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The Latest Marketing News and Trending Ads Mind Your Marketing covers all of the latest marketing news every week.

The Latest Marketing News and Trending Ads Mind Your Marketing covers all of the latest marketing news every week.
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The Latest Marketing News and Trending Ads Mind Your Marketing covers all of the latest marketing news every week.








#40 - Why IHOP is Changing Their Name

This week we're discussing: -Why Instagram is bringing us longer form video -SeatGeek drops some cool ads on Snapchat -IHOP is changing their name -Facebook will notify 14 million people about a bug that made their posts public -Facebook launches a karaoke feature -Apple is the next company to introduce a video chat feature with way too many people -Spotify will review their hateful conduct policy -Coca-Cola launched a clear drink in Japan PLUS, Ad Campaigns: -Mercedes brings back a classic...


#39 - A Strange Man Named John

Wendy's comes at Chick-fil-A on Twitter, ABC cancels Roseanne, Bryan Colangelo goes crazy on Twitter, The Vegas Knights put on an epic pre-game show, and Chipotle adds a "drive-thru" that's making people angry. PLUS, Ad Campaigns: -iZettle attacks Amazon -Duracell makes us laugh -Asics hires a tennis star -KFC calls it a comeback -Optus disappoints us -Visa sends Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the World Cup As always we'd love it if you left us a review! Show notes:...


#38 - Like a Wrecking Ball

Good news - Donald Trump can't block you on Twitter anymore! We'll be discussing this new ruling from a Federal Court Judge, plus why so many people tuned into the Royal Wedding, Instagram's new mute feature, Netflix's new deal with the Obamas, and why Facebook is coming for Craigslist. Can you say MarksList? Plus, we've got some great ads to discuss this week: -SickKids drops a Mother's Day spot -Bacardi starts the party -Stoli confuses us -Spotify comes in like a wrecking ball -5 Gum...


#37 - Searching For Yanny

This week we get to the bottom of the question burning up the internet: Yanny, or Laurel? Okay, not really. But we do discuss why Tinder is making things much easier for stalkers, Instagram's new usage feature, and why Spotify is banning controversial artists from promoted playlists. Plus, ads: -Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon promote Nintendo Labo -OnePlus 6 shows us how fast it is -Pornhub launches a new product -The Atlantic and HBO team up to make us question everything -Tourism New...


#36 - Forget Dos Equis, Say Hello to Cinco Equis!

The most popular movie and video game of all time join forces, Spotify gets into the audiobook game, and Uber drops two major updates. We'll discuss all the latest news in the marketing world, including Instagram's new music feature, all the latest from Microsoft Build 2018, and yes, Equifax has more bad news. PLUS, Ad Campaigns: -Facebook is in full damage control with their latest TV spot -McDonald's offers speechless thoughts from John Goodman, Charles Barkley, and Gabrielle Union...


#35 - OK Google, Find Me A Job

Kanye West is having a meltdown (again), Google wants to help you find a job with your voice, and Twitter locks up 30 new video deals. We'll discuss all this news, plus Fitbit's latest venture, and the NFL's new streaming partner. And after all that, we get into the trending ads from the past week. There's some great spots this week: -Finish Line takes over a bodega -IKEA has a ghost party -McDonald's gets in the weather game -Land Rover wants you to bring out your inner child -Volvo...


#34 - Get Out of My Car, Amazon!

Spotify is updating it's features for new users, DoorDash is teaming up with Walmart, and Amazon wants in your car! We'll also discuss why Google is creating how-to videos, and why a college in the US is offering Fortnite scholarships. Plus, ads: -Spotify turns a subway station into a David Bowie museum -Courtyard by Marriot is trying to get their customers back from Airbnb -Greenpeace disappoints a bunch of kids -Redbull pranks a college football team -Maltesers gets weird -Footlocker...


#33 - This Chicken Is Beautiful

Welcome to another episode of Mind Your Marketing! This week we discuss the Starbucks fiasco, and their response to a terrible event that took place in one of their Philadelphia stores this week. We'll also discuss Google and Bumble's new features, Apple's new red iPhone, and why Netflix's stock is soaring. Plus, ads: -KFC drops some "beautiful and gorgeous" chicken, according to Justin -KG is back in a new set of NBA2K -Stella Artois highlights the importance of pockets -Nike offers shoe...


#32 - Long, Long, Man!

Mark Zuckerberg provided personal tech support for members of Congress this week - no one understood that the files are *IN* the computer. We'll discuss the implications of the hearings at length. Plus a piece of hardware from Spotify, Uber is getting into the bike game, The UFC distances itself from Conor McGregor (we call BS on the whole situation), and Walmart is promoting yodeling in all its stores. After all that, we'll discuss the ads of the week, including: -Sakeru Gum gets two A+'s...


#31 - Zuck Vs. Cook

Spotify goes public, Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook trade shots, and Snapchat launches video calls with up to 16 participants. We'll discuss all the major news of the week, plus ads: -Netflix acquires Seth Rogen -iSeeCars pays homage to Google -Redbull gets Anthony Davis to shave his unibrow -Bud Light responds to the Masters banning "Dilly Dilly" -Tim Hortons wants you to grab a coffee with your neighbors -Range Rover climb 999 stairs -SodaStream launches a new product -Warby Parker and...


