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Lights – Camera – Giving Your Best Interview

Whatever the public medium, being interviewed as a person of interest is the best career and company boost you can wish for. Getting seen/heard/read in the right places can literally turn your business around. Question is, how do you make the most of this opportunity? Host Bart Jackson is an award-winning veteran interviewer for print, audio, and visual media. Through his decades as journalist and radio and TV host, he has selected and brought to best light thousands of individuals. He...


You’re Paying How Much? – Efficiency Artists

It’s not your fault. You don’t understand the systems as thoroughly as guest Tony DeMario and his Corporate Cost Solutions, Inc. When it comes Workers Compensation fees, Work Opportunity Tax Credits, waste management, utility bills and choices, even linen and uniform costs, Tony has burrowed into the nooks and crannies and emerges with immense cost savings for his clients. Host Bart Jackson invites Tony DeMario on to share some entertaining war stories and reveal some savings that you’ve...


Passive Selling = More Profits, Less Hustle

When it comes to selling, it’s not how hard you hustle, but how masterfully you create the point of sale. So says Brian Greenberg, serial entrepreneur whose enterprises have grossed over $100 million, and whose The Salesman who doesn’t Sell – A Marketing Guide to making Money While you Sleepis a must read. Host Bart Jackson invites Brian aboard to help you forge a business presence that will lure buyers to your shop/site/enterprise. Together, Bart and Brian discuss practical tactics for...


Forging Your Top-performing Business Team

Recognized as one of the world’s most influential management thinkers, Whitney Johnson shares the strategies you need for selecting, forging, and improving your business team. Author of Build an A Team, Whitney joins host Bart Jackson as they discuss how to motivate individuals up the learning curve, how to hone your own leadership skills, and how to set people on a path toward both high performance and personal fulfillment. Tune in for the fun as Bart challenges Whitney with a series of...


The Corporate Huddle – Making the Pros Professional

So you have fought to the top of the top of the athletic heap – You’re a pro in the NFL, NBA, MBA or PGA. The only thing larger than your sports star salary is the number of sharks swimming around for a piece of it. So how does the professional athlete get the best coaching for the business side of their careers? They turn to The Corporate Huddle – an organization designed to connect the sports elite with equally elite C-suiters who help them work out a financial strategy. Host Bart...


Arena: The Fun & Profit of America’s Sports Stadiums

America’s sports stadiums stand as temples of community, of commerce, and as revealing mirrors that lays bare our cultural soul – warts and all. And no one knows these monumental enigma more intimately than author Rafi Kohan. After a yearlong exploratory pilgrimage to scores of stadiums, Rafi has penned the best-selling Arena which tunnels deeply into the very guts of the structure and the peoples who make it work. Host Bart Jackson queries Rafi about the ticket scalpers, fanatical...


Growth Strategy to the Max: A Tale of Two Women

Want your firm to grow? Listen and learn from this tale of two women. Attorneys Rosanne DeTorres and Erin DeGeorge founded D and D Family Law in 2011 and made the conscious choice to grow it to the max. Think over their strategies, their use of data, the areas they pondered and improved – then apply it to your firm. Host Bart Jackson invites guest Rosanne DeTorres to share her story of how she expanded D and D family Law literally by the numbers. Her use of easily available statistics and...


Bad Business Attitudes: Nix ‘Em & Fix ‘Em

What baggage are you carrying to work every day? Are you toting around a group of pre-set mindsets that are anchored to your coattails and preventing your meteoric rise? Host Bart Jackson takes a jovial look at some of those insidious attitudes that creep into our minds and munch away at our full potential. Are you afflicted with client contempt or competition envy? Wage slaves, corporate C-suiters, entrepreneurs, even board members get taken to task for those popular but devastating...


The Ultimate Retail Tale – ShopWorn is Shop Worthy

Would you like to like to know what you’re getting when you buy a $50,000 Cartier watch or a $1500 Chopard clutch purse? Would you like to meet the gentleman who can legitimately put them in your hands for a third of that original price – and learn how he does it? Host Bart Jackson invites retailer extraordinaire Richard Birnbaum to unveil how his recently founded ShopWorn.com and is able to purchase new, never-sold, high-end watches, jewelry, and accessories and pass amazing discounts...


A Bold Plan for the Next Super Storms

What do you think? Should we just wait for the next Sandy-style super storm to smack us, then shell out another $72 billion in repairs – or should we adopt some preventative protection for our coastlines at about a fifth that cost? Crusading, former Massachusetts state Senator Bill Golden fervently opts for the latter, and with host Bart Jackson, he discusses his plan to erect proven Storm SurgeBarriers along our most vulnerable population centers. To practically engineer and fund raise...


