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Real Estate Investing & House Hacking - Part 3 Of The Wealth Creation System

Wondering how you can start investing in real estate with little or no money? Interested in house hacking your way to free rent? This video reveals my best creative real estate investing techniques! This is a part of the 3 steps to wealth series and you can see the first video here: That is the overview of the 3 steps to create wealth series. Then you can learn more about increasing your cashflow through the skilling up and selling services...


How To Sell Digital Marketing Services To Local Businesses - Skill Up & Sell Services!

Learn the trick to selling digital marketing services to local businesses in this video. Get my exact sales funnel and process I used to sell over $10,000 per month is marketing services... The previous video talks about why selling services based on your skills is the fastest way to make money online. You can watch that video here: This video is a part of the How To Create Wealth series found here: For more...


Selling Your Skills! What Skills Can Make You The Most Money? What Skills Are Easiest To Sell?

Step 1 on the path to creating true lifestyle freedom and wealth is selling your skills in the form of services. This video holds the secret to 6 figure services you can sell! This is a deeper dive on the 3 steps to creating wealth video you can see here: The course and webinar I recommend to learn how to skill up with digital marketing skills while building your own asset in the form of a niche authority site is here:...


Proven 3 Step Process To Create True Wealth - Like "You'll Never Have To Work Again" Wealth!

Why just build a business when you can create WEALTH? This video reveals my exact 3 step process to create lifestyle altering wealth that can help you retire early and live the life of your dreams.


The 4 Levels Of Knowledge - Some Work For You, Some Against & Fake Gurus Use One To Control You!

The 4 Levels Of Knowledge - Some Work For You, Some Against & Fake Gurus Use One To Control You!


Creating The Income Level You Desire - Becoming A Successful Internet Entrepreneur Requires THIS!

If you aren't creating the income you desire with your online business, you are missing this KEY ingredient. When you understand this truth, your business will grow and your income will grow, for sure!


Dealing With Trolls, Haters, And Naysayers As A Content Creator

Dealing With Trolls, Haters, And Naysayers As A Content Creator


Outsourcing & Virtual Assistants - My Virtual Team & Org Chart Revealed! Plus My Biggest Mistake...

Ready to start outsourcing or hire a virtual assistant, but not sure where to start? This video reveals my entire team by walking you through my organizational chart and I share my biggest mistake I've made in outsourcing to help you avoid this challenge. This video starts out with a concept behind our business and the goals of the organizational chart… You learn that Melanie and I are running a niche digital media business and why it is important for you to consider yourself a media...


54,969 Subscribers In 22 Months! Content Marketing Challenge Data From My Blog, Podcast & YouTube

Trying to get more YouTube subscribers? Want to drive more traffic to your WordPress site? Learn about my breakthrough success that started from my 90 day content marketing challenge in this video. 22 months ago this channel had zero views, zero subscribers and zero videos. Today I've racked up millions of views and 55,000 subscribers plus the traffic is overflowing to my blog and podcast resulting in massive growth in my email list and ultimately my revenue. if you want to learn more...


Podcast Exclusive! How To Build An Online Business That Gives You Freedom

Description: My friend Emeka Ossai interviewed me recently for his audience with the goal of uncovering what it takes to build an online business that gives you true lifestyle freedom. The freedom to be in control of your time... The freedom to live where you want... The freedom to fire your boss (if you want) and to create the abundance you truly desire. This podcast episode is full of knowledge bombs and high value ideas that you can use to create more freedom in your life and in your...


The 10,000 Hour Rule Is Wrong! Learn What The Real "Rule To Success Is" And Why!

Malcom Gladwell popularized the idea that you need to apply 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to gain mastery of something... But this is false. The truth? This video reveals it all!! In this video you will learn why this is wrong and what the real approach needs to be in order for you to create the success you desire. In the video I mention a study I thought was from Harvard that proved scientifically that Malcom Gladwell's theory is wrong. I was incorrect, it is from Princeton, not...


