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BaDFun Episode 6: An agile approach to kick-starting data transformations, with Aaron Reich

Our guest for episode 6 of the BaDFun podcast is Aaron Reich, global lead for emerging technology at the global technology consulting firm Avanade. Tasked with guiding Avanade's research and development 3-5 years into the future, while drawing from lessons learned by many of the largest companies in the world, Aaron is uniquely placed to understand the challenges Enterprises face when attempting to bring data solutions into production. Aaron talks about stages of organizational readiness,...


BaDFun Episode 5: Finding the right business problems to solve using data, with Alex Brooks

In episode 5 of the BaDFun podcast we speak with Alex Brooks. Alex is founder, leader, and rainmaker at Entreprov, a Seattle-based team of two engineers, a data scientist and a back end developer who are using data to efficiently solve the kinds of problems many small to medium sized businesses are facing, like customer segmentation tools for marketing and enagement. Alex speaks about the hurdle businesses face in finding not only the right mix of technology to solve business problems, but...


BaDFun Episode 4: Democratizing Property Buying on a Startup Budget, with Ricardo Barrera

Our guest this week is startup founder Ricardo Barrera, a former Microsoft manager and experienced data scientist who at one time was responsible for optimizing the exabyte-scale data backbone of the world's largest technology company. Now Ricardo is trying to democratize the way that real estate is purchased by automating many aspects of the property evaluation process. His approach raises the bar on traditional real estate valuation techniques by combining typical real estate data with...


BaDFun Episode 3: Embracing data science in healthcare, with Siddharth Mahapatra

This episode features Siddharth Mahapatra, director of master data management for one of the largest healthcare systems in the US. Siddharth spoke about how healthcare providers are embracing data science, in directions like Please join us for an episode that’s as relevant to organizations outside of the realm of medicine as it is for healthcare providers.


BaDFun Episode 2: Transforming to a Data-Centric Culture, with Rebecca Goehner

This week our guest is Rebecca Goehner, a management consultant in the Pacific Northwest, with degrees in neuroscience and economics, who focuses on strategic development. Rebecca spoke about how native processes develop and grow within organizations, and how data can be used to augment and change the direction of these processes to make them more efficient and effective. She dived into details with an example of how data can be used to simplify and accelerate sales pipelines across all...


BaDFun Episode 1: Supporting Enterprise-Scale Data Innovation, with Joe Heck

Joe Heck, an Engineering Director in the CTO”s office at Dell EMC, talks about his work improving data center operations and anomaly detection using approaches like digital twins. He digs deep into obtaining buy-in for data projects, the value of a hypothesis-driven team culture, vetting new initiatives to support innovation while focusing on customer pain points, and where to expect growth and bottlenecks in the next few years.