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OTR Ep. 034 On The Record Deere Sues AGCO & Precision Planting over Patent Infringement

In this podcast we explore the possible outcomes of Deere's lawsuits against Precision Planting and AGCO, how high-speed ISOBUS will expedite plug & play compatibility, Titan Machinery's first quarter earnings for fiscal year 2019, and rancher sentiment and changes to the Financial Accounting Standards Board's accounting standards for companies that lease equipment.


OTR Ep. 033 On the Record: McKinsey Report Studies Farmer Behaviors

In this podcast, we discuss the results of McKinsey & Co.’s farmer behaviors survey, Western Equipment’s new facility, SEMA Equipment’s consolidation, United Ag & Turf’s merger, bankers’ increased optimism of ag prospects, the new partnership between Farmers Edge and Raven Industries, Rocky Mountain Dealerships’ and Cervus Equipment’s first quarter earnings, and John Deere’s second quarter earnings.


OTR Ep. 032 Dealers Report Used Equipment Inventory Improving

In this podcast, we discuss the improvements farm equipment dealers are seeing in used equipment inventories as well as used equipment pricing, Titan's growth in Germany, Little Equipment Ventures acquisition of Stable'N, and CNH Industrial and AGCO's first quarter earnings.


OTR Ep. 031 More Leadership Changes at CNHI Emerge

In this podcast we discuss big changes in CNH Industrial's leadership, dealer consolidation and changes to Ag Equipment Intelligence's Big Dealer Report, the Bayer-Monsanto merger and what it means for the ag industry and updates to the 2018 Farm Bill.


OTR Ep. 29 Steel Tariff Could be 'Devastating' to U.S. Ag

In this podcast, we look at the impact the 25% tariff on steel may have on the U.S. ag economy, the adoption of precision technologies oversees, year end results for Rocky Mountain Dealerships and Cervus Equipment and Dana Inc.’s purchase of GKN.


OTR Ep. 28 Will Rising Interest Rates Impact Farmers' Equipment Purchases?

In this podcast, we look at how interest rate hikes might impact farmers' decisions on whether or not to buy equipment, an encouraging outlook for 2018 sales from rural lifestyle dealers, where no-till farmers plan to spend their money when it comes to equipment needs this year, and John Deere's latest earnings and updated 2018 forecast.


OTR Ep. 27 PFG America Invests to Strengthen Deutz-Fahr Brand in America

In this podcast, we look at the company that was formed to distribute Deutz-Fahr tractors in America — PFG America, The Climate Corp.’s parternship with Case IH for 2-way data sharing, more on Kinze’s partnership with Degelman, Case IH’s new classifications for autonomy and AGCO’s 2017 year end results.


OTR Ep. 26 Kinze Announces Move Into Crowded Tillage Market

In this newscast, we discuss Kinze’s surprise move into the tillage market, an announcement from the Equipment Dealers Assn. and the Assn. of Equipment Manufacturers that starting in 2021 manufacturers will make certain diagnostic and repair information available to customers through their dealer networks, a few big announcements from CNH Industrial, including positive year end results, along a look into some of the benefits of joining a dealer peer group.


OTR Ep. 25 Large Ag Equipment Sales Finish 2017 on High Note

In this podcast, we discuss the positive shift in large ag equipment sales the U.S. saw as 2017 came to a close, the recent Precision Farming Dealer Summit, and how farmers will need to evolve in response to the challenging ag market, Deere’s 2017 annual report. We also mark the 100th episode of On the Record with a look back of the top 10 episodes over the last 3 years.


OTR Ep. 23 On The Record: Titan Machinery Sets Inventory Goal of 3X Turn

In this podcast, we discuss Titan’s goals for improving inventory turns, compensation averages for precision farming personnel in dealerships, AGCO’s new product development plans and improvements in dealer sentiment, both in North America and Europe.


