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How To Use Visualizatin To Improve Productivity & Achieve Your Goals (HBRW 30)

Do you know what your life will be like a year from now? How about five years from now? If you don’t know where you are going, how do you make the best choices? How do you prevent getting sidetracked on something that is keeping you from what you really want? In this episode, we discuss using visualization as a planning tool to keep you on the path to your desired life along with productivity tools to help you decide which actions to take and which to forget. All while getting it done more...


Is Your Perception Serving You or Holding You Back? (HBRW 29)

Does your perception of situations benefit you or hold you back? Could your perception be wrong? And can you change your perceptions to achieve better results? Science proves that your perception is wrong most of the time to some degree. And in crazy, tricky little ways we don’t always recognize. But if you can start to recognize these subconscious perceptions then you can start to retrain your subconscious to serve you better. Tracy and Pamela discuss some of their perceptions that they...


The Laptop Lifestyle Re-examined (HBRW 24)

It used to be “escape the 9 to 5”. Now it seems like everyone is selling the “Laptop Lifestyle”, including the mainstream media. But are they selling you a real business model? In this episode, we examine the Laptop Lifestyle “fad”. And give you some warning signs to know if you’re being sold the blueprints to a true business model or just another way to be a wage slave.


How Many Goals Should You Pursue at the Same Time (HBRW 23)

How many goals should you pursue at the same time? And how long should it take you to finish each goal? Well, it depends... In this episode we talk about brain latency when switching between tasks (it's a thing!), scheduling your time, and how to determine how many goals you should pursue. The answer lies with you, but Tracy and Pamela show you how to get there!


Passion Vs Purpose - Do You Need Both? (HBRW 20)

Do you know the difference between your passions and your purpose? Tracy and Pamela discuss the difference and why the current movement to "find your passion" is one of Tracy's pet peeves and how to find your passions and your purpose. Find out more and get the download at


What Makes A Great About Page? (HBRW 19)

The About Page is the second most visited page on most websites, so is your About Page effective? In this episode we discuss the three thing an effective About Page will accomplish and give steps to create an effective About Page as well as some examples of well done About Pages. Get the links and transcript of the episode at


How To Create An Effective Home Page (HBRW 18)

Do you know the most important thing to do before you every design or create content for your home page? Find out in this episode and the steps to create an effective home page. Get the Create An Effective Home Page Worksheet @


Why Mobile First is Important for Your Business

Nowadays over 50% of your target audience is likely to be accessing your web site on a mobile device. This means that designing with mobile in mind is an imperative every single company that has a web presence should follow. But what exactly is "mobile first" design? Is it the same as responsive design? What considerations and constraints do you need to keep in mind when designing for mobile? Learn the answers to these and more questions in this special episode of How Business Really...


What Are Top Four Characteristics of Successful Businesses?

What are the four characteristics of all successful business, no matter their size, industry or location? In this episode we discuss those characteristics and businesses that have done it right and those that have done it wrong. We give examples of seemingly successful businesses that have fail in one of these four characteristics and how it is now causing them to fail.


Predictors of Business Owner Success Part 3: Leadership

Are you an effective leader? Many people think that you are born with a natural ability to lead but that just isn't the case. Leadership is a skill and can be acquired by anyone willing to put in the effort. Today we discuss some of the top traits of an great leader and how to gain those skills yourself.


Predictors of Business Owner Success Part 2: VISION

Today we continue our three-part miniseries on the top predictors of success! Today's topic: Vision. How do you create a vision, what is a visionary, and why is this important? To get the links mentioned in the show and to participate in the discussion visit:


Predictors of Business Owner Success Pt. 1: BELIEF

Hey everyone, Pamela here. I recently asked Tracy a question that I've been pondering for months: What are the top predictors of success? We all know, or are told, the things we need to do in order to be successful, such as not quitting, having a solid plan and long term goals, etc. But are there character traits or behaviors that predict success more than others? That's what I wanted to find out, and that's what Tracy and I discuss today. This is the first in a three-part mini series on...


Growth Leverage Scale - Do You Know How To Create Them?

Today we're going to a little deeper and talk about the concepts of growth, leverage and scale in your business. What are they? When is growth good, and when can it pose some risks (yes, it can!)? What is leverage and how do you use it in your business? And we've all heard of "scaling" a business but what does that mean exactly and how do you know if your business is scalable?


How to Minimize Risk in Small Business

Just having the shield of an LLC or Corporation isn't enough to protect you and your interests. Where a legal entity leaves off is where things like service provider agreements and business insurance pick up. Special guest Matt Simmons, Esq., a partner with business and employment law firm Shepherd Law joins our show today. Matt talks to Pamela about the ways you can minimize the risks you face as a business owner, from both inside the business and outside of it. We cover operating...


PODCAST--Ep8 LLC or Inc.? That is the Question! | How Business Really Works

You have a great idea, you've crafted your business plan, and your business is in full swing. But wait, depending upon what your business does and what your personal goals are for the business, you may be looking at forming a legal business entity for your venture. You may be asking yourself whether you should form an LLC? Maybe a C-Corp? Or what about that weird S-Corp variation I keep hearing about? What type of business structure do I need? We're here to tell you, those are good...


Business Success Rule | How Business Really Works

In business, there is a rule, it's called the Business Success Rule, and it goes: Implement, Measure, Adjust, Repeat. It is the process you absolutely must master if you are to know what actions to take to steer your business in the right direction. It's all about taking action, testing that action, then adjusting based on the results. Tracy and Pamela talk more in-depth about The Business Success Rule in our latest episode. Follow this rule and it will also guide you in the right...


You Can't Do It All | How Business Really Works

Have you ever thought that throwing ten darts at the dart board at the same time was a good idea because, surely ONE of them will hit the bulls eye? If you can answer "yes" to that question, or even "possibly" then you need to watch this episode! Tracy and Pamela break down why it's not a good idea to send yourself in many directions at once and offer a very effective, Warren Buffet-inspired technique for narrowing your activities down at any given time. We're not saying you can't do it...


Email Marketing Tips & MailChimp Tricks

You know you should be doing a lot more in the way of email marketing to grow your business, but there's just so much to know and so much to learn. Where do you begin? Do you need to shell out lots of hard earned money to use a fancy email distribution service, or can you start for free? What content should you include in your emails? When should you send your newsletter to your subscribers? Speaking of subscribers, how do even get people to sign up? This special episode of How Business...


The Creative Process

How do you find inspiration to keep your work fresh and original? More importantly, how do you stay fresh and original when you're just not feeling motivated? Today we discuss how the creative process works generally, and our tips and techniques to keep those creative juices flowing, no matter what your mood!


Productivity & Goal Setting | How Business Really Works

You have so much to do, your action items list is a mile long. You want to achieve great things, but get bogged down in the everyday shuffle of things that need your attention. How do be productive when your plate is full, you're overwhelmed, and you're only accountable to yourself? Moreover, how do you set goals that will help you succeed while not being totally out of reach? Today we cover one very effective way to set goals for yourself (hint: it involves a little time investment but...