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#30: Showing ROI for PR

PR, an essential part of the digital marketing mix can provide a major earned media boost to your owned content and brand. But, for those of you investing in PR - how do you show the ROI on your efforts? Cosette Jarrett, PR expert, writer, & outreach specialist shares how public relations experts can value coverage, quantify their contributions and maximize impact by working closely with their SEO team. We also survey the social media landscape, looking at Snapchat’s efforts to master...


#29: Killing Marketing with Robert Rose

Robert Rose, founder of the Content Advisory & Content Marketing Institute’s Chief Strategy Advisor joins us to help you tell your stories better, drawing insights from Red Bull & Heineken and showing you how to turn your content marketing into a cross-funnel business model that doesn’t just build an audience but both monetizes that audience and turns owned content into dollars. We also dive into the news, from Google’s latest link testing, the repercussions of human-sounding AI...


#28: AI, Janes of Digital, & the Importance of Inclusion

This week we look at the upcoming Janes of Digital event at SMX in Seattle and the value of building inclusive marketing & tech teams. How can developing a staff that is diverse in terms of not only gender & race but experience level, personality and background improve both your corporate culture, products, & customer experience? We dig in with Frances Donegan-Ryan, SEM Pro with Bing Ads & Co-creator of Janes of Digital along with Maddie Cary, Director of Paid Search here at Point It. The...


#27: Experimentation & Failing Forward

As a marketer, you know experimentation is essential to building longterm success. So, how can you build a culture that makes room for experimentation, tolerates the inevitable failures, and continuously learns? We break open one of our own experiments developing an interactive, personalized whitepaper alternative. We’re joined by Jesse Fowl, Managing Director for Solomon Solution who partnered with us on the project. We also dive into optimizing lead conversion, the complications of...


#26: Technical Skills for Marketers

This week we consider how investing in your technical skills brings career benefits for general marketers and the value of practical idealism at the office and at home. We also dive into LinkedIn's matched audiences, our take on Amazon's Echo Look (a voice-controlled camera for fashion tips), how "Ready Player One" reflects real life, and the latest on the Net Neutrality debate. EXPERT: Mike Arnesen, Founder and CEO of Upbuild Bio: Mike Arnesen is a massive optimization geek based...


#25: The Future of Advertising and Why Net Neutrality Matters with Rand Fishkin

This week we’re joined by Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz explaining what Net Neutrality is and why it’s important both for digital marketers and for each of us as citizens. We then dive into a report from Forrester heralding “The end of advertising as we know it!”, and on to the future of advertising in a post-interruption, post-popup, mobile and voice centered world. We also consider Google’s ‘Project Owl’, a much-needed attempt to improve the credibility of search results and crack down on...


#24: Tackling Brand Safety & Net Neutrality

As an advertiser, is your brand safe? Listen in as we bring good humor and healthy debate to some of the toughest issues facing digital marketers today. Our experts share practical ways you can keep your brand safe in an increasingly decentralized and politicized market. And, just to up the ante, we also dive straight into a passionate debate that kicks off an ongoing conversation around net neutrality. Listen in, and join the debate! EXPERTS: James Haagenson, Programmatic Campaign...


#23: Building High Performance Teams

In this week's Fine Point, we dig into how you can build a high performing marketing team, the changing freelance landscape, and how to effectively combine specialists with generalists. We're joined by Susan Marshall, a technology veteran and CEO of Torchlite, which extends your marketing department by connecting expert freelance talent, campaigns, and existing marketing technology into one single campaign management platform. We also dig into Coke's latest personalization tactics &...


#21: Practical Uses of Machine Learning for Marketing

Everyone's talking about machine learning, but how can it help you as a marketer? Mike King from iPullRank joins us to talk about his passion for blending AI with digital marketing. We also get an inside look at his transformation from hip hop artist and entrepreneur to performance marketer. Our host, Maureen Jann also covers the latest news, including YouTube's advertising challenges, LinkedIn jumping into trending news headlines, & Facebook's latest mobile ads venture,...


#20: Top Marketing Lessons from Digital Summit Seattle

It's can be tough to attend every great marketing conference out there. So here's a super-compact recap of the top sessions & lessons from Digital Summit Seattle in a twisted Fine Point! Maureen, Tim and their guests Joshua Montgomery and Paul Garrison, Point It's business development team share their experiences from the summit in March of 2017. It is marketed as a place where brands can learn practical, actionable solutions they can immediately apply back at the office. This quartet...


