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133: Who Are You NOT To??

While on Lori’s book tour I’ve found myself in a state of awe watching Lori serve others over the past couple weeks – even when sick. Yep, she was sick and still showed up and rocked the stage to help others make lasting changes in their lives. So it got me to thinking… With all these people in the room, including myself, I realized that ALL of us are capable of doing that based on the gifts we were given. We all have unique talents that we can use to create a solution for people in...


132: Born in a Refugee Camp to now Crushing Million-Dollar Online Launches with Destinee Berman

While not all of my episodes apply to every entrepreneur, my interview with spiritual online marketer, Destinee Berman, will benefit ALL listeners – no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. Once a successful marketer in Silicon Valley, Destinee felt a strong calling to help and demystify online marketing for spiritual leaders and teachers, and decided to pursue her own path. Today, she not only teaches them how to successfully launch their brands to the masses, she also...


131: More People NEED YOU Than You Think

Today’s episode is all about flipping your perspective upside-down and leaving you empowered to find more customers to build your dream(s) and wealth. Get ready… “There are more people out there who need you more than you need them.” Here are two reasons why I love this statement so much. needdesire We all have individual talents and abilities and we need to share them. Sure, there may be someone else or another company who’s doing something similar, but they’re not YOU. So...


130: Simplify Getting More Clients with Dan Kuschell

Today’s conversation with serial entrepreneur, Dan Kuschell, has to be one of the most value-packed episodes I’ve had to date. Not only does he take us through his childhood journey and the money mindset that went along with it, but he shares what initially got him hooked on self-development and as a result, propelled him into his crazy successful career today. Having started 11+ business along the way, Dan is completely transparent sharing that his path has been far from perfect with...


129: My Millionaire Mornings

I’m addressing another popular question today and that’s, “What do your mornings look like?” Let me start by saying that I think having rituals (whether they’re in the morning, mid-day or evening) are vitally important to a person’s success. These rituals are crucial to my and Lori’s self-care, and let’s be real, our sanity! Personally, mornings work the best for me. “There is no easier time to take control of your day than in the first 30 minutes of the day.” Think about it… the...


128: From Welfare to Millionaire and the Tools That Got Him There with Christian Mickelsen

I’m so grateful for all the amazing people I’ve met through my mastermind with Lewis Howes, and today I’m fortunate enough to talk with another fellow masterminder, Christian Mickelsen. I love diving deeper into his story as he tells us more about being on welfare as a child and how that lack of money made him feel then and how it affected his money mindset later on. Christian obviously overcame that lack mindset and it happened when he realized that he’s always been “rich” – just not in...


127: A Controversial Lesson to Share

Today’s topic may be considered controversial by some and I may get judged for it. On the other hand, some may actually like it and have a breakthrough. Whichever reaction this episode sparks in you, I just want to clarify that my podcast is all about understanding how wealthy people think and giving you alternate ways of thinking when it comes to your views on money and how you want to embrace and pursue it. The following story is just one way to personify how wealthy individuals think...


126: STOP Trading Time For Money with Lori Kennedy

If you’ve never heard of today’s guest, Lori Kennedy, you’re going to want to start following her ASAP! Lori and I met in our mastermind with Lewis Howes, and from day one I’ve been astounded by all she’s accomplished so far. As a single mother running multiple, wildly successful businesses, you’ll likely notice as I did throughout this episode just how impressive Lori’s level of resourcefulness, grit and intention is. From navigating a failed business and having kids to creating massive...


125: When is Enough, ENOUGH?

Have you ever heard the question, “When is enough, enough?” It’s a question I’ve gotten before and I totally understand why people ask it, but I’ll be honest…I don’t like it. The question instantly makes me feel judged even though it’s generally someone’s curiosity about what drives you. But the more people ask the question, the more you start to question yourself. Am I working too much? Lori and I talked about this very question the other day on our 10-mile walk. Yes, it’s a long walk,...


124: How Massive Forgiveness Can Bring You Wealth with Mahsheed Barghisavar

I’m certain that today’s guest, Mahsheed Barghisavar, and I were meant to cross paths so she could be a guest on the show. Having met at my wife’s Bliss Project event earlier this year, I started following her on social media only to find out what a successful real estate professional and philanthropist she was! But what most people don’t know is that Mahsheed didn’t start out on top… her success didn’t actually come until after she’d filed for bankruptcy. After landing the “dream” client...


