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EP20: Use Email to Get More Sales from your eCommerce Site (without spending more on ads) - Part 2

If you’re running any business, but particularly an eCommerce site, and NOT using email marketing, you’re leaving easy money on the table. But it’s not all about sales and promotion blasts. To maintain your audience and NOT end up in the dreaded SPAM folder, you need to engage with a variety of helpful, relationship-building emails.


EP19: Use Email to Get More Sales from your eCommerce Site (without spending more on ads) - Part 1

One of the most effective lead generating platforms for driving eCommerce sales may surprise you. Email. I know what you’re thinking. Everyone says email is a dying medium. But when it comes to driving sales and engagement, nothing works better. Automation lets you use behavioral-linked triggers to send the right email to the right individual, right when they’re ready to buy. Which can make email marketing your money-making machine.


EP18: How To Use Reviews To Dominate Local Search Results

When you sell a product or service, reviews can be a love-hate kind of thing. If you have a loyal and vocal customer base that’s gifted you with glowing reviews, they are GREAT. BUT, if you’re new (without reviews) or worse yet if you’ve had some unfortunate experiences with particularly vocal grumpy customers, reviews can be the bane of your digital existence. Good news! You can increase your positive reviews without farming or participating in shady deals. And then those great reviews...


EP17: 8 Proven Image SEO Secrets To Boost Your PageRank

In a sea of words and text, we are naturally drawn to images online. The old adage, a picture’s worth 1,000 words is definitely true in digital marketing...Provided those images are relevant, well presented and optimized for SEO. Today we have 8 Proven Image SEO Optimization Secrets to Boost your Page Rank.


EP16: 7 Tools the Insiders Use for Faster Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of successful SEO. You’ve got to have a clear understanding of the keywords your customers are likely to use to search for your product or service. Without it, you’ll waste time and resources creating assets that don’t line up with your customer’s searches. And you’ll likely end up with unqualified or irrelevant leads. And nobody wants to throw money at leads that don’t want what you’re sellin’ Today we have 7 Tools those of us “in the know” use to make...


EP15: Supercharge Your Email Open Rates With These Killer Subject Line Tricks

When it comes to email marketing, your subject line will make - or break - your campaign. No matter how great your offer, if you can’t get your lead to open your email, you’re efforts are wasted. I hate wasted time. Or worse, you could get tagged as spam. Fear not! We have some tricks up our sleeve to ensure your emails get opened...and YOU stay out of the trash bin.


EP14: Conversion-Focused Squeeze Page Design *Backed By Science!

The first image that comes to mind when you hear ‘squeeze page’ is probably not pretty. Flashing arrows, brightly colored text, and copy that attempts to trick visitors into giving up their email have been overused and are simply not effective. But what if I told you a squeeze page could yield conversions as high as 64%? In this episode, we'll show you a few design essentials that will take your squeeze page from a dried-up source of leads to one that becomes an irreplaceable...


EP13: 5 Instagram Marketing Secrets That Brands Don't Want You To Know

In its early days, Instagram was the darling of filter-obsessed adolescents. Since then, Instagram’s user base has swelled to over 600 million and the platform has become a robust visual-marketing tool that brands simply can’t afford to overlook. If used correctly, Instagram can help build your brand image and win you new customers. In this post, I’ll reveal a few secrets that successful brands use to grow their following and convert the toughest of leads to scale their business to new...


EP11: 5 Uncommon Landing Page Strategies To Boost Your Conversions

Landing pages that convert are at the foundation of every business with a successful online presence. Yet, landing pages remain largely misunderstood and poorly utilized. There are countless tips and tricks articles focused on creating a landing page that converts, but most of them just rehash the same strategies over... and over again. In this episode, we’ll reveal FIVE uncommon landing page strategies that will take your page effectiveness to the next level. No cookie cutter landing...


EP12: How-To A/B Test Landing Pages and Guarantee Stellar Results

We give a lot of tips and tricks for maximizing the performance of your marketing efforts, but you shouldn’t just take our word for it and rush into implementing all of our suggestions. That’s right. We’re talking A/B testing. Today we’ll reveal a step-by-step framework to test landing pages safely, identify your brand’s best practices, and achieve your desired results.


EP10: How To Use Content Marketing To Attract Leads

When it comes to using content to generate leads in a business to business environment, it requires a very specific approach. Many think it's just like Field of Dreams. If you write it, they will come… I wish! It requires a magic blend of great writing, engaging, helpful content, and timely promotion we’re here to tell you how to craft this “magic” blend…and get content that generates leads in today’s saturated online environment.


EP9: How To Hyper Target Leads On Social Media

Social media marketing is all the rage these days. And for good reason. Everyone uses social media, and people are getting more comfortable following brands and engaging with businesses on the platform. But when it comes to using social media to generate B2B leads, the rules of the game change. Today we’ll reveal our secret to effectively targeting and reaching a business lead using social media


EP8: 6 Steps To Dominate The Search Engine Results

SEO. The holy grail of digital marketing, and why wouldn’t it be? Done right, you can reap leads for months – years even – without paying for traffic. Well, you DO pay for it. With the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears. Today we’ve got the episode you’ve been waiting for this whole darn series – our 6 Steps to Dominate the Search Engine Results Page.


EP7: How To Set Up And Run a Successful PPC Campaign

Everyone wants to start with SEO, but it takes a huge amount of time and resources to get started and off the ground. Instead of wasting months editing your website and preparing and promoting content around keywords you think will work, today we're going to give you the secret all successful digital marketers know: you have to start with pay-per-click.


EP6: Using Competitor Analysis To Focus Your Marketing Strategy

We all know our competitors are dummys, right? Let's, for a moment, pretend they know more than you...I know, impossible, but stick with me a second. If you could pull back the curtain on everything your competitor is doing, like how much they are paying for their traffic, where it's coming from and the overall success of their campaigns wouldn't you want to know? In this episode, we'll show you how.


EP5: The Secret To Effective Email Campaigns (Part II)

Email can be the most effective tool in your marketing arsenal, or it can be a massive black hole of time you’ll never get back. The proper email automation program can nurture leads into customers and return dividends for years to come. Today we’ll help you learn how to find the right email automation tool for your business that gets you the functionality you need without breaking the bank.


EP4: The Secret To Effective Email Campaigns (Part I)

In this episode, Ryan and Andrea talk about using email in B2B lead generation. They cover what not to do and how to set up a winning campaign that won't make you come off like a spammer. The secret may surprise you.


EP3: How To Build A Keyword Matrix

If you're planning to use SEO or Pay-Per-Click to attract customers to your offer or website, you'll need a Keyword Matrix. In this episode, Ryan and Andrea talk about why you need a Keyword Matrix and walk you through how to one.


EP2: Target The Right Customer: How To Do An Audience Analysis

In this episode, Ryan and Andrea break down the first step to any successful marketing campaign, the audience analysis. Many marketers skip this step and instead employ intuition and gut feelings. This can lead to lost revenue, missed sales and a whole lot of headaches.


EP1: 5 Steps To Becoming A Lead Generating Machine

In this episode, we meet Ryan & Andrea Eldridge from Squirrel Digital Marketing and they introduce us to a series of episodes that will show you the 5 Steps to becoming a Lead Generating Machine. Be sure to subscribe to our Podcast.