#19: Natural Language, Voice Search, & Your Marketing Strategy

Natural Language is already impacting search whether you know it or not. Dr. Pete, Marketing Scientist at Moz dives into just what that means for you, how to optimize your search strategy & what's coming next. We also dive into big news this week, ANA's call for more social media advertising audits, Larry Kim leaving Wordstream, good & bad bots, and lots of great humor. EXPERTS: Dr. Pete Meyers, Marketing Scientist at Moz Dr. Peter J. Meyers (AKA “Dr. Pete”) is Marketing Scientist for...


#18 Conversion Optimization with Andy Crestodina

This week we dive into how you can optimize your website & content to maximize conversion with Andy Crestodina. Andy joins our host, Maureen Jann to talk through how you can build a digital purchase funnel that delivers, answers customer questions and maximizes SEO. They also talk about how content drives findability, Pizza Hut's new "Pie Top" shoes bringing ordering ease, live content and YouTube's new subscription service, & the future for Programmatic Radio. Production Note: Due to...


#17: Lead Generation with SEMrush’s Paul Klebanov

This week we deep dive into how you can convert visitors into customers with SEMrush’s Paul Klebanov. Paul joins our host, Maureen Jann to talk through the best ways to optimize each of your platforms, adjust to the changing customer lifecycle & marketing funnel, and the best way to advertise across channels today. We also cover the latest news, from CPG companies spending more on digital than traditional ads, Accelerators & Hackathons, & Martech driving Adtech. EXPERTS: Paul Klebanov,...


#16: Paid Search for B2B Marketers

This week we dive into the challenges B2B companies face when integrating paid search (PPC) into their digital marketing mix, who it works for, and best practices to maximize your results. We also take a look at this week’s news, Amazon’s Alexa surpassing 10,000 skills, Google leveraging machine learning to filter out hurtful comments, emoji’s, and Facebook Jobs’ challenge to LinkedIn. Our host, Maureen Jann is joined by Brenna Teichen, one of our paid search experts and Frank Coyle Point...


#15: New Faces & the People Behind the Results

We’re growing! This week we introduce you to some of our new team members, their backgrounds, and their take on digital marketing. We also explore the news – from bad ads to reinventing in-person shopping and dive into how to find top talent, build a strong culture, give feedback well, and motivate your team. Your host, Maureen Jann is joined by Al Lepow, Jason Nowlin, and Jillian Tyack from around our organization. EXPERTS: Al Lepow, Programmatic Account Manager Bio: Al joined Point...


#14: Digital Super Bowl strategies, wearables for the socially challenged & futurecasting Google’s ad platforms

This week we start out looking at brands’ changing digital Super Bowl strategies, a wearable from MIT & Samsung for those who have trouble picking up social cues, & Facebook opening up their Audience Network. Our host, Maureen Jann is joined by Google’s Nick Danford and talks about the future of Google’s advertising platforms and a test of new profit-driven automated bidding models that Point It is taking part in. In case none of that sounds entertaining enough, stay tuned for a highly...


#13: AI, Bots, & Automation meet AdTech

This week we explore how Bots, automation, AI, & conversational voice search will fit into our lives & where they meet ad tech. Maureen Jann, Point It’s Director of Marketing is joined by Microsoft's Allen Klein & our own programmatic advertising expert James Haagenson who also delve into the 4th computing wave (conversation), Microsoft’s CAP framework (Conversation as a platform, Agents like Cortana & Alexa, along with Bots), Amazon Alexa’s skills, smart homes, Facebook’s rebooted...


#12: Paid Search Industry Trends for 2017

What big changes are in store for paid search in 2017? How will it impact you? Microsoft Store's SEM expert Ben Carson joins Point It VP of Paid Search Lisa Sanner this week to analyze the evolution of bidding strategies, shopping feeds, voice search, attribution, migration from keywords to users, waning of SEO, seamless transitions between mobile & desktop, & leveraging automation. They also talk through the week's news, Facebook data audits, Matt Cutts moving from Google to run the US...


#11: 2017 Predictions & Achieving Goals through Programmatic Advertising

As 2017 begins, we kick it off with predictions for the future of digital marketing and particularly what benefits marketers could see from programmatic advertising. We look at what it will take to effectively leverage this powerful tool, taming the programmatic wild west with transparency, avoiding click & data fraud, great programmatic partners including Integral Ad Science, Live Intent (programmatic e-mail), and Sanya TV (TV ads), as well as the experiences of Point It's clients. Our...


#10: Turning Post-Holiday Data into 2017 Results

The holidays are finally past, and you have lots of fantastic data. Natalie Barreda, one of our top paid search experts shows you how to turn that treasure trove into actionable insights that will drive results throughout 2017. Along with our host, Maureen Jann, Director of Marketing we also cover retail holiday results, Amazon’s retail domination, building a reputation for transparency as an agency, top technologies for e-commerce marketers, chatbots for customer service, programmatic...