Best ROI - U.N’s New Sustainability Fund

What about investments for You – the socially conscious investor who wants your money to bring both profit for you and benefit to the world at large? The United Nations has just launched its Sustainable Development Goals Fund comprised of companies that are aligned with the U.N’s 17 sustainable goals necessary for the survival of the planet and its peoples. Host Bart Jackson invites an explanation of this noble fund from its architect and manager, Alfred Berkeley. As former CEO of NASDAQ...


Cornering the Curvy Clothes Market

Newsflash: women have curves. You may know that, but most clothes designers do not. Except, of course, Ms. Jennifer James, mompreneur and founder of Active Ego clothes, proffering plus-size ladies the active, leisure, and sports fan wear that’s as sensibly priced as it is tailored. Host Bart Jackson brings Jennifer on as guest to discuss the new trends and the clever strategies required to make it in the cut-throat competitive realm of fashion and clothing manufacture. Jennifer, through...


The Energized Employee – New Job, New Attitude

Are you getting the absolute ultimate out of your current job? Are you set to forge the next rung in your career? Or are you a jellyfish swept along with the tides of your company? Host Bart Jackson invites on board The Recruiter Guy, Bill Humbert, author of Employee 5.0 – Secrets of a Successful Job Search in the New World Order. Together Bart and Bill duel it out – each trying to outdo the other with the most valuable tools for landing you that new position and all the compensations you...


The Time of Your Life – Managed Effectively

“There’s too darn much to do. I’m not getting out from under. I could get it all done – but somehow the time is just slipping through my fingers and what have I accomplished?” Sound familiar? Host Bart Jackson shares some of the proven and most effective methods for tackling what you want to do. Starting from the inside out, Bart guides you to gaining some inner self-mastery right on towards more precise planning and carries the process swiftly out to the actions of your efficient...


The Business of Restoring After Disaster

Who can clean up a church after the Twin Towers have crashed all around it? Who gives people back their homes when Hurricane Sandy smashes all they own? Who gets folks back to work after a 51st story fire in a skyscraper? The hero in each of these catastrophes is host Bart Jackson’s guest, Mr. Damon Gersh, CEO of Maxons Restorations, Inc. Recent recipient of The Art of the CEO’s Community Contributor Award, Maxon’s Restorations is in the business of giving people back their lives after...


The Elegant Mysteries of Creating Perfume$

Eighty-five percent of American women and more than half of U.S. gentlemen dab some on each day, making perfumes a $40+billion industry. Host Bart Jackson’s featured guest, fragrance master Sevi Adat guides you through the exotic process of how alluring scents are initially conjured, refined, and made attractive to a scent-sophisticated public. For more than 20 years around the globe Mr. Adat has designed everything from the subtly enhancing perfumes for Chanel to soothing scents for Glade...


IP – Protecting Your Brain Children

Can you as entrepreneur defend your invention against mega-competitor encroachment? Can you accidentally infringe your own trademark? When you purchase a masterwork of art, what rights do you – and don’t you own? Host Bart Jackson brings on board intellectual property super attorney Randy Friedberg to make plain Gordian snarl of IP, copyrights, trademarks, and all those legalities in place protecting those precious expressions of your fertile mind. Randy, whose wise counsel and litigation...


The Man Who’s Remaking Marketing

When the big players: Amazon, Coca Cola, Facebook, Leggo, Ford Motors, face product trouble and they just cannot understand why – they call on Christian Madsbjerg. He and his company ReD Associates are totally transforming the old, flawed marketing models that are so popular and so inaccurate. Host Bart Jackson invites Madsbjerg on to discuss what’s wrong with the big-data and impersonal survey methods employed by most firms and why they simply do not reflect human reality. To find out how...


Making 2018 Much Better

Yes, you are already a marvelous person. And with that wisdom you carry comes the knowledge that within your grasp is the power to make your self – your career – and your business even better. Thus, in the spirit of growth and carving out new opportunities, host Bart Jackson offers his 2018 New Years Resolutions list guaranteed to launch you into the coming year in a greater state of readiness. Tune in and take to heart some simple attitudes and disciplines that will bring you a lot more fun...


NJ Business + New Governor = Perfect Together?

Now that businessman Phil Murphy is New Jersey’s Governor, will the Garden State be more business friendly? Will the business community get all its wishes legislatively granted? Host Bart Jackson invites Michele Siekerka, CEO/President of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association to discuss what it takes to build better business climate, and what we may expect from the shift from conservative to progressive leadership within the Garden State. New Jersey’s current political changeover,...