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The What the Eff podcast was born because, simply put, we have no idea what the eff we’re doing. We’re building a company. And that sounds cool. But every other day we’re over here singing Gaga’s ‘Million Reasons’ and hanging on to our one reason to stay. (That song is about entrepreneurship right?)

The What the Eff podcast was born because, simply put, we have no idea what the eff we’re doing. We’re building a company. And that sounds cool. But every other day we’re over here singing Gaga’s ‘Million Reasons’ and hanging on to our one reason to stay. (That song is about entrepreneurship right?)
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The What the Eff podcast was born because, simply put, we have no idea what the eff we’re doing. We’re building a company. And that sounds cool. But every other day we’re over here singing Gaga’s ‘Million Reasons’ and hanging on to our one reason to stay. (That song is about entrepreneurship right?)




27: 3 Ways to Let Go of Mom Guilt

Summary: Join Sydney and Taylor for an emotional conversation on something nearly every mother knows all too well: mom guilt. Sydney reveals how she’s struggled adjusting from being a stay-at-home mom to one who works outside the home. She shares three practices she’s implementing to help remove mom guilt, and Taylor gives her perspective of growing up with a working mom and why she’s thankful for her mother’s decision to have a career. Takeaways We can’t find happiness and alignment...


26: How to End Your Pain and Fear Once and For All

Join Sydney and Taylor in a raw conversation unlike any episode we’ve done so far. Taylor leads an in-depth discussion based off of her experience reading chapter three of Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.” She’s been practicing Tolle’s principle that the only real thing is what’s happening right NOW - not the past, not the future - and to only put your energy toward the present. Taylor explains specific points around this teaching that has helped...


25: The Power of Now

SUMMARY: In episode 25, we’re talking about exactly how to live in the NOW. We’ve all experienced our brains jumping into the future and projecting/stressing about what *could* happen (sometimes multiple times a day). We’re discussing why this can be so damaging to yourself and limiting your ability to achieve your goals. Sydney reveals how she works with her kids to help them live in the present, and Taylor shares the one word she says to herself when she’s projecting worries in her mind....


24: Trust Your Desire

Summary: In this episode, we discuss the vitality of trusting that the universe is working to give you what you want! Taylor shares how she did the exact opposite of this when she moved to Georgia and how that panned out for her, and how she and Sydney are working to implement this truth as they expand their company. We also answer some listener questions, including what priming looks like for us these days and how we’re achieving balance in the midst of growing a business, moving to a new...


23: Bigger is Better

Summary: In this episode we discuss how we’re going to start dreaming bigger. Like, BIG, bigger. We share the story behind one of our major goals for the company, and how it was unexpectedly brought to new levels that even WE hadn’t dared to dream for ourselves. This episode is for you if you’re ready to start trusting more in your path and the universe’s abundant plan for you, and if you’re ready to see the “unrealistic” things you want in your life, start showing up in even bigger,...


22: If You Want a Different Life, Go Above and Beyond Your Norm, and Give Yourself the Freedom to Fail.

This episode is all about what going above and beyond the norm looks and feels like in real life right now. We want different for our lives, so we’re LIVING differently, CHOOSING differently, and remaining open to all possibilities because we know that despite fears or failure, it’s all for our highest good. This episode is perfect for you if you want to get a real take on what all this looks like in the lives of two young entrepreneurs in the middle of taking some big steps.


21: Where The Eff Have We Been??

After taking a few weeks off to focus on our other business, we're back!! Before diving back in with regular content, we figured we'd take a minute to address what the past two months have looked like for us, where our focus has been, what we've learned, and answer some questions. Takeaways: - We discuss where we're at right now, our biggest "what the eff moment" from the past two months, and what our goals are moving forward. - An update about the move to Georgia. Sydney talks about...


Episode 20: Why You Need To Be Specific

In this episode, we discuss one of our favorite simple but powerful tactics for bringing exactly what you want into all areas of your life, both business and personal. Go get what you want and let yourself have it! - Get specific about what you want, make a list of everything you'd like to come into your life, no stipulations - Create moments or experiences that allow you to feel what it is that you want. You want your vibration to match the vibration of the thing that you want so that...