7 Best Conversion Optimization Techniques & Tools For Internet Marketers Growing An Online Business!

Not generating enough leads and sales to reach your income goals? You have a conversion problem! This video covers my seven top conversion optimization techniques you can use with your content marketing to scale your online business fast. Creating conversion mechanisms and optimizing them so your generating more leads and more sales with the same amount of traffic, is the fastest path to growth and income, online. A very important note here, these conversion optimization techniques work...


Top 5 Internet Marketing Strategies For 2018 - Digital Marketing Strategy For Online Entrepreneurs

Is your Internet marketing strategy setting you up for failure? digital marketing in 2018 requires you to give more value across more platforms than ever before… Get this wrong and your online business will fail. Get this right in your online business will flourish. the Internet marketing strategies covered in this video contain content marketing strategies and paid advertising strategies including Facebook ads. The first three Internet marketing strategies include content marketing on...


Niche Analysis - Proving You Can Actually Help People Solve Their Problems & Achieve Their Goals!

Your number one goal is an Internet marketer is to help people solve problems and achieve their goals. This is the value you bring to the marketplace for which you are compensated with income. This video explains a proven approach to testing your niche marketing idea with a minimal budget to verify the niche idea's feasibility. We start by looking at a process I learned from a $1500 seminar put on by a major publishing company. This process is simple and as follows: First step: Solve...


Psychology's Marketing Secrets & 55+ Niche Market Ideas From Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs!

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a psychology theory from 1943 that holds the secrets to success with Internet marketing. Whether you're searching for your niche, trying to niche down, or just working on communicating effectively to your market… Learning how to apply the Maslow's hierarchy model is key. The reason for this is that all humans are emotionally driven to fill specific needs. Once those needs are filled they moved to a new level of psychological and emotional needs to fill… If...


How 9 Marketing Gurus Got Their Start Online - Find Out What Niche Markets The Gurus Started With!

Choosing your niche can often feel like an overwhelming process… But when you realize where nine of the biggest names in Internet marketing started, you will see that choosing your first niche can be easy! The goal of this videos to help inspire you to start taking action… If you aren't already! I have covered my past in great detail on this channel… How I got started, when I made my first money, the different niches I've chosen that didn't work out... I do not recommend or endorse any...


Niche Down & Stand Out! How Successful Entrepreneurs Find Underserved Niches & Create Success FAST!

One of the biggest keys to success with your online business is finding the sub niche within a niche that you can dominate. This video helps you understand how to go deeper within a niche to find your sub niche and gives several real-world examples of how successful online entrepreneurs have found small underserved groups of people that they've been able to build very successful businesses on. To be sure that you found all of my content on choosing your niche… Here are the most relevant...


Spiritual Entrepreneurship - An Interview By Melanie Beckler

In this episode, my wife Melanie interviews me for her YouTube channel on what it means to be a spiritual entrepreneur. We look at the idea and how to become a spiritual entrepreneur for those who are hearing the calling.


Niche Selection & The "Fire, Ready, Aim" Method - Plus A Look At 13 Of My Failed Business Attempts!

If you are struggling to choose a niche for your online business, this video is a must watch! I share my 'Fire, Ready, Aim' approach to niche selection and cover how my path through failed online businesses lead to my ultimate success! I mention the idea of 'success' being on the other side of failure... This is so important to understand, I do have a specific video on that topic you can check out here: A deep underlying theme here is that you actually...


3 Step Do It Yourself Content Marketing Strategy That Drives Traffic! You Can Do 100% On Your Own!

Content Marketing is the #1 way to drive organic traffic to your website and sales funnels without $$$. It takes effort and creates lifetime traffic when done right, and this video reveals my full process you can model for your online business! The idea stems from my "3 Pillar Content Marketing Strategy" which I reveal here- This video goes beyond the 'idea' or strategy and gives you the exact step by step approach you need to implement to get your...