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The Most Effective Way to Generate Demand with Jeanne Hopkins

Most marketers focus on lead generation but it is enough? There's another step in your marketing system that comes first: demand generation. While lead generation is a system focused on collecting contact information from potential customers, demand generation is about building brand awareness and creating demand for your products or services. I asked lead generation expert Jeanne Hopkins to join the show and share her process on setting up a marketing campaign that generates demand and...


7 Simple Ideas for Repurposing Your Content (And Why It Matters) with Brittany Berger

Want to spend less time on content creation? I know the feeling. Producing high-quality content isn’t easy work. But according to content marketing expert Brittany Berger, there’s a better way to make the most of your marketing: content repurposing. Repurposing content doesn’t mean recycling or reusing old ideas. It’s about reinventing your best content to expand your reach to a new audience. Brittany joins us on this episode to explain her approach to content marketing and share the solid...


4 Original Ways to Jumpstart a Career You Love with Jennifer Dziura

Why is it so damn tough to design a fulfilling career? How do you get the job you want and earn enough money to stop worrying about the next paycheck? This week we're joined by Jennifer Dzuira. She's the founder of GetBullish.com and the annual Bullish conference, where she dishes out advice on feminism and careers. We explored the steps toward developing your career path in the corporate world and navigating the road to entrepreneurship. If you've ever struggled to discover what job is...


4 Steps to Creating a Rock-Solid Marketing Strategy With Mark Ritson

When it comes to your strategy, nothing is more important than market research. My guest today is Mark Ritson. He’s a marketing expert, consultant, and writer for Marketing Week. Mark sat down with me to share his principles for developing a marketing strategy and how to execute market research. Mark dug into several fascinating tactics that I’d never heard before this interview. I know you’re going to gain a ton of value from this episode. In this episode, you’ll...


Building a Marketing Team for Growth with Ferdinand Goetzen

Is there an honest way to approach growth hacking? Today we tackle how to jumpstart a guilt-free marketing team with growth expert Ferdinand Goetzen. We spoke about the role of growth in authentic marketing teams and where you can go to find the ideal person for the position. In this episode, we covered: must Resources: RecruiteeGrowth Tribe AcademyTech CrunchTrelloAsana Storytelling Made Easy: Persuade and Transform Your Audiences, Buyers, and Clients — Simply, Quickly, and...


3 Steps to Validating Your Business Idea The Right Way Josh Pigford from Baremetrics

Marketers have become obsessed with conversion optimization over the last few years. We're trying to squeeze conversions out of each part of our website. But are we forgetting there's another human involved on the other side of the screen? We tackle that topic in today's episode with Josh Pigford, the founder of Baremetrics, a metrics and focusing tool for startups. Josh shared with us his 3-step plan for starting a new business, including how to validate your business idea, where to...


How to Tell Better Stories With Data

Businesses try to squeeze every lead through the funnel, get you hooked on their products, and produce garbage content to capture your interest. Don’t feed the bears! And by that, we mean, as consumers, don’t give away your email address. And don’t pollute the Internet with unoriginal content. Today, I’m talking to Alexandra Samuel, a freelance writer, research, speaker, and author of Work Smarter with Social Media. She helps companies cope with the transition to a digital world. Break...


The 1-Page Marketing Plan Build Yours in 9 Steps

Are you overwhelmed by a sea of possibilities for your marketing? Have you read 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib? If you haven’t, you should. Today, I’m talking to Allan, a serial entrepreneur, technology freak, and rebellious marketer who believes marketers should stop the “Shiny Object” syndrome and sleazy tactics - not putting lipstick on a pig! Topics Discussed in this Episode: 1-Page Marketing Planis a simple and practical living document and offer that converts for businesses of...


The Long-Term Principles to Create Effective Facebook Ads

How often do you look at Facebook? Facebook is the largest media company in the world, and it has generated more than $27 billion in revenue. In this episode, you will learn long-term principles to create effective Facebook ads. Today, I’m talking to Karola Karlson, a freelance performance marketing manager specializing in Facebook advertising. Topics Discussed in this Episode: Performance Marketing: Tracking results, measuring real-time performance, tweaking ad campaigns, and changing...


[Republished] Branding 101: How to Build a Strong Brand in the Digital Age

[The wrong audio file has been updated by mistake yesterday so I'm republishing the episode with the correct file. My apologies!] Are brands dead due to the Internet and direct accessibility to companies? Today, I’m talking to Bernie Schroeder about why you (especially millennials) should care about branding. Bernie is a senior marketing and brand expert working at San Diego State University to help students start their own companies. Also, he is the author of Brands and...


