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Cultivate Educate and Captivate - Episode 64

Today Rick and Nancy discuss the need to be selective in who you choose to take on as a client. How do you cultivate the clients you want? Identify who your perfect client is. How big are they? What do they do? If you find yourself not closing enough business, have you gotten away from your niche and ended up working with customers who you really shouldn't be working with? Don't panic, just get back to your niche! "Think of the deep dive as a vetting process", Rick says. When it comes to...


Trade Show Excellence - Episode 63

Most people think that when you sign up for a trade show, that you just show up and say to HI folks. But if you've paid a great deal of money for your booth, you want to be able to get a return on your investment. Listen in as Nancy and Rick discuss tips on how to get organized, how your brand should come across, what to give away and how to follow up post-show to make it all worth your while, and much much more.


Building A New Revenue Stream (Gotta have a side hustle) - Episode 62

You need to ask yourself 7 questions "of WHY" if you're considering starting a side hustle. Another revenue stream will take time and money; be sure to map out a business plan over the next month, quarter, six months and year to ensure what you are getting ready to do makes good financial sense. "Passion has to be there," Rick says, and ask yourself is it about money or is it about fulfillment. Listen in as Rick and Nancy give you tips on how to analyze your GREAT idea.


Interview with Karen Herdina - Episode 61

Karen became an entrepreneur after a very successful career in various positions in Corporate America, from software implementations to six sigma black belt to President of a company. Yet her main reason for becoming an entrepreneur, like so many of us, was to be able to set her own schedule and devote time to trying to change legislation at the state level for people with developmental disabilities. "Pick and choose when you want to work" Karen shares. Listen in as Karen tell us what it...


How to Deliver Bad News - Episode 60

Bad news happens and has to be delivered to your customers and clients in a certain way. Listen in as Nancy & Rick make recommendations of just HOW to do it. Nancy recommends "be direct and straight to the point", don't be crazy and abrupt "but throw them a bone will allow you to save face" Rick adds. Stick to the facts. When you embellish you lose credibility and trust. "Let them vent' Nancy says and don't interrupt. The big nugget of the show is that you have to own it and Rick and Nancy...


On Boarding a New Sales Person - Episode 59

Do you have plans in place to on board your new sales team? Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss stories of good on boarding experiences and bad ones. In the first 40 hours a new member of your team is figuring out if they made a good decision to join your company and those 40 hours will show them the culture you have, and the culture you expect. What is the culture you're conveying? Rick shares how as a corporate sales trainer he scripted out every minute of every day that first week for his...


Reduce The Chances of NO SHOWS - Episode 58

There are times we build our entire day or week around an appointment that might be many hours away and maybe we actually had to fly there. How do you reduce the chances of showing up and no one else does? We've all had that feeling, the pit in our stomach that says... OH NO! Here is a list of things you can do to reduce the chances of that actually happening!1) Set the appointment at their office 2) Confirm their address or the address you're meeting 3) Send an electronic calendar invite...


Overcoming The BIG Three - Episode 57

In every single attempted sale, a sales professional will have to overcome three objections: NO TIME, NO MONEY, NO URGENCY! Listen in as Nancy explains "its up to us to bring these objections up before they do". We have to get them off the table first. "If you bring value, you can overcome all three" Rick says. Don't miss the example Nancy provides for ROI that you can use to give a dollar amount of savings to any potential sale - no matter if it's a product or a service in ANY industry.


Why Vacations Don't Suck! - Episode 54

Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss the importance of taking vacations. Traveling gives you the much needed time to rejuvenate, regroup, refocus and reflect. There are so many physical and emotional rea-sons to go!!! Even if you can only get away for a couple of days on a shoestring and you stay in a tent on a free campsite. "Downtime is required for entrepreneurs," Rick says. You will come back from a vacation recharged and ready to work harder and get more accomplished than if you had...