OTR Ep. 22 On the Record: Deere Suggests Ag Equipment Industry Turning the Corner

In this podcast, we discuss Deere’s suggestion that we’ve turned the corner on the current ag equipment downturn, artificial intelligence in ag, what the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act means for farm equipment dealers, Titan Machinery’s outlook for fiscal year 2018 and a drop in producer sentiment.


OTR Ep. 21 On The Record: Deere 4Q Ag Sales Increase 22%

In this podcast, we discuss some of the trends and innovations we saw at Agritechnica, the ag waiver for the Electronic Logging Device Rule, how precision technology is playing into the market share equation in Germany, Mahindra’s growing presence in North America, new startup company Agrodeviate and Deere & Co.’s latest earnings report.


OTR Ep. 20 On the Record: Judge to Make Ruling on North Dakota Dealer Law by End of December

In this podscast, we have an update on the North Dakota Dealer Protection law and when we can expect a ruling from the judge, we take a look at the results from Purdue’s Center for Commercial Agriculture’s latest Ag Economy Barometer and what producers are saying about used equipment values, Deere dealers are looking to hire more precision farming techs, and the third quarter earnings reports from Rocky Mountain Dealerships, Cervus Equipment, CNH Industrial, AGCO and Alamo Group.


OTR EP. 018 Dealers Project 2018 Revenue Growth

In today’s podcast, we discuss the results of Ag Equipment Intelligence’s 2018 Business Outlook & Trends survey, irrigation equipment dealers short-term outlook, Farmers Edge’s new partnership with Planet, how tractor and combine sales through the first 9 months of the year compare to the same period 5 years ago and Art’s Way’s third quarter results.


OTR Ep. 17 Tonutti Family Regains Control of Tonutti-Wolagri

In today’s podcast, we share Carlo Tonutti’s story of losing control of his family’s company, Tonutii-Wolagri, and how after a 2.5 year struggle he’s regained ownership, how the Internet of Things fits in the ag landscape, New Holland’s new methane-powered concept tractor, and an upswing in equipment sales in Germany.


OTR Ep. 16 Equipment Needs for Hurricane Clean Up — Learning from Katrina

In today’s podcast, we discuss what can be learned from 2005’s Hurricane Katrina clean up equipment needs in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, AGCO’s closing of the Precision Planting acquisition, Titan Machinery’s latest earnings and Deere’s acquisition of Blue River Technology.


OTR Ep. 15 Is This the Bottom of the Trough?

In today’s podcast, we discuss a quick update on the North Dakota dealer protection law, whether or not we’re currently at the bottom of the trough in the ag economy cycle, a new joint venture among 4 agribusinesses, and the latest earnings reports from Cervus Equipment, John Deere and Buhler Industries.


OTR Ep. 014 Major OEMs & AEM Lawsuit Put Brakes on Dealer Bill of Rights Law

In today’s podcast, we examine the lawsuit the Assn. of Equipment Manufacturers and the major OEMs have filed to stop the North Dakota “Dealer Bill of Rights” law from going into effect, Krone’s decision to cancel its plans to relocate its headquarters, the unique challenges of remarketing precision farming equipment and the latest earnings reports from Rocky Mountain Equipment and Alamo Group.


OTR Ep. 013 AGCO Makes Waves with Precision Planting Acquisition

In today’s podcast, we look into AGCO’s announcement that it’s acquiring Precision Planting from The Climate Corp., the Challenger branded equipment will no longer be sold in Europe and the Middle East, John Deere Financial is now the No. 5 ag lender, and CNH Industrial and AGCO’s second quarter earnings.


OTR Ep. 012 Farmer Finances Show Signs of Improvement

In today’s podcast, we discuss improving farmer sentiment, results of Strip-Till Farmers 4th Annual Strip-Till Operation Benchmark Study, Deere & Co.’s new alliance with German manufacturer Kramer, how some OEMs are relying more on their suppliers for dealer product training and the latest dealers’ improving sales forecast for 2017.