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Hi, I'm one of the leading personal finance and money bloggers in the UK, and I've been hosting Cash Chats since January 2017.

Hi, I'm one of the leading personal finance and money bloggers in the UK, and I've been hosting Cash Chats since January 2017.
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Hi, I'm one of the leading personal finance and money bloggers in the UK, and I've been hosting Cash Chats since January 2017.






Ep62: My holiday prep checklist

Oversized luggage, inadequate insurance and expired visas are just some of the ways I've been caught out on holiday. Avoid these and other mistakes by preparing for your summer holiday now. Sorry it's been a few weeks since the last episode - filming for Shop Smart Save Money has been great but cut my available time. Anyway, I'm back, and this week I'm sharing my holiday prep checklist. Essentially these are the things I'll work through NOW - not just before I'm due to fly. Leave these until...


Ep61 What's wrong with the high street?

The high street has been back in the news with M&S and Carphone Warehouse the latest to announce massive store closures, and a survey from Which? revealing the shops we like the least. It doesn't look great for the high street. I now live in a relatively wealthy part of Yorkshire compared to other parts, and there are lots of independent shops and restaurants. But in the three months I've been here we’ve lost the H&M, Byron, Maplin, Game, Thorntons, East, Top Shop, Miss Selfridge,...


Ep60 - Wedding savings for guests and couples

Wedding season well and truly kicks off this weekend, so I wanted to talk about the ways you can avoid spending a fortune, both as a guest and if you're the couple tying the knot. More at


59 - Ask Andy inc old clothes for vouchers, credit cards and GDPR

Another Ask Andy special where I answer your questions. This time I tackle the H&M clothes recycling scheme, paying off credit card debts and why you're getting so many emails from businesses thanks to GDPR. More over at


Ep57 The companies keeping your money

Companies are happy to take our cash, but it's sometimes a different story when they owe us money. This week on the podcast I share how I've had to chase brands, from Council Tax to Three to Travelodge, for money they didn't automatically pay me back. Tune in to find out where you should be checking for some long forgotten cash. More and links over at


Ep55 Couponing w/ guest Jordon Cox

I've never been 100% convinced by couponing, so I asked Coupon Kid Jordon Cox to join me on the podcast this week and convince me it's worth the time and effort. We talk about where to find coupons, how to make sure you don't get carried away, "wombling" and why you should tap your loyalty cards to get even more. Get links and more at


Ep54 The big chocolate rip-off

As someone who is passionate about getting the best value for money, I’ve got issues with Easter. Easter eggs specifically. Nowhere else are manufacturers and supermarkets charging such a premium for something you can get in a different shape all year around for far less cash. So in this episode I've shared how to avoid overpaying for your Easter chocs. as well as some tips to save money all year round. More at


Ep53 Ask Andy: Childcare Vouchers, LISAs and bank switching

I'm answering your questions this week on the podcast, including changes to Childcare Vouchers, Lifetime ISAs vs Help to Buy ISAs, and exactly how bank switching works. More info and links can be found at


Ep52 Best ways to save at the cinema

I love going to the cinema, but I hate paying full price which can easily hit £15 or more. So I've hunted out the best savings which I've shared in this week's podcast. From how anyone can get student prices, through to the best loyalty perk it's possible to pay around £5 on average. More over at


Ep50: Battle of the supermarkets

We've all got different reasons for picking the supermarket we shop in. It could be price, it could be quality, it could just be whichever is nearest. But we've all got our favourites too. So in this week's episode I've been joined by three other money bloggers to argue which is best. I've championed Waitrose, while Katy Stevens from Katy Kicker is on the side of Aldi, Helen Dewdney from The Complaining Cow advocates Tesco and Jane from Lady Janey speaks up for Sainsbury's. Tune in to hear...


Ep49 Ask Andy inc what to do with unused credit cards, plus Monzo, Nectar & O2 Priority

It's been a while since I've tackled the questions you've sent me via email, Twitter and through comments on the blog, so I picked four of the recent ones to share my answers. Here's what's in this episode. - Do you have to keep putting the O2 SIM in your phone when you use the O2 Priority Moments app trick? And can you use it for priority tickets? - Should you cancel an unused credit card? - Can you still use the Monzo card as a prepaid account? - How do you spend Nectar points in...


Ep48 Escape the 9-5 rat race w/ guest Ravi Rajani

Get your money in shape so you can start working on your dream job. Five years ago I knew I want to do something different, something outside the normal corporate working regime. Now, I'm my own boss, doing something I love (that's this blog and podcast by the way). So how do you get yourself to something similar? Well there's a lot of hard work for sure, but one of the biggest barriers is money. So I asked Ravi Rajani to join me on this week's podcast to talk about the things we've both...


Ep47 Are you getting the most from your bank account?

Banking is boring, right? Well, it doesn't have to be! I've made thousands of pounds over the last four and bit years by making sure my back account is working for me. So in today's episode of Cash Chats I share what you can do to get free cash, earn the highest interest, get cashback and reduce your overdraft fees - all from moving your business to a different bank.


Ep46 Sticking to money resolutions and goals w/ guests Faith Archer and Jane Wallace

Did you set a money resolution at the start of the year? We're at that point where willpower starts to falter and all our best intentions are forgotten. So in this episode I talk to money bloggers and journalists Faith Archer and Jane Wallace to share how you can keep motivated and stick to those financial goals. Read more over at


Ep45 Beat debt and take back control

If you're worried about your lack of savings or are looking over your shoulder at mounting debts it's time to take action. In this episode I share how you can start clearing debt and how to take back control of your finances.More and links at


Ep44 How you can be clever with your cash in 2018

In the first episode of the podcast's second season I want to share how being clever with your cash can save you a huge amount of money this year. When I started the blog in 2014 I set myself a challenge. I wanted to see just how much money I could save in a year. And not through being frugal and cutting back. Instead it was just through making simple decisions to ensure I got the best value for money every time I could. And it worked. I was managed to save close to £14,000 over those 12...


Ep43 Do you really save money in the sales?

With the big end of year sales already underway in some shops, this episode is focused on whether you're actually likely to save money if you buy now, or if it's all a bit of a con. Plus I share how you can work out the real discount on offer. More over at


Ep42 The energy comparison con

The savings that show up on energy comparison sites might not be true. With the cold snap, I'd be amazed if you didn't put the heating on. And doing that might have prompted you to think about how much you're paying for your gas and electricity. Switching is a GOOD THING, and can save you hundreds of pounds. But with the vast majority of comparison sites I feel you're being misled, particularly if you're already a savvy consumer and have already fixed. There's a risk you might be tempted...


Ep41 Christmas gifts w/ guest Emma Drew, Katy Stevens and Nikki Ramskill

With Christmas Day rapidly approaching I've invited money bloggers Emma Drew, Katy Stevens and Nikki Ramskill to chat about buying Christmas gifts. We chat about budgeting, whether you should regift, the pros and cons of Secret Santa and the danger of leaving your presents under the tree. More, including links to articles covering some of the topics we cover, can be found at


Ep40 Your shopping consumer rights with "Complaining Cow" Helen Dewdney

Ever bought something you don't like, or received an item that's damaged? Do you know your rights? In this consumer rights special of Cash Chats I talk to Helen Dewdney about getting your money back and complaining. I'm a frequent complainer - though only when there's a reason to do so - but my guest this week takes it to another level. Helen is more commonly known as the "Complaining Cow", and you may have seen her on TV sharing some of her tips to help you fight your corner when trying...