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TP119 - Adding the Human Touch to AI

For health systems, artificial intelligence is more than a buzz-term spoken at conferences: there are numerous opportunities for machine learning systems to support clinical efforts, marketing and operations. In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss how AI can play an important role in healthcare and how to build a business case for AI. They are joined by Julia Steed, VP of Marketing at Invoca, in which she discuss how to consider human empathy when implementing artificial...


TP118 - Taxonomy and Hashtags - the Semantics of Digital

In hospitals and health systems, as digital tools, content and strategies continue to expand, the need to structure and relate information together becomes increasingly important. In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss the importance of taxonomy and hashtags, and how developing a consistent, prioritized approach will help define the semantics of our digital ecosystem. They are joined by Josh Schlaich of Healthwise, in which he shares ways organizations can leverage the...


TP117 - The Customer Journey is Not Linear

In healthcare, the consumer journey in pursuing care is far from a linear funnel. In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss the factors modern hospital and health system professionals need to consider when mapping out customer journeys. They share essential components to consider when evaluating a customer’s journey and are joined by Tom Hileman, president of The Hileman Group, in which he shares his healthcare flywheel model. Mentions from the Show:How to Create an...


TP116 - Internal Communications in the Digital Age

Within a health system, the application of digital strategies not only support marketing and patient experience efforts, they also extend to supporting internal communication efforts. In this episode, hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith discuss the way internal communications can extend past emails and the intranet to embrace mobile, video, persona development and KPI/measurement strategies. They are joined by Jacob Sloan and Megan McCook from Baylor Scott & White, in which they explain how...


TP115 - Your Website Isn’t Your Website Anymore

Hospitals and health systems realize that their website is the most important touchpoint in their digital tech stack - but many elements of the modern website are changing and shifting. In this episode, hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith discuss a number of factors that are changing the modern website, including how search engines, personalization and the Internet of Things. They are joined by Carrie Liken, Head of Healthcare at Yext in which she discuss why it’s important to embrace...


TP114 - Developing a Data-driven Content Strategy

For health systems, adopting a content strategy involves understanding their audiences and aligning content to a specific business purpose. With the advancement of digital tools and strategies, many organizations are adopting advanced ways to measure and determine the effectiveness of their content marketing. In this episode, hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith discuss ways to measure content efforts, including the top KPI’s that are actionable for content strategists. They are joined by Gina...


TP113 - Social Media Management Systems - Technology or Process?

For many health systems, managing social media can be a challenging task - and the need for a social media management system (SMMS) is critical. However for many professionals, they see SMMS as a technology solution and not a shift in the overall social media process. In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss the different types of social media software, the elements of a social media management system and share ways organizations can begin to evaluate their current state and...


TP112 - How Do We Measure Up, Part 2: ROI as a KPI

This second part of the series on measurement and KPIs explores how organizations can measure financial ROI of their efforts. Hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith discuss the two ways to measure ROI, and the essential pillars need to build an ROI measurement strategy (hint: it’s not necessarily a CRM...but it helps). They are joined by Jackie Martin, principal of Branch Strategy, in which she shares her perspective on how hospitals and health systems can build a strategy-first approach. Mentions...


TP111 - How Do We Measure Up, Part 1: The Ins and Outs of KPIs

In the first of two shows focusing on how our industry measures their efforts, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer share tips on how to understand the differences between metrics and KPIs, how healthcare marketers compare to other industries in proving the value of their digital marketing and the right types of KPIs we should use to align with our strategies. Mentions from the Show: Xasis Survey: Meauring Success: A Global Study of How Marketers Prove the Value of Their Digital Media...


TP110 - “Live” from SXSW 2019

This week, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer share, via a series of interviews, experiences and ideas from this year’s SXSW. From the history of how the health track was formed, to thoughtful insights on data privacy, AI, ethics, healthcare equality and data, this episode features interviews with other Touchpoint Media co-hosts and friends of the show: Aaron Clifford, Dr. Byan Vartabedian, John Berndt, Zac Jiwa, Steven Cutbirth and Greg Matthews. In addition, Reed shares how to plan to...


