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Jonathan Wossene, Founder, MELTED ELEMENT candles

Meet entrepreneur Jonathan Wossene who shares his story about creating Melted Element candles, a premium retail business he started from his apartment in Alexandria, Virginia. Melted Element candles are destination-inspired, soy-based candles which burn clean, something that differentiates them from the rest of the marketplace. Jonathan tells the story of how his cat inspired the business and helped launch him on a new trajectory to create the premium candles, which have appeared at the...


Jay Kim, Chief Strategy Officer, Upskill

George speaks to Jay Kim, Chief Strategy Officer of Upskill. We talk about the Skylight platform for smart glasses, the internet of things, and how Augmented Reality will take over the world as part of Industry 4.0.


Brett Freeman and Alex DelSordo, founders Grape Intentions wine club

This episode of DC Entrepreneur Radio features Brett and Alex who started Grape Intentions, a wine club that helps do good by giving a percent of their online purchases to select charities. Brett who had training as a sommelier and Alex had run a rowing repair shop, a sport the two friends have in common. They talk about how they developed the startup, the issues and challenge behind shipping a product like wine, and how they developed a 'palate picker' algorithm to help customers confused...