123: Does Money Bring You Happiness

Today I’m talking about the question I probably get asked the most in regard to my podcast, and that’s, “does money bring you happiness?” This can be a complicated question, but I’ll try to break down the complicated (not-so-complicated) answer. Money does indeed impact your happiness, but only to a certain degree. I’m a firm believer that money magnifies who you already are. If you’re a giving person, you’ll give more when you have more money. If you typically give less, you’re not...


122: Creting More WEALTH Through TRIBE with Lori Harder

I’m always excited to interview my wife, Lori Harder, but today on the eve of the official launch of her book, A Tribe Called Bliss, I’m ecstatic and so, so proud. As the subjective husband, of course I would say this book is a must-read, but because I never sugar-coat anything and am brutally honest sometimes (even with my wife), objectively I would say the exact same thing. Today, I’m asking questions all about Lori’s new book – why she wrote it, who it’s for and how it can help you get...


121: The Middle of Your Mindset Journey

Let me start this off by saying I love receiving direct messages on Instagram and hearing all about your money mindset journeys. It helps me keep a pulse on what my listeners are struggling with and also what they’re excelling at. So thank you in advance for keeping the messages coming. So, the other day I received a message from a woman who’s had a great start with her money mindset journey, but she posed a great question… “What does the middle of the journey look like?” She’s done...


120: Creating More Certainty in Your Money Mindset with David Wood

I am so inspired and proud to call today’s guest, David Wood, a friend and mentor. I’ve learned countless lessons from him over the years and today he shares even more with you. Leaving home at age 15 with only $500 to his name, he spent many years backpacking and eventually landed in Canada. Throughout his journey, he learned early on to let go of the things that weren’t working and move on to the next. This practice (along with the gift of certainty) served him well and he now coaches...


119: Should You Act As If...or Not?

You’ve all heard the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it,” but lately there’s been a lot of talk that by doing so you’re being inauthentic. Why act like something we’re not and be who we really are in the moment? Well, I beg to differ and am a huge supporter of acting as if. Here’s my reasoning… “When you act as if, you are literally taking the actions that the person you want to become is already taking.” Acting as if is THE shortcut to getting you where you want to be. It also helps...


118: Sales, Leadership, Confidence, and Cocaine with Zach Slobin

I am stoked to finally be able to have my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Zach Slobin, on since he hit the 7-figure mark. He’s one of the most well-studied and philosophical people I know and I’ve had many a conversation with him about business and life – and now he gets to share his knowledge with you. While a huge proponent of networking now, initially Zach was against it after seeing his father’s experience with it. But after a few different failed attempts (and some epic low...


117: Are You Doing This For Others?

Today’s podcast is about something really important, and whether you realize you’re doing it or not. Are you lifting others up or are you accidentally holding them back? Here’s what I mean… Let’s say you have a friend who just released a podcast. You’ve always told them you support them, but are truly showing it with your actions? Are you sharing their podcast on social media and to your others friends? Are you listening to the episodes and commenting? If you’re not doing those...


116: How to OVERCOME LOW SELF-ESTEEM with Nicholas Bayerle

I can’t wait for you all to hear my conversation with entrepreneur and CEO of The Billion Dollar Body, Nicholas Bayerle. Not only did he make a huge transformation physically, he’s also made an incredible financial transformation – he just hit seven figures this year! Did I mention he’s only 26 years old? Today, Nicholas shares his experiences with other men and coaches them on how they too can live The Billion Dollar Lifestyle by focusing on their health, businesses and relationships....


115: How TIPPING Can Make You Rich

What are your tipping habits? Do you give more depending on the level of service you get? What if I told you that your tipping habits actually have more to do with your abundance and wealth than you think? I learned my tipping habits years ago from my parents who were very generous tippers – no matter what the level of service was. And this stuck with me up until this point and I know it’s only helped boost my success (and in general, my happiness). “The way you tip someone is not...


114: This Celebrity is Guaranteed to Make You Smile with Dr. Bill Dorfman

If there was a literal checklist for my ideal guest on For the Love of Money, celebrity dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman, would check them all – and then some. Not only he probably the most famous dentist in the history of dentists (think Extreme Makeover, The Doctors and Oprah Winfrey), he’s also co-founder of one of the world’ leading dental product companies (BriteSmile and Zoom!). And while that success is inspiring, what’s even more is the generosity behind it. With generosity a built-in...