Branding 101: How to Build a Strong Brand in the Digital Age

Are brands dead due to the Internet and direct accessibility to companies? Today, I’m talking to Bernie Schroeder about why you (especially millennials) should care about branding. Bernie is a senior marketing and brand expert working at San Diego State University to help students start their own companies. Also, he is the author of Brands and Bullshit. Topics Discussed in this Episode: People (mostly millennials) do not understand brands and customers; leading to mindless noise and...


Rob Walling: The Stairstep, No-Bull Approach to Bootstrapping

For start-up marketing, how do you get something off the ground without outside funding? What’s required to launch a product? Marketers and developers will learn a lot today! In this episode, I’m talking to Rob Walling, a Web developer, podcaster, entrepreneur, and conference co-host about stairstepping your way up when it comes to bootstrapping. Topics Discussed in this Episode: How to launch a new software business without a lot of time or moneyStairstep Approach: Build something...


How to Earn Your Customers' Love and Attention

Surprisingly, companies still need to be convinced to focus on their customers before making money. Treating customers badly is no longer an option. In this episode, learn how to earn your customers’ love and admiration, as well as grow your business. Today, I’m talking to Jeanne Bliss, president of Customer Bliss. Jeanne describes how companies focus on sales goals, internal KPIs, and and other metrics, and tend to forget about their customers - who actually drive all of those...


How to Create (& Launch) Your First Digital PR Campaign

Get more reach, visibility, credibility, trust, and SEO with digital PR - a way to build relationships with content writers and journalists to get them to mention you and your business. Today, I’m talking to Lexi Mills, a digital PR expert and Influence professional. Topics Discussed in this Episode: Definition of digital PRDigital PR can be used to build natural link profiles and referral networks; shape nature of your brand; and make a kickstarter campaign successfulDigital PR cannot...


Customer Journey Mapping: Get Started in a Few Steps

Most companies believe they are customer centric, but many don’t know what that means and involves. So, they don’t truly practice it. Today I’m talking to Georgiana (Gia) Laudi, who has been developing strategies and launching campaigns for companies of all shapes and sizes for the past 15 years. She will help us build a basic strategy based on customers by mapping out their customer journey. Gia is a SaaS Marketing and Customer Experience Strategist, Startup Mentor, and former Vice...


Value Proposition: What Is It & How to Create One

Today I’m talking to Momoko Price, a commercial copywriter who works for giants (AT&T and Base CRM) and startups (Respondly, which was acquired by Buffer). Copywriting is important and one of the biggest parts of marketing. Naming your value proposition is one thing in copywriting that is critical. It sends a strong message that convinces people about the value you can provide them. Topics Discussed in this Episode: What it means to have a value propositionCreate a clear statement/reason...


How to Spot Shady SEO Providers

This week I’m talking to Gavin Duff, Head of Digital Performance for the Irish-based digital agency, Friday. The world of search engine optimization (SEO) is full of shady people and practices and it’s much more difficult than you might think to actually rank well on Google. Today Gavin will teach us three main things: how to uncover shady SEO practices; how to spot shady SEO practitioners and avoid them; and what to do if you’ve been burned by one. With nearly 15 years of digital...


How to Create 100% Accurate and Detailed Buyer Persona

My guest this episode is Adele Revella, CEO of the Buyer Persona Institute, speaker and author of a top five business book by Fortune magazine of 2015, Buyer Personas: How to Gain Insight into Your Customer’s Expectations, Align your Marketing Strategies, and Win More Business. Adele is the perfect person with whom to discuss relating to customers and creating meaningful buyer personas. Listen in for our insightful conversation and Adele’s step-by-step methodology to better understand your...


How Noah Kagan Would Launch a Business With $1k Anonymously

Today I’m talking to Noah Kagan, a successful entrepreneur and founder of two multi-million dollar businesses including AppSumo, Sumo and Briefcase. Noah is someone who does marketing all day long, but rarely calls it marketing. He has a successful blog, podcast, YouTube channel, and over 700,000 subscribers on his email list. He has worked for Intel, Facebook and Mean.com before striking out on his own. Listen in as Noah takes us through how he would launch a business with $1000...


How to Blow Shit up and Make a Difference

My guest this episode is Cindy Gallop, a former advertiser who has worked for brands such as Coca-Cola, Ray-Ban and Polaroid. In 2009 she launched makelovenotporn.tv to make real world sex socially acceptable and shareable. If you are dissatisfied with your marketing 9-5 job, or want to transform your business, this is the episode for you. Listen in to learn how to “blue-sky” your dreams and take your work to the next level. Topics Discussed in this Episode: The state of modern...