TP109 - Act Now! 100% Guarantee! Email Marketing Isn’t as Spammy as it Seems!

Email marketing is one of the oldest tactics in a digital marketer’s toolkit - but is it still relevant and effective? In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss the state of email marketing and illustrate some important statistics that highlight how important emails are to a health systems’ communications and marketing efforts. They are joined by Jessica Troccoli, former email strategist from HCA Healthcare, in which she shares ways in which hospitals can embrace emails to...


TP108 - The Anatomy of an Online Review

It’s commonly understood that online reviews are an important component of hospitals’ and health systems’ online reputation management efforts. But are all online reviews the same? In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer explore the various elements of an online review - from open vs. closed review systems, the benefits of a five star rating system to how organizations can benchmark their efforts against others. They are joined by Chrissy Daniels of Press Ganey, in which she shares...


TP107 - The State of Digital Marketing for Hospitals

In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer dive into the the latest study from Greystone/Klein Partners:”The 4th Annual State of Digital Marketing for Hospitals,” an annual survey or more than 200 healthcare marketers and digital professionals from various healthcare organizations. From websites, social media and CRM, the hosts discuss their perspective on how digital has evolved over the years and their analysis on why certain digital strategies are gaining momentum and others might...


TP106 - Your Website Isn’t Enough

Hospital and health system digital marketers focus much of their attention on ensuring their website is the authoritative source of information about their organization. However in the new digital environment, the information on third-party websites often has a bigger impact on the online customer journey. In this episode, hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith discuss how organizations can begin considering “non-owned” digital channels - from directory sites to Wikipedia - in the digital...


TP105 - Using Digital to Build Trust Online

Building trust with customers online is difficult, particularly when customer expectations are continually changing and competition for trust is growing. But for hospitals and health systems, gaining trust is critical to branding and patient loyalty. In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss methods in which health systems can use digital to build brand trust. They are joined by guest expert Jeff Sofka, CEO of Bendigo, who shares how organizations can leverage sports...


TP104 - The Four U’s of Online Experience

User experience (UX) refers to a person's emotions and attitudes when they interact with and experiences a product, service or solution. As UX continues to grow in importance for healthcare digital marketers, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss the four U’s of online experience: User Experience, Usability, Utility and Usefulness. In addition, they discuss how these factors (along with Desirability) lead to good user-centered design. They are joined by Jillian Penrod, CEO of Infotistas,...


TP103 - Are you a front-end or back-end content strategist?

Whether you are creating your content calendar or planning your content production, it’s important to determine if you have all the elements of a robust content strategy. In this episode, Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss the concepts of front-end and back-end content strategy and share their experiences working with hospitals and health systems on their content development efforts. They are joined by Joe Stradinger, Founder of Edge Theory, where he shares his experience working with...


TP102 - The Impact of the Digital Native on Healthcare

With the increasing impact consumerism is having on health systems, hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith weigh in on the potential influence “digital natives” can have on new online strategies - both from a consumer and employment perspective. From virtual care offerings to social media training, they even attempt to bust myths about digital natives. They are joined by Dr. Farris Timimi, the Medical Director of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network, in which he describes their formalized training...


TP101 - Finding the Right Digital Advertising Mix

For hospital and healthcare marketers, the challenge of determining the right balance of online advertising spend is challenging. Paid search, display ads, social media advertising, native and video advertising - the options are numerous and confusing. In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss various techniques they have found to help budget and plan SEM efforts to effectively support marketing and communication efforts. They are joined by David Pace, SEO/SEM Lead for the...


TP100 - 2018 Listener Choice Awards

In this annual “Best-of” 2018 show, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer reflect back on 2018, sharing some of their most favorite topics, guests and episodes from the Touchpoint podcast and countdown listener’s top voted categories, including: best cold-open, best episode topic, best guest expert and the coveted Top Fan of 2018. Congratulations to Bridget Thomas (best guest), Mitch Holdwick (biggest fan), and Jess Columbo! Mentions from the Show: Bridget Thomas on LinkedIn Mitch Holdwick on...