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We're ripping up the rulebook and transforming HR and learning for the 21st century. Our podcasts include interviews and discussions with industry experts discussing how we create and develop the workplace and workforce of the future and include 'A catch up over Coffee' with Kelly.

We're ripping up the rulebook and transforming HR and learning for the 21st century. Our podcasts include interviews and discussions with industry experts discussing how we create and develop the workplace and workforce of the future and include 'A catch up over Coffee' with Kelly.
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We're ripping up the rulebook and transforming HR and learning for the 21st century. Our podcasts include interviews and discussions with industry experts discussing how we create and develop the workplace and workforce of the future and include 'A catch up over Coffee' with Kelly.




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Futureproof Podcast with Connor Gillivan

Connor Gillivan is the author of Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies. He started his first business, Portlight, when he was 20 out of his college dorm room drop shipping products on Amazon and scaled it to sell over $20 million of product in its first 4 years. Connor started in late 2015 to connect the top 1% of freelancers online with business owners. It now serves over 2,500 businesses worldwide. Today, he is the CMO of FreeeUp driving growth...


Futureproof Podcast with Emma Hanmore

Emma Hanmore recently spoke at DisruptHR delivering her talk on Steve the Seed and Paul the Pip - both apprentices, one who flourishes in the garden whilst one doesn't. This talk inspired this podcast interview. Kelly and Emma talk about growth, apprentices, supporting our colleagues, and being accountable for our personal development. Do not miss this episode, we could all do with a bit of Emma in our HR teams. About Emma Hi! I'm Emma, I'm 22 (the question everyone always wants the answer...


Futureproof Podcast with Jan Hills

Kelly has been researching and learning about neuroscience for the past five years and having read Brain Savvy HR spoke to Jan Hills about neuroscience and how this can help us all more at work and in all areas of our lives. Join Kelly and Jan as they talk about a brain savvy approach to work. About Jan Throughout my career I have helped leaders run better business. In 2009 I started to use the findings from neuroscience and other behavioural sciences to back up the advice and learning...


Futureproof Podcast with Herdis Pala

Join Kelly and Herdis on this episode as they talk equal Pay and why Iceland has taken the lead on this, why it's important to focus on life success and not just work success and why we all need a little more heart-based leadership. Herdis Pala is an experienced HR Leader, has been in the field since early 2000. She currently holds a position as a VP of HR & Marketing in an IT company in Reykjavik, Iceland. Being a firm believer in the concepts of Self-Leadership and 360° Success she runs...


Futureproof with Tim Roberts

In this episode, Kelly and Tim talk about Learning and Development and what needs to change to enhance the experience for our learners. They also talk capes, football and why sometimes starting from scratch can be the best approach. Tim is Learning & Development Partner at Missguided where he is responsible for the end-to-end L&D strategy with a big focus on designing and delivering learning and coaching initiatives. Tim’s previous roles have seen him work for some large organisations...


HR Coffee Break - Mental Health Awareness Week - How Full Is Your Bucket

In this episode of HR Coffee Break for Mental Health Awareness week, Kelly talks about how to empty your stress bucket, why sleep is vital for our mental wellbeing and why daily actions to help our mental wellbeing are important.


HR Coffee Break - Mental Health Awareness Week - Snap Out Of It & Pull Yourself Together

In this podcast for Mental Health Awareness Week Kelly talks about why we shouldn't be telling people with mental health issues to just snap out of it, why we need to be more empathic and why it's good to talk.


HR Coffee Break - Mental Health Awareness Week - Anxiety

It's Mental Health Awareness week and in this podcast episode, Kelly talks about what anxiety is, how it can impact us all at one time in our lives and some tips on how to decrease and try and prevent anxiety. And if you'd like to access our free resources to help increase your wellbeing and mental health, head over to


Futureproof with Vicky Holdsworth

Join Kelly in this episode of Futureproof as she talks with Vicky Holdsworth about the workforce of the future. This episode includes a conversation on how we bridge the gap between where we are now and where we need to be, how tech and leadership can both create better places to work and why we need more women mentors. Starting her career working for an IT consultancy, Vicky has since worked within the charity and agency sectors before taking on her current role as the Marketing Director...


Futureproof Podcast Catrin Lewis

Who better to talk communications with that Reward Gateway's very own Catrin Lewis, creator of the much talked about and loved Unicorn. Join Kelly and Cat as they talk unicorns, engagement, storytelling, avoiding the news and being passionate about what you do. The talk of news does go slightly off topic (apologies in advance!!) Catrin is the Global Internal Communications Manager at Reward Gateway aka the RG Unicorn. She is an avid Knowledge Sharer, persistent Tech Enabler and consistent...