Episode 19: Staying Present: Not letting your stories block your greatest life with Henry Ammar

In today’s episode, we sit down with Henry Ammar to discuss exactly how to stop getting caught up in the stories that take us away from the present moment. It’s time to drop all the ways we prevent the universe from gifting us the ability to create our greatest life.


Episode 18: You Are What You Think

In this episode we dive deeper into the old adage "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right." We talk about what it means to use the power of your mind to create the physical reality that you want, and the techniques that we're using to instantly transform how we think about our businesses and our lives. Takeaways: - Our perspective of the world is shaped when we're children. We emulate our parents, and take with us their mindsets about things like money, body...


17: Taking Yourself to the Next Level...Today.

Today we're discussing one of the best ways to take yourself and your life to the next level. We've all experienced getting so pumped and excited after listening to an amazing podcast or reading an inspirational book, and then experiencing that question, "well now what?" It’s not always easy figuring out the specifics for getting from point A to point B. And it can be even harder to find the right support system around you while you do so. So our latest project, which we're talking about...


16: Burn the effing boats!

As Tony Robbins teaches, when people are given the option to either die or succeed, they tend to succeed. But most of us give ourselves a way out, so we don't end up getting what we want. It's critical to "burn the boats" that are your way out. Burn the boats and take the island! In this episode we talk about the big (and scary) ways that we're doing that in our lives and the ways the universe has showed up to support us. Takeaways: - Taylor on taking a big move as a single person...


15: Change of plans, God is here. A BTS look into our photoshoot with model Katie Tebow, and how faith is the key to everything.

In this episode we dive into a behind the scenes look on the photoshoot that will soon launch our new collection for Cove, with special guest, Katie Tebow! The week did NOT go how we planned and gave us a perfect example of how God/The Universe wants to how up in our lives in big and small ways. We also make a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about our immediate future. Takeaways:


14: Owning your True Identity and Taking Responsibility for your Own Happiness

In this episode we discuss a topic that has become increasingly relevant in our personal lives, so we decided to revisit it! In our marriages, our jobs, our relationships, and all the roles we each hold, how do we FIND HAPPINESS in ourselves? What happens when the job changes or the relationship ends? Or your kids move out? Who are you? What truly makes you happy? We get personal as we chat about our (ongoing) journeys to finding wholeness in ourselves and the immediate effect it's had on...


13: How To See Your Problems As Opportunities

In this episode, we share a miraculous experience that we had while in NYC together. IT WAS A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT!! Here, we share how it’s totally changed our perspective on so-called “problems” and exactly how to look at any form of resistance as an opportunity and invitation from a powerful universe. This episode is perfect for you if you want to radically shift the way you look at the problems in your life.


BONUS 02: A behind the scenes update on our startup company

This bonus episode in the mini-series “What the Eff Now” is a recap of what’s been happening behind the scenes of our activewear start-up, Cove, since we last updated. If you’re curious about how we’ve transformed our design process into the easiest it’s ever been, and how we attracted the perfect investor in just a few short weeks, it’s all in this episode. TAKEAWAYS:


12: CC Miller is here to tell you there is no perfect moment. Get over yourself and just start.

Summary: CC Miller is a mother, turned photographer, turned accidental interior designer, turned young adult fiction author. The woman knows how to pivot and she does it well. If you are looking for that boost of motivation to stop waiting for the perfect moment, and just START already, CC is your girl. She knows how […]


11: Priming! How to transform your life starting NOW.

Summary: If you’ve ever heard us talk about “priming” before and been curious about how to start implementing it into your own life, then this is the episode for you. Today we dissect the method that has transformed our lives and once enabled Taylor to attend a $16,000 event for only $3,000. Take Aways: […]


10: Elle Rowley will make you believe that you can turn your small business into a million dollar one.

Summary: Elle Rowley is the woman who has and does it all, and yet somehow doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself. She is the CEO of her company Solly Baby, a luxury baby-wrap line, and is one of the 2% of female entrepreneurs not only to MAKE IT but to hit that million dollar […]


09: Ignore the last episode, everything has changed!

The last 24 hours has changed everything we thought we knew.