerful Brand, outlines the second set of requirements in this follow-up on his new book. The strongest brands and cultures are built from the inside out, following a meticulous, strategic and fun process, says Tony. Organizations also need to be very specific in their positioning vis a vis...


NICB Discusses Consortium Offering Geospatial Intelligence

Jim Schweitzer, SVP and COO of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, describes the separately funded consortium created to offer the property casualty insurance industry access to country-wide and top 100 metro area aerial imagery. Offering both oblique and vertical imagery, as well as access to areas that may not even be open to the public allows insurers to get a jump on claims. Listen to this interview with Claims Journal’s Denise Johnson. The post NICB Discusses Consortium Offering...


From Blockchain to Brexit, EY’s Crawford Offers Perspective

At the recent Global Insurance Forum held in Berlin, there were plenty of discussions about how the insurance industry is changing along with the world it serves. Shawn Crawford, a partner at EY and a panel moderator at the conference, spoke with Carrier Management Editor Mark Hollmer about two of the bigger issues the industry has focused on these days: Blockchain and Brexit. The post From Blockchain to Brexit, EY’s Crawford Offers Perspective appeared first on Insurance Journal TV.


Agency Owners: What Would You Do with a Mulligan?

If agency owners close to retirement could go back in time, what would they say their younger selves? That’s an excellent question raised by InsurBanc CEO Dave Tralka in a return “On Point” appearance. “Boomer owners often have regrets that, with the luxury of time, they could have cleaned up. Maybe it’s a better work/life balance,” Dave says. Or perhaps hiring younger producers and future owners, investing in technology, or owning real estate versus leasing. “The single-biggest topic that...


California Workers’ Comp Division Chief Talks About System

George Parisotto, administrative director of the California Department of Workers’ Compensation, is overseeing sweeping changes to the system in the last few years. Parisotto spoke with Insurance Journal’s Don Jergler about these changes, how the system is doing and where it’s headed. The post California Workers’ Comp Division Chief Talks About System appeared first on Insurance Journal TV.


Eliminating Passwords on Sticky Notes

Raise your hands: Who relishes managing all those agency user IDs and passwords to access carriers? For some it’s at least a part-time job. Besides the hassle, there is risk of customer data falling into the wrong hands. Serious risk, in fact, now that New York, South Carolina and likely other states soon will require multi-factor authentication (MFA) for expanded logon and customer data security. Listen to this informative podcast as the newly appointed business manager of ID Federation,...


Agents & Brokers Warm to Insuretech

New insurance technology, or insuretech, isn’t just about the impact on carriers. Agents and brokers aren’t resting, according to returning podcast guest Ellen Carney of think-tank Forrester. Agents are investing in digital startups, she says – some of them are unhappy with poor-quality technology tools from vendors and carriers. “They’ve become quite GEICO-like in their behavior – rolling out features like bots, click to call, click to chat, or investing in analytics to collect more...


Building Risks for the World Cup

Daniel Gmelin, senior vice president at Argo, head of architects and engineers and miscellaneous professional liability has spent his entire career helping to insure large scale construction projects, including stadiums similar to those at the 2018 World Cup. In this podcast with Insurance Journal’s Andrea Wells, Gmelin talks about the risks of building and renovating stadiums under strict deadlines, security concerns and lessons learned for the future. The post Building Risks for the...


Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau Chief Talks About Technology Beef Up

California’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau is going through a digital shift. The WCIRB is putting more resources into providing insurers with more analytics and benchmarking capabilities and getting brokers more access to data they can use to market clients to carriers. The group has recently added numerous new facets to its website, and is funding research and development to look into new technologies and data. Bill Mudge, president and CEO of the WCIRB, talked with...


Rethink Your Entire Pricing Strategy Kevin Ament

You give customers a recommendation and a price for an insurance product, and then they buy it or not buy it. Simple, right? Not exactly. You’ll be fascinating by this podcast on “behavioral economics,” featuring returning guest Kevin Ament, marketing director at Progressive Insurance. It’s all about context. Listen as Kevin outlines a series of pricing strategies that will have you and your team updating your entire value proposition as well as how you offer products and prices. Learn how...


7 Tips on Shopping for Quality Claims Services

Kevin Quinley, founder and principal of Quinley Risk Associates, explains why vetting claim service providers is important and offers his top tips on evaluating potential vendors. The post 7 Tips on Shopping for Quality Claims Services appeared first on Insurance Journal TV.


State Fund CMO Talks About Reducing Opioid Prescriptions for Injured Workers

California’s State Compensation Insurance Fund is reporting a 60 percent drop in opioid prescriptions for injured workers, and a 74 percent reduction in expenditures on opioids prescribed to injured workers covered by State Fund. It’s all part of a strategy to deal with the opioid crisis launched four years ago. Dr. Dinesh Govindarao, State Fund’s chief medical officer, discussed the strategy with Insurance Journal. The post State Fund CMO Talks About Reducing Opioid Prescriptions for...


Ground Imagery Complements Aerial, Drone Footage

Doug Jentzsch, director of Geomni, a Verisk business, explains how smartphones and tablets can assist in capturing property photos that may be obscured from aerial view. The post Ground Imagery Complements Aerial, Drone Footage appeared first on Insurance Journal TV.


Aerial Imagery and Data Extraction Explained

Doug Jentzsch, director at Geomni, a Verisk business, explains the ways aerial imagery is derived and how property information is extracted from it. The post Aerial Imagery and Data Extraction Explained appeared first on Insurance Journal TV.


Lloyd’s New Index Highlights Risk to Cities Around World

Trevor Maynard, head of innovation at Lloyd’s, said the carrier’s new City Risk Index measures risk from 22 separate threats in 279 cities across the world. These risks go beyond natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes, to include manmade risks like cyber-crime, interstate conflicts and market crashes. He spoke with Insurance Journal about the new index, and called out some of its biggest revelations about the risks to cities. The post Lloyd’s New Index...


“Power” Your Way to a Strong Brand & Culture Tony Wessling

So, you have a company with a catchy name, a nifty logo, and a website with some cool animation on it. Is that a brand? Probably not. Brand is an emotional, abstract concept that guides purchase decisions. The brand is shorthand for things people like or not like….Or wish to associate themselves with or disassociate with. And it takes time to build one. Amazon has been around since 1998. Starbucks launched in 1971, but it wasn’t a true brand until more than a decade later. Listen as Tony...


Adopting a Drone Inspection Program

Cory Shelton, head of UAV Technology at Geomni, a Verisk business, explains the pros and cons of using drones for property inspections and discusses what insurers need to consider in evaluating an in-house program versus third party drone service provider. The post Adopting a Drone Inspection Program appeared first on Insurance Journal TV.


4 ‘Big Bets’ on Personal Lines

Independent agencies that focus on personal lines with niches and dedicated producers are cleaning up, and Safeco President Tyler Asher wants more agents to join the cause. In this high-energy podcast, Asher outlines four bets the company is making on the future, to include “agent first,” “customer-centric,” “deeply digital,” and “innovation always.” He adds, “We are very optimistic about where independent agents are going with personal lines.” Safeco also has made a half-dozen investments...


Insureon President Offers Calming Words for Those Fearing AI Disruption

Jeff Somers, president of Insureon, said insurance professionals shouldn’t fear losing their jobs to artificial intelligence. Somers believes that while AI may eventually replace some insurance industry jobs, such a change is a long way off, and people will continue to be a part a critical part of the insurance process. In fact, Somers believes AI should be embraced, as it can help automate some of these simple service tasks that might consume a typical agent or broker’s time today. The...