Futureproof Podcast with Nick Court

Join Kelly and Nick Court in this episode of Futureproof as they talk people not employees, experience not engagement and what leaders need to be doing to shape the workforce of the future. One not to be missed. Nick is the Co-Founder and CEO of The People Experience Hub and Founder and CEO of Cloud9 People, he has been working with some of the UK’s most well-known brands (Tesco, Domino’s Pizza, Thomas Cook, Carlsberg and more) to develop great employee experience for over 25 years:...


Futureproof with Debra Corey

We couldn't speak to Glenn and not include his author in crime! Debra Corey,Group Reward Director at Reward Director talks with Kelly in this latest episode on Futureproof about superheroes, engagement, rebels and communication. Debra is a Rewards guru, having over 20 years experience as a rewards leader, speaker, teacher and an author of a book on employee communications. She's most recently known as the co-author of "The Rebel Playbook for Employee Engagement," which she's co-written...


Futureproof Podcast with Garry Turner

In this episode of Futureproof Kelly talks with Garry Turner about leadership, vulnerability and authenticity and what we need to do to shape ourselves to be leaders of the future. Kelly have Garry have explored similar themes in their learning journeys from Tribal Leadership, Fear and Vulnerability but from different perspectives and with different outcomes, they have co-facilitated leadership webinars as part of their role in Workforce of the Future. Garry is driven by his deep seated...


HR Coffee Break - Episode 4 - A Year Of Less

In this episode of HR Coffee Break Kelly shares some thoughts on why we need to do less to get better results, why we need to focus on getting the basics right and how by doing less we can delight our customers more.


Futureproof with Gethin Nadin

Some may say he has a soothing voice, and it's reported that he fell asleep in the bath whilst listening to his own Podcast, we say he's the brilliant Gethin Nadin, Author of the Top 5 Amazon book 'A World of Good' and Director of Global Partnerships at Benefex. In this episode of Futureproof Kelly and Gethin talk employee experience, how art and creativity play an important role in work and why we all need a little bit more of world of good in our organisations. Buy the book here...


HR Coffee Break - Episode 3 - Life In A Windmill

In episode 3 of HR Coffee Break, Life in A Windmill, Kelly shares how living in a windmill is not the same as life in a conventional house, and how she had to adjust to her new surroundings. Kelly encourages HR Professionals to pay attention to their surroundings, to stop trying to fit square pegs in round holes and to listen more to what our customers need whilst still being innovative and creative in our approach to doing things differently.


HR Coffee Break - Episode 2 - Deep Dive

In this episode of HR Coffee Break, Rulebreaker and Founder of Chrysalis Consulting talks to us about why as HR professionals we need to focus more deeply on our personal development. Kelly shares why technical skills aren't enough to help you connect and engage with your people. And how by getting clear on your vision, your beliefs, your passion and your purpose, you'll be better able to inspire and empower yourself which in turn will help you empower and inspire those around you.


HR Coffee Break - Episode 1 - Write Yourself A Permission Slip

In this first episode of HR Coffee Break, Rulebreaker and Founder of Chrysalis Consulting tells us why she started this series of podcasts and why it's unscripted and unedited. Kelly also talks to us about permission slips and why we giving ourselves permission to grow, to do things differently and to stop worrying about what others think is important in all areas of our lives. Contains the 'F' word which some people may find offensive - although we hope not in the context that it's been...


Futureproof with Katrina Collier - The Searchologist

In this interview Kelly speaks with Katrina Collier - The Searchologist about talent sourcing, people, being human, disrupting HR, Retrak and generally doing things differently. It's one not to miss. Katrina is passionate about her role, the difference that we can all make when connecting and getting in touch with potential employees for our organisations and treating people as people - if only we all did that! Katrina Collier teaches SMEs to global corporates how to source & recruit their...


Futureproof with Glenn Elliott of Reward Gateway

In this episode of Futureproof, Rulebreaker at Chrysalis Consulting Kelly Swingler, talks to Glenn Elliott Founder of Reward Gateway and author of Amazon Number 1 Best Seller Build It: The Rebel Playbook for Employee Engagement. During the interview Kelly and Glenn discuss engagement, the future of work, and the importance of unicorns - yes really! Glenn's passion and enthusiasm for Employee Engagement and making the world a better place to work, are evident in the Reward Gateway brand and...