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#018 - Super Productive Habits With Rob Wilkinson

DESCRIPTION Welcome to the Invest In You Podcast. In this episode Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan interview Rob Wilkinson Co-founder of Crowd with Us, an FCA approved Property Crowd Funding platform. This is a gritty episode where the hosts lead the guest with a series of both formal and informal questions in a relaxed and friendly chat host style. The listener will learn from the interview how life at the top of the game can have a lot of rewards and what values in life count. KEY...


Invest in You #017 - Top Tips on Independent & Personal Growth with Jay Dhillon

Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan Sandvall interview Jay Dhillon, serial entrepreneur and business owner with over 18 years experience who works with The Prince’s Trust and helps younger people get into business. Jay started in recruitment, taking a fledgling company from 0-500 staff, doing around £35,000,000 in sales before being selling to an investment firm. Now he invests in property and has an online recruitment business called which helps people advertise jobs...


#016 He Who Holds The Gold Has Control

DESCRIPTION Charlie, Ivan and Frederick interview Grant Cardone, author of the 10X Concept and billionaire entrepreneur. An inside look at the history behind Grant, the power of investing in yourself, the importance of selling, having the right mentors and getting connected! KEY TAKEAWAYS How can I increase my business by 10% or 50%? Don’t think like that, think in terms of 10X. Have you ever used mentors, Grant? Yes, I’ve always used mentors to guide me along the way. I’ve made a...


#015 How To Dress In Order To Make a Killer Impression In Every Situation

Special interview with Kathleen Audet from Your Authentic Image. Kathleen works with executives, business owners, workplace professionals, entrepreneurs and speakers providing customised style coaching and consulting services, based in the USA. In this episode she shares her industry knowledge on how to get into the mindset necessary to use clothing as a tool and a resource to feel authentic and confident.


#014 - A glimpse on the Expert Empires 2018 event

Fredrik Sandvall gives a prevue on the upcoming Expert Empires event for ambitious authors, coaches & mentors who want to build a global empire, and also shares his concept of TASK FORCE in relation to mastering the growth of your business.


#013 - Interview with Alice Heiman from American, an Expert in Business to Business Complex Sales

Alice takes a deep dive into explaining how to master complex sales, shorten their cycle and build a sales plan that gives sustainable growth. She also relates how powerful LinkedIn is as a tool used to interact and build relationships that lead to sales.


#011 Adam Houlahan, Expert in Social Media For Business, Author of Amazon Best Sellers, The LinkedIn Playbook & Social Media Secret Sauce

In his capacity of being an international speaker and marketer, Adam talks about the areas of investment in today’s world of digital marketing and the powerful effect in positioning oneself on the social media to build one’s reach. Thus, he speaks about what is good marketing. He also gave some vital tips on public speaking.


#012 Fredrik, Ivan and Charlie Sandvall shares on the amazing Wealth Dynamics developed by Roger Hamilton, which many famous and successful entrepreneurs in history has used to build wealth and achieve ultimate success

The Sandvalls, father and sons share how they discover their true profile using the Wealth Dynamics with amazing clarity in the direction on what path they are to follow in becoming successful entrepreneurs in business and investments. Fredrik also speaks of his experiences in using this profiling tool in his commercial and residential property investments and thus benefitted much from it.


#010 An Interview with Ray McLennan, a Serial Entrepreneur, an avid property investor and specialist in raising angel finance and Director at West Street Capital Limited

Having worked with the Angels Den, Ray McLennan shares his vast experiences and dealings iin various aspects of investing, in particular property investing, Angel investing. He also gives insights and tips into how best to invest and build a successful business.


#009 Simon Zutshi Model Successful People Creates Property Magic plus Book Launch of Property Magic - Invest in You

Invest in You interviews Simon Zutshi about investing in oneself, helping others and his top tips to successful investing. Top tips: - Model successful people - Invest in yourself - Time is valuable - Continually invest in oneself - Get out of your own way - Keep up to date - Get a mentor - How to build a property portfolio using other people’s time and money = Working with motivated sellers pin - Property Investors Network Property Magic the...


#008 Rob Moore The Disruptive Entrepreneur he has Invested heavily in himself and his team to get where he is today - Invest in You

Ivan, Charlie and Fredrik sharing a speedy fireside chat President Franklin D. Roosevelt style from the 1930's with The Disruptive Entrepreneur and Investor Rob Moore from Royal Peterborough. Live during a break in the Podcast Masterclass. Rob's view of investing, investing in himself and the teams and where that has taken him so far. Rob is a 3 x World Record holder, best selling author, founder of Progressive Property and Ultimate Success. You don't want to miss this high energy...


#007 Junior MBA Investing - Invest in You

Ivan, Charlie and Fredrik Sandvall sharing top rated and shared content from the FB page Junior MBA. Why we started Junior MBA - Entrepreneur 4 Good in the first place. + Accountability + Who dares wins - SAS and Special Forces + Innovation iPhoneX + Steal, borrow or develop others' ideas further + Positive thinking and posture Various thoughts from the last 2 years with the team For more information about Junior...


#006 Johnny FD Traveller Podcaster Investor - Invest in You

Johnny FD is living the traveller dream by exploring new places and "works" with online business and content creation. He is also the co-host for the podcast invest Like a Boss. Johnny FD page Invest in You is a podcast for you who like to live life more like your dream than just normal. Create your new normal Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan Sandvall connects you with interesting learnings and people from all over the world.


#005 Cassie Footman Enable Flow to Success - Invest in You

Cassie Footman is our guest and she is working in many countries to help others to find their flow in life and business. She is a coach and investor. Cassie's page Invest in you is the podcast for you who wants to make a difference in your own life and with others. Learn more, Do more and Invest more so your life can change for the better and you can give more back to others. Subscribe and Charlie likes 5* reviews :)


#004 Joe Hanney invest in your health - Invest in You

Joe Hanney helps personal trainers and studio owners to increase their profit. With a whole career in fitness, he has seen it all and health is at the core of Invest in You we could not miss the opportunity to interview him. This podcast is for you who like to do more, be more and enjoy more with a better health, you last longer :) The Fit man Collective is the best place to find out more. Ivan Fredrik and Charlie Sandvall interview world leaders in their fields so you can become a...


#003 Christian Rodwell from Escape The Rat Race - Invest in You

Christian Rodwell is a coach mentor and podcaster sharing and helping people to find alternatives to the traditional 9-5. He has many ideas around investing and how to invest in oneself. To follow his work go to Invest in you is a podcast for people just like you who want to learn more, do more and help more. Invest today so you can have benefits of freedom for a long time ahead. Charlie, Ivan and Fredrik Sandvall are the hosts and operate in various...


#002 John Williams from Ideas Lab - Invest in You

John Williams entrepreneur and author sharing his story and what important to him around tech creativity and innovation. Ideas from his books "Screw Work, Let's Play (How to do what you love & get paid for it)" "Screw Work Break Free: How to launch your own money-making idea in 30 days" And from his Ideas Lab He advocates: - try things - social media isn't all something to sell is a better starting point - skills for the future Screw Work Break...


#001 Introduction Entrepreneur 4 Good - Invest in You

Ivan, Fredrik and Charlie Sandvall explain briefly where we come from, what we do an how we hope to help you. Charlie and Ivan are graduates of Roger Hamilton's incubator iLab in Bali 2017. They have already had their first event in London helping younger entrepreneurs to get clarity and motivation to start a business. Fredrik is a serial entrepreneur who really likes to help others, he has businesses in property, consulting, education, finance and investments. Invest in You Podcast is...