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A New Angle is an educational and business podcast highlighting awesome people doing cool things in and around Missoula, MT. We live in the College of Business at the University of Montana.

A New Angle is an educational and business podcast highlighting awesome people doing cool things in and around Missoula, MT. We live in the College of Business at the University of Montana.
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A New Angle is an educational and business podcast highlighting awesome people doing cool things in and around Missoula, MT. We live in the College of Business at the University of Montana.








Erin Switalski on the vital work of Women’s Voices for the Earth

Women’s Voices for the Earth is a Missoula based national non-profit organization doing big things on a national scale. The group’s aim is to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in a surprising and disturbing number of household products, particularly products used predominantly by women. We talk about WVO’s mission and strategy and how you can be more aware and get more involved


The Big Dipper's Charlie Beaton Knows Ice Cream, Music, and Balance

Montana has a handful of iconic establishments, and The Big Dipper is one of its finest. In this week's episode we learn all about it with founder and owner Charlie Beaton, a Missoula legend. Charlie not only creates killer ice cream, but he also makes great music as the lead singer for VTO. On top of that, hes a passionate family man and had a keen sense of the sort of life he wants to build for himself and his family. Check out The Big Dipper at: www.bigdippericecream.com


Black Coffee's Matt McQuilkin on Coffee, Community & Creativity

Matt McQuilkin and Jim Chapman launched Black Coffee Roasting Company in 2010 and it quickly became a fixture of the Missoula scene. In this conversation, Matt and I discuss the series of experiences that uniquely prepared him for success as a coffee entrepreneur and how he has turned that success into deep support for the Missoula community. To learn more about his great product, shop, and staff, visit: https://www.blackcoffeeroastingco.com Or stop by the shop at 525 E Spruce St in Missoula.


Meg Whicher: Recreation Evangelist

Meg Whicher is a Recreation Specialist at Missoula Parks and Recreation. In four short years she's become a fixture of


Tester, Gianforte, & Ward on Higher Education and the 6-mil Levy

Investment in higher education is a hot topic across the country and in Montana especially. Every ten years since 1948 Montanans vote on a ballot measured called the 6-mil levy, which represents a substantial funding mechanism for the state's university system. The 6-mil levy returns to the ballot this November. In this special episode we present the viewpoints of Senator Jon Tester (D), Congressman Greg Gianforte (R), and UM Bureau of Business and Economic Research economist Bryce Ward....


Eric Sprunk, COO at NIKE, on Leadership, Opportunity and Coming Home

Eric Sprunk was the commencement speaker at this year's University of Montana graduation ceremony. In today's episode, we track Eric's experience as an accounting student who graduated in from UM in 1986 though to his current position as head of Nike's global operations. It's an amazing story and along the way Eric has developed a powerful and inspiring set of leadership principles. He also has some important ideas about how to conceptualize and seize opportunity. Thanks for listening!


Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament on Creativity, Hustle, and Giving Back

Jeff Ament was born in Havre and grew up in Big Sandy. His Montana roots and pride run deep and returning to his home state is a big part of what keeps him balanced. Our conversation dug into several key themes about the basis for his gritty work ethic, his creative process, and his commitment to creating opportunity for others. We also explore the magic that has kept Pearl Jam at the top of its game for over 25 years. Jeff's knew solo album, Heaven/Hell, releases on May 10th. Check it out!


Lisa Mills and Elephant Friendly Tea

Lisa Mills is the creator of the world's first tea certification program. In this episode she tells us about the devastating effects conventional tea farming has on the severely endangered population of Asian elephants. The program she launched - Elephant Friendly Tea - is a fantastic example of the important collaborative, interdisciplinary work happening at the University of Montana. Housed at UM's Broader Impacts Group, the project brings together wildlife biologists, policy makers,...


Christopher Preston: Philosopher for the Synthetic Age

This week we chat with Christopher Preston, Professor of Philosophy at University of Montana. Christopher recently published The Synthetic Age: Outdesigning Evolution, Resurrecting Species, and Reengineering Our World. The central argument of the book is that human beings have fundamentally altered the planet in a manner unprecedented in history. We chat talk about the areas in which this is happening - climate, genetics, artificial intelligence, etc. It's fascinating, horrifying,...