#30 - Rest In Grease

Wendy's isn't clownin', they're going right after McDonald's with a serious mix-tape and some killer diss tracks. We'll discuss the album, the NBA's new digital strategy, why Instagram is reversing a major decision about their timeline, and a bunch of other news from the week. Plus, some wild ads: -Under Armour partners with The Rock -Johnnie Walker tries to inspire -Aldi really doesn't want you to forget their big sale -Trulia hires the local paperboy to show off a neighborhood -Facebook...


#29 - FaceCrisis

We're talking about the #DeleteFacebook movement, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and Zuckerberg's response at the top of the show. This is a fast-moving story and we do our best to break it down - because honestly, most reporting on this story sucks. We also discuss Uber's PR nightmare, and announcements from YouTube, Google, and Snapchat. Plus as always, we break down trending ads from brands including: -Bumble -Vodafone -Apple -BBC -Dos Equis -Crocs Subscribe and leave us a review or...


#28 - There Are Flat Earthers All Around The World

Big ads to discuss this week - Nike dropped a spot for International Women's Day featuring Serena Williams, Snickers makes us laugh, Motorola makes us think, and IKEA is simple but significant. Yes, that's a Don Draper quote. Plus, we discuss the major headlines of the week: -United has another PR crisis on its hands -YouTube partners with Wikipedia...without telling Wikipedia -People are still checking Facebook all the time -GM is starting a ride-sharing program -Drake, Ninja, Juju and...


#27 - Where's the Frozen Beef?

The Oscar ratings were very low this year so we're discussing what's behind the drop. We also talk about a new partnership between Bumble and an NBA team, McDonald's move to use fresh beef, and why Lacoste is swapping out its iconic alligator logo. We go over more news as well, plus our ads of the week: -Apple's latest ad by Spike Jonze -Coors Light tries to capture outdoorsy beer drinkers -Nest shows some respect on prom night -The Walmart Box Series -Google's smart speaker campaign,...


#26 - KFC Runs Out of Chicken

What do you call a country with 1000 KFC's and zero chicken? England. That's not a joke, we're just talking facts. We'll discuss their PR crisis management, and how KFC tackled this massive problem. We're also discussing how companies are dealing with their NRA partnerships in the aftermath of the tragedy in South Florida, and Johnnie Walker's introduction of Jane Walker. Plus, ads: -Lotto New Zealand brings us Jordan's favorite ad of the year -ABC paints a subway to look exactly like...


Special Episode: Super Bowl 2018 Part One

Welcome to a special "inbetweenisode" of Mind Your Marketing. This week we're talking all about the Super Bowl, from the terrible Dodge Ram ads to the brilliant Tide campaign that had everyone wondering..."Is this a Tide ad?" This is part one of a two-part episode - we'll release part two on Wednesday, then it's back to regularly scheduled programming next week. If you enjoy these episodes, please let us know on Twitter, and be sure to leave us a review wherever you're listening. Show...


#22 - Netflix & Chill With $100 Billion

Apparently, a lot of people are binging Stranger Things 2 and The Crown - because Netflix is now worth over $100 billion. We'll talk about how they got to that huge milestone and the implications for advertisers. Plus layoffs at Snapchat and why they're going to let you share your stories on Facebook, GIFs on Instagram, Amazon's new cashier-less store in Seattle, and why an American agency is promoting Haiti's "Sh*thole Beaches." Plus, ads: -Turbo Tax gets creepy -Cadbury's slogan makes...


#19 - OkCupid is DTF

This week we'll review the Logan Paul situation, why Apple is slowing down old iPhones, and Snapchat's $4 million New Year's Eve Party. We also discuss Twitter and Amazon's great end of the year runs, Facebook's new move into music, and how CNN brought in the new year on a high note. Plus, ads: -OkCupid believes that dating deserves better -IHOP mentions pancakes 11 times in a 30-second spot -Lyft introduces Merry Mode -GEICO highlights an awkward conference call -The first live commercial...


#18 - MoonPie Vs. Kaela

Could Instagram have 1 billion users by 2021? We discuss our thoughts on a new report out that suggests serious growth. We'll also go over Facebook's new facial recognition software, how they're fighting bait engagement and stalkers, and how MoonPie is using humor to reignite an old brand. All this, plus ads campaigns: -A PSA from Ajit Pai -Burger King surprises their biggest fan -A hilarious spot form a laxative brand -Red Bull's new daring video -Nike's Kobe and LeBron puppets are back...


Special Episode: Trending Holiday Ads From 2017

Welcome to a special "inbetweenisode" of Mind Your Marketing! Today we're talking about all of the hottest holiday ads from 2017, including: -Intermarche puts Santa on a diet -Old Spice brings us an exploding fireplace -The Heathrow Airport tells a 50-year-old story -McDonald's is selling carrots -Macy's gets emotional -eBay takes on Amazon -Aldi brings us a Christmas carrot named Kevin Thank you so much for listening - we'd be forever grateful if you left us a review or subscribed...