Slump Busting - Episode 53

"It's ok to fall into a slump, it's just not ok to stay there" Rick says from the team of Nail The Sale. In this episode, Nancy and Rick walk you through the tools you need to pull yourself out of a slump. "Surround yourself with people who are more successful than you and be grateful for where you are!" Nancy says as she walks you through how she recently pulled herself out of a slump with just one phone call. Rick walks you through why attitude and belief will keep you out of a slump but...


Speaking Your Brand - Special Interview Episode with Carol Cox

Listen in as Carol tells us her crazy story of how she got started being an entrepreneur. Carol shares why she provides entrepreneurs free tools and information to help each of us move our businesses forward. "I love to empower people," Carol says. Carol encourages us to join local networking groups and start speaking on a regular basis. She shares why we shouldn't sell from the stage in a pitch kind of way, but what to do instead - sharing how you get results for your clients. If you're...


Keys to Selling in The Home - Episode 52

Rick started his career selling insurance door to door. Nancy got her start selling cutco knives. Listnen in as they both share incredible nuggets of what you have to do to win selling in the home. 1) Numbers Matter2) Dress one step up - be crisp3) Eat and mint and check your smile4) Be ON TIME5) Get to the kitchen table6) Be at ease & make a friend by talking about their nic nacks7) Eliminate distractions8) Keep it to the time scheduled9) Ask for the business10) Ask for referrals


Direct Sales & Network Marketing - Episode 51

Network Marketing companies are often thought to be scams, but Rick and Nancy talk through all that MLM's really have to offer. Listen in as they talk about the importance of the system, audios and events, and information provided by those companies and how life changing it can be. The skill sets needed to win at Direct Sales are the same as any sales position: learning to contact and connect, sharing your passion for your product or service and closing the deal.


Interview with Mark Paul - Episode 50

Listen in as Mark shares how he went from Electrical Engineer to being a GREAT salesperson to an incredibly successful Entrepreneur. Mark reminds us "everything in life is sales", and shares his insights on how to be successful online. Don't miss the nuggets Mark shares concerning dealing with fears and beliefs, and how to ROCK your sales by telling a story, "make your potential customer the Hero of their story and make yourself or your product the Guide".


Interview with Phil Ogilby - Episode 49

In the crash of the early 1990's, Phil found himself unemployed with a mortgage and a couple of kids. Listen in as Phil tells us how he dug himself out of that ditch and created a Legacy, not just once but twice.


Organizational Trust (Part 3 of 3 Part Series) - Episode 47

Trust inside your company or organization is vital. Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss the personality of a low trust company versus a high trust. Characteristics of low trust: people manipulate or distort the facts, getting the credit is very iimportant, there's an abundance of watercooler talk, and many others. Compare that to high trust companies: information is shared openly, mistakes are applauded, the culture is innovative and creative. The cost of doing business in a high trust...


Interview with Danielle Vona

Listen in as Nancy interviews Danielle Vona who is the Founder and Chief Strategist of The Marketing Posse. Hear Danielle explain going from a degree in Music, to Construction and Project Managment to her love of Marketing and becoming an Entrepreneur. Danielle gives us some very important nuggets on how to grow your personal brand.


Relationship Trust (Part 2 of 3 Part Series) - Episode 46

Listen in as Rick & Nancy discuss Stephen MR Covey's book Speed of Trust and cover the 13 important behaviors needed in relationships and selling.1) Talk Straight 2) Demonstrate Respect3) Create Transparency4) Right Wrongs5) Show Layalty6) Deliver Results7) Get Better8) Confront Realty9) Clarify Expectations10) Practice Accountablitily 11) Listen First12) Keep Commitments13) Extend Trust


Self Trust and Credibility - Episode 45 (3 part series)

Are you someone that hits the snooze button 2 or 3 times or even sets the clock ahead 23 minutes and find yourself doing math when the alarm goes off? Why do we do these crazy types of things? It actually all boils down to trusting oursleves. Listen in as Rick and Nancy discuss how trusting ourselves actually leads to increased trust with others and increased credibility through 4 cores: integrity, intent, capabilities, results.