Clark Fork Coalition's Karen Knutsen: What the River Needs

This week's episode features my conversation with Karen Knutsen, Executive Director of the Clark Fork Coalition. Karen's focused and dynamic leadership has lead the coalition to many critical achievements in its work to protect and restore the Clark Fork River watershed. We talk about the mission of the CFC and how she uses that mission as a guide for deciding what the CFC should do and initiatives it should say "no" to. To learn more about the Clark Fork Coalition, visit www.clarkfork.org


Switchback Records: Students Making Music

In this episode we chat with some of the amazing University of Montana students behind Switchback Records. Switchback Records is an entirely student-run record label operating out of the College of Business’s Entertainment Management Program. On April 13, Switchback will launch its first album Elvis: Missoula to Memphis and this episode we discuss all the work leading up to this achievement. Enjoy!


The Dram Shop Origin Story with Zach Millar

Learn how Missoula's Dram Shop went from crazy idea to booming business in this week's conversation with Zach Millar. This interview was done on location, catching Zach as he tuned up the shop for a regular day of business. That makes the sound quality a bit challenging, but we think the content is solid and authentic. The Dram Shop will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary on Saturday April 7th with cool promotional events happening all day. In conjunction with this, A New Angle is...


Joel Benenson - Chief Pollster and Strategist to Obama and Clinton

Joel Benenson is a premier political strategist and pollster. He's the only Democratic pollster to have played a leading role in 3 winning presidential campaigns. He recently visited University of Montana to speak with our students about the Big Sky Poll project. Joel and I discuss the roll of polling, the problems associated with reporting on poll results, and how some things went wrong (for his candidate) in the 2016 election. Joel is founder and CEO of The Benenson Strategy Group where...


R2C's Michelle Cardinal: CEO, Philanthropist, Activist

This week we feature Michelle Cardinal, CEO and Co-founder of the R2C Group, a digital marketing firm headquartered in Portland, OR. Michelle was recently on campus as this semester's Gilkey Lecture Speaker. She used the opportunity to talk about the power of business to give back and do good. We talk about the important work she and her firm are doing to fight homelessness and we also discuss some interesting ideas on women in the workplace. Thanks for listening!


Mike Foote: Mountain Athlete, Innovator, Community Builder

In this episode to connect with "friend of the pod" Mike Foote. Mike is a legendary mountain athlete who competes with the world's best in two sports that few people know about - ultra running and ski-mountaineering. He is the co-founder and race director of The Rut Mountain Runs and sits on the board of the Five Valleys Land Trust. We talk about the creative and innovative spirit he brings to The Rut as well as his deep commitment to protecting public lands. Be sure to listen all the way...


BONUS EPISODE: Griz Hoops - March Madness!

Today we drop in a special episode. Over the last year I've had three members of the UM Men's basketball team as students in my class - Jamar Akoh, Fabijan Krslovic, and Bobby Moorehead. These fellas exemplify what student-athletes can be and are great representatives of our community. I caught them for a quick chat on the eve of the Big Sky Conferences Tournament. We talk about the team's development over the course of the season and their expectations for playing well into March Madness...


Paramount's Jeremy Sauter on How Movies Are Made

It's award show season, so this week we feature our conversation with Jeremy Sauter, Marketing Executive at Paramount Pictures. We discuss how a film moves (or doesn't) from idea to release and the various drivers of success. It's a bit of art and a bit of science and Jeremy draws on his deep experience working on many films to help us understand this complicated and mysterious industry. Jeremy is a big part of the University of Montana family. He currently sits on the UM Foundation's...


Michelle Huie & Stef Sample: A Case-Study in Coaching Success

In this episode we speak with Michelle Huie and Stef Sample. Michelle is founder of VIM&VIGR and Director of Marketing at Submittable, two important start-ups headquartered in Missoula. Stef is a serial Montana entrepreneur who owns and operates a broad portfolio of businesses. She is also a professional coach and coaches executives and entrepreneurs through the REWIRE platform. Stef coaches Michelle and today we dig into the dynamics of their relationship.


Seth Bodnar on Leadership & Change at University of Montana

In this episode I sit down with University of Montana President Seth Bodnar. Seth is six weeks in the job and brings a unique blend of experience an youth to the position. We explore his leadership philosophy and how to bring thoughtful change to UM.


"Don't let them shut you up!" Sexual Harassment in the workplace

In this episode I'm joined by University of Montana Regents Professor of Marketing Jakki Mohr and Associate Professor of Management Suzanne Tilleman. Together we explore the timely topic of sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace and our role as business educators in addressing the problem. We're not experts in this area, but we tried to advance the conversation as best we could.